New on this website: the Hang Library

For over two years now, this website has been online in its familiar appearance. Now seems the time to realize some basic changes. For quite some time, the Hangblog has not been a typical blog, and lots of items and contributions just didn’t fit into the structure of a Blog anymore. Besides working on a new design, I am also restructuring the contents.

Old and new design

In the future, the website will be organized in two segments: the Hang Blog and the Hang Library. They can be distinguished by the two different color schemes. The Hang Blog has an orange navigation bar showing the different categories. The Hang Library, however, appears with a gray navigation bar. The header of the website allows you to switch between the Blog and the Library as well as between the German and the English pages.

The Hang Blog will concentrate on its core function, namely the publication of short, chronologically ordered texts and contributions, to which readers may also make comments.

Publications having a more basic character are listed in the Hang Library which will be clearly organized and permanently available. The present Hang Internet Index will be called “The Hang Internet Directory” and will also be integrated in the Hang Library.

For each document there will be a header showing the author, the copyright, the history of its publication, language versions as well as a short summary, thus lending a certain transparency to the character and origin of the individual publication. It will therefore be possible to include publications from other authors in addition to those by PANArt and my own publications.

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