Newsletter by PANArt about the purchase of a Hang

Update January 12th, 2014:
The information in this post is outdated. Please read the newest information here.

In order to buy a Hang, you must state your interest in a posted letter to Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. And so, about ten letters arrive at PANArt Hangbau AG in Bern every day.

In its most recent newsletter, PANArt asks that no further letters be written at this time:

Hangbauhaus, September 7, 2012

PANArt Hangbau AG is appealing to interested parties not to send any more letters asking about the Free Integral Hang. All of the instruments which were built this year have already found their new owners.

The Hang makers are now taking a recess and going into retreat. Besides providing a creative regeneration, this pause serves to further develop the Hang and to plan and prepare the festive activities for PANArt’s 20th anniversary. On the occasion of this joyful event, which will presumably take place in spring 2013, PANArt will introduce its new instrument to guests arriving from all over the world.

PANArt will also post reports in due time about the Hang of 2013 in the Hang Library. Should you still be interested in a Hang, please contact PANArt again at that time.

Felix Rohner
Sabina Schärer

In view of this situation, it would be futile to write to PANArt before the new Hang is presented. It would only result in a negative reply.

You will not miss any news or information if you subscribe to the RSS feed of the Hang Blog.

If you want to inform yourself about purchasing a Hang, then the following article is for you. It provides a summary about the distribution of the Hang from the beginnings until today and clarifies the fundamental questions concerning the “if, how and where” of buying a Hang:

Information about purchasing a Hang


  1. I dont know why cant mass produce this magic instrument.
    Why dont produce an standar version of it and produce it? It feels so elite in this only the choosen ones are getting one? this is unfair! you have a beautiful gift to the world why dont spread the love to everybody??
    I want one but I will ever find one to myself. This is so sad.
    PLease reconsider your politics about this, hire a specailist, and a chinese factory and made a standar version and sell this .. the world is going to be a happier place if you do so!

  2. Hi Daniel,
    you obviously addressed the Hang makers. Because this is not their website they will not read what you wrote. The following is my answer:

    A mass produced “standard Hang” would not be the same Hang as we know it. It wouldn’t have the same complexity of sound, it wouldn’t have the same impact on the player and listener. So if you are really looking for a Free Integral Hang there is no alternative.

    Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer are not interested in becoming managers of a factory manufacturing low quality mass products. They are also not interested to give the good name “Hang” that stands for high quality and individual sound sculptures to someone who runs a factory for low quality mass products.

    If you are not interested in quality and the special sound and properties of the Hang but just looking for something metallic round to play with the hands there are alternatives.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I’ve tried to find the answer to my question here in the blog, but I failed!
    My question is the following:

    if I write a letter to Felix and Sabina and (with all the patience required :) ) I get a positive answer, is it possible for me to go to Bern whenever I want?
    What I’m saying is: I’ll difficultly have the money to buy the Hanghang until I’ll finish the university (I’m a medicine student and my family is not that rich :P )and I’ll start working; so is it possible for me to keep the positive answer and going to Bern after something like…4 years?

    Maybe it will sound stupid, but…that’s my condition :)

    Thanks for the answer,


  4. Sorry, Michael!!

    I forgot to ask you another thing!

    What’s the meaning of “We decided to not keep waiting lists”? Is not a problem of translation… :)

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Francesco,
    a positive answer is not a certificate for the right to buy a Hang. It is an invitation to visit the PANArt workshop to choose a Hang. Usually PANArt offers a number of visiting periods in a year, for example in March, June, August and November or something like this. When you get an invitation you can choose a date within this periods. It is most likely not a problem if you ask for a late date, for example in November but if you say that you are only able to vist after four years this will not work. The Hang makers don’t know what they will do in four years and what instruments they will build in four years. So it is very likely that they will tell you to contact them after four years if you then are interested in an instrument they will be building at that time.

    “We decided to not keep waiting lists” means that PANArt doesn’t file a growing list that will be chronological followed. This wouldn’t work because such a list would grow longer and longer and longer. Instead of this the Hang makers decide from time to time whom they invite to the Hangbauhaus. All the others then get a reply that PANArt is not able to sell them a Hang in the moment.

  6. Thanks for the immediate answer, Michael!

    So it would be pointless to send letters before having the sum required to get the Hang!
    I’ll have to wait and save money!

    I’ll make just two more questions (today I’m making you working, sorry!):

    Do Felix and Sabina communicate through your blog when is possible to send the letters?
    Do the selling periods follow the “letters period”?

    Just to understand how it works!

    Thanks one more time! :)

  7. Hi Francesco,
    there will be a publication about the new Hang of 2013 in the Hang Library and this will be announced here in the blog. So if you subscribe the RSS feed you won’t miss it.

    I think by now there aren’t plans how the Hang distribution will be exactly organized next year. It’s just important to inform yourself about the new instrument in order to decide whether it is what you are interested in because there will be some differences to the current Hang.

  8. Bonjour,
    j’ai bien noté le rendez-vous pour envoyer la lettre vers début 2013 pour l’achat de la nouvelle version du Hang.
    2 questions s’il vous plait:
    Est-il possible d’écrire en français?
    Quelle periode semble la plus adaptée début 2013 pour envoyer la lettre?



  9. Hi Nyko,
    don’t write a letter before the information about the new Hang will be published. Then read it carefully and think about whether it really is what you are looking for. The Hang of 2013 will be different to the Free Integral Hang. By now it isn’t known when information about the Hang of 2013 will be published. If you are interested and want to write a letter to PANArt you can write in French.

  10. So Michal. If I understood well, even if I travel to Bern, its impossible to buy a Hang now ?




  11. This is correct. But it has nothing to do with the current situation. If you travel to Bern and try to visit PANArt you will not be able to buy a Hang at any time. It is not a good idea to try to meet the Hang makers without an appointment. Too many people try this. So the Hang makers are bothered by these attempts. They will not welcome you. You will not be able to try out a Hang. Trying to visit PANArt without appointment is useless.

  12. hi michael
    thank you for the reply;don ‘t know approssimatively even the month?there will be a post in the blog??
    thank you very much

  13. Michael,
    At first, I didn’t understand why offense was taken when a hang was also referred to as a drum; but I am beginning to understand. I do apologize for the length of this response, but I hope my thoughts (though I could be very wrong) can be helpful to others who are trying to understand why the Hang isn’t a mass produced musical instrument. And if this response belongs elsewhere; please, by all means.
    A large part of my background has been in percussion, especially hand drums, so anything “drum” related has always held a special interest for me. Listening to the Hang, however, has reached me on a deeper level. Through learning more about the Hang by reading the words of Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer, as well as the writings of Matt Venuti, not only do I better understand why it isn’t a “drum,” but I also understand why I feel a deeper connection with the Hang, which will lead to why I am posting this response here. My background in percussion is centered around music therapy and I am also an Episcopal Priest. Music is one of the strongest ways I connect spiritually (and many others as well) and I can easily see the Hang as becoming an extension of the player towards inner peace, freedom, and some form of spiritual connection with the self, nature, or a deity.
    As far as mass production is concerned, I imagine that the Hang isn’t just an instrument, but is also a relationship with the developers and the potential owner as an extension of their work and joy. To me, the developers certainly aren’t making the Hang for money, fame or popularity, but as a way of connection which can be hard for the modern, “developed” world to understand, which I totally get. May our desire for a hang be less focused on “wowing” other people or selling cd’s and more on connecting with the developers and our spirit. And if I am way off in my thoughts, then please let me know! :)
    Again, my apologies for the length of of this message and if it is in the wrong place.

  14. Hi Tim Backus,
    this is not Twitter or Facebook. So I appreciate when people take the length they need to express their thoughts.

    I want to comment one aspect of your post, the thought about “relationship with the developers”. I think the thought can be helpful to understand the situation if it is understand as a relationship of ideas about how to approach the Hang. But it doesn’t meet the intention of Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer if it is understood as a personal relationship. And it is completely misunderstood if it is thought as a guru-student-relationship or an intention by PANArt to found a school or organisation. Usually Hang players meet the Hang makers only once when they choose their Hang in the Hangbauhaus (the PANArt workshop). It is easily understandable that the Hang makers cannot maintain personal relationships with some thousands Hang players. They also have stated that they are not interested in creating schools or organisations. I think the following quote from “The call of iron” says it best: “We have decided … to pass the traces of this work to interested parties who accept our views and travel on their self-accountable path.”

  15. Hi

    I had the pleasure of meeting Felix at the PANArt Factory in Bern and can confirm that they will not sell you a Hang. This is very unfortunate however i have to now write correspond back and forth until an Instrument may find me :) I would like to share the sounds with TOOL a very big Rock Band that uses many new sounds for new albums. Danny Carey would be very interested in discovering the magical powers of a Hang. Please let me know what I Need to do next to obtain one.
    Gregory Drake

  16. hi,i wanna to buy ur hang.wat shuold i do?can i pay u in website or another way,than u would mail me a hang???i m a student in music collage.i like u instrument,so i hope u can reply me soon.ya,i m in china guangzhou,there would be the first in our contry.

  17. Hello , I`am Arthuro from Armenia, World- Ethnic Music Professional Percussionist. I read your link website information for Hang Drums I was very happy & excited. I would like to have set of Hangs for my world -ethnic music composition & arrangements. Can you tell me from where I can find & buy them for how much ? Thank you in advance for your attention.

    [Administrators’s note: I removed your contact details to protect your privacy.]

    Armenia – Yerevan

  18. Hi Athuro,
    you wrote that you would like to have a set of Hangs. Therefor I think the current Hang is not the suitable instrument for you. The Free Hang as well as the new version of the Hang announced in the newsletter on top of this page is and will be a stand alone instrument designed to be hold on the players lap. To play a set of these instruments will not work for a number of reasons. Perhaps you watched players like Manu Delago playing on two or three Hanghang at the same time. These instruments are first generation Hanghang. That version of the Hang was built in a big number of scales and all of them were tuned to standard pitch. The free tuning of the current Hang doesn’t allow playing two Hanghang together and there is only a single scale available. If you want to know more about purchasing a Hang read the article linked in the post on top of this page. There are more information about the current Hang in the Hang Library.

  19. Hi,i just read your post about the purchasing of the Hang,but I sent you a letter in September…and now?What happens?I must write a new letter?Thanks

  20. Hi Tiziana,
    this is not a website of PANArt. Therefor I, the publisher of, cannot say anything to your letter. But I think you will get an answer later in this year or in spring 2013 with information what to do if you are interested in the new version of the Hang. That’s how it usually worked in the past.

  21. Dear Michael;

    I have written to Felix and Sabina in order to obtain a hang. sadly they were already sold out this year. The dvice is to write again next year and in the mean time subscribe to the rss feed of the hang blog. My problem is that i don’t know how to do this. Can you provide instructions? Thank you, kind regards; peter.

  22. Hie peter v. wijk,
    have a look at the orange navigation bar on right. There you will find the link “RSS-Feed”. Klick it and your Browser will hopefully tell you what to do to subscribe.

  23. I have seen some people saying they have a 1st gen.”in tune” hand drum. Do you know how to determine if it is in fact in tune and if not how to tune? I would consider purchasing an available one if it is something that I can do.

  24. Hi Angi,
    the only way to check out the quality of an offered second hand Hang is to take it on your lap and play it. Statements about second hand Hanghhang being perfectly in tune may be true. But often there are scams or the people offering the Hang don’t know how a Hang in good and balanced tuning really sounds. Personally I would never pay money for a Hang without having it on my own lap before. You must be aware that you will not be able to get any support by the PANArt tuners if you bought a second hand Hang in bad quality. If you search for other tuners you must be aware that they are not familiar with PANArt’s tuning technique. They will tune the instrument in their own way and style and you will then play a Hang tuned by another tuner, not a PANArt Hang.

    Another issue are the prices. People are asking for 4000, 5000 or 6000 Euro for a first generation Hang that originally cost 460 Euro. A new Hang bought from PANArt costs 2000 Euro and the quality of the current Hang is far beyond the old first generation.

  25. hello Michael

    thank you for your hard work dealing with this blog :-)
    I have been told by Sabrina and Felix to enter here in order to be updated about their future work so here I am.
    Having an Hang is my goal so I have a question: when should I send the next letter to them so to ask again for an Hang?

    thank you and
    best regards

  26. Dear Michael;
    I have done that but my browser just gives me a menu from which i have to choose. But is doesnt tell me what to choose and then what…? You don’t have an ordinary e-mail newsletter to which I can subscribe? kind regards pter.

  27. Hi David,
    the answer to your question is in the PANArt newsletter published above:

    “PANArt will also post reports in due time about the Hang of 2013 in the Hang Library. Should you still be interested in a Hang, please contact PANArt again at that time.”

    The thought behind this advise is that it doesn’t make sense to ask for something without knowing what it is.


  29. Dear Michael,
    The Hang has been fascinating me since I first stumbled on a Youtube video a few years ago. Because it is very difficult to get any information from the internet on this incredible artwork, I usually go on with my life and forget about it. But every couple of months, I get this impulse to search all over again and hope there is better quality videos or any news from PanArt. I understand and fully respect the different modalities for acquiring a Hang and the desire of the makers to keep it as intimate as possible. And so, I feel that I am not in a moment of my life where I have the ressources nor the willpower to go through the process of acquiring one. Only time will tell…

    My question to you is this:
    Where could I hear an actual HANG ? A youtube video, a cd, a million dollar sound system will never portrait all of the tones, overtones and sounds created by the Hang. I live some 6000 kms from Switzerland. Chances are I’ll never come across someone owning one. I feel like this desire for intimacy, almost secrecy of the “chosen ones” expressed by the makers is a bit selfish. Art is made for sharing. It has this incredible way of reaching us and changing our lives.

    I am not a religious man (and it is not my intention to start a religious debate), but I feel the next exemple suits well my current thoughts: If Jesus had decide to speak only to the few that could walk on water, would christianity have had such a huge impact on history ? No, because as with all other religions, its the followers that get to choose whether they will be reached or not.

    All I am saying is that internet makes things feel so close, almost reachable. It is aggravating to realise how the Hang has become something “Mystic” almost a dream ended too soon by the alarm clock.

  30. Hi Jean-Marc,
    I understand your dilemma. It is an issue of dimensions and of nature of physics: The earth is huge but the number of existing Hanghang (especially the newer one, Integral and Free Integral Hang) is small so the mean Hang density on earth is minimal. On the other hand any physically existing thing and any human activity is local. Therefor real things spread predominantly regionally. So the Free Integral Hang density in countries near Switzerland is greatest while it is nearly zero in countries like Australia. It is an illusion that the “global village” of the Internet can make real things global. Only virtual things like iphone apps can exist globally or industrial mass produced things. Yes, Internet makes things feel so close, but not all of them really are. This is not a selfish decision of the Hang makers. It is the nature of real things in contrast to virtual things.

    Jesus is an interesting example: He really spoke only to a few Jewish companions in a little region in Palestine. Then he died. Afterwards Paulus had the idea to “mass produce” his personal version of what he thought was the message of Jesus for a bigger non Jewish population. A few hundreds years later Christianity was adopted by the Roman Empire and started its world wide spreading. But at that time it had nothing more to do with what Jesus told his “chosen few”. It is quite easy to understand why: Jesus’ message was a local Jewish apocalyptic philosophy strongly based on Jewish religion. It was not able to be globally “mass produced”. So first Paulus modified it to be attractive for the pagans and the church continued to create a global religion. The pedant of the difference of today’s Christianity to Jesus walking barfooted through Galilee talking about the near kingdom of God on earth is the difference between the iPhone Hang App and a real Free Integral Hang. ;-) This comparison shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Jesus message has nothing to do with the Hang. The comparison only shows how a local thing changes its character and functionality when it is globally spread.

  31. Thanks for the answer Michael !
    I love your comparison between Jesus and the Hang. Everything is so fastpassed these days that we forget how long it really takes for something local to reach us. I guess I’ll have to travel the areas of Switzerland and hope to come across someone with a Hang.

    Do you think the Hang will ever become a religion ? :P

    On a more serious note, do you think Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer have ever considered opening places were Hangs would be on display (not for sale !) and where the general public could appreciate their beauty ?

  32. Scusate se mi intrometto Jean Marc e Michael Paschko, ma studiatevi meglio la storia del Cristianessimo e non perchè magari qualcuno decide di scrivere un libro, il Cristianesimo è sempre esistito, anche se i seguiaci di Gesù (Apostoli erano solo 12, ma altre ai 12 c’erano i discepoli e quelli erano centinaia, e loro hanno fatto come il sale, hanno reso sapore a tutta la terra e se noi siamo arrivati ancora a non distruggerci, e grazie al Cristianesimo, Cristo è stato il primo che ha fondato un movimento femminile, dando digniota alla donna, allo schiavo, ecc. nonostante si dice di tutto sulla chiesa fondata da Pietro il primo Papa del Cristianesimo.

    Un Abbraccio a entrambi, vi voglio bene come fratelli. a Presto Nadio

  33. Hi nadio,
    no religious debate was intended. Neither Jean-Marc nor I are religious persons, so I felt free to use the Jesus comparison Jean-Marc introduced in a non believer point of view. It is clear that a catholic believer wouldn’t use the same reasoning.

  34. Hello Michael,
    first of all I want to thank you for the help you give to the people that ask for informations.
    I follow this site since 2008 but it’s the first time I write here, because I have a question.
    I wrote my first letter in 2010 and the Hangmakers said something like “ there’s no hang avaible for you in this moment”. Ok. One year later I understood why and than, after have reading all the publications in the library, I thought I understood their line of thinking about sound sculputeres and the philosophy of playing the Hang. So I wrote in march 2012 another letter ( my second), they reply to me something like : ok good letter but we don’t have understand if you have followed the last developing of the free integral hang. And they said: Should you wish to let yourself in to playing the Free Integral Hang, please let us know by the end of 2012 in writing. So in some weeks I wrote another letter where I put my point of view about FIH and about the last developments, that I agree. But after my last letter that I wrote in the first week of June , I have no received a reply. And one month ago I read the newsletter about the purchasing of the hang. So I have the possibility to receive a response in these months or I will not receive an answer and I have to write another letter in 2013 after the period of retreat?
    Thank you very much for your help,
    All the best,

  35. Hi Francesco,
    I’m not involved in managing all the Hang requests and have no insight in single cases. But knowing the general outline of Hang distribution I think it is quite clear what happened to your request. There were a lot of people like you who got that reply saying that they should write until end of the year if they are interested. So I think that your letter will be filed until PANArt received all the replies of those who will follow their advise and write until end of 2013. Decisions will be made afterwards. So you shouldn’t await a reply before 2013. The recent newsletter was addressed to those who consider writing the first time without having received that reply in May you and many others got.

  36. Hi, and so it’s just useless to send now a letter to them for buying last edition of hang?
    wow… but it’s impossible to find the last model commercially around??

    Realy Thanks

  37. Hi Michele,
    yes it is useless, because all instruments that aren’t sold yet, are already spoken for.

    I think with “last model” you mean the Free Integral Hang. All of these instruments were sold directly to the owners. Therefor it is impossibile that there are instruments stored by distributors that could be bought. The only possibility to buy a Free Integral Hang is to find an owner who wants to sell it. This will not happen very often. In contrast to first and second generation Hanghang, all Hanghang since 2008 (Integral and Free Integral Hang) were sold under contract and cannot be sold for high prices like those listed on eBay. So there isn’t a high level of financial motivation to sell. Only owners who completely lost their interest in the instrument will consider selling it. And as it isn’t possible to make a big profit by offering it widely most of those instruments will be sold locally or among people knowing each other.

  38. Thanks Michale , I understand. I found some hang on ebay (one from USA , and one from france may be.. i don’t remember) but from ebay I do not have much confidence in this, and the price were Realy realy high…. and now anyway, we cna just wait.. uffffff

    Anyway Thank you very much for the information that pubblic here!

  39. Hi, i am a music therapist in Cyprus. I enjoyed the sound of the instrument and would really like to use it for my therapies. What is the address that i should send the letter for the new hangdrum ?

  40. Hi Prodomos,
    as it is so often used on Youtube or other Internet pages, people new to the instrument often think the name of this instrument is hang drum or hangdrum. But it isn’t. The real name is just Hang (meaning hand in Bernese German). There are a number of reasons why it isn’t useful to call it a hang drum: It is not a membranophone. It is not made of oil drums like the steelpan. And last but not least it leads the people to a false idea how to play the instrument. There are dozends of Youtube videos sadly showing Hang drummers playing on the streets like this one, this one or this one. Drumming the Hang has a high risk of destroying it. To discover the rich landscape of sounds of the Hang it needs to be touched by the hands, not beaten. Imagine a soft massage, not a drum session.

    Your question will be answered when you do the research recommended in the following article:

    “Information about
    purchasing a Hang”

  41. Hi Prodomos,
    you obviously didn’t do the research recommended in the article. There is a reason why I don’t mention the address in the article: If you do not the research to learn more about the instrument, it will be useless to write a letter to PANArt. You should know what you are looking for before sending a request to PANArt.

  42. i read that the new one will come with the next year… also to not send one letter at the moment… reasearch done.. asking for the address to put in my records so that i will send them when it is time

  43. Hi Prodomos,
    you will easily find the address, when you follow the links recommended in the article. But if you don’t want to do the research at this time, why do you need the address? It is so easy to find that you will have no problem to find it next year after the information about the new Hang is out.

    I don’t mention the address in the article and I will not post it here, because too many people take the address, do no research, write a letter to PANArt showing that they are not aware what PANArt is currently building and then receive a reply from PANArt that they should inform themselves about the Hang. This doesn’t make any sense and steals the time of all involved in this useless procedure.

  44. MIchael,

    I have been following your blog and responses. I would like to say thank-you to you for taking the time to provide answers. I have observed you are a very patient leader. You hold your ground yet stay patient.
    In a world where people want instant answers and access to everything you provide them with information to learn for themselves. This is a quality of great teachers. Encouraging people to do the research first is wise.

    Thank-you for your time.


  45. Ciao Michael Paschko, ti ringrazio per avermi dato la possibilità di leggere il sito italiano dell’Hang, ho letto IL RICHIAMO DEL METALLO, GUIDA ALL’HANG, LETTERA DELLA HANGBAUHAUS NOVEMBRE 2009, HANG BOOKLET 2008.
    Ma per poter comunicare con altre persone dell Hang in italiano non esiste un sito come questo qui voi parlate tranquillamente, dell’Hang ma io con chi parlo, vi sento cosi lontani dall’italia. Esiste un sito in italiano dove io poso parlare dell’Hang con altri amanti di questo favoloso strumento?
    Attendo una tua rispoata, ti auguro una buona giornata.

  46. Hi nadio,
    as far as I know there isn’t a special Italian Hang site for talking about the Hang. You can try to post in the public German sub-forum of (Foyer/Deutsch). This may be the place with the highest probability of meeting Italian speaking people interested in the Hang.

  47. Hello Michael,

    This is a letter for everyone interested in a hang:

    My name is Jano and I come from Barcelona.

    I have been today in the “factory”. I spoke some time with Felix about the “instrument” (if we can call it like this). I was working for one day in Bern and I decide to make a visit to the creators to see if I could manage to buy o receive a hang from them. I didn’t know that you needed audience from them but Felix opened me the door and was really nice towards me. I have to give thanks to him. As everyone expects I never received the hang but I’m not sad because they are purchasing the new 2013 hang!

    For everyone interested in a hang now – it’s impossible. Or at least for me was impossible.
    I have been searching this instrument for 6 years and I still cannot benefit of its vibrations. Today I thought that was the day, but neither.

    Felix opened my eyes: for anyone that wants to make economical/social/Ego benefit with it – stop your search, for anyone that wants to benefit for an internal knowledge of himself (like me) try and try until you get it. This is the only thing I wanted to say because he was very clear in this point.

    I like their way of business that is not business but they should provide more information of the way of buying or receiving the “instrument”.

    My question (that I didn’t want to ask Felix) is: are you sure that if I write them a letter in the wright time they will provide me with the new hang?¿ I’m really mad on it and the reason is that I have been touch with its vibrations for a long time.

    Felix told me that this blog was really serious and I have been exploring it and I give him the truth. Here you can find all the information to all our questions. thank you Michael.

  48. Hi Jano Pérez,
    nobody can tell you wether you will get a Hang or not. To write a letter when it is time is the only possibility. So don’t worry until then. Have a good time, relax and follow the Hang Blog. Then you will be informed in time can decide what to do. Until then: Enjoy your life. :-)

  49. Ciao Michael Paschko, ti posso fare 2 domenda, la 1° sono stato su questo sito mi sono iscritto ma mi davano due opportunità o inglese o tedesco ho scelto inglese, ma di ITALIANO NIENTE, forse ho sbagliato qualcosa? 2° domanda Felix e Sbrina preferiscono ricevere quando sarà il momento o quando metteranno l’Hang nel 2013 preferiscono che scriva una lettera vera cioè in carta con il francobollo o va bene una lettera tramite email?
    Ti auguro una Buona Giornata a presto Nadio

  50. Hi Michael,
    is it possibile to come to Bern to see the PANart laboratory? It would be a gift (to come and see you) for a special person: we both perfectly know the incredible magic power of your hang but it would be nice to breath where it borns.
    Thank u in advance

  51. Paschko Hello Michael, I can do 2 domenda. the first question: I have been on the site that thou hast shown ( and I checked in, but they gave me two opportunities or English or German I could not find (Italy), I chose English, but of ITALIAN NOTHING, maybe I do something wrong?

    Second question Felix and Defrost prefer to receive, when the time comes to sell the Hang in 2013, a real letter (written with the pen) and sent through the mail with a stamp or a letter via email okay?

    I tried to translate I hope that is clearer

    Have a nice day in early Nadio

  52. Hi nadio,
    this Google translation doesn’t help. I did it already myself befor I answered you. Follow my advise please an ask someone to tanslate my comment. Your first question is answered there. Your second question I can only understand half: If you want to know whether you has to write a letter or an email, the answer is: A letter with a stamp.

  53. Hi michael, i’m writing a Letter to send to panart, i’m very interested in hang.
    I’m ready to come in Berna if it is necessary( even if i read that right now the delivery is possible) my question is : is it possibile that I receive the hang within 2013 ?? is there a possibilty? And also ( i have already read the PDF file ) can i come in Berna only to’visit Felix and Sabina and to know them? and maybe play an hung ?? If yes i Will plan my trip asap .. try to play this instrument is my dream …. I known Hung world many years ago but i known it’s history recently and in my opinion this is not only a melodic drum but this is the best sound that i ever heard in my life ,my mother says that this is the sound of angels and she has always reason!!! In the last , about the Letter . Is better write my personal history or can be boring for the hungs makers? ( my life is normal , I’m not professional player but my passion for the percussion is BIG BIG BIG !!! I was born with a djembe in my hands :)))Belive in me if i tell that percussion is my life :)) thanks for your attention and please say hello to Felix and Sabina ( i would like to’ meet them)

  54. Hi Pier,
    all Instruments that are finished yet or will be finished until the end of 2013 will be distributed to people who have already contacted PANArt a while ago.

    The Hang makers don’t invite people to visit them just to get to know them and play the Hang. If they did, they would be flooded with visitors.

    I cannot advise you what to write in the letter. Write what you think is important. But I strongly recommend you to read the post on the top of this page and respect the wish of the Hang makers currently not to send a letter. Also read the article linked in the post and do the research recommended there.

  55. Hi Gelsomina,
    if you would travel to Bern, you wouldn’t meet me there. I’m just the publisher of this website and living in a distance of 600 km to Bern ;-)

    The Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer don’t invite people to visit them just to get to know them and play the Hang. If they did, they would be flooded with visitors.

  56. Sry Michael,
    there’s been a misunderstanding. Just to know how one can be invited to come and see their laboratory, the production and maybe to put ourselves waiting for another one. I perfectly know I do not come to a hang concert.
    Thank you

  57. Hi Gelsomina,
    It doesn’t work this way. Too many people wanted to visit PANArt to see the workshop, talk with the Hang makers, try out the Hang and indicate their interest in buying a Hang personally. The Hang makers were disturbed in their daily work. Therefor the don’t make appointments for these reasons and ask people not to visit them without appointment.

  58. Hi,
    I sent a letter in August, before seing the post that they would’t accept any more letter, and I got a reply saying the instrument is sold out, but they would like me to contact them again if I want to purchase their new instrmument for the 20th anniversary. Is that good news? does that mean they liked my letter and ecourage me to write a new one or is it a soft way to say no? If it’s a yes, when would be the best time to write a new letter?
    Thank you

  59. Hi Marion A.
    the answer to your question is: Neither nor.
    Everyone who writes a letter until the introduction of the new version of the Hang will receive a similar standard reply saying that all instruments are sold out and that you can contact PANArt after the new version will be introduced next year. There is no secret agenda behind these words.

  60. Hi Michael
    This is one of the most facinating blogs and phenomenons I came across. I hope you will publish this post and maybe a discussion will start. I visited Bern last week and there was this young man playing this thing. It sounded like something from the outer world. He told me the story and I started to investigate. So let me summarize what I understand. A couple decides some years ago to create this instrument and with their passion achieve a little marvel. Many, many, many people fall in love with this instrument but will actually never be able to get one. Same for me I guess. I play Conga’s once in a while but I seem to be completelly unqualified to ever get one.

    Here is my question: What is the motivation of such a “ritual”? One could assume that in case of scarce supply usuallly it is about “first come, first serve”. But it seems to be a thing of a “inner” circle where people have to apply for a Hang – prove their worthyness. So I completely understand Marion A. above when she starts to read between the lines. The whole ritual is about being between the lines. Did you ever consider to make a straight forward, public, wating list? We are living in a time where Crowd Sourcing, Open Source etc. has become a powerful, democratic and inspiring move. Would this kind of notion not be way more appropriate for the idea behind panart, meditation and human well being?

    Right now what I fsee, read and feel is that you are cultivating an atmosphere of an utter elite – a Hang monarchy.

    Last but not least: The Hang is still a marvel, one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard. I downloaded an album from Danny Cudd and my whole family was jamming along with Kongas, Triangles etc. quite an contrasting experience to this blog.

    Kind regards

  61. Hi Luise,
    fistly: You addressed your post to me and asked me: “Did you ever consider to make a straight forward waiting list?” So I think, that you think, that I am the one who makes decisions regarding Hang distribution. I’m not the one. I’m just a publisher of information about the Hang but I am not involved in Hang distribution. I can share my knowledge about and insight in the distribution procedure, I can tell you my opinion about it. But I cannot answer your question on behalf of PANArt.

    Now what I think about your thoughts:

    1) It is a misunderstanding to see the distribution procedure as a ritual. It is just a procedure to reduce the full number of requests to a much lower number corresponding to the number of built instruments. Those who buy a Hang don’t attend an inner circle. There is no organisation of Hang owners. The Hang owners don’t attend periodical events. Only a few Hang owners know each other. There is no periodical communication targeted by PANArt to Hang owners. Worthiness is not a criterion for the decision whom to sell a Hang. The main criterion to get a Hang is to be well informed about the instrument you want to buy.

    2) A waiting list is not a method that functions. This question was discussed since several years again and again. 2008 I made a figure to demonstrate, why such a waiting list cannot function: if-there-was-a-list.gif. The numbers in this calculation are not real (the number of built instruments is lower, the demand is higher) but easy to calculate to show the effect. The figure shows that (given the number of production = 500 instruments per year and the number of requests = 1500 per year) you would have to wait 10 years for your Hang if PANArt had started the waiting list in 2008 and you join the list today. This would be absolutely inadmissible for the customers as well as for the Hang makers. Therefor a method is necessary to choose the customers who can buy a Hang. The most used method for this is the raising of the price. If PANArt would raise the price up to 6000 CHF the demand would sink and everyone of those who are willing and able to pay this price could get an instrument in an admissible time frame. But this would create what you falsely criticised as an result of the currently used procedure: an elite.

    Rupert Cocke recently wrote a “case study on managing creativity” about PANArt and the Hang. Some interesting thoughts from outside (and not out of an “inner circle”) that probably help you to understand more about the background of PANArt’s way of working and distribution procedure.

  62. Bonjour,
    Pouvez vous me communiquer l adresse à laquelle il faut écrire , pour espérer toucher et vibrer avec un Hang Drum PANArt ?
    Merci d avance


  63. this is bullshit… if there is such a high demand, why not just expand the company and hire some more people? isn’t that the entire point of owning a business? this is not the miracle cure to HIV or Cancer…. there should be no waiting list to begin with, because if you can’t meet the demands of your customers, you are running a failing business. i understand you dont care about profits, if that was true, they wouldnt be so damn expensive to buy. its 2012, almost 2013, grow with the world. dont grow to maximize profits, grow your company to maximize customer satisfaction and by doing so will you let the world know of your magical instrument and it will be a better place. its a win win situation…

  64. Hi mugatu,
    I think, it is bullshit to call something bullshit without having made a deeper research about that what one calls bullshit. And who told you, that Hang is a cure to HIV or Cancer? I never heard this. But the one who told this really told you bullshit ;-)

  65. Ciao Michael Paschko, mi sai dire quanto sarà in euro il costo del nuovo free integrale hang che uscira nel 2013? se non sai la risposta, sai a quanto è stato venduto integrale hang del 2012? e se non sai neanche questo, mi puoi dire a quanti euri è stata venduta la versione ultima del 2011? ho letto in un articolo del costo di € 1.200 ma può arrivare a € 1.600 forse con la custodia? so che può essere banale la domanda, quando una persona sa la risposta, ma ho notato che non si parla molto di prezzi (mi puoi fare questa cortesia è dirmi il prezzo reale essendo il responsabile del Blog sai molte più cose di tutti Noi.
    Ti auguro una buona giornata.

    Michael scusa se ti faccio un altra domanda Ma dato che Felix e Sabina fanno circa 500 free integrali Hang ogni anno, ed io da quando vedrò sul Blog che sono in vendita tutte le loro opere del 2013, scrivendo una lettera a mano arrivando dalla Sicilia occorre circa una settimana ma credo che da quando uscirà (integrale Hang 2013)la mia lettera arriverà in ritardo e saranno già tutti venduti ad altri giocatori e non a Me perche la mia lettere non arriverà in tempo?
    Attendo una tua risposta nella speranza che hai capito le mie domande.
    Buona Giornata Michael

  66. “”A mass produced “standard Hang” would not be the same Hang as we know it. It wouldn’t have the same complexity of sound, it wouldn’t have the same impact on the player and listener. “”

    Well, if you replace “Hang” by another product name, such as “BMW” or “Longines watches” or “Swiss chocolate”, you will definitely see that this is a kind of false argument ;-)

    I understand the inventors’ position very well. Being unique lets one enjoy a very special (and pleasant) experience. On the other hand, I do hope the inventors are not so selfish as to take the art with them when they die, and that one day they will train some skilled Hang maker(s) to carry on their art.

    — Jindra

  67. Boa Noite Michel.
    Apenas desejar a vc e a toda familia Pan Art Boas Festas, e congratular a todos pelo maravilhoso dom de trazer a nós esse instrumento único enviado pelos Deuses.

  68. I totally understand the art behing the Hang creation, ideation and construction, and how you do not want to be submerged into the commercial world.
    However, I want to remind you that these are VERY HARD times for many people, that are struggling to make it living, to afford a house and to feed their kids a decent meal. In a crazy country like USA, 1/10 kid go hungry by the end of the day, not receiving enough food nor health care. Can you believe it? I do not even mention the data about the developing countries. You can help: give work to others!
    Therefore: my message for you is: WHY don’t you teach and train some people to build more Hangs, given the huge request. You could give work to many people and help others go through life.
    I hope I will myself soon be in your list and have this spirit nourishing tool!

  69. Hi Tormalina,
    I guess you are talking to the Hang makers when you say “you”. Usually they are not reading this blog. So you should assume that they don’t take notice of your comment.
    My personal reply to your question: If someone wants to learn Hang building, this is nothing to feed his hungry children. In contrast he needs years of practice. He needs something that will fund this. The Hang makers don’t need employees. If they want to integrate new Hang makers they need partners willing to dedicate their life to this art, spending years of practice and able to win their trust and confidence.

  70. Ah, how strange life is. A friend had posted a youtube clip of a hang duo – I was caught, had to find out about the instrument. And what do I find? An entire philosophy, just so perfectly in tune with what is real that I can hardly believe my eyes when reading. I’m gonna have a ball reading through the articles. I just resonate with the expressions – like self-accountable, and saying “Our task is to adroitly guide, reduce and distribute this energy”[of tension] could be me trying to describe the passage of my life that looks so pitiable from the outside, but has been the only way for me to find those rare moments of resonance and simply let that be the guide, instead of doing what is normal, expected and easy. Seeing that there are people who have been able to fully commit to this kind of life and work brings tears to my eyes – what an inspiration! So it is really possible to have a life that makes no compromise. What a joy to know that!

    I don’t know if an instrument comes to my life. But descriptions about playing it remind me of what I try to achieve with my horse: putting aside the ideas about domination and just exploring the interaction – it seems like inventing a language without words. I don’t do it to learn anything or look like anything. I just sometimes find a line of connection that has no obstruction in it. A moment of realness – the only thing that carries value for me. Everything else is package-filling, and there’s too much of that in life now.

    I have deep respect for the skill the makers of the instrument and the keeper of this website use in maintaining clear distinctions (something one learns also with horses). It is a perfect way to see how people respond or react – which in turn tells a lot about what kind of person one is. The comments department is a lesson in human psychology. It is interesting that there really are people who can’t fathom the possibility of someone not wanting to mass-produce and get rich. As if the possibility of getting rich meant one has to forsake freedom, automatically. Dangerous people. In normal interactions this usually does not come up, but when a line is drawn, they have to bring forth their excuse for crossing it.

    I am just so pleased something like this exist. Thank you!

  71. Patience,
    1st letter in 2001, again 2002,2003,2004…etc..etc..From Hangbau 4 time they answer me next year, maybe. May 2012,I wrote again (they answer me again! wow!)…patience…the Hang makers are now taking a recess and going into retreat. I’m waiting the new strument and just breathe.
    Michael, what can i do?

  72. Hi walter,
    if you don’t know what you are doing wrong, I think, nobody else is able to help you. You tried to buy a Hang in the early years year by year but wasn’t successful? I don’t know how this could happen. I know about many people buying more than one Hang in those years without any problem. You got an reply from PANArt in May? The standard reply in May said: Write us until the end of 2012 if you want a Hang. Why didn’t you do this? I think it is up to you to find out what you are doing wrong. Today it is much more difficult to buy a Hang than in former years. I can’t give you any advise. You can only wait for information about the new Hang version an then you will know what to do or not to do.

  73. Good evening.
    I write you from Cordoba, Spain. I am specially interested in Hang and I do not mind to hope to get the new version, but I would like to take part in the waiting list. I have been saving money and I I think this is the moment to get this instrument. My reasons are very personal and spiritual. I would like to know how I can get a Hang, the process I have to follow and the adress where I have to write to get information. I would like to know the prize, if possible, too. Besides, I would like to get more information about the Hang festival.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards.

  74. I am fascinated by this amazing “new” instrument and the opportunities for musical expression that it can offer! I can certainly understand why something so unique and individually custom would not be desired to be mass-produced. However, the world would certainly be a more beautiful-sounding place filled with more peace and joy if there were more of them around being played. As the two inventors are the only makers in the world (and are getting older), has there been any consideration given to taking on an apprentice to learn the craft and ensure that this wonderful instrument does not disappear when the inventors pass on?

    I’m also curious, given the limited availability, whether there is anyone who has purchased one not for themselves, but for sharing, teaching, or renting to interested people who cannot otherwise get their hands on one?

  75. It is fascinating that I took the time to read every post above in research about this magical instrument, and every other post is “how do I get a hang” when the moderator has answered 20 times the same info you will get at the top, and he is not the makers. Does no one have the patience to do 1 or more minutes of reading? What is wrong with you people? Every other hang site says the same thing, I feel sorry for Michael, I would be sick of saying the same thing hundreds of times to people who don’t even take the time to do a few minutes reading, they may not deserve a reply.

  76. I wanted to inform you of an experience I had a couple of days ago:

    It is by an ebay user who is selling a hangdrum: http://www.ebay
    I asked him:

    According to PANArt, included in every sales contract the purchaser may not sell his Hang at a higher price than the price he paid himself.

    Why are you selling yours at a very unreasonable price?

    He replied:

    Well Panart have it all wrong, i own this property, it is mine and i can do with it what i want, no one can tell me what i should do with it or how much i am allowed to sell it. Your not happy about it? fine dont buy it, simple.

  77. Hi Sambuntu,
    I deleted the link to the auction because we shouldn’t support such extremely overpriced eBay listings by linking it.

    The seller is wrong and write. Wrong because PANArt don’t have it wrong in the cases they have a contract with the owners. Right because PANArt started selling Hanghang with that contract in 2008 for the Integral Hang. The offered Hang is a second generation Hang and not under contract.

  78. Hallo Michael, thanx for all this info!
    just 2 things..
    the RSS feed doesn´t work…how else can I get informed about the outcoming of the new Hang?
    and to which address can I send the request letter when the new Hang will be out?
    Thank you!

  79. Hi Michael and thank you very much
    As I would like to try to send a letter to visit PaArt in 2013 but I was not able to subscribe on your newsletter could you please add me manually?
    So I can receive updated news.
    Thanks in advance and all my best

  80. Hello everyone,

    I would like to first thank Michael for his wonderful job at maintaining and responding to everyone’s queries here.

    I was very recently introduced to the Hang via video and find it absolutely magical.

    Thank you so much Michael for maintaining such an informative website/blog. Your honest and thoughtful responses to all those queries have me smiling.

    Take care!

  81. Thank you Michael for your patience and it is a great testament to your character that you are able to manage this website with such patience.

    I won’t ask when can I write, as I’ve read the answer a dozen times, but I will tell you a story.

    I few years ago I was Traveling in Bath and happened to hear two buskers each playing a Hang, and I fell in love with the instrument then, but never thought anything of it. I gave them some change and listened.

    Fast forward a few years and I am now a mother and my youngest son is diagnosed as Autistic.

    He has issues in crowds and with busy streets, but we happened again upon a busker playing the Hang, and my little joy changed completely.

    He was no longer the stressed out bundle of nerves but calm and happy.

    We listened to the busker until he was finished and then walked up to him so my son could talk to him.

    The Busker was very kind and let my son play a few notes and his little face turned to mine and asked me if we could get one.

    When something this magical happens it is a hard hearted mother who says no. I’m not that hard, so I wait with baited breathe for the creators of this miracle to open submissions, and I will try and teach my son some musical theory in ‘preparation”, to lesson the waiting times.

    Thank you again.

  82. Hi Michael.
    Thank you for your information about the Hang instrument. I look forward to the introduction of the new version this year. My question to you is that other than watching performances what should an aspiring Hang player do to prepare for the opportunity to go to Bern if it were offered? Will the tuning be made public so I could be familiar with the layout of the pitch?
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  83. Hi Michael!

    It’s a little bit sad how the system works, make 500 hangs in a year when they can hire ten persons and make 5000 hangs a year!!
    I understand and support the “hand made instruments”, but did you know that almost all of the instruments are hand made?!
    And if they hire a few people the hand made production will continue, they make more money (and don’t tell me that they don’t want money, just happiness in the world and peace in Africa) and ALL of the people will be able to acquire a hang or offer it to a loving one.

    In this blog i read amazing stories regarding the hang benefits and dreams to buy one!
    But tell me one thing, imagine that you want a saxofone so badly but the creator have a small workshop in Peru, so you travel there with hope to meet the creator, try a saxofone (finnaly in your life) and obviously buy one and return to your country with the biggest smile on your face..
    now imagine that you do all of this and the creator tell you (by other words) to go away!
    It’s pretty sad…

    Another sad thing is the fact that i must have a certain requirements to have the privilege to visit the Panart workshop and more requirements if i want one… but if my name was Tom Cruise or Roger Federer the things will definitly be different.

    I hear the sound of the hang a few years ago and i fall in love immediatly like thousands of people, but i’ll never imagine the difficulty of acquire one. Not even to say burocracy or even that i must have the light of the Lord with me to have one.

    Write this down, a few years from now some lunatic will learn how to make a hang and will sell it to a big company and this instrument will be like the other ones. Acessible and found at any Music Shop. But that’s ok, till then i will wait and when i have one i will go to Bern and make a concert in front of Panart workshop, that will be closed.

    In my country there’s this statement: “Who wants it all, loses it all”



  84. Hello again Michael,

    I read it all and it was a very nice pdf, but looks like a bible, full of beautiful sentences but, didn’t answer my questions, not at all.

  85. Gosh…people really miss the point. I really honour who they are. I get it. It’s simple. It’s magical. Lovely. Spiritual. Alternative way of thinking. Creative. I’m wowed. Peace, Shelly

  86. Hi Michael Paschko,

    you can know the price of the new free full hang that will come out in 2013?

    Do you know what has been sold, integral hang of 2012 with the case?

    thanks Nadio

  87. I wrote a letter to PanArt last July 2010 showing my interest
    In purchasing a Hang. I haven’t heard from them yet. Should
    I consider that I was not denied or will I still get a letter from
    PanArt I was not considered in owning a Hang.

    What if one day I find a Hang owner who wants
    To sell his Hang for whatever reason. Will the ownership warranty
    Of the Hang be transferred to me?

    Thank you

  88. Hi Banale,
    Juli 2010 is long ago. I don’t think that you will receive a reply to that old letter.
    I don’t know what you mean with “ownership warranty”. If someone sells an Integral Hang or Free Integral Hang to you, the agreement he signed says, that he must tell PANArt who is the new owner, that he may sell it only for the original sale price maximum and that the new owner has to sign the agreement too.

  89. Maybe my letter never arrived. When can I write a new letter for the
    upcoming new Hang and what would the address be?
    Thank you.

  90. Hi Michael,

    In your blog you say “there are 826 hanghang from 2nd generation” ( between 2006 and 2007) but do you know how many hanghang from 2006 and how many from 2007 (separately) were made?
    Is there a difference of metal between this two kinds?

  91. Hello,
    I have to write and warn all of you who are looking for, and do almost anything to buy a Hang. Many of you have probably seen on internet sites HangHang sold for astronomical prices. I also found an ad on a buy and sell side in Sweden. The difference was that the price was about what I think this Hang cost as “new” .1600 €. I responded and made contact with the seller, according to the ad, lived in a town in Sweden. I replied in Swedish, but was told that he only spoke English, and were now living in Edinburgh. I do not speak such good English and took help of “Google translate”. The seller said that the deal would be handled by a company called Fair-Trade LTD in Edinburgh. I would deposit the money with them and would get the Hang delivered to my home address. I would have the opportunity to inspect the Hang and approve it before the money was paid to the seller. I tried looking on Google on Fair Trade and was a little unsure if it was really a serious business. The seller emailed me a copy of his passport to me assuring me that everything was serious. His name, according to the session’s Brian Friedrick. I paid the money and nothing happened. I e-mailed to Fair-Trade, and was told that something has gone wrong and the money must be paid back to me. Still, I have not seen either the Hang or money. Hope all of you, who want to buy a Hang, and are willing to do almost anything to get buy one, read this and think twice before you respond to ads and want to buy a Hang. I know now, after reading more carefully here on the blog, (not so easy for me, I have to translate most of the time with the help of Google) that you can not, or may purchase a Hang anyway. This whole story has made me very sad, so now I have decided to wait and see if the spring have good news from Panart with it and hopefully there’s an opportunity for me to take a Hang in my arms, to become one with it, for the rest of my life.

  92. Dear Madam / Sir

    We are a youth band (age 14 ~ 19) in Sweden. We like this instrument very very much! That’s sounds like that one can play with there soul! We would really really like to have one. Please be kind and send us your address so we can send a letter to you.

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards,

  93. Dear Michael,

    I have tried to subscribe for newsletters, but it seems the link doesn’t work. I get the reply “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”.

    Please, could you add my email to the sending list, so that I will be able to receive newsletters.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best wishes,

  94. Hi Nina,
    there isn’t a newsletter. To use an RSS-Feed you need a feed reader. Some browsers have a built in feed reader. Others need the installation of an add on. The message you quoted is a typical message shown when there isn’t a feed reader available in your browser.

  95. Hi Michael , I already request to buy the integral HANG with a wroten hand letter in the last mounths of 2012. for this year I must rewrite ? I desire this magic and mystical instrument

  96. Hi Daniele,
    as the Integral Hang wasn’t built since three years, it didn’t make any sense to request one. Read the article about the history of Hang distribution, that I linked in the post on top of this page, then follow the links to the recommended further readings. Wait for information by PANArt about the new Hang version of 2013 and then decide what you want to do.

  97. many thanks Michael, my job take away too much time, but I’ m not surrender , WAITING ANXSIETY

  98. I feel like one of the children in the film Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory wishing for a golden ticket

  99. Hi Micheal,

    Thank you for your work, for this web site. I learned and understood a lot of things about Hang. And it’s precious!

  100. Hi Mojca,
    there will be no event for you to attend. Therefor you don’t need to plan anything. Just relax and wait for information about the new Hang (likely in June).

  101. Hi Michael

    I sent a letter last year to be told to wait until spring 2013. Do you know what the criteria is to being chosen? Is it first come first served or do they allow time for letters from countries that take time to arrive? Do you have to have dreadlocks & two first class stamps on the envelope waiting at the post offoce for a green light in June or elaborate in your letter to try and convince them that you disserve a hang before anyone else?

  102. Hi Tom Kilpatrick,
    Forget letters! Forget dreadlocks! Just relax and wait for information about the new Hang. The new Hang will be different to the Free Integral Hang. Also the distribution of the new Hang will most likely be different to the former procedure. But currently there is nothing to tell about.

  103. Hey Michael!

    I’m actually going to bern this afternoon… do you think it is worth trying to knock at their doors? :)


  104. fair enough :)
    I thought I might ask as jano Perez gave us a very different feed back in the comments above.
    I know they are submerged with requests, but I honestly think they must miss good encounters.
    People traveling from places far away must have good stories to tell, and interesting opinions, especially after what happened lastly.
    There should be a compromise at some point :)

  105. Hi limpkin,
    Jano’s comment describes very well, what will happen, if you “knock at their doors”: If someone is present he or she will open the door and you will have a short polite conversation and will get just the information Jano told us. You will not be invited to come in and try the Hang. You will not be put on a list. You will not be able to buy an instrument. You will not know more than you currently know.

    But can you imagine that it isn’t very funny to have such conversations day by day? And some people can be very intrusive. Staying polite doesn’t mean that you have a nice time.

  106. I know very well the swiss German way of discutions. I just wanted to see them for a small chat. I perfectly understand your reticence.
    It can be very annoying indeed. But it can also be wonderful. That doesn’t mean one should shuts his door.

    Anyway, don’t worry about me :)

  107. My way of discussion is the Ruhr Area German way ;) and it isn’t my reticence. I’m not speaking for the Hang makers. Just telling you what I’m knowing by observation and talking about this topic. There were times when their doors were more open. But this was exploited by too much people. It’s a problem of high numbers.

    My advise is just a service for you, especially because I know that today is the worst day ever for such a try, as the Hang makers are recovering from an exhausting week of customer visits, demonstrating the Hang, talking and organizing a big number of Hang sales all the day.

  108. starting with this information would have led to a more interesting discution ;)
    a Hello from the bern history museum!

  109. At Christmas is Santa Claus allowed to visit or does he need special permission?
    I strongly believe if you are good looking you will get one, so I am expecting to get one of each scale that they produce in June.

  110. Santa Claus is an American invention. I don’t think that he will visit Switzerland at Christmas. And now you must be very brave: I know that your parents told you something different, but the truth is: Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

  111. Michael,

    First off, let me thank you for your efforts and service; your website is a great resource.

    I will be in Switzerland in June (or until the 17th of June, anyway), and I’m intrigued by the your recent entry re: ‘customer visits, demonstrating the Hang, talking and organizing a big number of Hang sales’. Surely this means that Sabina and Felix have begun unveiling their new creations-what else could it mean, as otherwise there would be no ‘Hang sales’ to be organizing?

    If they do indeed start accepting requests in June Or even before), and also holding their 20th anniversary festivities, I would very much like to attend. My concern is that I will either send them in a request letter too early (and thus it won’t be accepted), or too late (once I leave home and will not be here to receive a reply/invitation).

    What do you recommend in my situation? Same advice as you offer everyone else (‘just wait’), or?

    Thanks in advance for your time. I have waited for years now, the stars seem to be aligning, so trust needs to be part of my equation…at the same time, good luck is sometimes defined as good preparation meeting opportunity…and attending to the first part is for me to attend to :)


  112. Hi Troy,
    the customers last week got appointments last year and visited the PANArt workshop to pick up their Free Integral Hang.

    The new instrument isn’t ready for sale. PANArt will introduce it the first time on PANArt’s 20th anniversary in June. This will be an event only for invited guests. So there isn’t any chance to attend if you aren’t invited yet. It is not an event for customers.

    After this event PANArt has planned how to introduce the new instrument and information about their work to others. The Hang makers are currently very busy working on this.

    I can only ask you to wait for this information. The new instrument will remarkable differ from the Hang you know. The way of information will change and also the distribution of the instruments will likely change. Everything will be reseted. So anything you can do is to follow the Hang Blog and and you will be informed as early as anybody else. Don’t worry about sending a letter too early or too late. Perhaps no letters will to be send anymore… We will see in June.

  113. Michael,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. The information is very helpful.

    I shall stay tuned!


  114. Salut Michael; que dois-je faire concrètement si je veux acquérir cette merveilleuse chose qu’est le Hang ?
    Dois-je écrire à ces chers Félix et Sabina ? Et si oui à quel adresse ?

    Par avance merci, en espérant une réponse positive.

  115. Salut Hugo,
    read the newsletter by PANArt on top of this page and read my comment No. 149. Read also the publications by PANArt in the Hang Library, there are French translations of the most important texts.

  116. I was lucky to be albe to play a first generation hung this weekend and fell in love is it too late to write for this years hung?

  117. please advise me as to where i can find the mailing address to send my request for a panart hang.

    Many thanks

  118. Hi Gerrie,
    read the article on top of this page please. Also read comment no. 149. If you should need the address in the future, you will have nor problems to find out then. And when you follow the recommended links you will have no problems to find out even now.

  119. Hi Michael! I just had a quick question for you. I’m posting it here just in case some other people reading the comments would like to know. And I apologize if this is a duplicate question, I read through about 50 of the comments before I jumped down here.

    I’ve been a Hang/handpan enthusiast for many years, and just recently recieved my Halo from Pantheon Steel. Now I know there may be no mention of this BECAUSE this is, but I couldn’t help but notice there is no mention of other handpans on your site, namely Pantheon Steel, BellArt, and the other “big” names who produce Handpans. I bring it up because there seems to be a lot of people commenting who don’t know much about these instruments, and who have probably just discovered them. Would it not hurt to let them know that there are other ways to acquire these sound sculptures? Not the same of course, but VERY similar?

  120. Hi John L.,
    you are right, this is, a website specialized on the Hang. There is a big misunderstanding in the handpan world: That PANArt invented a new instrument form, and that the handpans carry on this form. To understand the work of the PANArt tuners, it is important to understand that this not the case. PANArt’s main invention was Pang, the material, and the deep drawn rawform as new platform leaving behind the steel drums being the the raw forms before. 1995 they began to research and experiment with this new raw form. During this process they discovered the dome: The new material and new raw form lead to a new tone field geometry. They also discovered the importance of pre-stresses and learned how to distribute them in the in the instrument shell. They experimented with a number of instrument forms, steel pan like, gong like, cymbal like, bell like and with a completely new instrument called Tubal consisting of single tones in cylindric resonance bodies in which the Helmholtz-resonance was adjusted. The Hang was the latest instrument in this family of Pang instruments and added hand playing to the metal. In 2000 they presented their work on a conference on the steel pan in Trinidad and learned from the reactions that they were walking along a new path beyond the steel pan. They concentrated their work on the Hang and developed it in the direction of more and more integration of all the sources of sound that create the impact of the Hang. In 2009 they started the free tuning without tuning devices which helped them to better shape the sound by detuning the modes of the tone fields.

    The handpan was the reaction to the high demand for the Hang around the world. Another important influence was that many steel pan tuners suffer from a decreasing demand for steelpans arround the world. So they discovered the Hang form as a new possible to create a new market. They only took the Hang form and then used steelpan tuning techniques to create their instruments. Nobody followed up the real invention of PANArt following the Path from material to raw form to tone geometry, tuning technique. The result is that handpans look like the Hang but don’t carry on the characteristics of the Hang as instrument.

    Therefor it cannot be my mission to introduce people to the handpans as alternative to the Hang. An interesting topic is to deal with the differences of these instruments in relation to the Hang. Perhaps there will be publications about this in the future.

  121. Hi

    Who do I have to cantact to buy a Hung?

    Can any one please help me with this?


  122. ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ УВАЖАЕМЫЕ! умоляю ВАС напишите где и как можно достать этот волшебный инструмент? Я живу в РОСИИ в городе Магнитогорск и не могу пока выехать отсюда! можно ли приобрести этот инструмент по интернету? УМОЛЯЮ ответьте скорее!

  123. Wonderful answer, and a fair reason not to promote others on your site. If I ever manage to get my hands on a PANArt hang some day, I may write about the differences. Also, I admire your patience in the comments section. ;)

  124. It would also be fun to see and try all of the other instruments they came up with! I knew a lot of experimentation went in to making the Hang, but I didn’t know the extent.

  125. Hi Michael,

    I just wanted to say that I think you do an INCREDIBLE job at maintaining this discussion forum. Thank you for all the info! Its fabulously helpful. I am very much looking forward to June and the launch of PANArt’s new endeavours.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

  126. Hi,

    It is my intent to offer some comfort to people who need to wait for a hang or to those who will never get one, like me. When I first heard the instrument I was fascinated and of course I wanted one, but reading about it I thought the chance was very low. So I forgot about it. Last Sunday I heard a short documentary on the radio and I also heard more about the philosophy of Felix and Sabina. I felt disappointment and agreement at the same time. Then, as I understood that my chance of ever laying hands on a hang are close to zero, I imagined what it would be like to have one in my lap, touching it with my hands and listening to its soothing sound. For some reason it felt very familiar and I thought it must be like having a cat on my lap. I must say I am a virtuoso at that and my cats sound beautifully. They also have a feature that I am certain Felix would have wanted to design into the hang if he could have: the cat decides if it wants to sit on your lap. So for those waiting, maybe forever, take a cat for comfort. Suddenly it occurs to me that Felix is Latin for cat.

  127. Would it not be possible to train other people to make the Hang? … I’m sure it would be possible to find people with the acceptable abilities and understanding of the creators goals … even if it took years surely it would make sense to develop people with the required skills so that the skills are passed on ?

  128. Hi Pablo Dee,
    in the past PANArt wasn’t successful with a number of tries in this direction. But I think, if and when the necessary personal requirements between the involved persons are given, this is possible. These are very individual developments and I’m sure PANArt will not discuss details of such a development in public. Perhaps we will see new Hang makers in the future. But this doesn’t mean, that PANArt is looking for dozens of wannabe apprentices knocking at the door! This is a little workshop and things are handled in a quite personal manner there. I’m quite sure that we will not see 5 or 10 new Hang makers working in the Hangbauhaus in the next 10 years. So this will never be a method to raise the output in order to meet the demand.

  129. Such a beautiful sound. It does pull at the heart and soul. Someday I hope our family has several to play, but I do not know how that would ever happen. I would love for my granddaughters to experience this. Thank you for bringing such beauty into our world.

  130. Hello Michael
    I’m just curious as to the current status of PANArt and if they will be continuing their work in the near future ( if they havent already begun ). I plan to send a letter, and I’m wondering when would be the right time to do this. Thanks for dealing with all of these questions that everyone has.

  131. Hello Alex,
    PANArt never discontinued their work. They were very busy in the last half year. They will introduce a new instrument (not just another Hang version) and information about their work in a few weeks. Now is not the right time to write a letter. You must know the new instrument and consider the question if this is something you are possibly interested in or not.

  132. Hey Michael,
    Just dropping by to say good job on answering all the questions with so much patience. I have been following the blog very closely and I have found all the answers to my questions. I urge other users to do the same.


  133. Dear Hans Sprong,
    IMHO Felix is latin for lucky. The cat association is probably from a movie of the 60s.
    just saying.

  134. Hi Dan and Hans Sprong,
    interesting side-story, that motivated me to a little research: Felix the Cat was a famous cartoon character originated in 1919. One of the stories of the origin of his name is, that it was a pun from the latin words felis (cat) and felix (lucky). The famous cat from the 1960s was Fritz the Cat by Robert Crumb. Just saying. :-)

  135. My mate is called Felix, does he have a better chance of getting a hang than me?
    I think he originated in 1919?
    If you turn a hang upside down and fill it with soil they make great plant pots but you have to drill a few holes in them to let the water get through.
    I have gave up on getting a hang now and will go back to playing the spoons.
    I was hoping to be the first person on “Britain’s got Talent” playing the hang and
    Simon Cowal giving me a standing ovation.
    So to the rest of you good luck on your quest and regards from Scotland.
    P.s. I seen a boy in Glasgow

  136. Sorry I was going to say – I seen a boy in Glasgow playing the hang many years ago. Must have been 2002? I was fascinated with it then and forgot all about the magical instrument. I wish on hindsight now that I enquired then about obtaining one.

  137. Michael,
    Thanks for a very informative web page, and after reading all post I must also commend you for your patience with answering all the same questions over and over and over again ;-)

  138. Hi michael!
    I am going to travel around switzerland during the beginning of august and I would like to know if is possible visit PANART, I am thinking that if they finish the new one before that I will be close.. I wish see it! I got a kind of hangdrum and I am realy in love with this instrument.

    Do you think that I should do some thing or only check the news?

  139. One more thing… I was reading more and.. First congratulations for your job Michael and second I have readed that they could take people to teach how to build, and I am also so interested in that… please what can I do?

    jejeje thank’s!

  140. Hi Oscar buena gente,
    I’m not PANArt’s appointment manager. I can only tell you based on my experience and talkings with the Hang makers, that unannounced visitors showing up at the door, isn’t what they like to deal with. Too many people try this.

    Regarding your second comment: You misunderstood me. I wrote: “But this doesn’t mean, that PANArt is looking for dozens of wannabe apprentices knocking at the door!” To be a bit more concrete this time: PANArt is currently working with two new tuners and there are currently no plans to work with others too.

  141. ok, but my question is… there are some way to contact with them to visit them in august? whatever… Is really important for me.

  142. Hi MIchael,

    Do you think if PANArt is working with two new tuners, so next year we may have more instruments available?

  143. Hello
    Me and my girlfriend are on interrail in europe. We are in München now. We were in france a couple of days ago, and then I saw/heard the handpan for the first time.

    I think it was really nice, and wonder if you have ant instrument for sale if We come down to Bern with train? Please respons to my email.

    Best Reg
    Ola and Victoria

  144. Hello Micheal !

    Do you know some precisions about the next kind of hang ? cant we buy the last model ? I’m waiting since 2 years, i earn the money (difficultly) and i’ feel a bit discouraged … When we could send the letter ? It look so hard to find something to convince Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer… Should i espect somthing again ? Thanks for your answer and sorry if the answer where somthing on your website .



  145. Hi Michael,
    What about second hand’s hang? maybe some people who had the chance to acquire a hang in the last years, don’t use it anymore…. Does Panart manage this sort of transaction?
    thank you for your precious patience on this blog

  146. Hi Davy,
    the most second hand Hanghang are offered on eBay for very high prices. PANArt don’t support this sort of speculation and announced that they won’t provide any service for instruments sold and bought this way.

    Since 2008 there is an agreement between alle new customers and PANArt that the Hang may be sold by the owner for not more than the original sale price and that PANArt must be informed about the new owner. Some of those instruments were bought back by PANArt and given to people who had requested a Hang. Others were given directly to the new owner. But it was only a very little number of instruments that found a new owner this way. It is much more likely that you get a Hang directly from PANArt.

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