PANArt’s offer to the metal sound sculptors

In 2013/14 PANArt has obtained a patent in the USA and in Europe. The subject of this patent is the protection of a procedure where common steel sheet is converted into sheet with a higher intrinsic energy.


In order to build such a complex instrument as Hang or Gubal a special material is needed. The decisive factor in the steelpan, the compressive stress, is here also indispensable if one does not want to be bogged down into a banal manner of steel drumming. This led PANArt to the decision to license this technology and offer it to other metal sound sculptors.

The tuners of PANArt are quite pensive that only one out of about 80 handpan builders has chosen the offered and largely proven procedure. Without investments in good material the art of metal sound sculpting will loose itself in meaninglessness. There is no way in continuing with this path without studies of the metallurgic dimension of instrument building. The PANArt license offer is still valid and available.

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  1. Good news !!

    This can stimulate the creation based on quality raw material.
    If work begins well, the result will be better !!

  2. I have purchased a beautiful hang to interpret and journey with, however the hang is detuned, it doesn’t sound as it is perceived. Is there anyone that can help me? I’m not concerned about the cost of the instrument as I am the condition that it is in, it is disconcerting that it has deteriorated so badly and I would like to restore it back to its former glory. I am a fine art student at current, but I cannot find the makers mark to determine the artist. Any indicatiom as to where the makers mark might be on an Integral 2008 or response would be much appreciated, thank you. Mairead x

  3. Michael,

    kann man sich auf eine Liste setzen kann, um Bescheid zu bekommen wann es Neuigkeiten bzw Briefanfragen wieder akzeptiert werden?

    Viele Grüsse, Nicolas

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