10 Jahre PANArt – Excerpts from the anniversary publication

Authors: Felix Rohner, Sabina Schärer, Hans Businger
© Copyright by the authors – All rights reserved
First published: July 2003
These texts were chapters of the anniversary publication “10 Jahre PANArt” (10 Years PANArt), published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of PANArt in a limited edition of 500 copies.
Published online as PDF on www.hangblog.org: September 24th, 2010
Language: German
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The history of the Hang begins with the history of the steelpan in Switzerland. As an important part of this history the PANArt Steelpan-Manufaktur AG was founded by four members of the steelband ‘Berner Ölgesellschaft’ in 1993. Looking back from the year 2003 these excerpts of PANArt’s anniversary publication allow readers to gain an insight into the history of the Hang before the Hang and the early years of the Hang.

For the digital Publication in the Hang Library the following texts were chosen:

  • PANArt Chronik 1993 – 2003 (S. 5-16)
  • Felix Rohner: Die Suche nach dem Traumblech (S. 21-22)
  • Sabina Schärer: Die Rohform (S. 23-24)
  • Felix Rohner: PANArts Arbeit am Stimmprozess (S. 25-27)
  • Hans Businger: 10 Jahre PANArt – Einblick und Rückblick (S. 31-37)

10 Jahre PANArt

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