HANG – une révolution discrète – a discreet revolution

A Documentary by Thibaut Castan and Véronice Pagnon
© Copyright by Thibaut Castan and Véronice Pagnon
DVD, France 2006
Language and subtitles: French and English
Published on www.hangblog.org on August 18th, 2014
by courtesy of Véronice Pagnon
For Internet publication the DVD was divided into two videos:
HANG – une révolution discrète (with french off-commentary and subtitles)
HANG – a discreet revolution (with english off-commentary and subtitles)

The Documentary was completed in 2006 and describes the early years of the Hang. Starting in one of the rare music shops the Hang was sold at until 2005 the film authors find the Hang among buskers in Barcelona and trace it back to its origins in Bern, Switzerland. They conduct interviews with the Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, show how the first generation Hang was built and tuned in the PANArt workshop, listen to the opinions and Hang music of various musicians and end with an outlook on the new generation of the Hang built by PANArt since 2006.