PANArt asked me to publish the following statement:


Statement by PANArt Hangbau AG concerning current sales of Hanghang on EBAY

For about four years now, EBAY has been abused in that Hanghang have been offered at speculative prices. Everyone who owns a Hang or has listened to one knows that its sound can deeply touch people.

But to capitalize on this is clearly rejected by PANArt. Therefore, they have reached agreements with their customers that will preempt such dealings. Since 2008, about 3000 Hang players have signed this agreement, some of them sealed by handshake. Hang builders Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer would like to extend their thanks to these people at this point: this enabled them to continue developing the Hang in peace.

The following statement is in reply to the accusation that PANArt produces too few or keeps the production down on purpose: Hang building is not a production but a creation, based on a practice that has now lasted for 35 years. By keeping the price in the range of other comparable instruments and not heeding the market price, Hanghang have found their way into different hands: poor and rich, large and small, healthy and ill.

Hang builders and Hang players alike are asked to give the Hang a place. The mirror is powerful! To take it to auctions and to purr about the beauty of the Hang, to appeal to the collector’s passion by praising it as a unique piece of art, all the while thinking about the large amount of money that has not been earned in any manner, is a rip-off and gross along the whole line. That highest prices are achieved even by replicas and copies, broken Hanghang, forgeries (like from Columbia: see hangdrum.us) gives us food for thought. Something’s going wrong here: Hang in danger. Such excesses take place where greed is on the forefront, known primarily from the banking business. In no way do we want any part in this development and have decided to declare this here in all publicity.

The Internet is not just a playground where everyone can do as he pleases. Even a global village demands integrity.

PANArt Hangbau AG
Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer
Hang builders


  1. Unfortunately, almost nothing is beyond speculation.

    I have been and will be a candidate to have a Hang.
    I do not want a Hang from market speculation. (If I were rich, either)
    I need to go to PANArt Hangbau to collect the Hang and to know its creators.

    Best wishes to Felix and Sabina.

    (Thanks Michael for the blog)

  2. Thanks for the translation Michael. This provides a bit more insight on the situation that PANArt faces. It is the artist’s dilemma. I particularly like the part of this statement about hanghang not being a “product”. That philosophy reminds me of a time when instruments (amongst other things) were largely in fact a fusion of art and something sacred, not a means to some kind of end.

  3. It does have to be so challenging. All I can say, is that as a human race, we have to breathe in the light within ourselves and as we create, we have to feel peace and love in our hearts. There will always be those who take. We have to bless them too or it creates anger within us. Breathe in the light…the luminosity…the glowing goodness of those who are blessed with the connection to improving themselves and the life around them.

  4. I just wanted to add, that I can feel the love and passion. As I paint, or play the native flute, I have to harness my thoughts. My energy goes into the painting, into my playing…into my being and the being of my community. Remember, we touch those who need it the most. A few manage to fool us or drain our energy. But the energy from the moon, sun and stars is there to revitalize us. To remember that that is not who we are. Our blessings can shine through. Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer…you are so before your time. Shelly

  5. Good to make those agreements and shake hands.. I hope you can feel when there is integrity or not when people are ordering a Hang. I hope to shake your hands this summer ;-) Perhaps Hangs should return to you when people don’t want to play any more… Who could ever think of not playing anymore???
    wish you good insight and feelings to who-ever you build it for.. Elayne

  6. Hello Michael

    I am going to send the second letter to Felix and Sabina….could you tell me when the letter should arrive there in order to be considered?


  7. Hi Michael
    I sent a letter to Felix and Sabina when I was in Italy, San Remo
    I just want to know that are they going to reply my letter
    or other person will reply?

  8. Though I would love a Hang so so so much, I cannot help but admire the integrity of Felix and Sabina. To have created something so wondrous, so sought after, yet still resist the easy path of the dollar and mass production, well, respect for that. And I say that in the near certainty I’ll never own one. It’s still affirming to know there are folk out there who are able to choose the path less trodden.

  9. Hi Terry,
    replies to Hang requests are sent by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer. Because there are so many requests these are not personal replies but standard writings.

    If you get a message from someone else offering you a Hang, you should be very skeptical.

  10. Hi Michael, that is very nice of you to answer all those requests. Just a brief one: should I subscribe to RSS-FEED to get updated information about new Hang of 2013 and may be get a new purchasing procedure? or I need to write a letter to hang creators in parallel anyway? thank you.

  11. Yes, the treasure – having a treasure that can be abused, but which can, in right hands, create harmony. How to protect it? The spiritual schools have used masks and hiding – there are some Sufi stories about complicated maneuvers to ascertain that a valuable inheritance will, at some point, reach the right hands. And then there can be schools that function as testing grounds for the students’ integrity. But obviously, all this can fail. The treasure that is hard to get, that will inevitably bring forth treasure-hunters who know the games of masks and hiding as well as anyone. Maybe this is one aspect of the eternal dance?
    Some time ago, I had the pleasure to hear Leonard Cohen live. He has started touring again, because he lost all his earnings because a manager or something like that stole all he had. No doubt this was wrong, but due to this wrongness, thousands have had possibility to experience his concerts live – something I consider a great benefit. This probably sounds strange, but to me, the best music feels good already at the eardrums. Feels as if the ears themselves want to stretch out for more. This is how I (and my ears) felt Leonard Cohen concert. Out of wrongness grew great joy, in this case.

    And the administrator: you deserve some prize for your amazing temper. How do you do it?

  12. Hi kristiina,
    fortunately there are only one to three comments per day, and not all need a reply. If there were more, I fear my temper would mutate to something combat dog like. :-)

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