Hang? What is that?

For a long time Hang was exclusevely the name of the Hang instrument that was invented by PANArt in the year 2000 and built in various stages of development between 2001 and 2013. The name is pronounced [haŋ] (external link) and refers to the way of playing with the hands: Hang means hand in the Bernese dialect.

Moreover, Hang is a registered trademark of PANArt Hang Manufacturing Ltd. in many countries. It is registered for muscial instruments and services like cultural activities, teaching, publishing etc.. More details can be found in the WIPO Global Brand Database (external link).

Meanwhile the trademark Hang is a general label for various sheet metal sound sculptures by PANArt, that are played with the hands. It is used for seven other instruments: the Hang® Gubal, the Hang® Gudu, the Hang® Urgu, and the Hang® Bal, the Hang® Gede (external link), the Hang® Godo (external link) and the Hang® Balu (external link).

Frequently the designation hang drum appears on the Internet. In most cases the original Hang instrument by PANArt is meant. However, the term is sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for handpan (external link) or abused as a name for steel tongue drums (external link). Hank drum is another confusable term often used for steel tongue drums. A careful second look is often necessary when we encounter the term hang drum on the Internet or elsewhere.

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