hangblog.org has a New Look

Today I launch a new version of this website, almost right on time for its tenth anniversary. The previous layout needed to be renewed for quite some time now, due to reasons of content as well as of technique. This seemed like a lot of work and I therefore hesitated to take up the task. Over the last six months I achieved it by and by. Today I can present you the result.

Old and new Hangblog design
Old and new Hangblog design

What is new?

  • The website got a new responsive layout with a plain design nicely readable on desktop computers as well as on smartphones.
  • The Hang Library was simplified and structured more clearly. The Internet directory was canceled. Instead you will find all relevant publications in the same lists, regardless of where they are published.
  • You will now find the Hangblog with short news and pointers to new publications on the start page.
  • The new section For Readers in a Hurry provides easy access to basic information with recommendations for further reading for those who want to dig deeper.

Furthermore, all entries in the Hang Library were checked and, when necessary, updated or corrected. A number of new entries were added.

I wish all visitors a pleasant stay on these pages.

hangblog.org in neuem Gewand

Fast pünktlich zu ihrem zehnjährigen Bestehen geht heute eine neue Version dieser Website online. Das bisherige Layout bedurfte schon länger aus inhaltlichen wie technischen Gründen einer grundlegenden Erneuerung. Das sah nach viel Arbeit aus, weswegen ich zögerte, diese Aufgabe in Angriff zu nehmen. Im letzten halben Jahr habe ich sie nun nach und nach umgesetzt und kann euch heute das Ergebnis präsentieren.

Altes und neues Hangblog-Design
Altes und neues Hangblog-Design

Was ist neu?

  • Die Website hat ein neues responsives Layout mit einem klaren Design erhalten, das sowohl auf Desktop-Rechnern als auch auf Smartphones angenehm zu lesen ist.
  • Die Hangbibliothek wurde vereinfacht und übersichtlicher gestaltet. Das Internetverzeichnis wurde aufgelöst. Statt dessen findet ihr alle relevanten Publikationen in denselben Verzeichnissen, unabhängig davon, wo sie veröffentlicht sind.
  • Das Hangblog mit kurzen Nachrichten und Hinweisen auf neue Veröffentlichungen findet ihr jetzt auf der Startseite.
  • Die neue Rubrik Für eilige Leser bietet einen schnellen Zugriff auf grundlegende Informationen mit Empfehlungen zum Weiterlesen für diejenigen, die tiefer einsteigen wollen.

Außerdem wurden alle Einträge der Hangbibliothek durchgesehen und wo erforderlich aktualisiert bzw. korrigiert. Einige neue Einträge wurden eingefügt.

Ich wünsche allen Besuchern einen angenehmen Aufenthalt auf diesen Seiten.

Spira Mirabilis

The Italian Swiss documentary film Spira Mirabilis directed by Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti was screened on September 4th, 2016 at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion.


Spira Mirabilis deals with immortality through the four elements of nature: water, air, earth and fire. To these four, we add the fifth Aristotelian element of ether which acts as prologue and epilogue of the film. The concept of immortality in the sense of living forever implies being born and overcoming death and we would like to examine this notion through a “humanist” perspective in order to restore the nobility of aspirations and human behaviour that goes beyond time and successive generations. By “humanist” we mean a viewpoint that puts at the centre of everything a man who, through his habitual and meticulous way of acting, striving and studying, finds his place in the world and, thanks to this, manages to accept death, to come to terms with it and overcome it. The film, which is a visual symphony, is shot in four different places around the world and features four different stories that tell and show a reaching out towards immortality. We dedicate the element water to immortality in science, that of air to the immortality of art, that of earth to the immortality of faith and that of fire to the immortality of feelings. Ether, linked to the cosmos and the stars, is a tribute to the film industry. A symbol of perfection and infinity, “the wonderful spiral”, Spira mirabilis as it was defined by the mathematician Jackob Bernoulli, is a logarithmic spiral the rays of which grow as it turns and whose curve “wraps itself” around the pole while never actually touching it. – Source: www.cineuropa.org external link

Press Conference:

Video on www.raiplay.it external link

Film Trailer:

Film Excerpt:

You need good headphones or speakers for the playback of the bass sound.

An excessive critique based on preconception, ignorance and misunderstanding

Rudy Kendall, in his own words “general manager” of an “international conglomerate of steelpan and handpan instrument manufacturers”, has published a harsh critique on PANArt and the documentary Hang – a discreet revolution external link in his blog and in the forum of When Steel Talks external link. In his point of view this documentary is “A Propaganda-Filled, Dissemination of Lies”, and it’s allegedly PANArt’s agenda to remove the Hang from its place as descendant of the steelpan.

As editor of the Hang Library, who has published the film documentary in question online, I cannot leave this without a comment, especially as it turns out, that this excessive critique is based on preconception, ignorance and misunderstanding.

Read my comment on When Steel Talks external link.