Information about the new Hang® Gede and the other Pang® instruments

The family of Pang® instruments has gained an additional offspring. The new Hang® Gede (external link) is available on PANArt’s website since yesterday. A new online shop was also launched for the Hang® Urgu (external link). The Hang® Gudu (external link) has been available online since 2015.

Hang® Gede, Hang® Urgu, Hang® Gudu
Now available online: Hang® Gede, Hang® Urgu and Hang® Gudu

The complex sound sculptures Gubal® (external link) and Hang® Bal (external link) are not offered online, and neither are the string instruments (external link) Pang® Sui, Pang® Sai and Pang® Sei. Visitors of PANArt’s website will find further notes on the new overview page Instruments (external link). Also those who are still searching for the sound sculpture Hang® (external link) are provided with the necessary information.

See also the article: Our Instruments (external link)