Gubal – The Current Situation

www.gubal.chPANArt has published news about the current situation of the Gubal. Due to a high number of buying requests the Gubal builders will be busy for a foreseeable period of time.

They kindly ask to desist from sending emails or application letters to PANArt, but keep oneself informed through PANArt’s website external link.

Read the news on PANArt’s website
Current situation external link [The linked article isn’t online anymore]

Due to the new information from Bern I have updated my article in the Hang Library.

Read the article in the Hang Library:
Information about buying a Gubal


  1. Hi Michael,
    I read the article on but I’m confused. The 14th of June you wrote a post on this blog that said that Sabina and Felix will take a 4 month break and now i saw an article that said that in this exact same period they received an tremendous amount of requests?
    It’s several years now that i’ m trying to buy an hang first and a gubal now.
    I always tried to make things and to ask for them in the correct and more respectful way, as stated by PANArt. I’ve always accepted the negative answers with positive attitude but now it’s becoming a little difficult to me.
    Anyway, probably it’s my fault. Thanks for all the posts and for the great and useful informations you shared in these years.

  2. Ciao Michael non riesco più a capire bene quello che bisogna fare,c’è molta confusione.Mi piacerebbe scambiare opinioni e sapere un parere anche da Gian Michele quello che scrive parole molto belle sulla panart,non ha più scritto ? ciao Elisa

  3. Hi Daniele,
    this is what I wrote on June 14th and what you could also read on until October 20th:

    “If you are interested in receiving information about the further development of the Gubal, you can contact a special email address to be kept up to date.”

    Wide more than thousand people did this and received the promised information by email a few weeks ago. This is where the buying requests came from.

    Update October 24th, 17:00: In order to avoid such a confusion in the future PANArt has updated its news today with a little paragraph pointing out that the buying requests didn’t appear from nowhere: “By the end of May we kindly invited everyone visiting this website to send an email in order to obtain updates about the Gubal development. All persons that manifested interest by doing so, were informed some weeks ago about the possibility of acquiring a Gubal.”

  4. Ciao,
    scusate se m’intrometto. Vorrei magari dare una mano a fare un po’ di chiarezza, sopratutto per Elisa.
    Sul sito c’é semplicemente scritto che al momento non é possibile ordinare dei Gubal e si chiede gentilmente di non inviare richieste per l’acquisto dello stesso. Fino al 2015 tutti i Gubal sono giá stati venduti.
    Quando sará il momento, sul sito verrá pubblicato una news che comunicherá quando ci si puó applicare di nuovo per avere un Gubal.
    Spero d’aver contribuito a chiarire un po’ le cose. Cordialmente, Dietmar

  5. Hello Daniele,

    First of all, forgive my poor English. I hope my message is understood

    In two attempts I have never gotten a Hang.
    Patience …………

    A long time ago I read this blog (thanks Michael) and PANArt website.
    On May 31, 2014 I saw the news of, which Michael says:

    “If you are interested in Receiving information about the further development of the Gubal, you can contact a special email address to be kept up to date.”

    I wrote my email.
    In early October I received an e-mail with the invitation PANArt to buy a Gubal.

    I do not write to showcase my joy.
    I just want to clarify that there was an opportunity for those who are then subscribed to news on Gubal.

    I have also lost opportunities in life by not being attentive.

    I have learned from this.

    All the best.


  6. Hi Michael

    thanks for the replay and, just to clarify, I really didn’t want to “troll” or to scream at you. It was a genuine question and, again, thank you for your kind reply.
    I still can’t find the email address but, again, this is my fault. I should probably check better in



  7. Hi Daniele,
    the news containing the email address was deleted by PANArt on October 20th because it is currently not possible to send emails with a buying request for a Gubal. This is why you don’t find the email address.

  8. On Friday February 20th I went to the Hang bauhaus, invited by Panart, to get my Gubal.

    An exciting and clarifier workshop with Felix i Sabina. Conceptual and acoustic explanations. Felix and Sabina showed us the sound of Gubal. David joined us a while to play new instruments, diferents of Gubal.

    We clarified who is and who is not the Gubal.

    I could taste a lot of Gubal until I found that I liked.
    Without compromise. Could to leave without Gubal, but I returned home accompanied.

    Thanks Panart, for your courage.


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