Newsletter from PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd.

Update October 4th, 2013:
PANArt asks, not to send requests for a Free Integral Hang any longer. There are already enough requests for all the instruments mentioned in the Newsletter below, that can be distributed until spring 2014. Therefor no more offers to buy a Free Integral Hang can be made.

You find current information in
Information about purchasing a Hang and Information about buying a Gubal

Besides the new Gubal Felix Rohner und Sabina Schärer continue to build the Free Integral Hang. PANArt asked me to publish the following newsletter. It explains how the instruments will be distributed:

Newsletter from PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd.

The festivities of the 20th anniversary of PANArt are over. The new instrument Gubal was introduced on June 1, 2013. The web site was relaunched. The Hang makers have written a book which can be purchased on the Internet site. In the latter part of the book preview you can see the Hang makers play the Gubal and listen to some audio samples.

Besides the intense labor of developing a new instrument to a marketable status, several Free Integral Hanghang were also produced during the first half of 2013. In the fall, all of these are predestined for those who have been waiting for one for a long time.

The first series of Gubal is intended for experienced Free Hang players who will help us to further explore this new art form. During the coming months further Free Hanghang will be produced and the Gubal construction will follow its course.

After our winter break 2013/2014 (Hangruhe), these instruments will have matured and be played in, so that we can release them for sale.

Should you be interested in purchasing a Free Integral Hang, please let us know in writing. We also ask you to ignore any recommendations or advice floating around on the Internet. Your letter need not be hand written nor emotionally charged. Reading our book will serve as an orientation guide.

Postscript: Before you write a comment to this page, read the this comment please. Thank you.


  1. Thank you for all those informations.

    I juste received your book this morning and i’ll prepare a letter tomorrow.

    Reading the book was already a good moment and i’m happy to have had the opportunity to learn so many interesting things about the Hang and its newborn broter.

    Best Regards

    Jean Frédéric Speth

  2. Got my copy of the book yesterday – it is beautiful and interesting. Happened to be my birthday, too. And this message about instruments being available, too, came out yesterday. A very good day.

  3. Hi bro!

    I am really interest in with Hang. Now, I want to get one in Vietnam. So, Can you tell me the price and the ship fee to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Looking for your feedback.
    Thanks so much.

  4. Hi Michael.
    I am really not understanding…
    So is it possible to send an email to PANArt instead of writing letter now?

  5. Hi Terry,
    The remark about handwritten letters refers to some internet pages telling the people, that the letter must be handwritten. But it is still necessary to send a paper letter.

  6. Thank you for the information, and I have also read the book…I’ve been playing for a while now so keeping my “Hands” crossed this year will be blessed with a sound sculpture.-Nina G.

  7. Hi Nina,
    all Free Integral Hang, that are ready for sale this fall are already spoken for, as the newsletter says. So if you didn’t receive an invitation for this fall, the next instruments available will be for next year, not for this year.

  8. Hello Michael Paschko if we send a letter today, maybe we shall be select for 2014.
    that is what you mean?
    I ask you because I has just sent a letter to PanArt, I would not want to unnecessarily importuned.

  9. It is a time sensitive dance I am afraid, and some
    Dancers are becoming tired, losing the passion, and
    Moving on to other forms of energy.

  10. I must say that I am also confused with the new direction that PANArt is undertaking with the Gubal. I see today that there is a audio/video of the Gubal being paired/played with a 440 tuned western instrument (Saxophone).

    How does this specific effort align with the prior expression by PANArt that the call of the iron is to tune the creation to itself, and that it was not suited/intended for performance or recording?

    Is the Gubal a separate undertaking in fundamental approach from the FIH?

  11. Hi Robert,
    I think the confusion results from a misunderstanding of PANArt’s philosophy as a sort of believing system that is to be followed by conservative followers or questioned by liberal revolutionaries. But in truth it never was. It’s just art.

    There isn’t really a big difference between the tuning of Gubal and Free Integral Hang. The only difference is the fixed reference pitch of Eb as center for the Gubal, while the reference pitch of the Free Hang is chosen freely. According to this reference pitch the choir is freely tuned at the Gubal in the same way as it is tuned at the Free Hang. Also there isn’t any difficulty playing the Free Hang together with a saxophone or a flute, if the instruments are adjusted to the Hang’s reference pitch, which is quite easy.

    There is a quite simple reason why all Gubals have the same reference pitch Eb: It is the frequency of the Helmholtz resonance of the enlarged cavity. Being on the upper side the player cannot adjust the Helmholtz resonance with the legs. Therefor gu neck and ring ding must be tuned accordingly and the choir too. This properties given, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer began to experiment with their prototypes and found out what could be done with this instrument. This is how art works: New Ideas combined with playing with new properties lead to new experiences and results.

    It really makes sense that PANArt builds the Free Hang further on besides the Gubal. Both instruments have different properties and enable different experiences.

  12. Hello all,

    I send my letter on july 12th and I received an answer last week… I’m invited in the Hangbauhaus in september.

    I only want to say that it’s possible.

    Read the book, follow this blog and read the newsletters from PANArt…

    Christophe (from Belgium)

  13. thanks Christophe do you mean you only have sent one letter and they already have invited you? you are very lucky man…

  14. Hello, this is beautiful. I would not be one Gubal care and distributing beautiful music pleasure yourself and the people around me. I believe that this is my dream come true. If you are reading these lines, can I become the happy guardian of art that you have created. Greetings and good-bye.

  15. Hallo Michael,

    one question have regarding the letter to send to PANArt. In which language does it have to be? This is not really clear. The website is in 3 languages (French, English and German)as well as the books, so i would assume you can address to them in all 3 languages, is that right?
    Would be great to have an answer on this so i can write my letter to being sure that they will read it and i dont waste a shot by writing in German.
    Thanks for any answer.

    @Christophe – You sent your letter July 12th 2013? or 2012?

  16. Hello Andre,
    Bern is located in German-speaking Switzerland, so you will not waste a shot by writing in German. But you can also write in English or French.

    According to his comment Christophe wrote a letter in July 2013. But you must consider, that this was not his first letter. He obviously belongs to “those who have been waiting for one for a long time” mentioned in the newsletter from PANArt.

  17. @ Michael and Christophe – Thanks for the answers! It makes sense that PANArt gives some chances to the ones waiting for a long time already and thats very positive to PANArt in my oppinion.
    I just have one thing to say about it in all this. PANArt asks during their Hang retreat for the persons not to write cause all requests will be ignored, but still this example shows that its not exactly like this. Or am I not thinking right? Christophe wrote the letter in retreat time and got an answer and a invitation to go to their workshop to pick up/chose a Free Integral Hang.

    Im happy for you mate! ;)

  18. Hi Michael,
    We wrote/faxed a letter to Felix and Sabine at PANArt a few years ago about our autistic son and our quest for an Integral Hang for him. We received a hand written reply from them confirming that they had received our letter and would contact us in due course.
    Do we need to write to them again or would they already have him on their waiting list??
    Kindest Regards

  19. Hello!
    I would like very much to buy Free Integral Hang. Would you you tell me please, a letter to PANART must be written in a special form? What is necessary to write in a letter( profession, country, ) for have opportunity to receive a HANG?
    Thank you!

  20. I would like to get on the list to get a free integral hang please. Thank you for your time and efforts.

  21. Hi. I´m very interested on getting a Hang drum, but I´n not fully understanding the way to get it. If I´m right it´s necessary to send a letter to switzerland, but how to write it is in the book, it´s right?. In this case how I can to get the book?. Thank you very much and sorry about my english.

  22. Please could you tell me how to obtain a hang by Panart.
    please, an amazing instrument.Are they available now and how much do they cost.
    Kind regards, Andy Wootton

  23. hi michael! I live in the Canary Islands in Spain and I would like to know if I can send a letter to buy a free integral hang or would have any problems by the distance?
    thank you so much!!!

  24. There are so many questions, that I will answer them all together here:

    1) You cannot contact PANArt by writing a comment on this page. See: About.

    2) To better understand the way of Hang distribution read the article Information about purchasing a Hang.

    3) Before trying to get a Hang or a Gubal, take your time for a deeper research about the instruments. You will find information by PANArt here and here.

    4) If you do the recommended research, you will easily find the postal address of PANArt.

    5) In 2013 the price of the Free Integral Hang didn’t change since 2012.

    6) Update October 4th, 2013: PANArt asks, not to send requests for a Free Integral Hang any longer. There are already enough requests for all the instruments mentioned in the Newsletter above, that can be distributed until spring 2014. Therefor no more offers to buy a Free Integral Hang will be made.

    7) Update January 3rd, 2014: Quote from PANArt’s website: “The PANArt tuners are completely concentrated on the refinement of their new sound sculpture Gubal®. There are no more sound sculptures Hang® available. Letters and mails will not be answered anymore.”

    8) Update January 15, 2014: If you are interested in buying a Gubal, read the article Information about buying a Gubal” and take in consideration, that Hang and Gubal are different instruments.

  25. Hi Michael,

    In my excitement to send a new letter to PanArt I forgot to provide them with any contact information on the letter other than my full name. How should I get my contact information to PanArt so that they can contact me with a response, Should I write another letter?

    Thank you,
    Kristi Knupp

  26. Hy,I would know if they have a mail address because I’ve wrote the letter in April and I don’t remember if I say that I prefer to purchaising the integral Hang…where I can search the mail?Thank you

  27. Hi Tiziana,
    I’m not sure if an email address will help you. If I was you I would write a letter. See this comment. Also: PANArt doesn’t offer Integral Hanghang, only Free Integral Hanghang. Asking for an Integral Hang doesn’t make any sense.

  28. I live in Bolivia, and I am very interested on purchasing one HANG, my sister is currently in New York City, is there any place yopu can buy one there, thanks and great invention

  29. Gracias por este instrumento, un sonido soñado, melodias que solo vivian en la imaginacion. La ciencia y la naturaleza tambien viven en armonia y el hang es un ejemplo. Muchas gracias por el hang, ahora yo sueño con poder tocarlo algun dia!! Saludos desde Tucuman-Argentina.

  30. God bless this swiss couple, Sabina and Felix – he/they is/are a real lucky talent and inventor. I heard just today on the internet the sound of these instruments, and I am feeling my life is getting to change. To listen the Hang and Gubal is like a special gift from the holy heaven. I feel the healing effect of Hang in my soul…My first idea was: I must to buy a thing like this one, but now I am satisfied with listening of this beautiful song. I had know that nature can cure ailment of manhood, and now I say, this sound could be a curing therapy also. Congratulation from Hungary!

  31. Hi!
    I am dying to get a hang for a long time now! I have been playing percussion and other drums but nothing soothes my soul like this sound.
    I am willing to do more than just a letter. I am more than OK with flying in and meet Felix and Sabina themselves! I did not find an address to send the letter nor an address that accepts visitors…
    Please help!
    Jerusalem, Israel

  32. Honest to god I googled felix and sabinas names and tried this blog. The closest I could get is that someone mentioned that maybe in the future they will release it?! I am serious, I have no problem taking a flight over to them it is actually not to far from Israel (only 5 hour flight). I really really want to be able to play this instrument! Please help…

  33. OK I have seen something on the very bottom of the manufacturers website hope this is the one
    will send the letter tomorrow

  34. Bonjours michael,

    Je ne suis pas très sûr de tout comprendre, en effet je ne parle pas anglais et les traducteur électronique ne sont pas parfais.
    Je suis intéressé par un Gubal, à partir de quand puis-je envoyer ma lettre ? Le prix est t’il de 2400.- frc ou euro ? Le Gubal seras disponible après la pause hivernal ?

  35. How strange, I was very drawn to write a letter after reading the book – enjoyed thinking through what I’d say. But I was not certain if I would be applying for Hang or Gubal. And somehow the letter did not get written. The resonance was not stirring me into movement, yet. Maybe the Gubal will be made available at some point also for the inexperienced. I look forward to that.

  36. Hallo,

    i just read on that: “There are no Free Integral Hanghang available anymore.
    All of this year’s sound sculptures have found their owners.
    From now on, PANArt’s tuners have decided to dedicate their energy completely
    to the refinement of the Gubal, PANArt’s newest creation.”

    Does this applies to the persons who sent a request on this last frame (August till September)? Or its simply saying for the persons not to send any more letters??

    Is it possible to clarify this please?

    Thank you.

  37. Hi andre santowski,
    PANArt stops sales of the Free Integral Hang and will build in future only the Gubal. All people who sent a letter in the time frame you mentioned, and are able to buy a Free Integral Hang recently received an invitation to visit the Hangbauhaus end of this year of in spring 2014. All others will shortly get a reply saying that they cannot buy a Hang. New letters shouldn’t be sent, because no more Hanghang can be offered.

  38. Hi,

    so nobody will ever be able to have a Free Integral Hang upon this day ?
    just the people who ask for it since long time, then no more Hanghang ? If anyone come after this date and want to have a Free Integral Hang, he will never have it ?

  39. Hi Felix and Sabina….since i was a kid i was listening to electorinic music,all sort of electro muzic,….techno,drum and base,minimal,tribal progressive tech house,all sorts…than i saw one street performer touching a Hang Hang….i have never felt like this before it was something new for me,i havent got one but thank you that you have made it : ) all the best from all my heart : )

  40. Merci pour cette reponse si rapide, cependant j’ai bien vu que pour le moment ils se concentre uniquement sur la fabrication des gubal, mais je ne trouve pas d’information expliquant que par la suite ils reprendront la fabrication des hanghang, pouvais vous m’eclairé à ce sujet ?

    Merci encore

  41. I wish I can enjoy a hang drum and spread the positive vibes to people around me.

  42. Michael,
    I read that while Felix and Sabina are concentrating on their refinements of the Gubal no more Hanghang will be made. However it states above that they will resume production of the Free Integral Hang at a later date.
    Does this mean that we can expect production of the Free Integral Hang to resume after a certain time?
    I have literally fallen in love with this instrument and the sculptors’ philosophy behind it.
    I would love to own one and spread his sound around me. I am very patient and would wait years if necessary to be able to ultimately share this wonderful musical experience.
    Please let me know if there is any hope at all for owning a Free Integral Hang

    Thank you for your attention to this message and your support to this amazing musical endeavor.

    Very respectfully,

    Michael LePuil

  43. Hi Michael!

    I have a Panart Hang, im from brasil ,and i need to tune it. can you help me
    to know where and who can do it for me, in my country or in NYC?


  44. Hi Michael,
    i really don’t know what kind of hang i have :) i bought it in Amsterdam in 2005. Im really haing a hard time finding a place or someone that can tune my hang. Do you know, anyone in the world? Europe or South America? anyone?
    Thank you in advance for your time. Best regards


  45. Hi Michael,
    could you say which Panart email address ?

    The PANArt tuners are completely concentrated on the refinement of their new sound sculpture Gubal®.

    There are no more sound sculptures Hang® available.

    Letters and mails will not be answered anymore.

  46. Hi Stolarsky,
    if you bought it in 2005 you have a first generation Hang. Contacting PANArt for a tuning doesn’t make sense in this case. See:
    There is a number of tuners world wide offering Hang tunings. But offering Hang tuning doesn’t mean that the tuner is really able to do a good job. You also must take in consideration, that as far as I know no one of them is familiar with PANArt’s tuning parameters. Therefore your instrument’s sound and timbre will be altered when tuned by somebody else. In worst case an incompetent tuner can botch up your Hang. Therefor a tuner must be chosen carefully.

    This makes a recommendation difficult. Personally I haven’t enough experience with tuning results to be able to recommend you a certain tuner. The topic is sometimes discussed in the forum But you must estimate comments about tuners very carefully. There are many users writing who are satisfied with instruments like Bali Steelpan, Spacedrum or Bluepoint Steelharp. If they are satisfied with a tuner this says nothing about if someone demanding a higher sound quality will be satisfied too.

  47. Hi Michael,

    I’m from Brasil and i’m linving in Germany right now for one year.
    In 2008 I wanted to have any hang variation, but it was too dificult to get it instead of the few numbers of producers and price.
    Maybe now in Europe I have a chance to find some second hand hang or some similar sound variation of it.
    Do you now any especific place to find it?
    thks for all the information on this page.

  48. Hi Matheus,
    no I’m not able to recommend a specific place. Such a place doesn’t exist. In a research end of 2013 I found over 70 handpan vendors world wide with very different development stages and quality. You will have to do the research yourself. I cannot recommend anything.

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