Information on the Hang in the year 2011

Free Integral HangIn 2011 PANArt continues building the Free Integral Hang as in the last year. It is not tuned to the pitch A = 440 Hertz and no different scales will be made – not even on individual request.

The price for a Hang including natural fibre case remains 2000 CHF as in recent years (since 2008). Due to the changing of currency rate the price in Euro is adjusted and will amount 1600 € in this year.

Having moved the workshop in January to new premises in the same building PANArt recently invited customers for a visit in Bern to choose and pick up their Hang in the period from February to June. The majority of them were already informed about the Free Integral Hang in November 2009. They had applied but couldn’t get a Hang in 2010. But some sent their request for a Hang only in the first half of the year 2010. In some weeks further prospective customers from 2010 will receive invitations for the second half of 2011.

Before writing a letter to PANArt anyone interested in a Hang should read the texts Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer published in the Hang Library. As in past years you can contact PANArt for a Hang request only by letter. Neither e-mails nor people who show up unannounced in the workshop will be considered. The example of the customers who are invited this year demonstrates that it may take many months before receiving a response to a letter with a Hang request. In the case of an invitation it is necessary to visit the ‘Hangbauhaus’ in Bern to pick up a Hang personally. No Hanghang will be shipped.

You can read up to date information in the article Information about purchasing a Hang in the Hang Library.


  1. Hi, I am in Australia and I would love to get one. How can we get this magical instrumental?
    Please let me know?


  2. Hi, I’m from Barcelona and I’m interested to buy two hang. Could you tell me the way to do it?

  3. Great information Michael. I just wanted to thank you for being there and providing the world with information about the hang. Terrific site! Warmest regards from Nova Scotia Canada.

  4. Hello, Michael.
    Can I buy hang drum, if i’m not a professional musician? It was my dream for years, but only now i’ve earned enough money to buy this little miracle.

  5. It seems like at this point the hang has become something really elitist. I will send the letter tomorrow, but with absolutely no hope to get an answer. Plus, if, at the time i get some answer, the hang will be more expensive. You are giving more frustration than hope. Sorry, it’s the true.

  6. Hi Tom,
    elitism is the wrong concept. I know a number of those who bought a Hang in the last year. This is not an elite. Quite the contrary there are normal people, no professional musicians or leaders of any other profession or mission.

    If I give more frustration than hope it is just a question of mathematics. If 10 people per day request a Hang but less than 400 instruments are built per year it is impossible for me to promise you a Hang.

  7. Hey Michael,
    habe mich auf deiner website verirrt und finde nicht mehr zum “main-fragethread” :/.
    kurze frage, sind die vertiefungen der hang oval? ich habe mir spieler angeschaut und deren hang auch und es schien als seinen die vertiefungen oval geformt…
    zweitens: sind die flächen wo die vertiefungen gleich groß oder variieren sie in größe im verhältnis zur vertiefung?

    Lg. Eljas

  8. Hi! I’m Olga from Russia, Moscow.
    Am I right?
    To get a wonderful Hang I should send a letter by regular mail. A few months later I received an invitation letter to Bern? but what if I can not come to Bern at a certain time, because this trip is not cheap for me. Can I pay for it from Russia and get a Hang in the parcel?

  9. Hi Olga Budanova,
    yes, you send a letter by regular mail. But this is not an order for a Hang. It is a letter to indicate your interest in buying a Hang. In the last few years Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer decided twice or thrice yearly how they deal with all the letters they received (MUCH more than the number of produced Hang). They chose a number of people and invited them to a certain week or two when they could come to the PANArt workshop in Bern an pick up a Hang if they find one that go with them.

    Usually invited custumers are able to make an appointment at a date they are comfortable with because there are a number of weeks offered within a year.

    After you’ve sent your letter, it may last a number of months until you receive an answer to your letter. And nobody can predict whether you will be able to buy a Hang or not. If you are invited to Bern you have to go if you want to buy a Hang. No Hanghang will be shipped as it is stated in the post above.

  10. Hi Michael: I’ve written several letters applying for a Free Integral Hang but, unfortunately, I have not been lucky. My wife got a mail from Mr. Rohner where he told her that the Hang was not for my “musical work” in Africa. I’d like to point out that my only work in Africa consists in performimg surgical interventions (as cooperant surgeon). If I have applied for a Hang is EXCLUSIVELY for my personal use wether in Barcelona or anywhere in Africa whre I use to cllaborate.
    Thank you very much, and I hope that you will bear in mind my application.
    Luis Azorín

  11. Hi Luis,
    sorry, I’m not involved in the distribution of the Hang. I’m not the one who decides who can buy a Hang and I’m not interested in becoming a broker for Hang purchases. Therefor it is completely irrelevant whether I bear in mind your application or not.

  12. Hello,

    Thanks for the usefull information.

    I wish to send a letter of interest to Felix and Sabina, but I can’t seem to find there address. Where to find it?

    Truly thankful

  13. Hey Michael! Just wanted to say that what Feliz and Sabina are doing is amazing. And let you know that i support the truthfulness of this art. Cheers!


  14. All the mistery around this instrument is amazing. So many of us fell connected to Hang vibrations and attracted by it. I sent my letter a month ago and I keep hope of one day receiving an answer, maybe even a positive one. I will maybe send a 2nd or a 3rd letter in the future and why not a 4th one…

    Getting a hang is like a modern quest… Quest that I am following, hoping to succeed in it and wish to many Hang fans of one day possessing their own.

    Thank you to the Hang makers for having created such a splendid instrument.

  15. I absolutely LOVE the integrity of how hanghang are made, and distributed. I have followed the protocol by writing and today received my notice – not good news I’m afraid.

    So, I am curious to know, “what now”? I read somewhere (maybe above) that there are no waiting lists – so with my ‘denial notice’ I am left at ground zero, right? Should I keep writing?

    Thanks for your patience Michael

  16. In the last few days PANArt invited all prospective customers who can pick up a Free Integral Hang in autumn of 2011. All other requests PANArt received by now was answered with a refusal letter. That means that there will be no other appointments for a Hang until the end of this year. It isn’t decided yet when and how Hanghang will be available again in the next year.

    There is a new communication by PANArt in the Hang Library: The call of iron.

  17. It is frustrating that these people refuse to expand production to meet the demand. Furthermore, they have patented the process to prevent others from making Hangs.
    It IS elitist for the makers to decide who is & who isn’t worthy of owning a hang. I am an accomplished musician, yet was turned down.
    It is snotty, and elitist.

  18. Hi Pointus meanhead,
    do you really think as an “accomplished musican” you have more rigths in owning a Hang than others? And this attitude is not elitist? Read the latest communication by PANArt carefully. You can also find the answer there why PANArt doesn’t and cannot expand production.

  19. I live in Japan.
    I learnt “Hanging drum” in 2006.
    I wanted to buy it though I waited for two years.
    Because “Hanging drum” was purchase in Switzerland, I was given up.
    However, it was disappointed because it was a system that did not change still.
    The person who can buy “Hanging drum” is only European it or rich Asian.
    “Hanging drum” is discrimination and an unequal, tyranny musical instruments.
    I think that music should be equal.

  20. Hi Taka,

    I live in Germany.
    I heard about the Fujijama a long time ago.
    I watched a TV film with the Fujijama.
    Because the Fujijama is in Japan I cant visit this place.
    It is to far away and to expensive for me.
    I want to see the Fujijama so much.
    The people from Japan could visit the Fujijama so easy.
    Is Fujijama discrimination and tyranny?


  21. Fujiyama is a wonderful mountain of which Japan boasts.
    However, Fujiyama is not an article for sale.
    It is not possible to carry in Fujiyama.
    Fujiyama cannot be done though Hang becomes a private property.
    If Fujiyama can be moved, I want to show it to people all over the world.
    The Japanese will do free of charge with pleasure.
    If it will give birth to all the people to happiness.

    I’m very regrettable that you such a comparison object.

    Mt. Fuji=Fujiyama

  22. Hi taka,
    there are important reasons why the Hang makers want to know their customers personally and why they are asked to come to Bern and choose their Hang in person. The intention is not to bully asian people. Therefor it is actually just a geographic problem.

    We Europeans know that we are privileged in obtaining a Hang. But if PANArt decided to move the workshop to Japan. Asian people would be priviledged and Europeans would be unprivileged It is impossible to serve the whole world with the same chances if only two persons are building Hanghang in one little workshop.

  23. I understand feelings of “PANArt”. I understand the desire to the guest for whom you obtain Hang.
    Idea to your Hang. =I know Hang is made regulations passed directly to the buyer because it is “This is not usual metallic musical instruments” and “This is musical instruments that the soul entered where it lives”.
    The traditional craft goods of Japan that the expert establishes are produced in similar sense to “PANArt”.
    I also do the thing making. And, because I love Japanese traditional craft goods, the feelings are understood.

    There is a part that doesn’t understand (I’m not possible to translate) from the comment that Michael wrote.

    “But if PANArt decided to move the workshop to Japan. Asian people would be priviledged and Europeans would be unprivileged It is impossible to serve the whole world with the same chances if only two persons are building Hanghang in one little workshop.”

    Did you say, “Will sell it in Japan” the peel?

  24. If the makers really wanted many people to have these instruments, they would train other to build them, to keep it as it is is sad and pathetic, no matter how much heart they have , they need to get this out to many more people and quickly, none of this pathetic letter writing and waiting for a response, that is control and everyone hates control. You either want to sell a product or not, the way you are doing it is totally unacceptable and against all spiritual ethics. It does not matter that you own the copyright or whatever, what matters is getting this out to whoever wants it.

  25. Hi, in 2006 I traveled to europe from south america, I was amazed when I hear that sound coming from that strange instrument, i fell in love you know… i tried to get one everywhere but i couldnt find it…then when i come back home I sent a letter to Panart to get one but I never got response…a couple years ago i find some kind of rumour on the intenet wich says that panart are with a five year delay on the hang orders…is it true? can they consider my email back to 2006, do i have to go to Bern…thanks (im in Barcelona waiting for one)

  26. Hi Aldo caichac,
    no PANArt will not consider your e-mail back to 2006. There never was a waiting list with Hang orders. The rumour on the internet was just a rumour. Because PANArt never had a waiting list there could not be a five year delay. Your e-mail isn’t filed.

  27. hi Michael.
    Im Pablo Wayne from selva de mar
    I was wondering if I can get some info about the new advances of the hang
    I know that they made some new changes or kind of new prototype?

    any info will be welcomed

    have a nice day

  28. Michael:

    I just tonight “found” multiple videos displaying the beautiful sound of the hang. I love the percussive and melodic tones the hang makes and wanted to thank Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer for their creative and unique creation.

    After reading a few articles sharing the heart-felt work and giving spirit of these two artisans, I wanted to find a way to have a hang find its way to me, but I realize this may not be in my path (in no way a negative statement toward the process, just a realization of the difficulty involved).

    Then after reading comments here and other places on the internet, I felt compelled to write this and share my appreciation and open heart to Felix and Sabina to let them know there are people who can only imagine the want to share this beautiful sound with the world, to only receive back negative energy. I know you are working hard; I know you were meant to create for the sake of creating rather than for the sake of business.

    Please keep your spirits up and your creativity free of influence and pressure from those who may not understand your efforts.

    A fan of your work…Thank you for your time,

    Mark, in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

  29. WOW, What a fabulous journey for all involved. Creating and sharing your love and joy is a great gift. Battling with the love of what you do and the capitalistic nature of the world must have been trying at times. I applaud your dedication and creation of standards for sharing your gifts.

    I have never been to Europe but would consider going simply to meet Felix and Sabrina. Souls such at this are rare and glorious. If you ever travel to the States Welcome arms await.

  30. I love the sound of the Hang, I heard one yesterday for the first time of my life while walking in my home City in centern Finland.

    I understand that the makers want their creation to be used correctly but I quite don’t understand why they don’t share their knowledge. Right now the situation is that if the two makers die, there will be no more Hang builders in the world….??? I understand that the making of Hang is a form of art, but I do not understand that two people apparently seem to consider themselves so unique that anyone is not able to even learn with their guidance.

    And who knows, maybe other people could bring something new to the development…? I don’t think they should come up with largely expanded business, but to simply share their knowledge.

    All great teachers have passed their knowledge as in purpose of their work being continued after themselves.
    All the best for Felix and Sabina.

  31. Michael, tell me please, is it possible that PANArt dont send any reply to my letter? I send it in April this year, and i know that i must wait for a long time, but tell me, do you know, did PANArt responded to all letters they received? It will be somehow better for me to know that i WILL get a respond, no matter what…

  32. it is so sad they can´t ship this beautiful instrument, i´m from mexico and from the first time i heard the sound of a hang, it really was what i always looked for… :(

  33. Hi Nikola,
    by now PANArt didn’t send answers to people who sent a letter from April 2011 up to now. I think you belong to this group. PANArt will answer these requests soon.

  34. Hi Michael,
    What a hard work you are doing…
    Can I ask you what the based frequencie of the free integral Hang is? if there is One.
    Thanks, that you reply or not.

    Don’t focus on my email, it’s not related to my question ^ ^

  35. Hi Greg,
    there isn’t a standard pitch. The Ding of all Free Integral Hanghang varies about a half tone beneath or above D3. Relatively to the Ding the tone circle is tuned like the Integral Hang.

    The Free Integral Hang is tuned without technical tuners. The Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer discovered that harking to their inner resonance was a way to reach a higher quality of the Hang sound. A quote from Hang Guide: “There is no standard pitch or any tonal system which forces us to wrench something from the metal that it is not willing to give.” More about the tuning of the Free Integral Hang you can read on pages 16-22.

  36. Hello Michael,

    I have a question on a letter I got from Panart.

    I have asked if I could get a Hang by sending them a letter, and what I received was:

    The demend for our Hang is still enormous, At the moment there are no HanhHanh available and PANart can’t give you a time frame when they might be available again.

    I have a confusion with this. Because for me, this does not means no. Does it mean that anybody writing a letter nowadays gets this answer? Is it possible for me to maybe get one in the future? I am puzzled, would be lovely to receive a massage from you!

    With Love,


  37. Hi Maya Gheiman,
    in the last four years PANArt built about 300 to 400 Hanghang per year but received about 3000 Hang requests per year. Therefor it’s clear that only 10%-13% of those who wrote a letter to Bern were able to buy a Hang.

    In June PANArt replied to the letters received since April 2011. A minority got appointments to choose and pick up a Hang in Autumn 2011. The majority got the same reply received by you.

    PANArt doesn’t compile a list of persons who may get an appointment in the next year or later years. The reply you received means exact what is written: In this year we have no Hang for you, and we don’t know today what will happen in the future.

    It is important for you to know that your letter isn’t filed. It’s up to you to decide what you will do in the future.

    The reason for this is that the Hang makers don’t understand themselves as a business that takes orders for producing an item. They understand themselves as artists and don’t want to be forced by production demands for the future. They do their work day by day and want to decide whom they give the results of their work after it is done. As artists they cannot plan their work in 2012, 2013, 2014 and later. Therefor they don’t want to promise anything for the future.

  38. Hi Michael,
    I am wanting to write a letter of application for the hang this year.Could you give me advice as to what time of year I should write.Or is that irrelevant?Thanx

    Peace And Love

  39. Hi Julia,
    all I can say is: All Hanghang which will be sold this year are allready spoken for. Therefore my only advise is: There isn’t any reason to hurry up, because the next opportunity to pick up a Hang in Bern will be sometimes next year. How the Hang will be distributed in the next year may be the same as in this year or may change. There isn’t any communication by PANArt about the future distribution of the Hang apart from what is said in The call of iron.

  40. Hello Michael,

    Once I send the letter for the Hang and, in case I am considered a candidate, with how much anticipation will I get advice to go pick my Hang? I live at Mexico and might need some time to get things ready for such voayage.

    I thank you in advance.

  41. Hello Manuel,
    in the past in most cases appointments were made at a date a number of months after sending the consent to the customers. But I don’t think it will be a problem if someone ask for an appointment at a later date. This can be organized after someone received a consent. No reason to rack your brains today :-)

    You must consider that it is a big differnence whether you are one of some thousand people who sent a request for a Hang or whether you are one of 30, 50 or 80 customers who are invited for the next appointments. While it is impossible to communicate with all the thousands personally the Hang makers will do what is necessary to organize the appointments with the few customers.

  42. i have contacted them a few times in the past, and i know it was not the case a little back, but i was wondering if they have any available as of this date.

    thanks, Ryan

  43. Hi,
    I’m a huge fan of the hang,
    but i don’t know anything about how to get it,
    i didn’t find anywhere to buy it online & i didn’t find any price,
    I just want a simple help to know how to buy it & what is the price & costs of getting it in Texas, U.S.
    Please Please Help!

  44. A friend of a friend has a Hang and she may sell it. Is there a lot of difference in sound between a 1st Generation and an Integral? A part of me wants to ‘deserve’ the Hang however…perhaps I worry about things like that a little too much. I have written a letter to PANArt to be considered.

  45. Hi Shelly,
    I’m not sure what you mean with “‘deserve the Hang'”. A first generation Hang is quite different from a Free Integral Hang. There is also a noticeable difference between a first generation Hang from 2003 and one from 2005. If you are looking especially for a Free Integral Hang, a first generation Hang will not be a substitute. But I think your problem is that you don’t have enough personal experience with Hanghang to decide whether these differences are important for you and what are the consequences. You also don’t know whether you will be able to purchase a Free Integral Hang or not. Therefor I think it is the best to consider a potential purchase of that Hang of a friend of a friend independently from your considerations buying a Free Integral Hang directly from PANArt. Is this first generation Hang something you would like to play? How does it sound? Is the price ok? Is it in tune or not? If it is not PANArt will not repair it for you after you have purchased it.

  46. Dear Michael Paschko:

    I have struggled for some time with the process by which the creators of the Hang make and provide their instruments for sale. Your posts (and your patience answering similar questions repeatedly) and other documents and information in the Hang Library have helped guide me away from irritation and annoyance toward understanding of the makers’ state of mind and intentions. I have compassion for those who are frustrated. It is an unusual way of making a thing to be sold. It’s an interesting journey for those who wish to play and have a Hang near them over time.

    Your efforts are very helpful, in my opinion. You have gathered essential information and also answer questions (even if they often are the same question), though it appears to me that you are not directly part of the Hang manufacture process. Many thanks to you for your efforts. When I began looking into the Hang it was a bizarre task, chasing down rumors and a snippet of fact (really? was it a fact?) here and there. Eventually something led me to this site, and I felt very grateful to have found something substantial and coordinated so that I could investigate the instrument further without the frustrations of feeling there was no way to find the “real story.”

    That’s it from me. Just a few comments and an expression of appreciation. Be well.

  47. Hi zenbob,
    thanks for appreciation. You are right, I’m “not directly part of the Hang manufacture process”. This website is an independent project with the target to document, publish and link to information about the Hang for those who want to dig deeper. This said their is a collaboration with PANArt. The Hang makers not running an own website decided to publish current communications in the Hang Library.

  48. Hi,

    I just wanted to express my gratitude to you in being so helpful, answering questions and providing information. I have read many of the questions here, and although someone else gave the question, I still got to read a good answer, so I say thank you anyway:) On a side note, are you aware if the hang-makers are currently training someone new to continue in their footsteps once they retire? Or if there are any plans for this? I hope the hang can be produced for a long time still.

    With peace

  49. Michael Paschko,

    How can anyone have personal experience with hanghang when its impossible to even touch one? I would love to se and hear and FEEL the difference in the different hangs, but yeah quite impossible when even the hang players dont want to lend out the hang for trying.

    I would so love to get one but i still dont get how to obtain one and yes i have read all articles.. do you send them a physical letter or do u hmm what do u do?

  50. Hi Fabian,
    look for people who own an Integral or Free Integral Hang and let you try it out. I don’t think they will lent it to you but there are surely a number of Hang players willing to meet with you. The place with maximum likelihood to meet owners of Integral and Free Integral Hanghang is

    For a Hang request you must send a “physical letter” (not e-mail).

  51. Thank you Michael for writing this. I heard my first Hang in 2009 and have been relentlessly searching and of course came up empty handed every time. I recently found a blog stating that my letter could be faxed but thankfully said blog also had a link to HangBlog and I now have all the correct information. All I need now is to send my plea to fair Switzerland. I use music to center myself for meditation. I’m a believer and soon to be full-time practioner of Shamanism (seeking a mentor) and even though Hang through recording can never compare to its true feeling, I’m able to find some peace with what I have found. My wish is that they hear me and grant me the pleasure of my own HangHang. Then who knows how deep I could go, what I could find within myself and the world.

  52. Hi. I was wrote a letter 2 years ago and then got a email with a answer in it. It was saying that i can buy hang and i will get it before christmas. I didnt reply and now i feel very sorry. So my question is, do they still have my letter and would they offer me to sale one more time because i screwed up ;( thx

  53. Hi Davor,

    I think the only what you can do is to write another letter to Panart and ask.
    I think it is possible, that they collect the letters. But this must be very much and because you got an answer, your letter will be not in their mind.


  54. Hello, I’m fang ,from China ,interested buy one 2010/Free Integral Hang How to make payment ,shipping.
    best regards

  55. Hi Michael,
    is the ability to play the instrument. If so, where and when. I would like to hear its sound live. Well made Hang makes you feel good. I want to hear, how good is this production.

    Thank you for your answer.

  56. Thanks for all the info Michael.

    Is there any required information that needs to be in the letter that they need to know (eg: Profession, age, etc)? will this influence the decision?

    Thanks :-)

  57. Hi Anthony Croft,
    your address is required and to impart your e-mail address beneficial. Beyond that I haven’t any further advice: It’s your turn. What do you think is important for your wish to play a Free Integral Hang?

  58. My partner Lina and I regularly hold workshops in which we allow participants to play our hangs. Our next workshops will be at the GATHERING at TAPELEY PARK in Devon, England, on Dec 17th and 18th. We will also be at the HANGOVER in January, HAWKWOOD COLLEGE in June, DRUM CAMP in July and GAUNTS HOUSE SUMMER GATHERING in August.. Then, naturally, the HANGOUT in September.
    We would of course welcome anyone who has heard the hang, but has been unable to obtain one, and wishes to have some first hand experience.
    The format of our workshops is usually to start with a circle of udu’s , which are subtle and gentle percussion instruments, which provide an excellent background to the hang. After some basic “grooves’ are established we invite individual players to come and share our hangs. When they have found their “voice”, we allow everyone to play for a few minutes. By initially sharing our hangs, and by guiding peoples first techniques, we have never experienced any damage, and workshops are always a joyous experience for us all.

  59. Hola, soy de Chile y quiero saber como comprar un Hang, veo siempre videos en youtube con mis hijos y hemos visto tocar algunos en ciudades de Europa. I would like to buy a hang… queremos tener uno para disfrutarlo con nuestra familia, yo soy economista y mi mujer ingeniero, pero amamos y vivimos la musica con nuestros hijos… gracias, saludos… Rene

  60. Hi thanks for the information, was very clear and usefull? Ihave a question:I live in mexico, but I’m going to go to europe to work for the next 3or for months, is there any change to buy a hang if I go straight to bern or at li to ask for one? It’s very hard for us latins to go to europe just to pick up an instrument, besides that without a letter o reservation on a hotel is very difficult to get in to europe, you know, we need some kind of visa. Anyway on my european tour I’ll try to get to bern betweendic 22 to 25, perhaps I,m lucky. thanks for your time.

  61. Hi Dante,
    don’t travel to Berne hoping to be able to buy a Hang without sending a letter first and receiving an invitation by PANArt. Worst case you will stand in front of a closed door because nobody is in the workshop and best case you will be told to send a letter if you are interested in purchasing a Hang.

  62. Hi barry mason,
    my recommendation for an initial first hand Hang experience is to search for the most silent room you can find and play the Hang alone (only with the owner aside if he don’t let you alone with his instrument). Any noise, other persons, other sounding instruments will disturb your Hang experience.

  63. Dear Michael,

    I´m a percusionist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since 2006, when I was living in Europe, I´m trying to buy a Hang but I can’t. Now my mother is going to Switzerland in the next week. Sending the letter, do you think she will be able to buy a Hang with you guys down there?

    Best regards,


  64. Hi Diogo,
    I don’t know who “you guys down there” are. I am not involved in the distribution of the Hang but I’m convinced that your mother will not be able to buy a Hang for you next week. All Hanghang that will be sold this year are already spoken for. So if you don’t have already received an invitation by PANArt saying your mother can come next week to pick up a Hang, this will not work.

  65. Hello,

    Like everyone in this list I am interested in buying a hang. I have been wanting one since 2008.
    How do I get an invitation? where do I write to them?

    kind regards,


  66. Hello Michael,

    First of all, thank you, it is helpful to find a site with trustworthy information about the Hanghang.
    From what I have understood, the only way to try to become the owner of a Hang is by writing a letter. Therefore, whether you can buy one or not depends exclusively on the content of the letter. My question is: What has to be in the letter? Are we supposed to write WHY we want to buy a Hang and based on the letter they will decide if we are good candidates or not?

    Thank you,


  67. Hi Michael Paschko,

    Living in the french part of Switzerland, I would like to know if the letter can be written in French, or only in German or English ?

    My english is fluent and my German is “ok” but I would express my interests to acquire a “Hang” much better in french.



  68. wow , michael,
    I got turned onto the HAng, and followed links to this site, it is an incredible instrument of the inner voice, and i appreciate your work here, guiding those to the possibilities of Hang.
    Im not sure if you are in contact with Felix and Sabina, but if you are, pass along my gratitude, for the creation of such a wonderful peace. I do want to learn more, perhaps get to play one one day…
    I will be making my own application into the process, and understand that even thoug odds are against me, that is not the reason.
    It seems alot of people here are frustrated that they cannot ‘own’ a Hang, tho that seems slightly counter intuitive, and my heart goes out to them, for what ever might prevent them from that, but is that not part of the process? IS that not part of Life? you cannot grasp the Northern Lights, just marvel at its dance….
    Anyways, everyone, enjoy your day, and thanks again Michael, for your work and patience

  69. Michael,
    By replying to people “Write what you think is important for you”, in reply to the question of what information should be provided in a request letter for Hang, the implication is that the makers DO have criteria for deciding who will and won’t be granted an invitation to purchase Hang.
    This can be interpreted to mean that the makers are not granting these on a “first request, first granted” basis, ie:the 1st 400 requests are granted, and the rest will just have to keep trying each year. Rather it sounds as if the makers are making a judgement call as to whom they believe is “worthy” of owning a Hang.Or perhaps they believe thay can determine who “gets” their views of how this instrument must be played, owned, enjoyed, etc. I believe that this is where much of the confusion lies. And yes, that DOES sound elitist and snobby. I am not saying that this is so, merely pointing out that it comes across that way.
    The makers’ commitment to hand-crafting these instruments to their careful specifications is admirable and certainly worth their fine efforts and workmanship. I can find no reason to disagree with their ability to produce a limited quantity of Hang by those standards. They should be commended for keeping those standards instead of turning to a manufacturer.
    Just my 2 cents’ worth.

  70. Hi Cynthia Nelson,
    yes, the decisions are not made on a “first request, first granted” basis. But because I think there isn’t a checklist of criteria that could be determined and I don’t know how decisions are made I cannot advice anything. I don’t think that “worthy” is the adequate term here. The problem is to pick a little number out of a huge number of requests. This can never be a fair decision. “First request, first granted” is as unfair as a lottery or a decision based on the personal impression of a letter. Nobody is “worthy” when he get an appointment and nobody is “unworthy” when he don’t.

  71. Michael!, ultima pregunta, Puedo escribir la carta en Español? para explicar mejor mis sentimientos, mi ingles es muy basico.

    Gracias!, si quieres puedes borrar los otros post,


    Michael!, Last question, I can write the letter in Spanish? To better explain my feelings, my English is very basic.

    Thanks, if you want you can delete the other post,


  72. It is elitist. And I’m glad its that way. They could have just made a few for themselves and not sold any of them. If one puts that much time and energy into something they have every right to select (on whatever grounds) who gets to play it. They know they have something special and want to keep it that way.

    If you can’t write a letter from the heart you probably can’t play music from the heart.

  73. I love the instrument but despise the elitist approach the makers employ in selling the Hang. There are talented people given the opportunity, who would inevitably create new musical adaptations that contribute and advance this instrument. Unfortunately, this will never happen until some starts knocking the instrument off with equivalent quality (and this WILL happen). Inbreeding by allowing access to a small subset of people composed only of successful, privileged musicians (of notable status) will end up limiting the “musical gene pool” an ultimately result in boring copycat music.

  74. Hi there, I know this might be a very stupid question but I´ve been looking for the address where to send my letter and of course i will pray to the gods later.
    Any ways I wasn´t able to find the address where to send this letter that I´m holding in my hands. If there is a link to it in this website I apologize some how i missed it!!! sorry!!!!

    anyone can give me a hand?????

  75. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for providing so much useful information.

    I would love to hear Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer play the hang drum. I take it that they from their marvellous creation must be masters in playing. I’ve looked on youtube but haven’t found any videos of them playing. Do you have any links where they are playing themselves?

    Wish you a Happy New Year!

  76. Hello Michael,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog, and for the countless hours you spend responding to each post.

    I submit a letter to Sabina and Felix in late 2007 and received a thoughtful and thorough response in March of 2009 that they were not able to sell me a hang that year. The bottom of the letter stated that my name and address was filed and that I would be informed about activities at the end of the year, though now nearly two years later I have not heard anything.

    Do you suggest I resubmit a letter, or is the wait about this long to hear anything more? Should I take further action or simply “stand by”?

    I am deeply moved by this masterpiece of art, and am happy to wait for the opportunity to connect with one, and I don’t want to loose my chance if I am missing a step here…

  77. Hi Eden Vardy,
    there were many people who received that response in March 2009. As far as I know all of them received the Letter from the Hangbauhaus November 2009. The bottom of that letter (which is not published in the Hang Library) said: “If you harmonize with the contents of this letter and you decide to continue with the process of acquiring a Free Integral Hang, then please send us a letter”.

    I don’t know what happened why you didn’t receive PANArt’s letter in November 2009. But I think you can be sure that your letter from 2008 is not filed any longer.

  78. Hi. My name is Ivan. I am a 19-year old student from Croatia. I do not own a Hang, but I’d like to share some of my thoughts on that subject here in this commentary section.

    It is understandable why the Hangmakers chose this way of sharing the magic of the Hang with others.

    Suppose someone found out the most simple and inexpensive way to make huge amounts of the most delicious cookies in the world.
    Not sharing that knowledge with others, and choosing only a handful of people ‘worthy’ of eating those cookies – now, that would be elitist, indeed.

    But in the case of the Hang, it must be taken into consideration that there is a certain state of mind which is needed to experience the bliss of the Hang.

    Cookies are a type of food. There are other kinds of food. People eat food in order to replenish their physical bodies. And if there are no cookies, there are still other kinds of food.

    That is not the case with the Hang. There is no category in which the Hang can be placed – it is not merely a musical instrument, among all others various kinds of instruments. It is unique in all aspects – most importantly, it is unique in the aspect of the connection every Hang player establishes with his or her Hang, and what that connection means to that individual player; what he or she experiences while surrounded by the energy of the Hang.

    Perhaps it can be called a vessel. It may move you into a different state of mind. It communicates with you, and you communicate with it. It is a two-way communication by which you can learn a great deal about yourself.
    Perhaps, an introspective journey of seeking for the truth. Or perhaps, a meditative journey, for the cleansing of the heart and soul.

    It has healing powers. Why? Because nowadays humans are filled with negative energy, with negative thoughts. It is impossible for negative energy to continue existing while one plays the Hang.

    With all the above in mind, it is simply wrong to want to own a Hang just because it ‘sounds cool’; or because you’d like to amaze your friends or crowds of people in the street with it’s ‘unusual look and groovy sound’;

    And thus, it is also understandable why some kinds of people get frustrated when they realize how much patience and perseverence is needed to obtain this magic.

    In my opinion, it is primarily an individual, inward experience – but also something which can connect you to other people, through music.

    So tell me, what are even a few years, for something that is worth waiting an entire lifetime?

  79. Thank you Ivan!
    I believe you’ve captured the connection brilliantly! I lose all sense of time regardless if I’m playing djembe, other hand drums, or buckets. My soul pours out dancing through my hands onto the whatever instrament. Hang is unique it gives voiceto the movement I’ll write and hope that I could someday share in that magic so my soul can sing and dance. It’s worth the wait.

  80. hi,
    i recently discovered this instrument and quite liked it and i genuinely applaud, how personal the nature of getting your hands on one, is…however i am a person with limited means…and barely saving up for this has taken years. . would you be open to shipping the product to spain ?


  81. Hi Aadi,
    I am not involved in the distribution of the Hang. Therefor it doesn’t matter whether I am open to shipping a Hang to Spain or not. If you want to purchase a Hang you must contact PANArt as it is described in the article above. And as it is described there: “No Hanghang will be shipped”.

  82. The above reply that Mr. Rohner gave to Luis where he told his wife that the Hang was not for my “musical work” in Africa says everything to me. We are all entitled to our opinion. Having been an amateur, then professional musician and loving and sharing music my whole life and also being initiated into esoteric spiritual mysteries of various traditions, here is mine: These hang makers are on a nice ego-trip in this life disguised as spiritual people. What they are manufacturing (and manipulating) is expectation and people’s emotions. Much like mickey mouse who doesn’t exist except in the minds of his creators and fans, the hang drum is nice piece of metal instrument. As with any instrument it it is the player who breathes life and spirit into it. Give any hang owner a string harp and they will be able to have all the same experiences of creating magical sound, for it is not the arrow but the indian that give it its power. So please people do not obsess over this hang drum — for its true greatness lies in its creators’ genius at manipulating economics of supplr and demand and their insite into human nature. Go to a world music store, a traditional instrument shop and fall in love with the instrument that speaks to you. You will then be able to speak through it, and experience the magic of giving voice to your soul’s energy, an experience not limited to the hang drum nor tainted by the manipulative bent of its creators.

  83. Hi zeke olawauye,
    I cannot see any manipulation. There are not enough Free Integral Hanghang for all who want to buy it. The Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer want to sell the limited number of instruments to those who want to use it in a way it is built for. Neither you nor I know what Luis wrote in his letter to PANArt and why Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer decided not to sell him a Hang. Therefor it doesn’t make sense to speculate about reasons and motivations.

  84. Hi,
    I hear alot about taking care of rust? I know that this could be s serious problem. Have you heard stories of the FIH and any problems it might have with rust?

  85. Hello Michael. I just recieved an negative response from Pan Art, saying that they can’t sell me the Hang, as there are none availeble. They wrote that i should write a letter next year. I sent this one in October 2011. Do You think they mean 2012 or 2013?:-)
    Thank You!

  86. hej,
    after years of wishfull thinking and letters to the builders a hang just fell into my lap a few days ago. it is a first generation nr 1416
    my question is that there are tiny bits of rust on it, how do i go about that?
    please let me know çause i want this hang with me for many years to come :)

  87. Hello Michael,

    so much time trying to get this tool and I am very sorry to read that is so complicated to get one. I understand that to get a hang can spend so much time that we saw numerous requests come from all over the world, though, I think it is right to claim that anyone who is interested in buying a hang necessarily has to organize a trip to Berne, which for many people is not feasible (or economic issues or geographical issues).
    My idea is not intended as a criticism of the creators of this extraordinary instrument, it is clear that, but since they have created a tool so fascinating and collecting so much success and acclaim (which I renamed THE INSTRUMENT OF SOUL) and having regard to the numerous requests, I think it is an act of common sense on the part of PANART assess the possibility of sending the instrument to target the person who wants to buy. This is my message, of course, is only an invitation to explore other ways to maintain faith in their idea about that tool, but at the same time take into consideration the needs of many customers who are from all over the world.
    If PANART does not consider this aspect and has no intention of changing course, so many people like me who do not have the opportunity to travel to Berne can only resign themselves to never have this tool and for me it is a stab to the heart and soul.
    I feel like an eagle with broken wings: Unable to FLY.

    My hope is that soon PANARTE will want to change this situation and decides to meet the needs of many customers, even though I know my hope is just a beautiful illusion.

    with great esteem and affection

  88. Hi J-mas,
    the following is my conclusion I draw from many talkings with the Hang makers and witnessing Hang distribution for several years. In 2006 and 2007 all customers had to travel to Bern. In 2008 and 2009 the Integral Hang was shipped if the customer was not able to travel to Bern. In 2010 PANArt stopped shipping again. It is a fact that PANArt cannot satisfy the world wide demand. Also the Hang makers are interested in the contact with their customers. If they would start shipping the Hang again, the world wide demand would increase and the personally contact to the customers wouldn’t be able. I don’t see PANArt starting shipping again in the foreseeable future unless completely new ideas of Hang distribution will appear.

  89. Hi Sha’yo,
    the nitriding of the raw form of the Hang creates a layer on the surface that protects the steel from rusting. Later when the Hang shells are treated in the oven a controlled oxidation is applied. This procedure closes microscopical wholes in the surface and is an additional corrosion protection. At the end of the Hang building process a very thin layer of varnish and the anticorrosion fluid is applied.

    By now I’m not aware of any reports by owners of a Free Integral Hang regarding rust problems. Keeping it dry and clean and using the cleaning and anticorrosion fluid periodical as recommended will prevent it from rusting.

  90. thanks for your kind response.
    I do not understand only a part. PANART is developing new ideas for distribution? This for me would be wonderful and important since I can not go to Bern and most of all I hope to be able to get one tomorrow and then I am obliged to abandon my project linked to this musical instrument (a musical work / spiritual)

  91. Hi J-mas,
    you misunderstood my statement. I said: I don’t see PANArt starting shipping again in the foreseeable future unless completely new ideas of Hang distribution will appear. There aren’t any ideas of changing distribution currently (but nobody knows the future).

  92. So I understand, although I hoped to have misunderstood, so I made ​​a specific request. Sad, I can do is resign. it is a pity for me. I fell in love as soon as I heard the sound but when I realized how difficult it was to have one, I never wanted to know this tool. Now its sound is like a splinter in my mind, in my heart, my soul. I can not go to Berne, but I would be prepared in any other way to get a hang

  93. thank you for your reply Michael. I love the sound of the hang but in all honesty, I will probably not play it like all the youtube vids I watch over and over again. Time will I’m prepared to wait and see what happens next.
    I am prepared to go to Berne just to have the opportunity to see them for myself. I am also prepared that I may decide not to buy one..or they just don’t want to ‘play’ with me. It’s a wonderful nonetheless.

  94. Greetings from Puerto Rico Michael ^^
    I am very interested in this instrument for about 3 years now, and pretty much been saving money for it. Is it possible for me to buy one? if so.. Please post link. ^^

    Cheers mate!

  95. Michael: Frist and foremost, thank you for coordinating the vast amount of mail you must get. As one who has been touched by the magic of the Hang, I appreciate your efforts very much.

    I have sent a letter to Hanghaus recently, and will await whatever reply I receive. I just wanted to commend you on your patience and kindness with regard to all those who inquire about Hanghang. May you be blessed with all you need.


  96. Hello Michael,
    As a response to the possible oxydation of the Hang I like to inform you.
    I have a first generation Hang, (3513) and I had much problems with rust!
    After visiting the Hang makers in September 2010 for a re tuning, I was told that it was not possible that this would occur…But it does. And the places of oxydation are like a band over the Hang. Not everywhere so to say.
    I got special cleaning fluid from Sabine to prevent the oxidation. but it still continues. I have noticed that the metal of my Hang is slightly different from other hanghang, especially the thickness and hardness. A good friend has a first generation Hang in the same tuning and sounds real different! Mine feels and sounds like thicker metal..
    So i believe that there was a change in the metal composition during the making of the first generation.
    I have to clean the Hang every week with metalsponce to remove the rust spickels. Than I have to polish the ding again to let it shine.
    Now i use a moist absorbing ring and that helps a great deal but cleaning and polishing is still needed, even with special fluid..
    I play the Hang every day for 7 years now… And I hope to play many more unless the rust will win and leaves holes in it…
    What I would like to say with this is that the makers deny the possibility of rust, even when they have the proof right in front of them.. And thats a shame.. there are exceptions !!!
    Best regards and thanks for your work,

  97. Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your fervor in keeping up with all the repetitive questions that people ask you here. I’ve just finished reading through all the posts and articles, but I haven’t been able to find concrete details of what needs to be written in the request letter that I’ll mail to PANArt. It’s possible that I missed it somewhere. Is there anything specific that must be included in the letter or that will increase my chances of receiving an invitation?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  98. Hello Jenny,
    you didn’t miss anything. There aren’t any specific requirements by PANArt what to include in the letter (aside from your postal address of course ;-) ). Also I am not able to advice you what to write in the letter. It’s your letter. You decide what is important.

  99. I can’t help but feel that there is a bit of a monopoly situation regarding this instrument. Perhaps it is to do with copyright/patent/financial things? If so, I think that is a shame. Many of us are physically, musically etc. capable of playing such an instrument and I think it is a shame that us ‘every day folk’ are denied the right to share the beauty that this instrument is capable of. Music is not precious and private it is universal. I would LOVE to play/own/enthuse and entertain with an instrument like this but it would seem that this is not allowed…………..?

  100. Hi Michele,
    what is your suggestion for two persons to satisfy a world wide demand? If it was a “financial thing”, PANArt would rise the price to 8000 CHF and the problem would be solved. Is it that what you would appreciate? Copyright or patent don’t have an effect on the current situation. There are more than ten persons world wide who build similar looking instruments. But also these makers don’t satisfy the demand. If you like one of these instruments you can buy it if you have the chance (or as you prefer to express it: if you are allowed).

  101. Hi Jose,
    PANArt still builds the Free Integral Hang in 2012. The price of a Hang is now 2400 CHF. In January many people received invitations to purchase a Hang in the next months. A larger number got refuse letters. The demand is still higher than the number of built instruments. All the other information regarding the purchase of a Hang in the article above are still valid.

  102. Hi Michael,
    It’s very interesting that PANArt continues giving the oportunity to buy a Hang in the year 2012 also.
    I have just sent a letter to PANArt this month of February 2012 and I will wait to have a response.
    Many thanks for clarifying this matter.

  103. Hi
    I sent a letter in November and just got an invitation to visit them. The price is now CHF2400 or 2000Euros.
    I will think seriously before replying to their invitation.

  104. Hi Michael,
    I have decided to go to Bern in July. Can you help please with some information.
    I know the hand comes with a natural fibre case. Does it have handles? Should I buy a bag or even better a hard case to carry it in?
    I have looked for information on this and cannot find it.
    I can but a drum hard case but need to know the dimensions of the hang. I would appreciate your advice.
    Thank you

  105. Hi Michael,

    I would love to visit their place and perhaps hope to stay there for a couple of yrs and learn from them…

  106. 2000 euro? A cosa è dovuto un aumento del prezzo così alto?
    A me piacerebbe molto averne uno, di qualsiasi generazione, ma al di la del costo veramente alto, mi sembra un impresa averne uno..

  107. Hi Dave,
    I cannot tell you the special reasons why PANArt raise the price just at this time. But here are a few thoughts and comparisons about the Hang price:

    The absolute height of the price in Euro is very strong influenced by currency rate changes. While the price in CHF was constant from 2008 to 2011 the price in Euro went up from 1200 Euro in 2008 to 1800 Euro in autumn 2011. If the current currency rate would be like in 2008 the Hang would currently cost 1500 Euro.
    If you compare the current Hang price with the price of a low quality Hang imitation like the BElls (sold for 1500 Euro) the current Hang price seems quite reasonable.
    And if you compare the current price for a new Hang by PANArt with the prices usually payed for used Hanghang it is very cheap.

  108. Maybe it’s better to be more precise and state that the price is now CHF2400 whatever the exchange rate may be.

  109. Bonjour michael,

    Je me permet de vous écrire en francais en esperant que vous me comprendrez.
    J’ai réussi à mettre sur papier mes sentiments, et à envoyer une lettre à PANArt il y a deux mois de cela.
    Je suis un amoureux de l’instrument! Je souhaitais simplement vous demander si PANArt répond à tout les courriers qu’ils recoivent?
    Le hang me tient vraiment à coeur.

    Tres cordialement


  110. Hi Philippe,
    you will get a reply but it can last some time. Perhaps you get a reply in a few months but it is also possible that it will last until end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. Most of the instruments that are built or will be built this year are already spoken for.

  111. Merci pour votre réponse rapide et précise.. Pensez-vous qu’il y est un meilleur moment pour écrire à PANArt dans l’année qu’actuellement?

  112. You have already sent your letter, so this question doesn’t matter for you. General speaking it is not possible to advice any better or worse date to write because there is no foreseeable program when PANArt choose customers in a year. Any date can theoretically be a better or a worse date for sending a letter ;-)

  113. Hello! I, like many people, discovered the beautiful sound years ago. I can’t wait to send a letter, but I’m definitely not expecting a response any time soon. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of these responses. I’m hoping one day, I can see this glorious instrument in person! :)

  114. Love. Wish to one day be blessed with the opportunity to learn, play and share with others all the Hang has to offer. Just wanted to say thanks for the information and all your answerings and replies Michael P.
    δοῦλος ∞

  115. Hello from canada!

    I can not imagine the insane amount of mail you must receive it must be overwhelming, but im glad that you reply :) im my humble opinion please refer to the hang as you did so in comment 51 (for example). It was extremely helpful in understanding the philosophy behind the hang in that it is really an artistic creation (not primarily a musical instrument in the traditional sense) to be shared with the world and not abused by over production. I believe it may help to show that no one is being “chosen” and shed light on the Hangs true nature.If i was in their place i would have to agree with their choice of trying to physically meet with buyers and establish a real life connection.

    Thank you muchly,
    Ryan Berends

  116. Hi Ryan,
    thanks for your appreciation. Just a little correction: It is not me, the editor of this website, who receives all the letters. This is not a website by PANArt. There is only a collaboration with the Hang makers by making their publications available online.

    You are right, it is important to understand that each Hang is an individual sound sculpture. The Hang makers sometimes call themselves “Blechklangbildhauer” (I don’t know a good English translation but perhaps it can be translated to “steel sound sculptors”) to characterize their work. The Hang (and especial the current Free Hang) is not a standardized instrument but a acoustical sculpture of formed (German: gestaltet) sound. And playing the Hang means to form a formed sound (Hangspielen bedeutet, einen gestalteten Klang zu gestalten).

  117. Oh sorry what i really ment was the hundreds of comments :P, you’ve made it clear you are separate from PANArt.

  118. Hi Michael,
    My invitation to go to Bern in July has been cancelled by Panart based on a few posts taken out of context from the Handpan forum.
    This is very disturbing as you can imagine especially when I already have non-refundable flight and train tickets.
    I have suggested meeting me in person before making such a judgement but to no avail. The Hang is lost to me but can you shed some light on this development.
    I have written a long explanation in reply but whoever is supplying Panart with this information, in my opinion, doesn’t understand English humour and irony and has made very erroneous judgements.
    I am totally bewildered by this

  119. Hi Sha’yo,
    from what you wrote about this issue in the forums on the one hand and knowing PANArt’s current approach to the Hang on the other hand I’m quite sure that it was not misunderstanding of English humour or taking forum posts out of context that caused the canceling of your appointment. I agree with the interpretation of GotHang and Frank.

    I suppose that you fall into the trap. That forum is a community of Handpan enthusiasts with no experience and knowledge of the Hang development in the last three years. The majority of members joined in the last three years and don’t know the old discussions on the former hang-music forum. They joined a world of handpans, instruments made to satisfy the big demand. There is a forum philosophy saying: The world needs handpans and therefor the more handpans the better. What assists a new handpan purchase is good, what retards a new handpan purchase is evil. There is nobody who really is interested in the development of the Hang. Most discussions are about how to get a handpan and most members think there is no chance to get a Hang. Therefor their main focus is on Halo, BElls, SPB, Caisa, Spacedrum and so on. It is a main forum principle that all these instruments belong to the same category of handpans and that you can do the same with all of them.

    If you join that forum as someone who is interested in the Hang you must know that you will get no support in understanding more about the current state of this instrument. A while ago I tried to explain the free tuning on I failed. I understood that the world of the Free Integral Hang is meanwhile far away from the mainstream.

    I can see that it is very difficult for those who are new to the Hang and it is very easy to fall in the trap and to think one has found companions and teachers there. Colin Foulke for example is a handpan virtuoso and overtone isolation specialist. But he don’t have the foggiest notion about Free Integral Hang playing. So when you wrote that you are listening to his videos all the day and want to buy his tutorial DVD it was such a strong signal to PANArt that you don’t understand what Free Hang playing means and that it is likely that you are looking for something else than the Free Hang, that you would be as happy with one of the handpans as with the Hang. And what is the conclusion then, when there are ten other people who cannot get a Hang because you got the appointment, people who want a Free Integral Hang and not a Handpan?

    So what can we learn from this story? It is not that you should beware of what you are writing in public. No, we can learn that it is a challenge nowadays when you want to get a Free Integral Hang and that you should seriously try to find out what this sound sculpture is and whether it really is what you are interested in. If you are unsure get in contact with Free Integral Hang players and not with handpan players who think they are experts but ignore the new developments of the Hang in the last years.

  120. “Nobody is ‘worthy’ when they get an appointment and nobody is ‘unworthy’ when they don’t.”

    Michael, you and I have a bit of history together and have had several conversations online and in person. You know that I respect and care for Felix and Sabina and their creations.

    All that being said, I have to say that in some ways, the above statement does not seem (to me) to be properly representational. Perhaps it is a subtle function of the translation, but I felt moved to try to help clarify.

    Things have changed and in many ways PANArt is in an untenable position. They are forced to take actions and make decisions that none of us would be happy with having to make. The collection of these circumstances have placed them in a position where they do indeed determine who is an appropriate recipient of the Free Integral Hang. You are correct in one sense, that PANArt has no say in the worth of anyone, and their choices do not reflect a judgment of a person, as a person.

  121. yes Michael, I am getting a clearer picture and I hope it’s clearer for others who are waiting to right to Panart too.

    It seems a shame that or has to be either one or the other and that there is seen to be no heart and spirit to embrace both.

    For the record, I do enjoy listening to Colin playing his Halo and his Hang and talking about his musical journey though the years as a classical musician. He is very generous with his time and teachings. I would not judge him on playing the Hang because that’s too personal. My journey with the Hang was going to be personal to me. Not trying to defend him here or argue with your opinion..just stating my opinion. but anyway..water under the bridge.
    I love my cat but also can admire other people’s dogs though I am happy that I go home to a cat.
    thanks for replying

  122. Hallo Michael, I’m 16 and I’m from Italy… Can I write an e-mail to PANArt in my language or should I write it in english? Thank you!

  123. Other questions: I sent my letter today, how soon will I receive an answer? How much does the Hang cost at the moment?
    Thanks a lot

  124. Dear Michael,

    Having read through the posts, I compliment you for your patience displayed in your answers. However, I feel oddly estranged by your comments.

    Each instrument is an individual piece of art. That is easy to understand. As a logical consequence, only relatively few pieces can be purchased.

    Now let me make a hypothetical proposition: the life quality of all handicapped people improves, if they would play this instrument.

    If that were the case, I would expect the artists to understand, that their creation had reached another dimension.
    I woud expect that compassion and understanding of suffering would lead the artists to decide to make the instrument available to all handicapped people, even while knowing, that this would mean some loss of artistic expressions.

    But this loss would be overcome by the gain: the quality of life for the handicapped people.

    The two artists would not be merely metal sound sculpturers, but artist that help create happiness in man.

    Many people, including children, may benefit from playing this instrument. I myself would like to play it, but I have the freedom not to as well.

    I come to the conclusion, that the artists should have these instruments produced in greater numbers. The created object has outgrown the initial concept.

    Provided I understand the motives correctly, which may not be the case at all, I suggest that the curent philosophy is self seeking, esoteric and lacks a core element: freedom.

  125. Hi Ed,
    you would be right if your premise would be right. But it is not. The life quality of all handicapped people will not improve if they play a Hang. Also the Hang is not a medicament to cure Aids, Malaria, cancer or something like this.

    Hang is not and cannot be a project to save the whole world. It is a musical instrument providing an interesting approach to a personal, spontaneous, harking way of playing music way beyond stage and performance. To provide this the Hang must be build by a Tuner who shapes the sculture of sounds in a way that the Hang is able to be used for this approach. This would be lost when the Hang would be mass produced.

    The question we have to ask here: Is it possible in times of globalisation that regional, little projects can exist? Must every local Jazz club become an international media business? Must every regional famous carpenter become a multinational furniture concern?

  126. Namaste,

    First of all, Michael a great website. My soul recently got hooked on Hang pans and after I read the entire procedure of obtaining one I was mesmerized by it.

    After all this is a baby of the creators, its their wish to whoever they would like to part with it. Am sure money was never a big deal for them. All the guys who have been blessed with a pan am totally jealous of u guys :P

    I come from a small town in India, and it would be a dream come true for me if ever they offer me to come and collect one, which am sure will happen someday :) It would be a blessing for some of the blind kids that I meet every weekend. I will make sure I work hard so as I can buy this one day.

    Don’t lose heart and always stay positive :)

    Worship this instrument instead of making a business out of it. Spread the soul breaking music that comes out of this instrument. I do not want to get in any controversy but this is what I feel.

    I will send a letter and will wait for my turn.

    Namaste :)

  127. The many interesting discussions recently in the HangForum about tuning have brought to mind an interesting question.

    Do you (personally) feel it is possible for a person to appreciate and value a Free Integral Hang along with a HandPan?

    While it may not be an appropriate example, a related question might be: Can a person enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, and also enjoy a Le Gruyère Premier Cru?

  128. Hi Atul,
    no reason to feel sorry. But nobody will understand you when you are talking about pan while meaning the Hang. Pans are those instruments invented in Trinidad, made of steel drums and played in a steel band. There is also a Pan culture in Trinidad and Tobago as well as in other countries. 99,9% of people think you are talking about the steelpan when you are using the term pan.

  129. Hi Robert,
    if you ask me personally I will say, that I (as a Free Hang player) would play an instrument like the BElls or the Caisa only for scientific purpose (to learn more about their characteristics). I also own a 1st generation and 2nd generation Hang and play them only every now and then because what I’m interested in Hang playing is better served by the Free Hang. I don’t know what other people will do but I suppose that someone who owns a BElls or Caisa and a Free Hang and who really like and understand the Free Hang will play his Free Hang more and more while playing his BElls or Caisa decreasingly .

    There are other players who like the properties of the handpans they are using. Typically they are not interested in the Free Hang. I think it speaks for itself that David Kuckhermann and Colin Foulke have both stated that they are not interested in playing a Free Hang. These Handpan specialists need another type of instrument than a Free Hang.

    We also have to consider (watching all the Youtube videos) that there obviously are hundreds of Integral Hang players who haven’t found out (or are not interested in using) the full potential of the Integral Hang. It is clear that those players probably doesn’t see a difference between various types of instruments and therefor use both. There also are playing techniques that mask the differences between the various instruments.

  130. I don’t think we’re in disagreement that there are great differences between a grilled cheese sandwich, and how it is appreciated as opposed to Le Gruyère Premier Cru. And I can agree with you that there are folks out there who may not have the understanding, historical perspective, or perhaps the palate to appreciate Le Gruyère Premier Cru.

    The question remains, is it possible that there are folks out there who can understand the differences and yet appreciate both?

  131. Hi Robert,
    I am not the one to answer your question. I can only say that I am not the one. But if there is someone he is invited to join this discussion and make his statement.

    I think the question cannot be answered in the categorical way you’ld like it to be answered because your term “appreciate” is not defined good enough. In a wide meaning I could answer: Yes also I can imagine situations when I enjoy a Caisa. But the same is true for everything that is able to make sounds in any way. I enjoyed playing a cheap salad bowl. You also can play nice rhythms using two spoons, an old mechanical typewriter or a ball pen. But I think that’s not the question here.

  132. I think it might not be ‘the question’ but I think it is fair to say it is ‘a question’. And I do somehow feel it is a relevant one.

    It seems that there can be focus on the sharp bright line that separates one creation from another and one appreciation from another. Yet the ability to enjoy many things can be lost in the need to differentiate. It seems (to me) that the exclusionary viewpoint is not the only one that merits focus.

  133. Hi,
    I wish to know how many time after having sent our demand for a Hang, we have an answer.
    Thank you very much

  134. Hi Guillaume,
    this can last two weeks or many months. It depends on when decisions are made by PANArt. Imagine you write today and next week the Hang makers choose the next customers who will get an appointment for a Hang. Then you will receive a reply after two or three weeks. Imagine you write today and the Hang makers choose the next customers in November. Then you will receive a reply after sixth months. Both (and other) scenarios are possible. And as there are no fixed dates when customers are chosen, nobody can tell you the delay in your personal case. I can only tell you that most of all the Hanghang that will be sold this year are already spoken for.

  135. hi michael , my name is jonathan , i`m from argentina , if i got luck,I probably will be in europe. I have been reading and it seems its not so easy to have a hang. Since the first time i heard that sound, it was incredible.
    is there any chance to get one ? what do i have to do? if you can help me i will appreciate! thank you .bye

  136. hi. i`m from argentina and i would really like to have a hang. i`m planning to make a trip to europe in august. please, can you help me? tank you!

  137. Hi jonathan,
    the only way to contact PANArt for a Hang purchase is to write a letter. All instruments that will be sold this year are already spoken for.

    Don’t try to visit the PANArt workshop in August. Too many people try to meet the Hang makers without an appointment. The Hang makers feel disturbed by those attempts and they don’t receive such visitors.

  138. 我是台灣人 在網路上看到聽到這個音樂非常著迷非常希望能購買一個 hang
    請問要如何才能夠賣到 habg 謝謝

  139. Hi ling chang,
    you cannot buy a Hang on the Internet. If you are interested in buying a Hang you must write a letter to PANArt. There are much more requests for a Hang than built instruments. If you get an appointment you must travel to Switzerland to choose your Hang personally.

  140. Hi,

    I will be writing a letter asap but I am sure I won’t be the lucky one for years. To get an accumulated 50:50 chance for an invitation would take a whole 5 years. I will be travelling to Bern next month hoping you would let me touch one. Will you?

    An engineer in love with the hanghang

  141. Hi Bilal,
    this is not the website of PANArt. Therefor you will get no answer by Felix Rohner or Sabina Schärer when you ask them here.

    I can tell you, that it is not a good idea to try to visit the Hang makers without an appointment. You will not be be welcomed because too many people try this and the Hang makers feel disturbed by these attempts.

  142. Hi, Thanks so much for all this wonderful information on the Hang. I will be attending a Poi workshop very close to Bern Switzerland from
    Aug 28th – Sept 9th 2012. You mentioned in the article above that the people chosen to come pick up their HangHang were invited to come between February and June. Does this mean that if I wrote a letter and was chosen I wouldn’t be able to come and pick up the Hang while on my trip?

    Thank you again for all this wonderful information. :)


  143. Hi Kristi,
    the article above was written in February 2011. At the time of writing customers were already invited to come during a number of visiting weeks between February and June 2011. There were a number of visiting weeks after June in 2011. The customers for these weeks were invited later in the year.

    Currently all customers for visiting week in 2012 are already invited. If you write a letter today you will not be able to pick up a Hang before 2013.

  144. Michael,

    Thank you for the quick response. I will send my letter tomorrow :)


  145. I love my music. I wrote to Felix and Sabina over a year ago and still have not had a reply. I live in Melbourne, Australia. It is simply not feasible to travel to Bern, even if the offer of a Hang was evident. Felix, Sabina, please, help!

  146. Hi Chris,
    if you didn’t receive a reply after a year something went wrong.

    It is necessary to choose a Hang personally because the Free Integral Hang is not a standardized instrument. Each Hang is an individual sound sculpture and you would probably be disappointed if a Hang was shipped to you that you don’t like. Therefor no Hang is shipped by PANARt. I know this is not a nice message for people living overseas, but it is as it is.

  147. Hello Michael Paschko

    I am writing a (do not speak English)
    In the history of the buyers were from Russia? There are no restrictions for Russian? Suddenly, for the natives of the country, where bears, vodka and balalaika Hang can not buy.
    If the nationality does not matter, I am sending a letter.
    Thank you for your answers!


  148. Hello Michael Paschko

    My friend speaks good English, and takes me to read. Together we will solve any problem. A language for music in general is not important. We will try to write a letter.
    Thanks for the tips!


  149. ciao michael paschko
    sarei interessato a comprare un hang drum e vorrei avere alcune informazioni:
    se scrivo la lettera in che lingua devo scriverla??
    come facio a sapere se la mia richiesta è stata presa in considerazione??
    se scrivo la lettera adesso quanto tempo d attesa ci vorra prima di ricevere l hang drum??
    l hang drum viene spedita per posta??
    attualmente quanto costa??
    quando devo pagarla e con che modalita??

    grazie anicipatamente


  150. hi michael, i wrote a letter in may and I get in about 3 weeks an answer, to let them know by the end of 2012 if I really want an hang. Yesterday I sent my second letter. Was it too soon? Do i have to re write one maybe in november/december, or its okay?
    Thanks a lot

  151. hi michael,
    i have been so fascinated and mesmerised by the hang like thousands of people out there. i am from india. i really want to have a hang for me. what is the address to which i should write the letter? and will the hangs be available this year?
    thank you

  152. Hi sunil sandeep,
    Hanghang are available this year but all of them are already spoken for. All information in the article above are still valid except the price which is 2400 CHF this year. You will find all the information you need if you follow the link in the article above.

  153. hi michael, thanx for ur reply. if i write to the hanghang now, will i be considered to get a hang in the next year? and please tell me whats the address to write the letter. i cant figure out the address on this site.

  154. Hi sunil sandeep,
    it is important to understand that the demand is much higher than the number of built instruments. Therefor only a minority can get a Hang. If you write a letter to PANArt it is possible that you will be able to buy a Hang in 2013, but it is also possible that you will not.

    I recommend you to read the publications by PANArt about the Free Integral Hang. I think you haven’t done this by now because you ask for the PANArt address.

  155. Hi Michael;

    i have sent a letter to Hangbauhaus few days ago and i have received today a mail which tell me all Free Hang integral for 2012 are already sold out.
    And it tells me to look in your website, for the new version of 2013 and if I want one again I have to write again to hang bauhaus….
    But, I have many questions to you:
    – I wrote a lettre in french to Hangbauhaus, you think i have to write in english for the next or not ?
    – Do my letter is in a wastepaper bin now, and i have absolutely to write it again or can i hope an other asnwer to HangBauhaus later ?
    – When must I write again ? If there isn’t a queue for the request, how does it work ?
    It just the power of Life and the will of Sabina and Felix to read the letter who give us a chance to have a hang ? Or do I have to write all the day a letter for give to me a chance to have a Hang a day… and If I manage to earn all the money for buy it ….
    – You said to Marina all is ok, but for me the answer it’s not really ok, and i wrote a letter near at the same time than her…
    Sorry for many questions and my poor english, and thanks a lot for your answer.
    See you.

  156. Hi Rivière Cédri,

    – I wrote a lettre in french to Hangbauhaus, you think i have to write in english for the next or not ?
    French is ok.

    – Do my letter is in a wastepaper bin now, and i have absolutely to write it again or can i hope an other asnwer to HangBauhaus later ?
    The reply you got says it unmistakable: “if these new creations appeal to you, then please contact us again.” It’s up to you.

    – When must I write again ? If there isn’t a queue for the request, how does it work ?
    Wait for the information about the new developments, then consider carefully whether the Hang of 2013 is what you are looking for or not, and if it appeals to you then write a new letter.

    – It just the power of Life and the will of Sabina and Felix to read the letter who give us a chance to have a hang ?
    You can be sure that your letter will be read.

    – Or do I have to write all the day a letter for give to me a chance to have a Hang a day…
    Not a good idea! What would you do if you were the Hang maker and someone would harass you with a daily letter?

    – You said to Marina all is ok, but for me the answer it’s not really ok, and i wrote a letter near at the same time than her…
    Everything is ok. I think, Martina received the same reply as you got, and now she is well informed what to do next – like you.

  157. Thanks a lot for the quickly answer Michael. All it’s clear.
    And now I have to trust in Life more and more, and let me lead by her power until the next chapter of the magic Hang Pan story of my life…;-)

  158. Ciao Michael, ho ricevuto oggi la lettera di risposta alla mia domanda di aver la possibilità di poter suonare Hang. E’ scritta in inglese, m’invita ad andare sul blog e parlare con te. La musica è al di sopra di ogni linguaggio perché usa le frequenze che attraversano tutto il corpo ne sarei veramente onorato e felice suonare l’Hang, Devo mandare una altra richiesta in quanto la produzione 2012 è terminata? Ho richiedere un incontro? Grazie Roberto

  159. Is there any age limit on buying one? I am currently in love with the hang and am definitely interested in buying one. When would I expect a return mail? Thanks

  160. Hi Michael, you wrote to Rivière Cèdric:” Wait for the information about the new developments, then consider carefully whether the Hang of 2013 is what you are looking for or not, and if it appeals to you then write a new letter.”

    The letter i recived from Hangbauhaus says that i must visit the website and re write by the end of 2012 if i really want an Hang.

    I didn’t wait the information about the new developments and I re write… Must I wait for the information of the Hang of 2013 and re write a letter?

    Thank you!

  161. Hi Roberto,
    I don’t speak Italian. I used Google translate but didn’t understand your questions. If you write in English or German I can reply to you. If you don’t understand English look for someone who can translate the reply you received from PANArt.

  162. Hi Shane,
    about age I only can say that as far as I know PANArt usually doesn’t sell Hanghang to children. But there isn’t any officially communication by PANArt about age and Hang purchase.

    Currently all Hanghang that will be sold in 2012 are already spoken for. In current replies sent to people who wrote a letter to PANArt in the last few months the Hang makers announce that there will be a new Hang version for 2013. Information on this will be published in the Hang Library ( ). My recommendation is to wait for this publication and then to consider whether the new Hang is still what you are looking for and if it appeals to you then send a letter to PANArt.

  163. Hi Martina,
    you received your reply some time ago. It said that you shall write a new letter until the end of 2012. As you did this, I think that everything is ok. I suppose you will get a reply when PANArt is ready to decide about the details of the 2013 sales. This may either say that you can buy a Hang in 2013 or that you cannot buy a Hang or that you should read the information about the new Hang of 2013 and then write again if you are still interested.

  164. Hi Michael, in response to my letter by Sabina and Felix write me that production of 2012 and feigned. I truly believe that it is not easy for Sabina and Felix say no to many letters it would be easier to say yes, but I understand that it is not possible, I hope just to play the Hang. Hello and that the light

    Ciao Michael, in risposta alla mia lettera di Sabina e Felix mi scrivono che la produzione del 2012 e finta. Credo davvero che non è facile per Sabina e Felix dire no alle molte lettere  sarebbe più facile dire di sì, ma capisco che non è possibile, spero propio di poter suonare l’Hang. Ciao e che la luce sia con voiq

  165. People, are you serious?!

    No disrespect for the hang creators. I can believe in the philosophy or belief behind their creation. But I am talking to both of you…to the creators and the buyers (and yes, ok, also you Micheal…and somehow to Frank), do you realize that you are using your time on keeping alive a blog about an absolute superficial topic (yes, sorry that it is me who has to say it….THE HANG IS AN OBJECT PEOPLE, METAL…nicely crafted and put together, but an OBJECT indeed). Do you realize how many are starving in different parts of the world? Do you realize you have a bed today while you just passed by a poor man that is sleeping in the floor? Do you realize that there are millions of children and women that are violated or mistreated somehow? Do you see that we are still having wars in countries and between countries??

    Please…all the energy, force, and mind you have…Can you imagine if you would put those to work on helping others or at least getting up from your chairs? Then we would be moving somewhere! Then we would be at least knowing where to go instead of looking for something to take us out from boredom such as a Hang.

    Great that you can feel such an inner piece by playing the hang, but then I hope you are using that inner peace to do something great in this life…If not, what a waste…Then I would not call it inner piece after all. It is such a shame to see that people lost track…now you find your happiness in playing the Hang instead of talking to someone in need? We are absolutely isolated and now getting even more isolated in a room where only “me and my Hang” can be.

    Yeah, yeah…you can take this as a preach, but come on, WAKE UP people. With all the better things you could do. I am quite amazed to see people here writing desperately about the Hang when you are even doctors helping in developing countries!!! Don’t you already feel complete with your work?? You should! And you and I and everyone should keep using their energy in doing more of that. Well, after all you will think “who is he?? I can do whatever I like with my life”. Yes, you are right, you can. I hope you feel proud in the future when you can say “I was desperately writing letters to Bern to get a Hang…I was part of the clan!”.

    As I said, apologies because I don’t want this to be at all a disrespect to the creators. The worst comes from the consumers that seem to break everything into “I want, I want, I want”. Come on, you can hear me or not, but I have to say it out loud. This is ridiculous!

    With hopefully a wake up call for you,
    Hang Maniacs

  166. @Hangmaniacs, yes indeed you sound like a schoolteacher, very boring. If you think it is so important to help those in need, you should act instead. True crusaders are out there in the field and do not spend their time hijacking forums with their ideologies.

    I think it is very shortsighted to state that people who are passionate about a subject and having ‘campassion’ fdo not go hand in hand.

    just wondering, are you doing the same at soccer forums? You should, as you will have very large community to talk to.

    good luck with your mission

  167. Michael, soo Nadio, volevo saper a quanti € è arrivato L’Hang,pi erchè ho visto che ne blog parlavano di € 1.400, poi di € 1.600, ma attualmente quanto costa adesso un Hanga acquistato direttamente dai produttori, completo con custodia?
    scusa se la mia domanda può sembrrti banale in modo che mi posso organizzare nell’opportunità che nel 2013 debba acquistare un Hang, se sarò fortunato.
    ti auguro una buona giornata.

  168. Hey Michael,

    I was just wondering (maybe you have posted it already but so far i havent come across it yet), will there be another news letter informing the people when it is okay to send letters again. The latest article i can find discussing this is from September 2012 and it says that they will not be accepting letters as all of their hangs have found their homes. I was just curious if you knew when their new hang was being created and when would be the time to send a letter? Thanks for your time and consideration!

  169. Hi christian,
    there will be information about the new Hang likely in June. It isn’t decided by now how the new Hang will be distributed. The procedure will most likely change. So don’t think about a letter. Just relax until information is published.

  170. I’m from Argentina, I sent my first lettler in 2010, my second in 2011, I recieved a letter saying that they couldnt export Hangs, so I travelled to Switzerland and knocked at their door, they looked at me and told me they didn’t want to sell it to me.

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