Publications regarding the history of the Hang

Those interested in knowing more about the history of the Hang will find two new publications in the Hang Library.

On the occasion of its 10th jubilee PANArt released an anniversary publication in the year 2003. A selection of texts contained in this publication can be downloaded in the Hang Library now. All texts are in German language.

10 Jahre PANArt – Auszüge aus der Jubiläumsschrift

2007 was the second year when PANArt built the new generation of Hanghang. The Hang Library documents the “Letter from Hangbauhaus” sent by the hang makers to people who had contacted them to ask for a Hang. It contained a short history of the development of the Hang, introduced the new generation of Hanghang and explained how the Hang was distributed in the year 2007.

Brief vom Hangbauhaus – Bern, Ende März 2007

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  1. This past weekend I held a seminar for “massage Andean”, during those days I made prayer to find the letter Sabina and Felix, returning believe it or not the letter was in the mailbox.
    Small disappointment x depletion of the instrument but happy to have been taken into consideration, I will wait for the development of new hanghang with patience and continued to pray to be able to visit the Panart and choose my new friend.

    Thanks to an embrace of light!

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