PANArt’s Free Integral Hang: Daydreams Before Profits

Whatever it is, the Free Hang is certainly not a conventional product that can be bought by anyone with a credit card. PANArt’s way of working might seem strange from the point of view of conventional businesses, with one exception. Clearly controlled scarcity of a product can add value. However, PANArt make little or no attempt to exploit the scarcity of the Hanghang. If we leave aside the conventional view of business, we can see intriguing parallels between PANArt and other people that put creativity at the heart of their projects. – Rupert Cocke

Originally Rupert Cocke submitted his “Case Study on Managing Creativity” as a project for an MA course at Bournemouth University.

PANArt’s Free Integral Hang: Daydreams Before Profits


  1. I have been trying to figure out how to buy a hang but all I can find are articles telling me I have to fly to Switzerland or something and the prices fluctuate from hundreds to thousands. I just want a hang. I had the privilege of playing one at a festival and was blown away buy the song it sang. I understand that it is manufactured as a work of art and that bc of this approach supplies are limited, but it’s a little selfish and ridiculous that these people have created an instrument that as a musician I think it belongs to humanity. Imagine if the guitar was manufactured and distributed so scarsly. Get it together and either sell the distributing and manufacturing rights or hire more employees whatever you have to do to make the hang obtainable to everyone do it!

  2. Hy chris and others who read it,
    i have the same issue. I experienced the wonderful tune of the Hang at a workshop in Amsterdam with Joseph jaworski (synchronicity) and was fascinated. This week i played on a Hang of a colleague in Zurich. Now i found out that i cannot apply anymore for a Hang till somewhen in 2013 because the founders are making a pause to reflect. I respect the scarcity-approach and that sometimes you need time to reflect on the future, but i am with you too: if this is such a magnificent instrument, why can’t it find it’s way to the people who seriously want to play with it? There are many ways to not exploiting it in the usual way. as a od and leadership-consultant (working in the ngo and business world) i can assure you, from own longtime experience, that it is possible to intergrate values and business. yes. warm regards marc from zurich

  3. Hi Crhis and marc,
    the Hang is the result of an intuitive work of the Hang tuner. PANArt has outsourced all production steps that are best done by metal forming and hardening specialists. But the main work has to be done by the tuner. It is the experience of many years of tuning metal and the intuitiv connection with the metal in the moment that is necessary to build a Hang. There are no production steps left to be done by others in order to speed up the building process.

    It is possible to build instruments looking like the Hang but using a simple tuning process that can be learned in a relative short time. But those instruments wouldn’t sound like the Hang, wouldn’t have the same complexity and variability of sounds, wouldn’t have the same playing possibilities and wouldn’t have the same impact on the player an listener. The Hang makers at PANArt are not interested in building such instruments or giving a licence for building such instruments to others because they are convinced that this would be unfair, false pretences: Offering an instrument looking like a Hang but having not the properties of a Hang. They also feel responsible not to exploit the hype created around the Hang.

  4. I have to add my view on the subject:
    Since the Hang is not an invention that could “save the world” (at least I think so), it’s just the creators’ right to produce as many pieces as they want and sell them to people they choose. If it is elitist? More like “friendist” and.. why not? I don’t see any unfairness there.
    If anyone wants the Hang, he can buy an instrument like Hang from the rival companies (lower quality probably, they say) or invent it by himself. It’s like that Stradivari couldn’t have made violins for everyone and he surely didn’t tell his special know-how to everyone too!
    I like the way PANart works (though the only information I know is from this blog), because now Hang is the mysterious artifact, almost “sacred” that people only talk about but only few have ever seen. There are not many things like that in this (post)industrial world. I like it and enjoy it no matter that I’ll probably never touch or hear the Hang “live”.

  5. So i have read if you are selected to go and recieve your Hang you have to stay for the development how long does this usually take anyone out there have one what was the process , some in depth details would be nice

  6. Hi Michael

    Have you any idea when PANArt will celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Spring is very late this year so could it be May June?

    Thanks for all info I think the world is waiting for this news.

    Kind regards Christopher

  7. I agree with Jiri Voslar. It must been a postindustrial thing. On the global world somebody says, that if I have a credit card I can buy everything, like a good handmade knife or whipe, but in my country old shepherds said that not you choose a knife, but a knife choose you, therefore you have to visit personally the market and the manufacturers.
    I was waiting about 6 years for my hand made pocket knife, because I would choose the best one. At least it find me.

    I think the best way is to waiting for your moment, and your Hang find you also. Be patient and peaceful.

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