PANArt stops sales of the Free Integral Hang

This announcement was published today on the home page of external link [New announcement URL: external link]. In future PANArt’s tuners will dedicate their energy completely to the refinement of their new musical instrument Gubal external link. Therefor they ask, not to send requests for a Free Integral Hang any longer. All of the instruments built this year are already spoken for. Customers received their invitations recently.

You find current information in
Information about purchasing a Hang and in Information about buying a Gubal


  1. hello michael
    send a letter a month ago, and wanted to know if there is for me a free integral hang? , since the letter come to Bern before the Panart statement that said “we do not receive more cards to buy free comprehensive hang”

    thank you very much

  2. Hello Michael,

    Can we conclude that anybody will be able to have a Free Integral Hang upon this date ?

  3. I also sent my letter to PANArt about a month ago, but I have not recieved any reply yet.
    Will everyone get an answer regardless of whether they where selected of not?

  4. Hi my name is Lucas Juarez’m Argentine, born in the province of Chaco, I have 27 years, currently live in the shut of Cordoba in a town called Capilla del Monte where it formed part of an artistic cooperatiba called “VIVA FALUCHO”. Here circus accompanied by teaching children, I am also in the work tencnica. Also built percucion accessories I sell the weekends in the village fair.
    The summer of 2008 I was lucky enough to meet two clowns, the SWISS and she CHILEAN, the two had to keep the HANG, was my first encuenta with the instrument, at different times since the talk through on its sound power their magic transforming, etc.. 5 years passed since that encounter. Last week Vicita wine with a friend who spoke of the HANG morning how much I like and how useful it would be for my trip. Then I suggested getting one, is offered to lend me the money to buy it, I push to get a HANG.
    As magical act that day night at the faria where I expose my instruments appeared a guy with a HANG showed me I can borrow it and started to touch, experience a special censacion, my body sweating palpitations increased between state of Extacis, so great was the surprise appearance of his magic that I have no choice but to write to ask them to give me the posivilidad to acquire one.
    Hope I’m not being disrespectful or dared to send this request. I’m aware of their book.
    LUCAS :)…

  5. Good morning there) my name is Dimitry, i’m russian. i would like to order your amazing instrument – GUBAL. so, what i have to do for it? as a child I learned to play the accordion. now i’m 43 years old (but not so))), my son is 8 years old and he is studying BALALAYKA (if you don’t know – russian folk instrument like this: . and to be a good example to my son i want to learn your absolutely amazing instrument. if you give me some direction to make an order – i will be completely happy))) thanx for understanding. good luck for me and for you))) Dimitry.

  6. Hi Michael,

    thank you for answering me.
    I still hope that in like 5 or 10 years, PANArt will decide to make the Free Integral Hang. But after all there’s Gubal behind him so..
    I think they can’t decide to stop creating Hanghang forever. Anyway I hope one day the Free Integral Hang will be in this world another time :)

    just a last question : who can we get the Gubal ?

    Have a niceday, Marin.

  7. Dear Michael,
    I have several times sent the letter to buy a PanartHang. I am an artist , musician and percussionist is an all women’s group. I have longed for one of your amazing instruments for a long time. Do I need to write a letter each year if I did not win the bid? I have tried to buy a Free Integral Hang for many years. I would love to get the Gubal as that is no longer possible.
    I am a senior and so, waiting another 10 years is not preferable,
    Warmly, Rosie

  8. Hi Rosie,
    I’m not PANArt and I’m not involved in the distribution of Hang and Gubal. Therefor I have no knowledge about your letters. You must draw your own conclusions from the replies you got from PANArt and from current and future public announcements from PANArt.

  9. I am so interested in the Hang. A few years ago on an osteopathic course in Berlin I heard a colleague playing one. This year I made this video in a Montpellier street near where I live. If you know the player please contact me. Wonderful sound you have created.
    The video…..

    Best Wishes
    Vile Grusse

    Barry Beckett

  10. Hi Barry Beckett,
    this player’s playing technique is way too hard. This doesn’t sound nice and quite statically. The Hang needs a gentle touch and is played with the whole hand (which has five fingers) and not only with the thumbs. And there isn’t any need for padding the fingers. That he uses these rubber rings is a clear signal, that he uses too much force.

  11. Dear spiritual music makers,
    I am writing you this letter…

    Attention: I will not publish your comment because it is very personal and I guess you aren’t really interested in having this published. Instead of publishing, I tried to reply to you by email. But you sent a wrong, not existing email address. So if you are interested in a reply, send me your corrrect email address. You will find my email address on the About page.

    Michael Paschko

  12. I sent my letter on October 1st from the US. I didn’t date my letter, so I am not sure if my letter was received before they discontinued the free integral hang. I am just curious as to whether my letter will be declined because I requested the chance to purchase a gubal or a free integral hang? Or will I still be considered for the gubal?

    Thank you,
    Parker Horsch

  13. Hallo !!
    Erstens möchte ich Euch herzlich danken für dieses wundervolle Instrument!! Ich liebe es, den Klang in den Gassen Basels (oder sonst wo) zu hören! Einfach magisch! Seit ein paar Jahren bin ich nun schon interessiert an einem solchen Zauberblech, hab mich jedoch nie wirklich getraut, eines zu “beanspruchen”, da ich viele Strassenmusiker damit gesehen haben, welchen ich diese Aufmerksamkeitskiste gegönnt habe.
    Das Geld hab ich leider auch nie zusammen bekommen, doch jetzt, wo es vorhanden wäre, bin ich zutiefst enttäuscht, dass das Angebot verflogen ist.

    Um hier noch was sinnvolles zu fragen: Ab welchem Zeitpunkt gedenkt ihr, ist euer neues Instrument, Gubal, erhältlich? Auch hier erstmal wieder ein riesiges Kompliment! Ihr macht die Schweiz irgendwie spirituell mit euren Klängen! Danke!
    Ich möchte mich unbedingt bemühen, eines dieser neuen Instrumente zu erhalten. Wahrlich ein Traum!


  14. Hallo Thomas,
    von Sabina Schärer und Felix Rohner, die du offensichtlich ansprichst, wirst du hier keine Antwort erhalten, da sie sich hier nicht beteiligen. Von mir dazu die folgenden Bemerkungen:

    Das Freie Integrale Hang hat eine eigene Qualität, die es durchaus Wert wäre, weitergebaut zu werden. Das sehe ich ähnlich wie du. Andererseits entspricht die Entscheidung der PANArt-Tuner aber genau dem, wie sie es in der Vergangenheit immer wieder getan haben: So beim Schritt von der Steelpan aus dem Spundfass zu den neuen Instrumenten Ping, Peng und Pong aus den tiefgezogenen Rohformen aus Pang-Blech. Diese Instrumente hatten eine andere Klangcharakteristik und mussten etwas anders gespielt werden, als die traditionelle Steelpan. Wer diese wollte, wurde von der PANArt nicht mehr bedient. Dann der Schritt von der Steelpan zum Hang: Die PANArt gab den Steelpanbau vollständig auf und konzentrierte sich auf das Hang. Dann die Entwicklung vom Hang der ersten Generation bis zum Freien Integralen Hang. Auch wenn die hohen achttönigen Instrumente der ersten Generation gegenüber den tieferen siebentönigen der späteren Versionen etwas Eigenes haben, wurden sie nicht weitergebaut. Nach Einführung der freien Einstimmung gab es keine auf Kammerton A=440 Hz gestimmten Instrumente mehr. Und nun das Gubal, das das Hang ablöst.

    Zum Kauf eines Gubals gibt es nach der Mitteilung der PANArt vom August bisher noch keine weitere öffentiche Verlautbarung.

  15. That is really unfortunate, to learn that the Free Integral Hang will no longer be available. After my first mesmerising encounter in 2009 with the Hang, I have followed this site and learned what the way of obtaining one would be.

    Since it will not be for sale (newly) anymore, would there be a chance of obtaining one which has been returned/sold back as part of the original agreement to be signed when obtaining a new one? Although I have seen all the comments and ads on sites as eBay, perhaps there are enough honest folks around who did actually keep to the contract in case they were no longer interested.

    If they would be available, how could I obtain one of those Free Integral Hang?

    Thank you for your reply and warmest regards,

  16. Hi Parker Horsch,
    I don’t know how such a letter is currently managed by PANArt. I only know, that all Gubals ready to be sold this year are already spoken for and will be picked up by their new owners in December.

  17. Hi Peter,
    in the past instruments sold back to PANArt were usually offered together with the new instruments to the customers who got an appointment to pick up a Hang in Bern. I don’t know, how those instruments will be manged in the future.

  18. I am interested in knowing more about this. Can you please tell me if I can purchase one.
    Please if someone is reading this and can give me any info. , that would be helpful.
    My email address is……
    Thank you

  19. Hello,

    On seeing the video regarding the GLUBAL, I’ve been struck with such awe and fascination for this sound and potential rhythm. I hope there is a way for me to acquire one, so i may hear these resonant sounds with purity and pure vibration.

    Any information regarding who i might need to contact directly would be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Phil aka satorius

  20. Hi Philip,
    You can find the most recent public announcement by PANArt about purchasing a Gubal here: saying: “The first series of Gubal is intended for experienced Free Hang players who will help us to further explore this new art form. During the coming months […] the Gubal construction will follow its course.” The current phase is a sort of pilot phase. The Gubal development is still ongoing. There will surely be news next year. I think people interested in the Gubal should follow and and then will know what to do, when it is time.

  21. Hi Michael,
    I was just curious on how long it usually takes to receive a response to the letter I wrote. I sent my letter from the US on Oct 1st. I am beginning to get discouraged. Does it usually take this long to hear back or do they only respond to the letters that have been accepted? Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you,
    Parker Horsch

  22. Hi Parker Horsch,
    currently there isn’t any “business as usual” because PANArt stopped selling the Hang and are in a pilot phase with the Gubal.
    Perhaps you will get a reply to your letter when PANArt is ready for 2014 sales – I don’t know. If I was you, I would wait for the publication of Information by PANArt about Gubal sales in 2014 and then draw my conclusions.

  23. hi
    actually i looking forward for a integral hang but i don’t have any idea how to find.
    can any body help me?

  24. Es una lastima que no sigan vendiendo el HANG.. si alguien sabe algun sitio web para comprar uno, se los agradecería muchisimo, gracias

  25. Hi, i^m an musician and soul therapist in Turkey and i have an old PANART hang drum which i bought it 7 years ago from a very close friend.. It has second gen i think.. (1600+ number).. But because being old its some notes are out of tuned.. Not so much but i use it for therapy and i need a nice smooth harmony and 1 note is totally untuned.. i think something scratched it.. So now i read the won’t tune first or second generation of HangHang.. What should i do? Ignore and play like this?? Is it FAIR? When million people try to get this, even one hang shouldn’t be sounds bad!!.. Please show me the way!! If they accept surely i will spend all of my money to go PANART to repait it!!


  26. Hi Barkin Coruh,
    only 826 second generation Hanghang are built. Therefor your instrument cannot be a second generation Hang. It is most likely a first generation Hang. I dare say from 2003.
    I don’t think, that PANArt will tune your instrument. Therefor the only solution for a tuning is to find someone else. There are a number of handpan builders who tune Hanghang. But this doesn’t mean that all of them are really able to do this. I personally cannot recommend someone. If you have a look at you will find that opinions are very controversy. So you have to be very careful.

  27. To create such a wonderful invention as the Hang and then deprive the majority of the world of enjoying it? Hmm… Seems elitist and selfish.

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