Newsletter PANArt, May 19th, 2010

Authors: Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer
© Copyright by the authors – All rights reserved
Published on May 19th, 2010
Original language: German – English translation by Christine Studer
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A newsletter concerning PANArt’s work with sound and the sale of Hanghang in the year 2010

Dear visitors to the Hang Library,

PANArt has decided to have the following Newsletter published in the Hang Library. The numerous questions and doubts concerning our work with sound and the sale of hanghang have called for clarification in the matter.

For more than 30 years we have been working on resonance bodies which touch people directly, bringing about an inner sound. We are interested in the question of how human beings can find a balance, how they can get to know their inner resonance. This type of research requires daily work and dedication. Things learned must be released time and again; the source of creativeness must not be neglected.

Therefore, PANArt does not consider itself to be a business which wants to grow and maximize profits. For this reason there is no website and no advertising. The wage of our work is maturity, which we regard as a gift. In the future we want to present the traces of this work – the hanghang – to people who need them for their inner strength. Time is very demanding for all of us. The contention with our unnamable aspect has become necessary. The discussion with the resonance body “Hang” may provide valuable impulses. This could be a deeper sense of our work.

The impact of our hanghang has triggered an enormous demand worldwide. Many people have been deeply touched by how the sound affects them. They are so amazed by the profound resonance in their souls that they would like to touch a hang themselves.

You would like to buy a hang?

Musicians who are looking for a musical instrument will be disappointed. The Free Integral Hang eludes the conventional definition of a musical instrument. Its rich dynamic cannot be mastered; there is no technique to be learned. The hang has the strong capacity to intuitively mirror the player.

The marriage of rhythm and melody as perceived by the percussionist falls short. For this, the scope of tones in the hang is too limited. Playing on more than one hang doesn’t lead anywhere either: the steel pan family is already chromatic. The Free Integral Hang points in the opposite direction: a sound body of enormous richness which caresses the soul in various manners. Sophisticated play with the hands leads to the purpose: a daydream from which one emerges invigorated.

To state it clearly and precisely: we do not make percussion instruments, handpans or hang drums. Playing the drums is a different language. The imitators of the hang allow playing with sticks or gloves. We make the hang for the hands, beyond any playing techniques.

PANArt consists of two people who have jointly created the hang. PANArt is not a productive enterprise. It is essential that each hang is accounted for as an individual sound sculpture: it is supposed to be effective. Therefore, there are only a few available….

Reappraise yourself if you really want to get involved with a Free Integral Hang. The direct contact with our highly sensitive resonance bodies requires a high degree of inner freedom.

In 2010 we are making and exploring the Free Integral Hang. All hanghang have already found their owners. Numerous letters are still waiting to be read.

PANArt trusts the management of the website headed by Michael Paschko and permits the publication of its texts in the Hang Library.

In the hope of having answered your ardent questions, we remain

yours sincerely from the Hangbauhaus

Felix Rohner        Sabina Schärer