Pang Strings

As from 2016 PANArt has been building a number of stringed instruments for the use as melody instruments in the Pang ensemble. Their body is made of Pang sheet and their neck is built from nitrided steel profiles. They are called Pang strings.

Pang Sei, Pang Sai und Pang Sui
Left: Pang Sei – Right: Pang Sai und Pang Sui

Through the videos of the PANArt Pangensemble (external link) the Pang Sei, the Pang Sai and the Pang Sui have become known. These two-stringed instruments are tuned to Eb4 and Bb3 (Pang Sei) respectively Eb3 and Bb2 (Pang Sai, Pang Sui). The two deeper instruments differ only by the volume of their bodies. Thus the Pang Sai has a more direct sound, the Pang Sui a somewhat softer sound. Due to the tuning in Eb and Bb the Pang strings go well with the other instruments in the Pang ensemble. They are plucked with a plectrum (external link) or with the fingers.

In this video of the PANArt Pangensemble, the Pang Sei, Pang Sai and Pang Sui are played together, accompanied by the Hang Gudu:

The development of the Pang strings is not yet completed. Other instruments sometimes appear. Fore example the Pang Sing, a fretless instrument with a single string, that is used in the song Ellie’s Response (external link) beside the Hang Urgu and a steelpan.

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