Reception in Media and on the Internet

This page contains an incomplete list of links providing an overview of how PANArt and its instruments are perceived and commented in media and on the Internet.

Internet forums

  • – The Archive (external link) [en][de]
    The Hang Forum was founded in spring 2009 by the Hang players Frank Sturm and Michael Paschko. It was comprehensively restructured and relaunched in autumn 2010. Besides the editorial “News” section and the public “Foyer” the Hang Forum provided the “Hang Players Room”, a non-public discussion forum especially for Hang players. End of July 2014 it was closed for further writing but stays online as archive for documentation purposes.
  • The PANArt Hang (external link) [en]
    Sub-forum in the Internet forum
  • Hang-Music Forum (external link) [en][de][fr][es][nl][it]
    From 2006 to 2009 this forum was the most important discussion platform for Hang players on the Internet. After its focus had changed from the Hang to handpans in general in the course of 2009 it was closed and relaunched under the title – The place for HandPan players (external link). Large parts of its contents were archived by
  • Yahoo group “PANArt Hang (musical instrument)” (external link) [en]
    Started in September 2004 by Clint Goss this Yahoo group didn’t achieve a high reach and is since 2010 virtually no longer in use.
  • Yahoo group “HANG” (external link) [en]
    Started in July 2001 on the initiative of PANArt, this Yahoo group was a first try of a communication platform on the Internet. However, it never really got going. With only very little activity at the beginning only spam posts can be found since 2003.

Articles and Videos in Newspapers and Online Media

Radio Broadcasts


Wikipedia (external link) has currently articles about the Hang in 28 languages (status January 2017). Their quality is very variable from rudimentary texts with errors and lacking references to well-researched and comprehensive articles with detailed references. Accordingly they need a critical reading. Only the German (external link) and the English (external link) articles are maintained constantly and checked for correct contents.

Articles about the Gubal are available in four languages (status January 2017). The current version of the English (external link) Article was written by Michael Paschko. The German (external link) and the French (external link) articles are translations of the English article.

YouTube Videos

Today YouTube (external link) contains a vast number of videos with instruments by PANArt, predominantly Hang videos. As Hang is not a sufficiently specific keyword, many video titles use the designation hang drum. However, many handpan videos also use this term. Either the handpan (external link) is falsly called hang drum in the video title, or phrases like “no hang drum” or the like are added. Therefore better search results are achieved by using a combination of the two keywords PANArt und Hang.

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