How do I acquire a Hang?

The content of this article is outdated.
It is of interest only to readers interested in the history of the Hang.

You can read up to date Information about buying a Hang in the article
Information about purchasing a Hang in the Hang Library.

You’re probably reading this article because you would like to know how and where you can buy a Hang. Perhaps you saw a Hang player busking on the street and were fascinated by the sound of the Hang. Listening, you were moved by the desire to be able to lay your hands on such a wonderfully resounding metal instrument. Maybe you have already found that Hanghang are not available in music shops or from Internet retailers. Also you may already found that there is no website for PANArt (the Hang Makers).

Some have reacted to this situation with irritation, and are disconcerted or angered. They fear that there is no chance to find a Hang of their own and may think the Hang Makers from PANArt are elitists. But those who have had the opportunity to personally meet and get to know the Hang Makers (Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner) know that this assumption is far from the truth.

But, why isn’t it possible to order online, from a dealer, or in a shop? In order to understand, one has to know a bit about the history of the Hang and how it has been developed and offered in the past.

In January 2000 the Hang was born from the idea to meld together the properties of the Indian Ghatam and the Trinidad Steelpan. Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer had put much time and creativity into developing, tuning, and building Steelpans with new materials and methods. The result was the use of prefabricated, deep-drawn steel sheet blanks, which were then processed using a hardening procedure in a kiln (gas-nitriding). Such hardened shells ended up also being used as raw material for the building of the Hang.

In 2001 the Hang Makers debuted their new instrument at the Frankfurt Music Fair. They also created a website where they presented and gave information about the Hang. The Hang Makers didn’t foresee so many people from all around the world being placed under the spell of the Hang. In the following years an international dealer network was developed, and the instruments were available in various regional markets worldwide. 4,300 Hanghang were sold by the end of 2005.

The winter 2005/2006 brought a change. There were only two people who faced the world-wide interest in the Hang. Only two hands able to properly wield the hammers that coax the melodious tones from each steel hemisphere, and these hands were only able to work so fast and so often. There was another pressing need to explore the sound possibilities of the Hang. The high demand and production of large numbers of instruments put them into a bit of a frantic work schedule and didn’t allow them enough free space and time to experiment and explore possibilities for the advancement of the Hang.

As in previous years the Hang Makers went into “Hangruhe”. This refers to when the Hang Makers set aside the winter season each year as a quiet regenerative time when they can research and develop their instruments. During this time they created a new generation of the Hang. They were able to create a warmer overall sound for the Hang with several changes including moving the center Ding note from F3 to D3. A new coating of brass made them less susceptible to go out of tune. These updates in quality led to a more complex production process. It was no longer possible to keep up the production numbers of the preceding years.

This put the Hang Makers in the uncomfortable position of having to adapt and change. They made the decision to give up the international dealer network and shut down their website. Another significant change was the Hang of the first generation had 45 standard scales that the buyer could order from, but the Hanghang of the new generation were not based on traditional scales. Each new Hang had the tones D3 (Ding), A3, D4 and A4. The remaining tones in the tone circle were chosen as the Hang was made and based on each individual instrument’s sound and resonance. These changes meant that from now on a Hang would only be available if one travelled to Bern and personally selected a Hang in the Hanghaus by the river, as the connection between the Hang and the player was now a more meaningful and personal process of choosing from Hanghang with individual sound patterns.

In the “Hangruhe” during the winter of 2006/2007 Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner were able to develop further improvements of the Hang sound. By slightly changing the orientation of the tone fields on the top side of the Hang they obtained a clearer sound and a stronger radiation of the tones. They continued to refine the Hang toward an instrument which depends less on the virtuosity of the player and more on an intuitive play of the hands with the Hang’s now stronger overtones and tone resonances.

In February 2008 PANArt presented yet another chapter in the history of the Hang as well as the latest in their pursuit of the sonic potential of steel: The Integral Hang. Looking back over the various stages of Hang development one can see a focused direction. Compared to the large number of Sound Models of the first generation the second generation was a reduction and distillation of possibilities. The new Integral Hang of 2008 consists of a single Sound Model. With a D3 Ding the Tone Circle is A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, and A4. Other changes consist of a very slightly oval shape to the Gu side, an indented circular division of the now lacquered Ding and a change to the overall surface treatment of the instrument.

Since the demand continues to exceed the small production, one must mail or fax a letter to PANArt directly. Their address is: PANArt Hangbau AG, Engehaldenstr. 131, 3012 Bern, Switzerland. The fax number is: +41 31 301 33 32. It is not possible to obtain a Hang via e-mail request. The old published e-mail address is no longer valid and the e-mail address for repair issues published at the beginning of 2008 is really only intended for repair requests. Anyone sending to this e-mail address requesting a Hang will only receive the following automated response: “This email address is for repair only. All other requests with snail mail.” It is better to avoid this unnecessary exchange; as it does not do service to your, or the Hang Makers’ time.

Sending a letter to PANArt requires a large dose of patience because quick replies are not possible. PANArt schedules specific windows for purchase of Hanghang. After their “Hangruhe”, which this year was not in winter, but March-May, PANArt plans for visits in summer and fall of 2009. They are contacting those who can obtain their Hang a few months in advance of the windows. PANArt also sent messages to those who do not have appointments or set dates for purchase in the near future. In March, about 1,000 letters went out to those who have written PANArt, letting them know that they will not be able to receive a Hang in 2009. They also plan to send out a letter at the end of the year with information about PANArt’s plans for 2010.

Those that have a purchase agreement have the option of picking up a Hang either personally in the Hangbauhaus Bern or to have one shipped. Since the Integral Hang no longer has different Sound Models, it is no longer required (but highly advisable) that one chooses a Hang in person. Another update to the process is that an agreement is required of all the buyers. PANArt has asked that they be given pre-emptive rights to buy back Hanghang if an owner is considering selling, and that the resale price should be no higher than the acquisition price.

This agreement has been created in response to the 2007 explosion of the second hand market for Hang. There were Ebay auctions with prices between 2,500 and 6,000 Euro. This agreement allows the Hang makers to try to keep the prices from ballooning. The price of an Integral Hang has been set at 1,300 Euro (status 2009). International purchases have a slightly higher cost due to shipping costs along with possible VAT and customs expense. Included in the price is a hard, natural fiber protective case.

If you are considering to send a letter to PANArt, it is recommended to read a number of important publications by PANArt in the Hang Library.

I also recommend to study the comments carefully and read, the article about the current situation of the Hang in the year 2011/.

The statements and opinions in this article are based on information found as of the below listed date of update of this article. While information presented in this article is from research through a number of sources by the author it should not be considered an official statement from or by PANArt Hangbau AG.

A complete list of all comments from May 19th, 2007 to September 3rd, 2010 you can find in the comment archive of this article.

Updated: November 21st, 2009


  1. Update: The current situation of acquiring a Hang (September 2010)

    It will take some time until I will arrive a main update of the article above. Therefor I communicate some up to date information on the current situation here:

    1) On September 1st the second period in 2010 started when Free Integral Hanghang are given to their new owners in the Hangbauhaus in Bern. These appointments were already made end of 2009 / begin of 2010. At the end of October the next Hangruhe will start, when the Hang makers can spend all their time to build new instruments.

    2) Arround ten letters asking for the purchase of a Hang are still arriving PANArt day by day. Recently 500 letters of refusal were sent. Many letters are still waiting for a decision. Consents to acquire a Hang are currently not sent. This will happen later after PANArt decided on the distribution procedure for 2011. Currently less than 400 Hanghang are built per year. So you can calculate that only the minority of those who sent a letter to PANArt can achieve a Hang.

    3) Anybody who get an appointment for a Free Integral Hang has to come to the Hangbauhaus in Bern to choose his instrument personally. This procedure will remain in the foreseeable future. Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer attach great importance that each new owner get a personal introduction to the Hang. In 2008 and 2009 it was possible to send the Hang to the customer. This practice obviously didn’t prove of value.

    4) It isn’t decided yet how the Hang will be distributed in the year 2011. Some considerations are currently made, but they are not ripe for decision. In the forseeable future it will be necessary to write a letter to PANArt for the first contact in order to acquire a Hang. Don’t visit PANArt unannounced please. Too many people tried to in the last months so that the Hang makers felt disturbed. You will have no opportunity to try or buy a Hang if you come to the Hangbauhaus without an appointment. PANArt will cary on to choose those who get an appointment for a Hang and will sent a letter of refusal to all the others. There isn’t a waiting list providing the chance to move forward chronological. And there won’t be such a list in the future.

    5) For those who are interested in a Hang it is recommended to study the Publications by PANArt in the Hang Library, especially the Newsletter PANArt, May 19th, 2010.

    February 16th, 2011: There are more up to date information in the Hang Blog post Information on the Hang in the year 2011.

  2. Hi… I sent a fax to order an hang exactly one year ago now, i haven’t received any response yet, nor any fax or letter indicating refusal of my request…
    Does this mean that i’ll receive my hang sometime in the future or is it possible that my acquirement request has been discarded?

    Thanks a lot for your great help and you amazing blog with tons of useful hang-facts!

  3. Oh my god…
    I LOVE the fact how artistic the two makers of the hang are, how deeply they are committed to their instrument. It all reads like a legend in the making.

    At the same time – I can’t help but wonder why they not just make something bigger out of it. Train other people to make Hangs. There is absolutely no reason why only 2 hangs per day can be made. It’s creating a form of scarcity that doesn’t fit into a universe of abundance when there really is no need to do so. Music, love and artistry are unlimited.

  4. Ciao sono anna e passeggiando per le vie di granada oggi sono rimasta affascinata dalla bellezza del suono di questo strumento che non conoscevo. Purtroppo non parlo bene inglese, ho provato a leggere l’articolo ma non son sicura di aver capito bene… l’unico modo per acquistarlo e’ quindi quello di recarsi a Berna dove viene prodotto? e il prezzo su che cifra si aggira?
    e’ meraviglioso! complimenti x l’invenzione

  5. un amico mi ha aiutata a capire che e’ possibile mandare un fax.. ma quali informazioni deve contenere? e x il pagamento?

  6. Hi annina,
    if you are considering buying a Hang there are two important English texts a friend should translate for you:
    The current situation of acquiring a Hang (a comment recently written by me)
    Newsletter PANArt, May 19th, 2010
    Additional there are a number of Italien publications by PANArt available:
    Lettera dalla Hangbauhaus Novembre 2009
    Guida all’hang
    Hang Booklet 2008 – italiano
    The price of a Free Integral Hang in 2010 is 1300 Euro.

  7. Hi Koh Samui Travel
    it isn’t possible to train other people to do the work of a Hang tuner. This needs years of work and concentration. By now nobody wanted to follow this path. It would be possible to train people to make low quality instruments like the BElls from Bellart. But the PANArt tuners don’t want to build low quality instruments looking like the Hang but not sounding like a Hang. Each Hang needs the work of a dedicated and experienced Hang tuner. Therefor Hanghang are rare things.

  8. its a wonderful insturment for extension for human spirit
    salute to the vision and dedication of the hang creators :)
    however i feel that in the world today where so many people need love and inner peace NOW the hang trickles to a few people only with a lot of people waiting in line and many like me would wait untill the creators expand their vision for making it available to all NOW
    NOW is all we have :)

  9. Hi anjan ommm,
    a thing that has to be made by the hands of someone who spent years to achieve the ability to make it, cannot be “available to all NOW”. This is impossible.

    The Hang is not the redeemer, the only one who can bring love and inner peace to the world. If you are seeking for love and inner peace, don’t wait for the Hang! Look for other ways to satisfy your whishes. I fear the Hang wouldn’t redeem you if you got it.

  10. Hello there Micheal. I read this article top to bottom (And the first 30 or so comments, just to get a feel)
    I’ve heard Hangs played around, I recently bought a CD of the local drummer playing, and I was wondering (Given that this article is from 2007) if there has been any increase in the availability of Hang drums? I’m from Canada, if it means anything. (I know they’re made in Switzerland)

    Is it still necessary, 3 years later, to mail them, wait for an invitation, and travel to Switzerland to pick one out? I don’t mean to sound snide when saying that, I’m merely curious if they’ve changed their means of ordering yet.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and to playing one of these beautiful instruments.


  11. Don’t bother posting this, as I see the comments require moderation, but I apologize for calling it a Hang drum, it’s quite late and I’m quite sick. Forgive my oversight if you will!

  12. Hi Jamie,
    there is nothing to forgive. It’s just good to know that the Hang is not a drum. Have a look at the end of the article. There you can find that the article was updated November 2009 and you find the link to an update I wrote just a few days ago. You will find the most up to date information available there.

  13. Michael, first thank you for your dedication in maintaining this blog. I happened to be watching Youtube videos of a Native American Flute maker that I’ve bought a couple of hand made one of a kind flutes from. In one video he happened to be playing a PANArt Hang and I was totally taken by the magical sound that it produced.

    Many complain about the availability of the Hang and the purchase process. After spending some time reading and learning I have nothing but respect and adoration for Felix and Sabina. They are obviously dedicated artists and true craftsmen with a great deal of pride and committment to producing an exceptional instrument. I’m totally into the way they run their business and produce these special insruments.

    I plan on sending a letter in the near future but I really want to put some thought into it first. In this modern world I feel a well thought out hand written letter would be most appropriate. Maybe one day I will be special enough to be given the opportunity to purchase a Hang. If that day comes I would embrace the opportunity to travel to Switzerland to hand pick my very own Hang and connect with the right piece and hopefully with Felix and Sabina. I’m a very hands on and creative guy so I would love to see how and where my instrument was produced.

    Each year I make a limited amount of one of a kind stained glass as special gifts for people that I love. Many have said I should mass produce and sell these pieces, but they miss the point, each piece is one of a kind and special and made exclusively for the recipient. Why would I ruin such special gifts by mass producing them?

    Michael keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Michael,

    I’m sorry to disturb you,
    do you know about the situation with the letters at the moment,
    I have been waiting for a reply about 6 months now,
    I’m just a bit uncertain that has it made it’s way to the address.
    But i guess that there is just so much letters at the moment =)

    I’m just so ungh, waiting for reply (in positive or negative way :)
    still I have my didj to keep me company,
    and there’s no hurry in ready made world

    Many thanks for your blog it has been really nice to read about Hang and to find information that would otherwise be impossible to acquire

  15. Hi Timo,
    check out my update I wrote a number of weeks ago. In the last half year PANArt didn’t send any consents for a Hang. Only 500 letters of refusal were sent a few months ago. If you didn’t receive a reply up to now this means that your letter is still waiting for a decision. PANArt will send answers for 2011 after they will have decided how the Hang will be distributed in 2011.

  16. Hi HangLovers,

    I do respect the process Sabina and Felix decided to choose with making the Hang avaliable. However I feel sad that someone who falls in love with the magic sound and feels the killing desire to have one and try to learn for his/her own joy perhaps and not for making money with it on the streets, just at home, to friends or loved ones can not actually get it or just by years of waiting. This is what bothers me and I can only hope this will change in time. (Not too much time though)

    Love this instrument, well done Sabina and Felix!

  17. Hi HangLovers,
    two human beeings cannot satisfy a world wide demand. Therefor your hope for a changing is unrealistic. There are things in the word which cannot be mass produced. The Hang belongs to them.

  18. Hello, Michael!
    Thank you very much for this site, where we can find a lot of the interesting information about Hang!
    I’m from Kazakhstan (Central Asia), and I’m afraid that I never can touch this magic instrument, becouse trip to Switzerland is very expensive to me.
    But, thanks to you, I have a hope to have it..
    I’m sorry for my English..
    Best regards!!!

  19. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your dedication to be so nice to people like me who fell in love with that vibrant music energy source. I must say that it has totally charmed my soul as well.
    I read your article and it is pretty discouraging but I understand fully the intent of the artists creators.
    I think I will send a letter anyhow for who never tries never acheives anything either :)
    Thanks again,
    love & peace,
    fizz :)

  20. Hi Michael,

    I have found great interest in reading on this topic. I’ve read all the publications you mentioned, and what I cannot seem to find is where to actually mail the letter. I know the process is long and not easy, but I think this is a journey I am meant to begin taking. I will keep searching, but I figured the easiest solution would be to ask you where we send the letters to? Can you tell me this information?

  21. Hi Michael,

    I’ve browsed many of the comments and realize that “two human beings cannot satisfy a world wide demand” and that it can’t be mass-produced; but it would be nice if more people began learning how to manufacture these great hangs. Instead of making them, the makers should open a school for hang makers (and maybe admit some Canadians?) It would be far from mass-production, but at least the demand would be better satisfied and it would help put a dent in the unemployment rate.


  22. Hello Michael,

    The first time I heard a Hang was at a street fair by the beach near where I live, and instantly I was captivated by the sound. I had heard about the Hang from a math tutor a couple years before, but i had never seen one in person. The tutor admitted he was on a waiting list for a replica Hang made from some other company, but told me enough information about the Hang to get me hooked.

    My fear about the Hang is that I fear that my age, or my accomplishments will discredit me from getting a Hang, being that I feel that I am not fully matured enough for the makers to feel that I should have a chance at recieving a Hang(I’m only 19 years old). My question really is, should I wait before I send my letter, perhaps when I’ve grown older, and maybe wiser. Or should I send it now, being that any opportunity to recieve the Hang, whether it be 10-20 years from now, would still give me ripe enough time to mature into a better human being. I still fear the possibility or being refused, and the refusal and only the refusal scare me the most. If I get refused, did I just waste my only chance at a Hang, or is there a possibility that later If I send another letter, that they will still take me under consideration.

    Thanks in Advance

  23. Hi Tim,
    don’t worry about refusal. As the number of requests is a multiple of the number of built Hanghang, it is likely that you will receive a refusal. That’s a matter of math (ask your math tutor ;-) ). A refusal is not for ever. It only says: We cannot sell you a Hang. I cannot advise you whether you are “old” or “ripe” enough to play the Hang. It’s your decision. If you think the Hang is the right musical instrument for you then have a try. But be aware that buskers in the street or YouTube videos are not good models for Hang playing. The majority of these players are drummers who don’t have the patience or are not willing to follow the challenge of the Hang. The Hang is not an instrument for the stage or to jam with friends and have fun. It needs silence and concentration. Hang playing is not drumming but listening and letting the hands and fingers follow the sound.

  24. If they sold the license to a company of mass size like Boeing, who actually SPECIALIZES in working with different metal composites and shaping it to create certain frequencies and vibrations to hinder turbulence in the air, it could be sold on a much larger scale. You trust Boeings metalwork skills with your life when you fly, why not with making the Hang? Even Honda (though I despise them) would be capable of creating the mass numbers needed, and they are already branched into everything, including music.

    Now to my story. I put in a letter, faxed, i even WENT to Europe, and they still turned me down. I think I am pretty much done with this pipe dream until it is put in mass production…….

  25. Hi Nina,
    What is a Hang? Is a Hang a musical instrument that looks like a Hang and emits sound? I think not. A Hang is a musical instrument that looks like a Hang AND emits sound of a special character and quality. The reason why PANArt doesn’t ask Boeing (or Airbus – PANArt is located in Europe ;-) ) or Honda for mass production is the impossibility to mass produce a Hang. One could only mass produce an musical instrument looking like a Hang but with a bad sound quality.

  26. Michael, your infinite patience and compassion is such a joy to read! As is everything on this site, the beautiful words and work of Felix and Sabina.. What a truly incredible instrument, in every single way, and that even the journey of ‘acquiring’ one is so revealing of the internal journies of those in lust and love with it. Just beautiful!
    I hope to meet you all one day, in person :)

  27. Hi Michael

    Its great to see how you’ve kept up to date with your blog, even this much later.
    Now i’d just like to clarify, that you need to send a letter, then if you are accepted it is either shipped to you or you can pick it up in person?

    I’d love to get my hands on an insturment such as this, it has such great potential and i just cant pass it up, ill try every year if i have too.

    If one were to travel to switzerland would it be possible to meet a representative, rather than mail the person first?

    Also do letters have to be translated? or are they accepted in english?
    thanks for all the help, this is the most useful info i’ve found anywhere

  28. Hi Sean,
    you have to travel to Bern personally. There isn’t a shipping option.

    I haven’t understand what you mean with representative instead of mailing. You have to send a letter and if you are invited you have to travel personally to Bern. There you will meet Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, the hang makers. You cannot meet them or a representative instead of sending the letter.

    You can write in English.

  29. in a world where we expect our desires to be met with waving dollars in hand and that anything can be got for a price- i am in love. With the instrument, with the craftsmen, with the ethics and with their mouthpiece (that would be you Michael) Thank you does not really begin describe what I feel but it’s a good start. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  30. Really helpful website and upto date links.

    Thanks. Saw my second hang player recently, was so happy, realised I could actually afford one now. Did a little research, nearly cried, alas. But I have written a letter to send…I might send it we’ll see, chances are so slim I don’t know if I want to get my hopes up by sending it. But I am past the sad stage (well..not really but that’s okay), I have reached acceptance :P

    Thanks Michael for being a link to this beautiful instrument.

  31. Hi, I had the chance to listen to a Hang. It was amazing, I loved it and wanted to buy one for playing spiritual music… that´s what its sound inspired me. I live in Argentina, I read the blog and I´d like to congrat to the working team there at PANArt because of your philosophy in the making of hanghang, and of course, that lovely instrument. Maybe some day I get one and meet you personally. My best wishes to you for this new 2011!

  32. You guys have to make your business bigger, hire more staff, expand,…!!
    The demand and the production rate isn’t even balanced the slightest!
    Haven’t you guys read about those fundamentals in market economies?

    An amazing product nevertheless, I wish I had one.

    By the way, if you’re not planning to make your company bigger, is it outright possible for others to make their own hangs?

  33. Hi Mikael,
    “You guys” (I think Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer are meant) don’t read and answer these comments. Therefor it’s me, the editor of this website to answer you.

    If you search the comments you will find that the topic of production rate is discussed several times. You will find my thoughts about this topic there.

    If someone plans to make and sell own instruments, he should consider that there is a number of intellectual property rights like patents, designs, trademarks registered by PANArt. He should carefully consider this issue before starting an own business. Contacting PANArt and discussing this topic would be a good idea.

  34. I’ve read this blog and the comments and have followed the story of the PANArt Hang for a while now. Sadly something feels wrong about this whole issue. A musical instrument such as this with it’s power to touch the soul of it’s listeners and I’m sure it’s players deserves to be available to a larger number of individuals. When great violin makers began to share their techniques with other craftsmen it did not take long that the violin became available to many more musicians and potential musicians also. I have a collection of Tibetan musical bowls and to me they hold some of the same mystical value. These bowls, the violin and many other musical instruments require special techniques to be learned by their craftsmen that have been passed down through generations. This is all to say that perhaps Felix and Sabrina will also see that they too deserve to share these techniques that they have developed and not necessarily mass produce but make these beautiful instruments available to a larger number of deserving players of the Hang.

  35. Ken,
    It may be true, that the hang has the power to touch the soul. It may be true, that passing on the techniques would benefit the world. But saying that we deserve to play the hang? This is not true. That’s what makes this instrument so beautiful, that it is a work of art not easily obtained. There are some things money can’t buy, and people do not deserve something just because they want it. The art of creation belongs to Felix and Sabina, not to the world. If we let our desires for beauty and betterment invoke feelings of jealousy and frustration, we have lost sight of the true goal. So do not say you, or anybody else deserves this instrument. You don’t.

  36. Thank you Michael for this post and your work here. I live in Bern and had the chance to meet Sabina and Felix several times at the Hanghaus. I can understand all the people wanting an Hang.., it is a truly wonderful instrument and so are the two creators of the Hang! Their philosophy and intentions are wonderful … and they do know well about the power, the enchanting, the spell of the Hang.
    A Hang is more something like art (and much more) and not “just” an instrument. To everybody out there bleeding for a Hang, consider being blessed by the voice you’ve heard.

    together in oneness

  37. Hello, i was wondering in which language do i have to wrote my letter ? It Will be esaier to write it in ma native language (French), i will be closer to my real feelings =)

  38. Hi!
    Thanks to Michael for keeping this updated to satisfy all the anxious persons that dont even read the article and then make unnecessary questions.
    I just would like to say something. Besides all the qualities of the Hang that everyone has already mentioned a thousand times, i think that this “hype” also exists by the big fact that the availability is very very low. I think it would happen the same if a guitar would have the same level of scarcity. Humans are like this. They always want what they dont have or what is difficult to have. It makes the persons feel special, different from the others in some way.
    I hope i am not miss understood in any way. I too enjoy this “artifact” otherwise i would not be here writing this, right?
    For the ones who get mad, angry or frustrated by not having one…just think that the solutions for our problems its not in a object or a possession, and to find harmony and inner peace, we have to do it inside of us.
    Peace to everyone and dont give up in the hope of having one, just dont be obsessed by it.
    For the ones who are thinking if they should send a letter or not: Just do it!!! As i heard a famous bass player saying: “Its better to regret something you did, then something you didnt!”

    Greetings to all…

  39. how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months have i spent searching the internet hoping that one day fate will fulfill my dream…
    tick tock said the crocodile clock

  40. Michael–

    I’m sure all who read this site thank you for maintaning the premiere informational site for this unique instrument. Now back to the usual whining.

    It seems totally pointless to argue further about how the hang is produced, but how can it not be frustrating for those who have heard (not even in person) the sounds the instrument can make?

    Yes, yes, these two special people are communing with their magical materials. And they produce something (not a drum!) that is not really a musical instrument either, but something that allows one to…I don’t know, commune with your favorite Buddhist or animist or magical nonsense words.

    Still though, doesn’t it seem that these creators are totally unwilling to accept that any other humans—dedicated instrument makers—would be able to master the required techniques? Maybe not immediately, but eventually? They are highly skilled makers–craftspersons, but the hang creation process can’t be compared to anything on the level of Matisse, Stravinsky, Miles Davis, Ansel Adams.

    More like Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Gustav Stickley, others who had freaking APPRENTICES!

    Wouldn’t you suppose that there are people out there, who know that they’re insufficiently spiritual/pre-ordained/whatever to be selected by The Creators of the Hang to purchase an instrument, who would be willing to buy instruments made by apprentices?

    I don’t know, again it’s totally pointless to argue, and there’s no angle that hasn’t been addressed. I’ll just shut up and beat on a coffee can.

  41. Hi Matt,

    I think you misunderstand the making of the Hang. There isn’t any magic involved. The material (called Pang) is not a magical material. It is a common used steel that is deep drawn and then treated with a well known procedure called gas-nitriding. This is done by a company that is specialized on gas-nitriding of steel for different purposes.

    The second misunderstanding is how you describe Hang players (as Buddhists or animists or something like this). I for example am nothing of this. Hang has nothing to do with religion.

    I didn’t get your point. Do you want to become an apprentice of PANArt? Then contact PANArt. If not, what’s your point?

  42. Hy,i got one for a long time now…But one of my friends let it fall and now one tone is not tuned. Theres any number to dial or can i just go there to visit them? Any advice ?

  43. Hi.

    Just wanted to say my peace about this.
    I first saw a video of a hang drum on youtube a few years back. I wondered “what is that thing” and “how does it sound so good!”. I wanted one, as most people do, from the moment I heard it.
    But I forgot about it for a while, decided I was too young for one anyway. But now I remembered the sound I heard and again have the desire for one, so I looked to see if they could be bought.
    I come to this website and see that they are extremely difficult to get, because production is so slow. I wonder, with such a big market, why are they not expanding? Here are the benefits I see in expanding
    1. More production = more money. this speaks for itself. If Felix and Sabrina made more, they’d sell more (obviously there’s a market) and make more money
    2. The instrument would be enhanced much more quickly. Rather than two people woking to improve it, 10 people could focus on just the design, and improvements would occur much more quickly.
    3. People can experiment with the instrument in different types of music, probably being used in jazz, reggae, even indie.

    My point is that it seems they are holding the hang drum back from it’s true potential as an instrument. If you think about almost any common instrument, it started simple, and was improved by various people over time. Think how long it would have taken two people to realize you could turn an acoustic guitar into an electric using a pickup? It would probably not be invented at this point!

    If Felix and Sabrina were to make the hang drum public, I believe it would take off.

    I am curious, thinking about all this, what are there reasonings for not creating a “hang drum” business? surely it’s not about the intellectual rights, for that could be easily resolved. Do you know Michael? Thanks for reading all this mess!

  44. Hi Matt,
    there are two main reasons:
    1) They want to remain Hang makers and not to become business people. And because they have as much money as they want to have, there isn’t any necessity to make more money.
    2) They are not interested in producing low quality instruments. And it is impossible to mass produce instruments in the sound quality of the Hang.

  45. Hi,
    can you tell me where I can find adress to PANArt? I would like to contact them and find out more about Hang and how cand I buy it.

  46. The hang has such a beautiful sound. I’d love to play one – but I admit I wouldn’t take the time required to play it masterfully. So in a way, I understand it.
    Keep up the great work!

  47. Hi Gabbi Occhialini,
    currently all Hanghang which will be sold in 2011 are already spoken for. Therefor in the moment there isn’t any reason to hurry. This said I cannot give you a good advise when “the best time to write” is.

  48. Hi Michael,

    I will be graduating architecture university in the next year, and having had a wide experiece in fabrication and craft-building techniques, I am wondering if you guys are at all looking for interns to work with and aid in the process? I can safely say that producing instruments of this calibur and beauty validate existance better than anything i can imagine. This product eliminates the very idea of what a product is, allowing the user to give over more than just time and patience required to learn, but to forge a way of life. It is truly beautiful and inspiring, and I would love to know more –


  49. Hi Oliver,
    I’m not the right person to answer your question. I live in Germany 640 km far from Bern and am not involved in decisions made by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer about interns.

  50. Michael, You seem to have a very pessimistic and exceedingly negative view. I understand that they do not want to produce low quality instruments and thus will not simply sell the rights to some mass production company (because even if one company somehow did make all high quality instruments, another would make all low-quality ones) But you seem to think that nobody would like to learn the techniques and make these. You seem to hold the view that these two people will forever be the only hangmakers. Felix and Sabina are not the only people in this world with a passion for the instrument, and mark my words, while it is a slow building thing, a single apprentice with a passion and love of the instrument will find two more, they will find two more, and this instrument will expand.

  51. This in my opinion is crap. Is not right to make this kind of things.Sooner or later someone will “still” the making of this istrument and it will make a fortune. And in all this time you will just sort those stupid letters and work “less then 400” in a year. I don’t see why are you doing this when the demand is so big. And my point is not about the money, is about the thing hat you reject the need of thousands of peoples too sing and create beautiful sond and music with that instrument. If edison and tesla did the same with the power and the bulb, how do you thing you would feel? Is not right…and you know that… Only because you have the knowledge of doing something dosn’t make you GOD to decide who deserve it, and who’s not. Or you are?:)

  52. Hello Me, ironically you are nothing like the me i know. So I will call you you. It is clear you want one. After all my research I have to say you have missed the point – it is evidently frustrating for the majority of people who are rejected from having one of these. But the hang is owened by them and they can do what they want with it. Life has lost its mystery in mass production, even if this is synthetic it has added something to my life that I was missing. I need this quest and story to getting one. And if i do i will cherish the moment. I welcome it and if I am not successful I will find another path to follow.

    You talk about God, I can see the similarities, creators have rights. Not claimming the existinence of God but if such a being did, it decided on blonde or black hair, male or female. God would have a right as a creator. Create something and you earn that right. Most thing now adays are so open source; and to a certain extent im for it, but apprciation I had when i first bought a CD has gone down since the dawn of MP3, and despite vinyl being a lower fidelity I appreciate my collection more than its future itterations. Increased supply deminishes the value. Not just to the hang in price, but also to the 5000 odd that managed to attain one of these intrument. It devalues the journey, the appreciation and the art

  53. Michael

    I started to write a blog on the injustices of the distribution of Hangs.
    Then I took a breathe and thought Michael many many thanks for the information and direction towards finding one.
    And wish Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner the best and hope that one day I might meet them to collect my Hang.
    Regards Andy

  54. Hello Michael

    I’m writing from Chile (South America), and I would like to know if I need to have any special qualities to acquire a Hang. I understand the reasons from Felix and Sabina about not making a mass production of this instrument, but still I don’t know how to meet them. I read the “Call of Iron” it seems to me a very interesting point of view. But I don’t understand if my own way of experimenting music and other different instruments matches the way Felix and Sabina expect from people who would like to have this beautiful, religious and magnificent instruments at their homes…called Hang
    Best regards!!!

  55. Sergio
    It is at least a small comfort that you and I are as we say in England in the same boat with obtaining a Pan Art Sculpture.
    I have taken to accept that probability and luck could be a good key to obtaining the Art sculpture the more people we meet or speak to the more chance we have of solving this problem
    I have been making music myself for around thirty years and teach percussion inbetween my day job mostly for free
    I have been lucky enough to study with some of the best Tabla players in the world and try to encourage people of all ages to play percussion.The Hang I feel is at another place to all the instruments I work with and to me seems to be a place of calm ,serenity and Peace that is why I want one. I will just keep looking and adding to this Blog which I will add is the first Blog I have ever written on in my life until someone helps.
    I wish you luck in your quest and please post something if you have any luck.

    All the best


  56. Andrew
    I have been making music too, mainly percussion and flute for at least 15 years. In the last few days I’ve been speaking with some people here in Chile that have the Hang and they’ve told me that we first have to write a letter (as you may already know) explaining why is it that we want a Hang. I will keep in touch for further information.
    Greetings from Santiago.

  57. Hi Sergio
    I agree there is no quick solution to getting a Hang . I was playing for free at a charity concert at Hatfield Forest for the English National trust last weekend the sun was shinning and the hang would of been perfect water ,trees and Hang Perfect.

    At least I have a new friend in Santiago
    Greetings from Essex


  58. Ciao michael ti volevo chiedere se la lettera si poteva scrivere anche in italiano e solo in inglese? Forse rimarrà solo un sogno per me dato che non ho soldi e non sono un musicista,ma sono pronto a dare tutta la mia anima a questa vibrazione ,sai se nè danno alcuni gratuiti che sarò pronto a restituire quando loro vorranno,ovviamente andrei a berna a farmi conoscere per tutto il tempo che vorranno,ciao e grazie.

  59. I wanted to confirm with you the statement that along with the discontinuation of retuning owned Hanghang that PANArt decided last year, that PANArt no longer guarantees that they will repair accidentally damaged Hanghang.

    If this is the case I think it is fair to let folks know that there is no guarantee (and likely an anti-guarantee) that there will be any support by/from PANArt after PANArt has have received funds from the buyer to make their purchase.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  60. Hi Robert,
    I think you refer to the current discussion on the forum. A forum member posted that PANArt refused to repair his 1st generation Hang. I know about a number of cases when PANArt refused retuning a first generation Hang. Read PANArt’s communication The call of iron please for background information.

    The article on this page is about purchasing a new Hang. Therefor your comment is misleading. There isn’t any case known in public and I personally are not aware of any case not known in public that PANArt refused a Hang repair for current customers.

  61. I get what Felix and Sabina are doing, limiting the supply and attempting to enforce first refusal rights (good luck with that). But you have never said why they won’t train apprentices. Your answer is simply that they won’t with the tacit implication that no one else on earth could ever make one of these. So I suppose when Felix and Sabina die, the Hang dies with them. Is the idea not worth carrying on past the inventors?

    I like the way they are trying to stop the resale at markup. They cannot legally succeed in this they way they are doing it now, but if you would like a better way, contact me and we can discussion a retainer. My firm will be glad to help.

    Finally, nothing can stop ingenuity. There will be people who will make hangs. And they will improve on the design. And when the market opens up you will see the artistic innovation unfold. People will use the instrument in ways the inventors never imagined. So for now, all they are really stopping is the evolution of an art form. Congratulations on that, I guess.

  62. Hi Mike,
    as far as I know I never said that Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer will not train apprentices. I said that the Hang is nothing that can be mass produced. The Hang is only ten years old. We will see what will happen.

  63. I have read (and also recommend others read) The Call of Iron for clarity on PANArt and their views, but that was published over six months ago, and in it there is a statement that PANArt is prepared and willing to repair damaged Hanghang.

    Since then there have been multiple reports of refusals of PANArt to repair damaged Hanghang, so I am asking if there is a new policy. Can you confirm and/or clarify what an owner can expect in regards to service/repair of a Hang purchased from PANArt?

    This may seem like it is straying from the topic of how to obtain a Hang, but it is important that seekers understand there is no retuning service (per the statement in the Call of Iron that a Hang does not require retuning). If there is now also no guarantee of repair service, it is important that seekers understand that as well.

  64. I have read through every single comment on here. Michael, you seem to be extremely biased in opinion regarding this instrument. It is not a godly thing, nor a spiritual thing, merely a creation of the skilled hands of a couple of arrogant yet extremely polite people. Yes, it makes beautiful sounds. Yes, it’s pretty cool to look at. However, the trouble involved in simply acquiring one is beyond ridiculous. I come from a long line of Norwegian smiths. Not of weapons and that sort, but of decor and art. We often have Thousands of orders for some things. We do not use templates or molds. Everything is made from raw material. EVERY order is filled and completely with the utmost care in detail and quality. We do not refuse this one or that one, we simply make the items and continue with the next order. How? We have apprentices who study with us every day. We even have some in other countries with whom we communicate via Skype. All do an outstanding job. Why can’t these TWO tiny people simply answer the call of the mission they are so obviously obsessed with? Do I want one? Hell yeah I do. Can i have one? Nope, 3 refusals and the seeming impossibility of visiting the local post office and shipping it (paid by me of course) to my home or somewhere closer than 2200 miles of expense that i cannot afford. The quality of an instrument matters not when it cannot be placed into the hands of the musician.

  65. Hi Whispering Raven,
    sorry but I think you must read all the comments again. If you do you will find that there isn’t any comment by me calling the Hang godly or spiritual. I’m the most godless and anti-spiritual Hang player ever existed on earth ;-)

    And consider that smithery is one of the oldest craft but Hang making is one of the youngest.

  66. ‘ There isn’t any case known in public and I personally are not aware of any case not known in public that PANArt refused a Hang repair for current customers.’

    But surely all of Panarts customers were ‘current’ customers at one time, or another. And all current customers now, will next year not be so current any longer? Will they too not then be discarded like all customers of the past?

  67. Hi Peter,
    there is nothing wrong with buying a Halo if the Halo is what you want. Two different instruments with different properties, characteristics and sounds. There are people who own a Halo and say that they are satisfied. There are others who wanted a Hang, tried a Halo and say that they are not satisfied and still want a Hang instead. It depends on what you are looking for. The only way to find out is to try out.

  68. Manu Delago was allowed to purchase at least 3 Hangs – Not elitist or biased? You are not very convincing. I play some guitar and some hand drums (djembe & ashiko) – I have been around instrument makers of all types, from drum makers to luthiers of guitars and mandolins and all have been eager to share and give to the world their creations for creating a more melodic and harmonious universe – especially teaching and passing their knowledge down as it has been throughout mankind’s way. You do not make a ‘spirtual arguement’ as to why more can’t be trained to craft these fine instruments. Selfish and not eager to teach others what you have learned. Don’t get me wrong, without your talennts, this instrument may never have existed… wouldn’t you want to share this with the world a little more than what youtube has to offer and truly make your mark as hard as steel in the music industry?

  69. Hi marty,
    to whom are you talking? The readers of this website? The editor of this website? Wrong addresses for your complaints.

    I have an advice for you: Find out when Manu Delago bought his Hanghang and then consider your statement again.

  70. Thank you for responding Michael. I am not really complaining… I have read what people who are really interested in this instrument have written in this blog pertaining to the acquisition of a Hanghang; as well as the hoops of fire they have to jump through just to even be considered to be invited to purchase one…. let alone having to actually go to Sweden just to get one. As to when Manu Delago bought his Hanghang is irrelevant – the fact that he was able to acquire more than one, whether at one time or multiple trips does not matter either, but the fact that there is such a limited supply available and he was allowed to acquire so many and others may never have the opportunity to play one let alone own one. I am not jealous of him nor do I spite him in anyway whatsoever; in fact, I think it’s great that he has been able to develop and excel in his quest to master the instrument. I think he is very, very talented. Again, I am not complaining and I was under the impression that somehow in someway this blog is overseen or in the very least, gets read on occasion by the creators of the Hanghang. Perhaps you are correct in that I did not address my previous statement to the correct party… Whispering Raven pretty much “hits the nail on the head” when it really comes down to it. I have no ill thoughts feelings towards you or the creators of the Hanghang – just the MANNER in which one has to try and acquire one… Most people who want to acquire a Hanghang have a better chance of finding Moses and The Burning Bush right outside their front doors… Take care, may your glass always be full and the wind at your back… marty.

  71. Hi marty,
    your comment shows that you don’t have the foggiest notion about what you a writing. Besides your geographical confusion (nobody has to go to Sweden to get a Hang) it is very relevant when Manu Delago bought his Hanghang. If you had a closer look on Manu’s instruments you could see that he is playing first generation Hanghang. He bought them in the early years of the Hang. In these years the situation was very different to the current situation. No problem to get a Hang. Also in those years it made sense to buy several Hanghang because there were many different sound models. Since 2008 the Hang is built in only one sound model. Therefor it is completely senseless to buy a number of Hanghang in order to play them together as Manu Delago does it. This is the reason why currently people buy only one Hang and not several like Manu Delago many years ago.

  72. Hellp again Michael > then why can’t i simply order one considering I don’t have to have it pre-tuned with certain tonal notes? According to what I have been reading, I have to buy a plane ticket outside the U.S. just to acquire one. As for my geographical confusion, where else besides Sweden can I acquire or even just try out a HangHang? I have not seen any other locations listed outside Sweden. The exception to that is private sellers on Ebay & similar websites that are selling them for over $2000.00 USD? — on top of that, I have to hopefully get invited TO THE HANGHAUS IN SWEDEN to even try one out. I’m am not impatient as this may sound, I don’t have to have one right this minute; however, I would like to acquire one sometime in the not too distant future. I don’t want to buy a knock-off that, well, just isn’t a HangHang as you can find similar instruments on various websites… That’s like buying an acoustic guitar from a department store as opposed to ordering a C.F. Martin from their Pennsylvania luthier shop… Don’t like settling for anything less than what I want, at least when it comes to musical instruments. As for Mr. Delago, your reply answered my query as to how he has been able to acquire multiple HangHangs – I was curious, not overly critical. I understand the fact that now there is only one sound model available – that should make them easier to reproduce and should help meet a little more market demand – at least to the point where one can simply order one or at least be able to try one out at a distributor’s location outside of Europe. Now I sound like I’m complaining… sorry, I don’t get paid enough to complain… so, in retrospect, I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that maybe one day this fine instrument will somehow cross paths with me. Until then, take care Michael and thank you for clarifying a few things… marty.

  73. Hi m. I recently ventured into the knowledge of the hang and I feel very attracted to what generates, but I have a question, I’m from Chile and I do not understand if they are giving all hang in Bern or the possibility of shipping to distant countries like mine.

    (In Spanish: Hace poco me he adentrado en el conocimiento del hang y me siento demasiado atraido a lo que genera pero tengo una pregunta, soy de Chile y no comprendo si estan entregando todos los hang en Berna o si existe la posibilidad de envio a paises lejanos como el mio.)





  75. Hi Michael
    I understand all things that you clearly introduced.i have just a question.know at this time how much it cost?for next week i have a ticket to Bern from Iran.i have to go there and i cant wait anymore…please contact me and ansewr me via mail…

  76. It appears it is easier to adopt a baby than to get a Hang.
    If the makers of the Hang value the instrument and the love, peace and joy that it can bring, why not train a group of craftsmen (and craftswomen) to make the Hang and use the distribution of the Hang as a means to share their message and beliefs with the world.

    Yes, the hang is a beautiful hand crafted instrument, but to state (or even imply) that the makers of the Hang are the only people in the world capable (spiritually, technically or otherwise) of making such an instrument is nothing other than arrogant and conceited. The fact that prospective Hang owners, in effect have to apply and audition to be allowed to purchase a Hang is clearly elitists.

    Even buying an ultra expensive limited run supercar is less elitist and discriminatory than the Hang process. Yes, one needs lots of money to buy the supercar, but that is the only criteria. The supercar manufactures don’t screen prospective buyers to determine who is/is not worthy of the honour of being allowed to purchase the car; it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what you do or what you believe. I strongly believe that the manner that PANArt operate the manufacture and sales of the Hang causes harm to their message and values they claim to promote.

    I don’t want a hang for myself; the only reason that I have been looking at it is because I found it intriguing, and especially the manner in which PANArt operate. If I could sum up in a sentence it would go like this…
    We at PANArt have created a beautiful and amazing instrument called the Hang, but we are the only people in the world that are capable of making the Hang and it is so unique and special that you can’t have one unless we believe you are worthy of one.

  77. @AL Unfortunately i have to agree with you. Its becoming an elitist thing! You last sentence describe almost in its integrity my feelings about it. I can understand that they dont want to mass produce it but, i feel kind of discrimination the process they implemented in terms of selection.

    I also sent a letter to them “applying” for the possibility of having a hang. But cause i decided to be honest and sincere (as i always try to be), i didnt wrote things saying that i really would feel complete having a Hang, and that i would use it for spiritual healing, bla, bla,bla. I just said that its an instrument, a beautiful one for sure, that has a fantastic sound and being a percussionist i would love to have one cause its one of the first instruments that mix percussion with harmony.

    It can be seen as healing “tool”, artifact but if it really does heal, this healing doesnt come from the Hang itself but from the mind of the persons. Like some sort of Placebo.

    Many persons are making the option to go for the Halo Pantheon cause atleast it doesnt look to have such an elitist method of selection. You dont need to write any letter. They have a waiting list and a loto with numbers. If you´re lucky you get one. Of course that who is first on the waiting list has more chances of being one of the “winners”.
    The sound is very similar and doesnt sound cheaper like the first models. Also they make an auction on Ebay almost every month in a way of widening the offer to more persons.

    But anyway, even though we dont agree with the way they “sell” their creation, we should respect that. They have the right to do what they want with their creation. We cant force them or judge them by anything cause they are not harming anyone. Its their own decision.

    I just think that many persons want it mainly cause its rare and if it would be available at every musical store no one would be so frenetic wanting one. If you really want one just gather some money and get it in any other place then Panart. But be prepared to spend around 5000€. If its that important to you its not very expensive. A car costs around 17000€!!! ;) Stop smoking for one year for example and save that money….

    And write that letter anyway to panhart otherwise you will always regret you havent done it. Maybe you´re lucky and you get an invitation to go to Switzerland…..who knows. Just say that you want to open a FREE center of spiritual healing, probably that way they accept!!! :)

  78. Hi Alfonso,
    I think you have not read carefully enough the publications by PANArt. PANArt never stated that the the Hang is built for “spiritual healing” or to “feel complete”. These are projections of esoteric people who have not a realistic view on the Hang. In fact I think writing something like this in your letter is one of the best methods not to get a Hang. ;-) In the invitation send recently to customers who can get a Hang in the next months the Hang makers wrote that they think of people who consider discovering themselves through the Hang “without giving in to the temptation of ascribing healing powers to it”.

    I think the reason why you were not considered to be invited for a purchase of a Hang was that you as a percussionist are looking for an “instruments that mix percussion with harmony”. The Free Integral Hang is not this instrument you are looking for. You are looking obviously for something that is no longer built by PANArt: The first generation Hang.

  79. First of all, thanks for your constructive answer! ;)

    I hope i didnt sounded rude or something similar. Not at all my intention. But your answer left me curious a lot. What you mean its not anymore an instrument that mixes percussion with harmony!!?? I think it still is like that. Yeah, the sound changed a bit compared with the first generation but not really much on its essence. And i read everything very carefully before writing that letter so i could really understand everything “behind” it.

    Hmmm…since you seem to know well how everything is processed can you clarify me of something i didnt quite understood yet? Does it makes sense in writing again to PaNArt applying for it or once you´ve written and didnt got the chance to have one, then you´re out for good?
    If you can please let me know, or in this case, let us know, cause many persons reach this blog in search for the Hang for sure.
    Thanks for any answer.



  80. Hi Alfonso,
    firstly, what I wrote about the reason why you wasn’t invited is not based on knowing the process of your special letter but only my assumption based on what you wrote and what I know about the Hang. I don’t know the true reason why you didn’t receive an invitation. Perhaps it was only because of the high demand. Who knows? Only you can decide whether it makes sense to write another letter or not.
    It was my guess from what you wrote that you “being a percussionist” are looking for something like the music of Manu Delago. He is a good example for a percussionist who combines rhythm, melody, harmony with the first generation Hang. If you listen to Manu’s music you can understand that the first generation Hang is what he needs.
    The Free Integral Hang is quite different compared with the first generation. And we know that Manu don’t play the Integral Hang or the Free Integral Hang. These instruments are not what he needs for his music.
    Another example: Matt Venuti who recently published an article about his experiences as a Hang player. He experimented with playing several Hanghang together, playing the Hang in his band but in the end decided to play the Free Integral Hang only solo because of its character and properties.
    My experience as a Hang player is that if you want to use the Hang to full capacity it needs a setting that is quite different from the usual settings for making music on stage. I never know what will happen when I put the Hang on my lap and any setting must accommodate this fact or I will not feel good in that situation and as a consequence cannot play the Hang to its full capacity. To discover the sound sculpture of the Free Hang it needs to unlearn a lot of what we learned as percussionists or musicians.

  81. Lieber Michael,
    ich bin dabei, den Brief zu schreiben. Gibt es aber Neuigkeiten? Oder sind die Informationen für das Jahr 2011 immer noch gültig? Vielen Dank im voraus für Ihre Antwort. Carla Imbrogno, Buenos Aires, Argentinien

  82. Micheal, this will be my one and only request or post here… The hang is the only thing that has given me freedom and rest at heart. I don’t really know whom I need to reach out to, but this is the last thing in my life that I have left to feel… I would like to live the rest of my life sharing this with some friends that were there when I was ready to not be…. I am at a loss for words here, I don’t know how else to ask…. If you can at least point me in the right direction then you have helped me…

  83. Hi Koncrete,
    if you are interested in purchasing a Free Integral Hang have a look at the Hang Blog article Information on the Hang in the year 2011. The distribution of the Hang didn’t change since last year. Only the price was raised to 2400 CHF. Currently all Hanghang of this year are already spoken for. So it will last at least until 2013 to purchase a Hang. Take in consideration that there are much more requests for a Hang than the number of built instruments.

  84. simply fascinating in all aspects… as a guitar player and wannabe drummer i think it’s only a question of time (quite literally after reading about PANArt methodologies) until i manage to acquire a Hang for myself. probably based around D so i can jam along with almost all TOOL songs admittedly… sounds like i’ll have to write a letter to Bern and get my name on a list. i will read as much as i can find beforehand though.

    i have tried 1 very briefly in Dublin, where a street performer played 1 based around Dmin, no idea which Generation his Hang was/is…totally mezmerizing to say the least. thankfully i have dear friends in Zürich who will assist me if necessary…

    thank you all for such a great and informative “blog”
    look forward to joining the Hang Community
    health & happiness to you all

  85. thanks Michael!
    this may mean getting more than 1… and decreasing mu guitar collection to do so would not be a bad thing. but i totally welcome your advice, and sincerely thank you for it!
    health & happiness

  86. things becoming clearer, but must read and digest more. Matt’s article is very forward thinking and, dare i say “meta-physical”?… learning, and loving it. thanks for taking the time to reply and gently guide me.

  87. 2400CHFx2x2=105600chf that’s a lot of money in 1 month… it explains a lot too..

  88. Hi , I was watching in the web , and I am very impress let me know I I can buy a instrument in mexico or can I order one from you guys tanks a lot .

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