PANArt relaunched its Website with new domain

Today PANArt relaunched its website in a new improved layout under the new domain The website is now better accessable with devices like tablets and smartphones.

panart.chBut you need still good speakers or headphones to be able to hear the bass sound (Helmholtz resonance) of Gubal and Hang Gudu in the videos and audios. Built in speakers in smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the most earplugs fail completely.

By reason of the relaunch new Pang music with Gubal, Hang Gudu and the new Pang string instruments was uploaded to the site.

New PANArt Website: external link
New Pang music: Music after work external link


  1. por favor, hace años que estoy ahorrando para comprar un hang , no dejen de fabricarlo justo ahora, por favor !!!! yo no se casi nada de musica, pero quiero aprender, por favor haganme uno, se los ruego, o solo lo voy a poder disfrutar por youtube . ya tengo casi todo el dinero!! por favor, por favor, por favor.

  2. Please, I’m saving for years to buy a hang, no longer manufactured right now please !!!! I do not know almost nothing about music, but I want to learn, please let me one, I beg you, or I’ll just enjoy YouTube. and I have almost all the money !! please please please.

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