Hang® Gudu

In the last months PANArt sold its new hand played percussion instrument, the Hang® Gudu, to a limited group of people in order to gain experience. From today the instrument is offered for sale publicly on PANArt’s website. This way the company carries on its brand Hang®, that is known for high-quality sound sculptures built by PANArt for many years. Therein lies the continuity to the original Hang® instrument that is no longer built since end of 2013.

Hang® GuduHowever, the Hang® Gudu differs considerably from the Hang®. The air resonance in its cavity (155 Hz, Eb3) is merging with the sound of the tuned ring around the central opening and added with the percussive sounds of the instrument’s vessel. The melodic agility lies in the bass of the air resonance, that can be lowered with the hand in the opening up to one octave and is best described as a sort of speech song by the hands.

Hang® Gudu external link
The new sound sculpture from PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd.

The Hang® Gudu blends well with other instruments in a variety of styles. This is demonstrated in the newest video by PANArt presenting the Hang® Gudu.

You need good headphones or speakers for the playback of the bass sound of the air resonance.