1. Michael, I just wanted you to know how much I love this music, all three pieces, so beautiful. I feel uplifted, yet relaxed, open yet somehow clear. Are these available on a CD; are you the artist? These, combined with hearing someone play in person have prompted me to explore the Hang. I would love to be able some day to play from my soul, as this music does. Thank you, Kelso

  2. Hi kelsos,
    yes, these are recordings I made about 5 years ago. And no, there isn’t a CD. These recordings represent somewhat the end of my first generation Hang playing. My second generation Hang, that I had one year when these recordings were made, has always refused to be played in this way. It lead me to an out of the moment playing. Hang playing turned into an intimate interaction between the Hang and my hands in an unique moment and place. A microphone is a strong disturbance in this process. The Free Integral Hang, that I began to play in 2010, lead me deeper into this process. So by now I never made recordings again.

  3. Thank you Michael, I’m very interested in the process, which you describe, of creating, interacting with the Hang, playing with the hands (so very intimate). Thank you! Kelso

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