Hang Repair

The information in this post is outdated.
Find current information about Hang repair external link on PANArt’s website.

Hang RepairThe Hang makers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer offer a tuning and repair service for players who have any issues with their instrument. With the kind permission of PANArt the Hang Library is publishing the information from them regarding these services.

A prerequisite for PANArt to do any tuning or repair work is for the instrument to have on record at PANArt an agreement signed by the owner. This document is one that outlines an accord between the Hang owner and PANArt, that in the event of a proposed sale of the instrument, PANArt is first offered the right to purchase back the Hang, and that it should not be sold at a price greater than the original sale price. Since the beginning of 2008 all new buyers of Integral Hanghang have been required to sign this agreement. The agreement was put into place by PANArt in an attempt to stem the tide of rising Hang resale prices and speculation.

Read PANArt’s information regarding the tuning and repair service
in the Hang Library.