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  1. Drew Peace Says:

    Hello, my name is Drew Peace, I recently made a trip to Barcelona where i watch a man play the hang.
    My heart and my energy was drawn. Iv always loved druming and tapping on anything a could get my hands on.
    I can’t read music but i can feel it. Im an Australian living and working in London U.K. I would deeply love to hear from you guys, telling me how, when and if i can learn and buy one.
    Keep smiling cheers Drew

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Drew,
    if you are looking for contact with hang players in UK, I suggest the Hang Players Directory and the Hang-Music Forum.
    In November 2006 Torbz organized a hang meeting near Glastonbury in South England. This year 21st – 23rd September, a weekend meeting called Hang Out UK 2007 will take place in Farnham, UK.
    About purchasing a hang, all I know is explained in the article above.

  3. Rolf Says:

    Hey Michael.

    Do you know how much they charge for a Hang? It really sad that it’s so hard to get a hold of!


  4. How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum « Burned At Both Ends Says:

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  5. Michael Says:

    Hi Rolf,
    in 2007 a hang costs 880 Euro (including double shell for protection). You also needs a bag for the hang. A simple bag costs 30 Euro, a backpack bag 40 Euro. Actual there are no plans to change the prices.

    To take the sadness out of your mind try another view: The hang is one of the things in life, that needs time to grow and comming in your life. Every child need nine month until it is born, no house is built in one day. My whish to play the hang rises in autumn 2004. In summer 2005 I visited the former German dealer near Freiburg and ordered my hang and it was built for me by the hangmakers. It arived in December. In the beginning of 2007 I thought, it would be a great completion to have a second generation hang with another scale and the improved sound quality. I wrote to the hangmakers end of March. In May Sabina wrote I could make an appointment in June, August or October. On Monday this week I went to the Hangbauhaus for two days, choosing my new hang, meeting the hangmakers and hangplayers from the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, having a nice time with jamming in the Hanghaus, talking about hang, it’s history, technique and philosophy and dined a splendig vegetarien meal Felix cooked for the international hang family meeting round the table.

  6. Kristen Says:

    I have a question I couldn’t find the answer to on this page. I would absolutely love to get a hang for a dear friend of mine. Trouble is I live in America and don’t have the cash for a trip to Switzerland. I noticed a mention of North America. Are there appointments available somewhere on my continent? That would be so much more convenient. Thanks for your help!


  7. Michael Says:

    Hi Kristen,
    in the last years and also in 2007 Ron Kravitz (USA) and David Kaetz (Canada) helped musicans in their countries to purchase a hang. I don’t know wether they are able to in the next year. This year’s production of hanghang is already spoken for. For contact information look at the comments number 132 and 149 to the hang article in the weblog “Richard’s Notes”.
    December 30th, 2007: Ron Kravitz told me, that they aren’t able to help purchasing a Hang at present.

  8. Guy Says:

    I recently took a trip to Barcelona where I first encountered the hanghang. A skilled musician was playing one at Park Guell and the sound was so perfect for the atmosphere there. After running into another person playing one later that day, I knew I wanted to learn how to play this instrument. I live in the U.S. and definitely can’t make another trip out of the country right now but I hope to get my hands on a hanghang soon.

  9. Taku Says:

    Hi!! i am Taku from Japan. I have a question. Probably, Germany is spoken in Switzerland. So do I have to write to them in Germany? English is not acceptable in the communication?

  10. Michael Says:

    Hi Taku, language isn’t a problem, you can write in German, English, French, Spanish or Italian.

  11. Griff Says:

    Hello world of Hang. i just saw a video of one being played at burning man. They really are magical. email me if there is ever anyway to purchase one in the US. If not i’ll have to journey to Switzerland someday.
    peace everybody

  12. Michael McCarthy Says:

    Hola, estoy interesado en comprar un Hang Drum estoy actualmente en Irlanda y me gustaria comprarlo por internet, sera posible la compra?

  13. tekpee Says:

    i’m fascinated with the hang drum. sadly, i can’t afford it. living in a third world country, like the phillipines, 900 euros means a lot. i play some indigenous musical instruments like didgeridoo, jaw harp, djembe, kudyapi etc..

  14. Michael Says:

    Hi Michael McCarthy,
    it isn’t possible to buy a Hang by the internet.
    No es posible comprar una Hang por el Internet.

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  16. Marten Says:

    I don’t really understand why this is the only way hang drums are sold. it’s quite difficult to get one yourself this way. they could make a lot more efford if they sold them via some percussion shops all over the world, so people won’t have to come all the way to bern (which a lot of people arn’t really up to)


  17. Michael Says:

    Hi Marten, in the actual German article I tell some of the backgrounds for the decision not to sell via shops any longer. (November 16th, 2007: The German article is translated now. It is the article on this page) They build only about 400 Hanghang a year. They canceled the collaboration with their dealers, when the demand increases so much, that there must do something to decrease it. There is another reason: When you travel to Berne, you are able to choose your Hang from a number of 20 to 30 instruments. A dealer would only have a few. In 2006 and 2007 Ron Kravitz and Daniel Kaetz picked up a number of Hanghang to the US and Canada, so Northamericans had not to travel to Europe to purchase a hang.

  18. Floatilla Says:

    G’day Michael

    I wonder if the Faxnumber +41 31 301 33 32 for PANart is still valid?

    You do a fantastic job with this site,mate!

  19. Michael Says:

    Hi Floatilla,
    thank you for the commendation. Why do you wonder? A friend of mine sent a fax to PANArt three weeks ago concerning a problem with his Hang, and got an answer immediately.

  20. chirs Says:

    you have to GO TO BERNE??? why can’t they at least send it in the mail considering the price. that’s absolutely ridiculous and over-the-top pretentious. ;p

    outrageous price as well.

  21. chirs Says:

    ok sorry for the pissy comment i wrote before. i just read the comment by ron in the ‘richard’s notes’ page and i completely appreciate the artistry, patience, time and skill involved with creating the hang.

    however, i rather think they could still mail one out to me. i don’t need to go to berne. there is no reason to. just make me a hang. i’ll pay you via paypal or w/e you want and then here’s my address. simple as pie.

  22. Michael Says:

    Hi chirs,
    this is not the hangmaker’s website. I can’t sell you a hang. I’m a hangplayer providing information about the hang. In the detailed German article about how to buy a hang I tell about some backgrounds of the hangmaker’s decision for not shipping hanghang. I hope the English translation will be ready soon (November 16th, 2007: The translation is done now).

  23. Mark Says:

    The first time I saw a hang was when I saw a couple hippies who called themselves Barnakustica playing one and a soprano saxaphone in the street outside the Picasso museum in Barcelona. Bought a CD of their music. Great stuff.

    Agree with the other comments on here about the difficulty in purchasing a hang. They should just license the thing to other manufacturers, get rich, go live on an island somewhere playing hang. It’s nice they care about their art and all that but seriously that’s kind of ridiculous.


  24. Michael Says:

    Hi Mark,
    it isn’t the hangmaker’s choice, that nobody else builds the Hang. By now other tuners didn’t care or didn’t succeed. A new article written by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer for the ISMA 2007 in Barcelona can explain some backgrounds of this situation: History, Developement and Tuning of the HANG.

  25. Sumit Says:

    I am a musician from India.
    have ability to play 13 instruments..
    today, I was introduced to a Hang Drum.
    I fell in love with this instrument. Can anyone suggest me how to procure one in this part of the world?

    Any help would be sooo awesome!
    Thanks a ton !


  26. Adam Says:


    My name is Adam and I am from the USA. I like others here that have seen this magnificent instrument played can not afford to fly overseas. I am very interested in buying a hang drum. If there is any place in the USA that I could go for an appointment that information would be very helpfull. I have loved all forms of wordly drums for as long as I can remember. I am drawn to this instrument because of its unique sound. Please help me so I can play one myself someday. Thank and hope to hear from you soon.


  27. Michael Says:

    Hi Adam,
    please read comment numbered 6 .

    Hi Sumit,
    there are only two possibilities for you: Write to PANArt and ask them (but in all probability they won’t ship a Hang to you) or look for an used Hang (but offers are rare and prices high). I’m sorry, but I have no better news for you.

    March 3rd, 2008 Michael says: Since 2008 shipping is possible again.

  28. Dave Says:

    Seriously, can you people not read? How many requests for “how can I buy a hang drum?” are there, when the post is after the article “How To Buy A Hang Drum”. Sheesh.

    December 30th, 2007 Michael says: When Dave wrote this comment, there were a lot of comments as he described. I deleted all these comments today in order to make the comment list shorter.

  29. Sonia Says:

    Great article, and thanks for providing all the information that anyone needs to find and buy a Hang drum. Its the lack of instant gratification that makes people mad.
    As the makers say,
    The HANG is a new musical instrument. Individuals around the world
    appreciate it. There are two hangmakers worldwide. It is impossible to satisfy the growing demand. Further collaboration between art and science is needed to make it possible that other hangmakers may exist in the future.

    And the art of tuning this drum seems totally unique, and not something to be learnt in one day. This is what takes so long to do.
    Yours, Sonia

  30. Michael Says:

    Hi Sonia,
    thank you for your comment. I agree with your opinion. You wrote it just before I updated this article with the English translation of the German article I wrote some weeks ago. I hope it shows the background behind the present situation.

  31. Temba Says:

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for your time,effort and patience. I appreciate you explaining the history of the current situation. May others follow the HANG makers sentiments. Yes it is a lot of cash, however if the love is strong the cost will be met,somehow. Just my opinion, yet am grateful having an opportunity to unite my rhythmic energy flow with a sound that can match. regards from Perth Australia.

  32. PFFFFFFFFF Says:

    I just came across a video on youtube by chance? maybe not… My fiance is from Trinidad and I love the steel drum just as a side note, none the less, I heard this drum and had to aquire one.

    Ive oddly enough been to Bern, Switzerland…through the big clock arch on those long narrowed streets leading down to the bear pit. Yea, I spent good time in Bern. What is HILARIOUS is that if I wish to acquire a drum I must write a letter and then see if Im invited to FLY TO SWITZERLAND and pick out a drum.

    IM a hardcore musicisn one might say, make a living doing it, run a studio and have been involved in music in many facets… so what Im leading to is that I understand the commitment to making drums right and so forth let alone the notion that there are only two people that can make these drums

    Going to investigate after reading this intro paragraph above… seeing a drum go for nearly 9000.00 is sickening. Im trying to crack a joke here but
    if I went out and bought a Weber grill and got wacking away with a hammer, I may get my HANG drum rocks off and call it a day for much cheaper.

    A 9000.00 drum people, notes to be allowed to come to Bern and all the cost involved or face the open market. YOU PEOPLE ARE DRIVING THE PRICES UP TO LEVELS OF INSANITY. I really dont care if im the millionth complaint.

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING, and coming across this whole Hang drum situation, you guys arent GODS, so come down off your drum making cloud and figure out a way to supply the WORLD with these melodies that to begin with dont belong to you. Teach the talent, find the talent…whatever… if the two drum makers croak tomorrow where does that leave the HANG…

    Hanging any more off a precarious public opinion ledge..hmmm…

    As far as Im concerned.. For 9000.00 US I could go hire a steel drum band for weeks on end..

  33. Michael Says:

    I’m not shure wether you realized, that you don’t talk to the hangmakers when you are writing a comment in this weblog. “YOU PEOPLE” and “you guys” don’t hear you even if you are bawling in capitals. I personally can’t help you. I’m only a hangplayer and run this weblog to share information and experiences. I can’t tune hanghang.

    I think it would be better to research more information before talking big. It is arrogant to challenge the hangmakers in the way you did. Do you know, what they have done in the past to find and teach talents? Do you know what is neccessary to be able to build hanghang? Why do you think, that the hangmakers regard themselfs as gods? Have you ever met them to be able to make such a statement?

    And who cares, if two or three millionaires buy a Hang for 8000 or 9000 Dollars in an ebay auction, when 400-500 new ones are built in a year? It’s easier to acquire a new Hang than to buy an overpriced one in ebay.

    I understand your frustration. It isn’t easy for Americans to obtain a Hang. But this doesn’t excuse such a comment.

  34. Sandeep Says:

    I been in music industry for long now, I started in India learning tabla from my Guru when I mate him first time, I offer tuition fees he looked at me and said son Music is one of the most precious gift god has given us which is far more valuable then Money and materialism and musician has very little to do with it, and then after I never dare to ask or to say anything about fees.

    Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer have made most amazing instrument, now it is time to be more practical like any other invention and great instruments makers and with humble love, share it more, teach other how to make it, have more staff, there are plenty investor I am sure, after seeing this demand specially!

    I wish you best and thank you Hang maker for giving us great gift.

    I have one hang and i like all 30 of them if i could.

  35. Michael Says:

    Hi Sandeep,
    if you are interested in making hanghang, write to the hangmakers and tell them. If you personally don’t want, perhaps you know someone who does. So tell them to contact PANArt. When you don’t know anyone who is interested, your suggestion to teach others doesn’t make sense. The hangmakers never refused to share their experience.

  36. Julia Says:

    Hello!!!i am impressed very much with this hang..How can i buy it if i live in Germany, please tell the better way how to do it!! may be e-bay? I ll be waiting for your answer!!!thanks a lot!!!!!

  37. Michael Says:

    Hi Julia,
    there is a German version of “How do I akquire a Hang?” too: “Wie erwerbe ich ein Hang?”. Living in Germany is a good starting position to obtain a Hang, because it isn’t so far to travel to Berne as from other countries. There is no better way than it is described in the articles: Write a letter, be patient, get an invitation and travel to Berne.

  38. buddhist mike Says:

    thank you for the artical it was very informative. :)

  39. David Says:

    Thanks for such a great article. It was really facinateing and beautiful how the makers of the hang work. Although i am not interested in puchaseing one at this time, i do have a couple of questions.

    Do you have to have a background/skill in music in order to play a hang?
    Do you have to have a background/skill in music in order to be granted a hang?

    Thanks for yout time!

  40. Michael Says:

    Hi David,
    no, you don’t have to have any skills to begin with the Hang or to obtain a Hang. PANArt’s customers are professional musicans as well as people who never played an musical instrument before.

  41. Fede Says:

    Hi, Michael.
    Thank you for your patience, love, knowledge and time used to keep this blog running.
    And I want to say that I really appreciate the way that the “hang makers” decided to sell the hang and keep the contact: return to the basics, deep breath and forget all your fucking idea of technology and globalization. If you want it, you have to move.
    I saw and heard about the hang in 2002, in the middle of a street in some small village. Since that day I dream with the idea to have one, till now the price is expensive for me, but I think that is not a reason to attack to the people who develop and create the Hang.
    Long live to the hang makers, and to the Hand Makers around the world.
    All heil Discordia!

  42. Maria Says:

    Thanks for this great post!

    I´ve seen the folks in Barcelona and I saw another couple in Madrid playing hang.

    I was captived with the sound of the instrument and it make grow on me the feeling of learning to play and having one.

    Now I know the fascinating history how it was created and how it is builded and selled, I am more impressed than before. Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner are the last alive artisans!

    I want to Thank you too for your time!

    PD: Have you considered to re-titled the blog? Something like: “So you want to acquire a Hang? Don´t post an answer untill your read it!” XD

  43. Michael Says:

    Hi Maria,
    to re-title the article is a good idea if you only look at the comments. But if you know that about 1000 visitors open this article per week, you realize that the vast majority of readers doesn’t need the new title. ;-) (December 30th, 2007: When Maria wrote her comment, there were a lot of comments only requesting: “How can I buy a hang?” and a lot of answers from me: “Read the article above please.” I deleted all these comments today in order to make the comment list shorter.)

  44. The Good Tax Says:

    Greetings from Bradford,

    I am personally releasing a swarm of angry, killer pterodactyls with machine guns stapped to their heads at all the doubters and ignorant people who asuume, through sheer lack ignorance, that the difficulty in obatainning a hanghang is due to snobbery.

    For anybody living in Britain, they do cheap coaches to most of Europe about £50 one way, which isn’t bad…

    National Express mate.

    Thats where its at.

    Great sounds and a great website.


  45. Eric Says:

    Patience children. If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for.

    Good work on the blog by the way.


  46. feck Says:

    Does the hang go out of tune?, if so what happens then.

  47. Manu Delago plays the Hang Drum Says:

    [...] my inner hippy wants to sign up and go and get one from Berne as soon as possible (there’s a long wait [...]

  48. Michael Says:

    Hi feck,
    a Hang can go out of tune if it is treated too rough or fallen down or something like this. You can bring or send it to PANArt and they are able to tune it.

    Notice: Never take apart the two hemispheres of the Hang for tuning purposes! This would destroy the instrument irreversible.

    A Hang can be tuned through the Gu opening using a little hammer in the same way as the final tuning is done at the end of the Hang building process. I watched Sabina retuning a Hang: It was done in a few minutes. If you have a tuning problem with your Hang, send a fax to PANArt. You will get an answer shortly.

  49. András Says:

    Great instrument… the guy who learns how to build hangs will be a millionare… As well be the hangmakers with trademarks. Can’t really understand how it can’t be a large manufacture.

    I mean apart from the two hangmakers… That stuff can be as popular as an acoustic guitar! Everyone will play hangs at the campfire. :)

  50. Eran Says:

    I sent a letter in September and still did not get a reply brom the hangmakers.
    Should I send another one? should I be worried?
    Cheers, Eran

  51. Jesse Says:

    This instrument sure does sound beautiful. I’m only an amateur, not a “real” musician, and I doubt I would ever be invited to one of these exclusive sales events, and I wouldn’t be able to afford to go anyway, so it’s not even worth sending a letter. And that’s ok. I just hope some of the “real” musicians who are lucky enough to have one will be willing to allow their music CDs to be mass-produced so I can at least enjoy the sound in some way :)

    But I’d like to take a moment defend the people who are upset at the hangmakers. Granted, I don’t know the hangmakers, so I cannot be certain of their intent, but certainly their choices and actions seem to suggest certain opinions that are unfortunate. For example, their refusal to ship the instrument elsewhere or allow themselves to be contacted via internet doesn’t help give them more time to muse and study their craft. Restricting sales does that all by itself.

    And no, I don’t know whether they have tried to teach others the craft, or tried to find a way to mass-produce the instruments. What I do know is that a couple of their FANS are giving their point of view. The hangmakers aren’t willing to do that themselves (not even with a simple website or FAQ). These things just make it hard for me to come up with any mental picture of these people except for a pair of self-indulgent, arrogant “haut artistes”. That doesn’t mean they really are that way, and perhaps they aren’t. I hope I’m wrong about them, and I wish I could picture them some other way. It’s a shame they have chosen to be so secretive. I wonder what they look like. Do they wear the same kind of clothing as normal people? :)

    I’m tempted to send them a letter just to ask them whether they have ever tried to find a way to mass-produce these, or whether they would be willing to show a manufacturing or engineering firm what they do and how they do it, and let the engineers try and find a way to mass-produce it. If they would be willing to demonstrate their technique, and if they haven’t tried this already, I might be able to find a company that would be interested. I live in a city that is somewhat famous for music-related business.

    And by the way, I disagree that the disappointment and anger we are hearing is due to “desire for instant gratification”, and I think it’s a little insulting to imply that. Most of the complaints I’ve seen are more to the effect that obtaining one is impossible for some people even with any amount of waiting, due to the tremendous expense involved, and the numerous practical problems associated with international travel for many people (especially for those of us who live in a country run by demented, security-obsessed maniacs).

    Another point I would like to make is that a desire for instant gratification would be somewhat understandable in a society like that of my country, where “free time” is a somewhat alien (maybe even “sinful”) concept, and money cannot be exchanged for time in general. Everyone can obtain money if they work hard enough and save up, but for many people here, obtaining time is an impossibility. A lot of companies here do not allow vacation under any circumstances, and expect 60 hours a week minimum for most job positions. I think you can guess where I live. My point is just that different cultures are different, and what we have here may be more of a cultural misunderstanding than anything else. So maybe everyone should just cool down and try not to insult each other over these things. If the hangmakers choose not to make many available, then that’s their choice. Those of us who are incapable of getting one should relax and find something else we can enjoy instead.

  52. Michael Says:

    Hi Eran,
    in December, January and February PANArt doesn’t sell Hanghang. Usually Felix and Sabina use the winter time to regenerate and to research and develop the Hang. In the end of September the hangmakers invited prospective customers for March 2008. As far as I know these folks had written in June or July. There are others, who have written in August who are still waiting for an answer. So in my opinion you shouldn’t be worried.

  53. Michael Says:

    Hi Jesse,
    thank you for your differentiated point of view from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

  54. Imre Says:

    Hi there.

    I just want to share my opinion.

    I respect the work of the two instrument makers, they made a fantastic thing. But:
    - I cant believe that other companies are unable to produce and tune hangs.
    - The instruments that inspired the hang makers, were made by many people.
    for example, the steelpans were made by very poor people from used oil barrels.

    The hang, and the process it is sold -and the price- is directly the opposite approach – it is more like selling a ferrari, that is not mass produced, and therefore it is rare, expensive, and exclusive.

    A ferrari is not purchased by taxi drivers, who drive the car professionally, and make a living of it, but purchased by rich people, who want to show their status with it. And sometimes drive very fast.

    So when i first saw it I thought, that it could be a wonderful instument in talented hands, and can be listened by many people. But now i think, its a wonderful instrument, that can be played by rich people, who can afford to travel thousands of kilometres and buy one.

    As i understand the creators of ferrari, I do understand the makers of HANG. But I cant accept their last scentence in their writing about the history and making of the HANG:

    “Further collaboration between art and science is needed to make it possible that other hangmakers may exist in the future.”

    The Ferrari is what it is – symbol of status, and wealth. When a HANG is sold for 9000 Euros on ebay, it is muc hike a symbol of wealth, than anything else. For much less you can buy a citroen DS for example. A car that is beautiful, unique, a symbol of the creativity of human mind, and a product, that never will be made any more.

    I am sad about the hang. I will never have one.


    Imre (Hungary)

  55. Imre Says:

    one more thing:

    “hang” in hzngarian means: “sound”

    musicl instruments are called “hangszer”

    good choice for the name…

  56. gio Says:

    non c’e’ nessuno che ne costruisce un clone?

  57. Dmitriy Says:

    Right now i’m deciding if i’ll be able to spend THIS much in order to buy this GREAT drum! – after all it’ll cost me a lot to travel to Bern from Moscow… But i still want to purchase one – it’s really great. However i have one question… If the hangmakers will reply (and after reading the article above i’m pretty sure they will) does it mean that i will be invited? I mean they don’t deal only with professionals or those who have some really serious intentions? If i’ll only write in a letter “I want a hang” will i be invited? Or i have to write the summary “Why i want a hang”? I know that this question may sound weird, but i just want to make sure before making up my mind…

    P.S. Thanks a lot for the article! It really helped me a lot!

  58. Michael Says:

    Hi Dmitriy,
    when you achieve an invitation to visit the Hangbauhaus in Berne, you can be shure to be able to buy a Hang. The hangmakers don’t sell Hanghang only to professional musicians. When they decided to invite you, they won’t refuse to sell one to you, when you arrive in Berne. I have no suggestions for your letter. Just write what you want to write.

  59. skint Says:

    its all right…the price is just ridiculous!

  60. Olivier Says:

    It’s so a pity !… It’s like they want Hanghang stay rare and unknow !… You need to search for a long time just to discover the name of this beautiful instrument… and when you have it, you learn that you will never buy it, because “you need to go personaly to Bern” and so on !!!! :-( Very strange, and blablabla to explain that is just blablabla : if you want an instrument will be know all over the world, and when people love it, you have to do your best to offer it to people !… So, for now, it’s just elitism… That’s a shame…

  61. Michael Says:

    Hi Olivier,
    it’s neither elitism nor a shame. The problem is, that two persons are not able to meet the demand. The Hang can’t be produced industrially. Each instrument has to be artistically tuned by an experienced tuner, who is conversant with the material and the acoustical behavior of the Hang. By now, no others were interested or able to acquire these abilities. This is not the responsibility of the two existing hangmakers. They invited other tuners to join in the past. Let’s wait, what the future will bring.

  62. Mike Says:

    It’s an awesome instrument. It just sounds like they wanted to get into some good business, but couldn’t meet the demand and piled some spiritual stuff on top to cover up their folly.

  63. Michael Says:

    Hi Mike,
    what you are reading in this article is me, not the hangmakers. It’s my sound ;-)

  64. Honesty Says:

    WOW. This is clever marketing.
    I have seen it. First they give distribution to various people to get the thing popular. After their work is done one by one gets knocked out and as consequence supply is done by the maker only with full margin of course.
    And these makers even got their customers so far to accept ridiculous prices.

    Hopefully Chinese copies will arrive soon and inflate this hype.
    Mark my words: When this day has arrived they will quickly open up their distribution again.

    That said, instrument making is art and good art has a long evolution and therefore should have a solid price to make people value it.
    However, in this case something smells fishy.

  65. Michael Says:

    There won’t be Chinese copies soon. Even a steelpan tuner needs five to ten years of experience to tune high quality instruments. And for the Hang additional experiences with the new material and the acoustical character of the new shape is necessary. The hangmakers didn’t create a business model, they invented a new instrument. And their work isn’t done. They are developing the Hang year by year. When others will offer Hang like instruments, PANArt won’t increase their production. They can’t increase production without decreasing the quality of the Hang. And they aren’t interested in tunig low quality instruments. I can’t find any fishy smell.

  66. Amy Says:

    I think it is beautiful that in this instant world there are some things that must be earned, cultivated and appreciated. Some things still need to be made by hand, carefully selected and understood with artistry.

    At the end of the day there are not many things like that left that do not have some instant version, perhaps the finest wines, hand-forged swords and Hang drums remain to remind us that good things are worth waiting for.

    The prices are prohibitive for many, but that is the case with many musical instruments. I think the simple appearance creates the disappointment, it looks accessible upon first glance. Basic enough to be some sort of produced item. However many beautiful, simple, perfect things are born from the effort of generations of distillation.

    Thank you for your informative page!

  67. Honesty Says:

    Michael, I am criticising that they do make these instruments not for others but for themselves. If they have a sincere desire to please their customers, they would increase their effort to make the hang more available.
    Otherwise, if it was only for the perfection of the instrument, why did they first build up the distribution and after the hang gained marketshare then pulled out of everything?

  68. Michael Says:

    Hi Honesty,
    the Hang Makers didn’t pull out of everything. In the first five years they built about 850 first generation hanghang per annum. In the last two years they built about 400 second generation hanghang per annum. And you have to bear in mind, that building and tuning of the second generation instruments is more time-consuming. A few years ago, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer asked other steelpan tuners to join, but nobody was interested. In the past there were two atempts of persons, who began learning the tuning of the Hang, but they didn’t succeed. So you can’t blame the Hang Makers, that they didn’t try to increase the production capacity. The Hang is a new instrument. The Hang Makers not yet understand all the aspects of the acoustic of the Hang. Within the years they changed their view on the instrument and their understanding of what a Hang is. In winter 2005 they realized, that it would be impossible to meet the increasing demand. They had to decide wether they become slaves of demand or stick to their artistic work. We should consider, that the history of the Hang is very short. If we look 30 years forward in the future, there surely will be more artists building Hang like instruments. But in the moment we just experience the birth of the Hang.

  69. Honesty Says:

    Micheal wrote: “But in the moment we just experience the birth of the Hang.”

    If this is true or not, the future will tell.
    I wish them and you good luck as long as sanity and honesty is maintained.
    In the end it is still an instrument and however refined, it will not take anyone to heaven.
    Seeing the prices now, for a “not yet born” instrument by your own words, I wonder what the “real” hang, when it finally appears will cost.
    Anyway, good luck with your endeveours and respect for your enthusiasm.

  70. twilight Says:

    Hi again!
    It was said that in March 2008 hang price will be 1200 euro….so it will be more expencive later and later?

  71. Michael Says:

    Hi twilight,
    I only know several persons, who have received word that price will be 1,200 Euro in March. This means exactly what is said and nothing else. In the last years prices didn’t change within a year. The future is of course unknown.

  72. Paul Says:

    Now I understand why there r more and more products “made in China” in the world… Eouropeans can’t start they own mass production and lower price.. to bad. soon we will see HangDrum made from China for 100 EUR :)

  73. Michael Says:

    The lack of mass production isn’t caused by incompetence of the Europeans. The reason is, that the two Hang Makers don’t want mass production. They don’t want to become managers of a factory but stay to be artists. A second reason is, that it isn’t possible to produce the Hang sound industrial. The Sound has to be hammered into the steel by experienced tuners. Also the Trinidad steelpan can’t be produced industrial. The reason for more steelpans than Hanghang to buy is, that there are much more steelpan tuners than Hang tuners in the world.

  74. Bill Says:

    I first heard and saw the Hang on DVD movie -The Astronaut Farmer (special features showed the instrument played).. I’m in love.. music IS an international “Babel” communication. Unique to the instrument, composer, and musician.
    I don’t expect World Peace with this piece of crafted metal, however in the hands of our youth, ALL our future, and elders, TALENT to teach, possibly- just possibly the World CAN communicates harmony a bit more. Volume (loudness) of volume (quantity) is a question.. maybe God will guide the two key Hang Makers to consider the price and sacrifice of their own mentoring for others to have their special gift… A shepard boy, David long ago calmed King Saul from his rage with a unique instrument and song… what can we do today in OUR OWN mankind circle? Be patient for your OWN Hang.. use your God given tools today for harmony in your neighborhood and for His Glory… just some thoughts… now where’s my Hang?.. God give me patience, NOW!

  75. Jeff in California Says:

    Michael, you are a saint for the gentleness and patience you maintain on this blog -God Bless You! Firstly I’d like to say that I READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE! (it was brilliant and answered all my questions) I too at first was upset that I could not instantly place an order online and get overnight shipping and be playing the next day! boo-hoo pout-pout :( These ‘drums’ are not just intruments but really they are works of art. There are a lot of people who believe that if they like something, well, they should have it! Quickly -and of course at a reasonble price. I don’t know how you would do it, but if people could be made aware that they are seeking to own a hand made piece of art, with the soul of it’s creators within it maybe there would not be the whining and moaning (Veroca Salt-esque, ‘but Daddy, I want it NOOOWWWW’). I love Picasso’s paintings and would really really like one for my house….I’m short and cash and gas is really expensive, do you have any suggestions? lol. God Bless you again Michael I’ll be waiting for some one to offer Hang samples for my keyboard.

    Love,Truth and Peace from California

  76. Michael Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    it seems to be difficult to understand, that a Hang isn’t only two Woks with dents glued together. I think this problem results from the fact, that you can’t see, what creates the sound of the Hang. You only see the shape of the Hang. And the shape seems to be easily made. But the sound comes from the unvisible microstructure of the hammered steel sheet. Nevertheless the shape is important too. In my opinion you have to understand the Hang as a sound sculpture. Its shape dimension you can experience with your eyes and hands, but to realize the whole sound sculpture you have to experience its mircrostructure and sound dimension with fingers and ears as well.

    By the way, there is a Hang sample: ( http://www.hangfan.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?id=41 ). I don’t know wether it works with your keyboard.

  77. Jeff in California Says:

    Thank you Michael.
    I like your ’sound sculpture’ analogy. I can only imagine the increase in wok sales over the next couple of years, and the conterfiets that will be unknowingly bought on ebay.
    Have Happy New Year!

  78. Matt in Canada Says:

    wow i really really want one of these.
    What are the criteria to be invited? I was halfway planing a trip to the neterlands in the summer and this WOULD give me a lot mor modivation

  79. Taavi Says:

    Hello, I’m a musician form Finland and I’ve decided to get a hang no matter what. I even planned out the whole trip to Bern already, but now I have a question about the letter to PANart…what should I write? I’m ready to travel all the way to Switzerland and buy a hang. What more do they want to know?

  80. Michael Says:

    Hi Matt and Taavi,
    there aren’t any special criteria you have to meet to be invited (for example only professionals or only percussionists or only red haired or something else). So I cannot give you any advice what you should write in a letter to Berne. In August Felix showed me some of the letters from people they want to invite for October. The letters were different and people were different: Amateurs and professionals, people never played an musical instrument before as well as multi-instrumentalists. There were long letters and short letters. They wrote about their whish to play the hang, about their situation and what they want to do with the hang.

    So my only piece of advice is: Just write, what you want to write.

    The main criterion is time. There are a lot of people who have written before you. Therefor you cannot count on an appointment at a specific date. You have to be patient and look forward to what will happen.

  81. imre Says:

    The problem in this case is not the fact that not many hangs are produced. There are also Chapman Sticks and other instruments with the same (or less) productions per year. The problem is that the PanArt is making it very hard to get one. You can order other instruments on the internet, they can be posted, etc. The Hang can1t be posted or ordered that way, i dont seem to understand why…But its a good marketing trick, and Fishy indeed.

  82. Michael Says:

    In my point of view it isn’t a marketing trick and not fishy. They can sell only about 400 Hanghang a year independent from the way they sell the Hanghang. A trick doesn’t make sense. From my conversation with the Hang Makers and what I heard from others who had contact with them, my understanding is, that it is their way to manage the exceptionally high demand. They want to spend their time with building and developing the Hang and not with hundreds of discussions why it is impossible to obtain a Hang immediately. The difference between the Hang and other rare musical instruments is, that most of other rare instruments are requested only by limited numbers of specialized musicans but the Hang is requested by a much higher number of people.

  83. Coley in the UK Says:

    Hi, I am a lucky owner of a beautiful hang. I just wondered if you could give me any advice on how to amplify it without taking away the lovely warmth of the sound. I play the hang in a band and now that we are getting bigger gigs I would like to feel confident that I can amp it up and that it will still have the lovely rich sound. I have tried attaching guitar pick-ups on the inside but this makes it sound a bit tinny. I recently bought a condenser microphone to place above the hang as I play, this is definitely better than the pick-ups but is not projecting the sound enough. Do I just need to splash out on a very expensive mic? Would really appreciate your advice, thanks.

  84. Michael Says:

    Hi Coley,
    I haven’t any experience with amplyfying a Hang in a stage situation. Manu Delago uses two mics above / in front of the Hang, when he plays with his band Manu Delago Handmade. Steve Shehan uses one mic above the Hang, when he plays life with the Hadouk Trio.
    There are several discussions about this topic in the Hang-Music Forum and in the Yahoo group “Hangdrum”. You can find both here.

  85. “Hang Drum” - skraidanti muzikinė lėkštė Says:

    [...] prekyba nebeužsiima. Kiek pavyko sužinoti, šį būgną galima gauti tik pagal susitarimą, prieš tai jiems parašius laišką. Kaina – apie 1200 [...]

  86. Herman Says:

    Thanks for the fantastic blog/website: it took away my anguish about not being able apparantly to acquire a Hang. Now I know I ‘ll have to be patient…
    Thanks again for your efforts and gentle responses and wonderfull information!


  87. Mike Says:

    Hey Michael,

    I saw a video of a man playing a hang drum on the internet and was immediatly captivated by this new instrument. Being a young musician, i was searching and was dissapointed when i had read the news that these intruments are not sold online. Selling on Ebay for nearly 4 thousand US dollars, the hang seems extremley expensive. Is this the price that a hang would cost if i were to travel out to Switzerland and purchase one from the makers? Also, when sending a letter to Switzerland, is it possible that the Hang Makers can reject your application for a visit?


  88. Michael Says:

    Hi Mike,
    all I know about the price for a new Hang is said in the article. And what can I say about your question wether the Hang Makers can reject your application for a visit? Yes they can because they are free to decide whom they sell a Hang, but why should they reject especially your request? The important fact is, that you will be able to buy a hang, when you got an appointment and travel to Berne. They won’t refuse to sell you a hang, when you are there (unless you burn down their workshop or kill their grandmother or something like this ;-) ). As a completion to this read my comment numbered 80.

  89. Matt Says:


    I have to say, I have never seen so many people who can complain, throw stones and generally be bitter towards what they themselves are calling a “wonderful” instrument. As with most possessions, a certain demand drives people to immediately put forth an attitude of “I gotta have one”. And especially with rarer objects. But as soon as it’s not delivered conveniently into the palm of their hand, and at a cheap price, immediately accusations of “elitism” and “grandeur” are thrown at the creators. I take most hand made, precise musical intruments as works of art. I for one and extremely happy – overjoyed even that people are this dedicated to their art to restrict their craft to such levels. There are several custom guitar, bass, and drum manufacturers all over the world who hand-craft and severely limit their distribution of their crafts, so I don’t see how this is any different. If it were so easy to acquire a Rembrandt, or a Van Gogh the world would be filled with under-appreciative brats calling themselves art lovers. Instead of being grateful that someone developed a wonderful instrument, people are sad, bitter and arrogant about their desire to own one and place blame on anyone but themselves for their feelings. It seems to be true that people who genuinely love their art are willing to accept some difficulties towards obtaining a rare instrument, however for the people who don’t want to make the effort, they sulk and moan about how the creators are elitist, rather than the demanding, crybabies that certainly have been prevalent here. I have a feeling that some of these individuals themselves would like to own one because they saw a man playing it on youtube and would just use it as a piece of decoration in their apartment rather than actually play it. I agree that it is frustrating that I can’t immediately run down a local music store, or even travel 2 hours away to obtain one (I live in Canada), however I am not about to go and put the blame on the creators for my inability to own one (just yet…), when I can still dream and appreciate that such an item exists in the first place.

    Thanks for running a wonderful and informative website. It’s a shame more people commenting here would rather curse the darkness than light a candle.

  90. Michael Says:

    Thank you, Matt, for lighting your candle here :-)

  91. Caitlin Says:


    After hearing the hang drum played for the first time, I was completely awe-struck and inspired to find one. My search has become sort of an obsession.

    Is there an address, that you know of, that I may write to in order to contact its manufacturer?

    This would be of the greatest help.

  92. Caitlin Says:

    I apologize for the double post, but after reading Matt’s post above my own, I thought I should clarify.

    I am a musician– a true musician. I wish to aquire a hang drum solely for the purpose of playing it. To play such a beautiful instrument would be an honor. I respect the makers’ wishes to preserve the hangdrum’s beauty. I believe that by limiting the number produced to very few, this prevents (as Matt implies) people ordering it online, or buying it in a Guitar Center, if you will, and putting it on the coffee table at home as a conversation starter.

    It is the intensity and difficulty of the search for the hangdrum that will make me truly appreciate it, once it is finally on my knees.

    Just clarifying :)


  93. Cy Rathbun Says:

    Hi Michael, My name is Cy Rathbun, I live in Southern California and was wondering if you knew of anyone who has a Hangdrum near me, so I might hear it played or better yet be allowed to touch one. I am not a musician but ssem to have a sense of tapping inside me and would like to see if this instrument would fit my 61 year age. You do a good job keeping this blog together thank you.

  94. Michael Says:

    Hi Caitlin,
    the article above is about how to acquire a Hang (as the title says ;-) ). Just read it and your questions will be widley answered.

    Hi Cy,
    to meet Hang players in your area I suggest to visit the Hang-Music Forum and the Yahoo group “Hangdrum”. You find both here. You can also have a look in the Players Directory at hang-music.com.

  95. Blah4Life Says:

    The drum is really amazing, BUT…who do these people think they are? They must be aliens or something. They have the most ridiculous business model that I’ve ever heard. They only sell them certain months of the year. They have no e-mail or website. You need to be invited to purchase one.

    Whatever! It’s cool, but it isn’t that cool. These people seem like hypocrits. They must only care about the rich enjoying their beloved instrument.

    Why do I need to go to switzerland, meet them and enjoy one of their homecooked vegetarian dinners (yuck!) to buy a freaking drum! Are you people insane???



  96. Matt Says:

    See, the above post proves my point…

    Why do people assume that there must be a “business model”? That the first intent of every salable product is to acquire a massive profit? How many artistic endeavours are built around profit? How about maintaining an artform? Recouping expenses? I guess I just see the bottom line being that the people who create something can do what they want and choose to sell the fruits of their labour how or when (or even IF) they wish.

    And throwing in comments about only the rich being able to enjoy it is ludicrous. As a drummer myself, I can say that purchasing several drum sets over the years (please do your homework and check the costs of shells, sticks, cymbals, hardware for an acoustic drumset…), plus several hand drums, percussion equipment, etc – could have probably provided me with a handful or more of these instruments. And I am truly of average (or sometimes less than average) means.

    I guess my response to the above is: You DON’T have to go to Switzerland, you DON’T have to eat a meal of any kind or connect with the creators of the instrument. In the end, you DON’T have to own one of their instruments. Merely keep enjoying the livelihood of all the others that have taken that journey and live in envy of the people that do.

    Or you could bitch to people who have no control over the situation and just want to inform other individuals about the instrument.

    My apologies to Michael for venting…

  97. rc Says:

    The instrument is nice and simple but could be a bit limited after an initial novelty period. But I think the whole ‘cult’ thing is avarice in disguise. I suggest some real engineers get the design, and work out a mass production process. These Swiss hippies can keep doing their backyard thing. I’d rather travel to Indonesia and spend a few weeks listening to real gamalung music and dance in Yogakarta for a fraction of cost of a pseudo pilgrimage to Swiss-ville. At the rate of public interest I’ll be able to pick one up there for a half reasonable price — tuned correctly by real Indonesian musicians who still have real sacred music traditions — and probably live on $2 a day and could appreciate some business! Yep, whatever you do, don’t teach them common folk how to fish! It clearly elitism in a humble disguise.

  98. Kiff Says:


    Good to read everyones comments here. Interesting to see peoples different takes on how frustrating, or not they consider the aquisition of this unique instrument. My respect to the makers for sticking to their ethics on how they wish to produce and distribute this unique instrument. I used to work with a master craftsman who made Carrom boards, things of beauty and amazing to play. He resisted the temptations of mass production and instead traded the boards personally through festivals and shows. This personal approach meant that people engaged with the concept far more than if they just bought it off the internet coz it looked cool. So my praise to the Hang makers and I bet all of you lucky people that now own and cherish one appreciate it all the more because of your journey to obtain it and your personal meeting with the people that made it. Peace to everyone and if the Hang interests you may well have sat and played Carrom at WOMAD festivals with us.

  99. OdEeN EyeLiZz Says:

    I got tired of reading the comments..
    Is it possible to have one of the hang drum?
    if it is.., where do i get it n what is the cost…

  100. Michael Says:

    Hi Matt,
    no apologies are necessary. Your gentle breeze vents very well and is welcome ;-)

  101. ck Says:

    Cheers Michael,

    Just popping in to say thanks for the very informative information, and for diligently replying to all the questions.

    I will be writing a letter shortly. I would feel lucky to have an “excuse” to travel to a new place and experience new sights and sounds.

  102. eric Says:

    i have so much respect for the makers of this fantastically brilliant instrument and i understand the need to be one with your instrument, for each has its own its own feeling and should be matched to its counterpart/owner for optimal pleasure. if there would possibly be some way i could meet someone for the introduction of the hang without going to Switzerland ( even though i’d love to ), i would very much like to know if that was possible. if not i understand and i will have to hope life will lead me to the path where at the end the magical hang “hang”. thank you, just knowing these instruments actually exist is a welcoming breath of fresh air. Again, thank you very much.

  103. Michael Says:

    Hi eric,
    to meet Hang players in your area I suggest to visit the Hang-Music Forum and (if you are located in the US) the Yahoo group “Hangdrum”. You find both here. You can also have a look in the Players Directory at hang-music.com.

  104. cleo Says:

    regarding ebay prices of hanghang. I have noticed a pattern of zero feedback bidders ramping up the pricing. Any experienced ebayer knows the implications there and i welcome comments on this subject.

  105. Richard Says:

    Hello. I’m the “Richard” mentioned in the post above who has hosted a Hang discussion at my blog since 2004.

    I thought those of you tracking this might want to know that I’m selling my hang on eBay. I just listed it:

    I’ve put my hang on eBay. Some of you may be interested in this:

    1st Generation Hang by PANArt

  106. Cory Says:

    Hi Michael – I came across a hang drum video a while back and was intrigued by this new instrument. It didn’t take much research to find that countless others were intrigued to.

    However, a little more research proved that the STORY of the hang drum is just as intriguing(if not more) than the drum itself. I am fascinated by the story of the drum’s creation and peoples reaction to it. The manner in which you have handled the interest and your commitment to retain the dignity of this new musical instrument is also very interesting.

    In short, I have plans to spend some time in EU (I live in Los Angles) and if you would be willing to cooperate, would like to start work on a documentary of this unique story. Please email back.

  107. Cory Says:

    Hi again – Don’t worry I figured out that you have no affiliation with Felix Rohner or Sabina Schärer. I have faxed them a copy of my post. Thanks for the info!

  108. shamandala Says:

    I can’t believe no one on this site mentioned the ‘Hank Drum’. I’m totally going to buy a new, EMPTY PROPANE TANK and give it a go. I expect it won’t sound as pristine as the Hanghangs that the master craftsmen in Switzerland are making, but I do expect it will be a wicked musical toy to pacify me until I eventually get my hands on a real Hang drum, (which may never happen).
    Google ‘Hank-Drum’ and make your own, rather than belly-aching about how hard it is to buy the Swiss deal. – Thanks Hank! And Peace out everyone!

  109. Michael Says:

    Hi schamandala,
    of course the Hangblog noticed Dennis Havlena’s “Hank Drum” and linked it here. ;-)

  110. Steven Says:

    Oh my god. My whole body is tingling. I am so absolutely in love with this instrument. I wish I could lay my hands on one. I have got a new purpose in life now. I am going to do anything it takes to get me one of these.

  111. dana Says:

    I’ve seen a couple of those propane tank drums pop up on ebay each time a panart hang does. I don’t think one has sold yet. It’s five dollars of parts and $50 dollars of labor? And folks want like four to six hundred bucks for one without an audio sample either.Tribal thunder sells a cajon that’s like $99 bucks and probably took them longer to build then their propane drum. I totally agree that the original Hang is a work of art and the price is the price that people are willing to pay for it. But now look at all these views on this blog that the knowledge of how to build one should be up for grabs like the PC and the first ones out of the gate are fueled by band wagon greed. Exluding of course the public domain build your own … Listen if your going to sell a propane tank on ebay start it at $75 and see what people really want for them, I guarantee you’ll make a profit

  112. Backy Says:

    I am a student doing a degree in music technology in the UK. I am especially interested in new music instruments, and the evolution of experimental sounds. I feel like I would really put one of these hangs to good use. I am willing to travel to Switzerland to get one, but how long would I have to wait before they are available? Are they still going up in price? Is the address listed above still valid?


  113. Michael Says:

    Hi Backy,
    in my opinion the price will not change within this year. This never happened in the last years (one year – one price). But this is only my opinion. The adress listed above is still valid. How long you have to wait I don’t know. There are people who wrote a letter in summer 2007 and got an appointment for March this year. In this moment Felix and Sabina are working to manage the March sales season. I think afterwards they will contact the next prospective customers for later dates in the year. But I don’t know how many people have contacted PANArt in the last half year.

  114. Miguel Bosch Says:

    I live in Mexico, I would like very much to buy a Hang,
    Please let me know how and when.

    Thank You, Miguel

  115. Backy Says:

    Nice one Michael. Thanks for your help

  116. Backy Says:

    Oh and also, how may different tunings are available? Do you get to choose?
    should that be included in the letter to them?

  117. Michael Says:

    Hi Miguel Bosch,
    read the article, this is all I can say about your question.

    Hi Backy,
    To learn more about the sound models of the Hang read the Hang Lexicon. It doesn’t make sense to call for a special scale in the letter because the Hang Makers don’t tune Hanghang personally for customers.

    March 3rd, 2008 Michael says: The new Integral Hang from 2008 has only one scale as it is told in the updated article above.

  118. Sam Says:

    After seeing a busker playing the instrument in Amsterdam I have to say I was mesmerised not only by the sheer number of notes he was able to get out of it but also the possibilities, I’m thinking anything you could use on a drum you could also use on one of these. It’s almost like a Harp and a steel drum, the sounds it generates are so very peaceful and melodic.

  119. Lost Says:

    Guys first of all I would like to thank everyone who wrote something useful on this site. Thanks to you i’ll be sending my one letter this week.

    Does anyone know if it is better to send by mail or by fax?? Or do they look at all the dates before they start responding..??

    It’s sad that I’ve only found it now… but it’s better late then never! The Hang brought new meaning to my life!

    Thanks again michael, and all of you who help us true seekers in finding our goals!

    p.s. What should I say on the letter? simply that I request or would like to receive an invitation to their workshop in Bernin, in order to get my own Hang..?!?

  120. Dustin Matthews Says:

    I understand the fact that the hang shouldn’t be mass produced in any way, and that is why i’m submitting this comment. I know what it was like the first time i heard a hang i was at a festival and i heard something that stopped me in my tracks, i had to find out what and where the sound was. There a few people standing around this kid was he was playing. Afterwards they were asking him lots of questions . I stood back and observed since then i have wanted to own my own. I’ve played hand drums for several years but there is nothing like a hang. I don’t feel that they are for everyone but i know that i would cheerish the hang forever. The sound to me is sacred! please feel free to give me any feedback possible. Thank you very much

  121. Jake Says:

    I too have fallen in love with the hang drum. Lucky me, my dad is a pilot and sometimes flies to Switzeland so getting there isn’t an issue. My only question is how strict are the requirements to recieve an invitation to be allowed to pick out a hang? I am a skilled percussionist in high school but I obviously haven’t majored in music. Are they only looking for professionals?

  122. Lost Says:

    Dustin Mathews I don’t know what kind of feedback you are looking for, but I can tell you that everything you need to know is already on this blog..!

    And Jake, I believe they sell hanghang to any one… just look at posts no 57 & 58..! I’m no professional or musician but I’ll still give it a go..!

    And Michael, sorry for asking stuff that were already here… I’ll just write what I want to write, and hopefully get an invitation in return…!

    And to all who think that the hangmakers should mass produce or or change their way of production, for those who think that only rich people can buy it…

    i’m not rich I can tell you that for sure, nor are my parents (nor do I still live with them…!) but what I do have, is a goal, an objective, a dream…! and nothing will stop me until either I get it, or until I’m sure I never will…!

    This is kind of like Trance Festivals (even the sound…!) I’m from Portugal, where every 2 years we have Boom Festival… the ticket is not cheap, and it’s one of the biggest gaderings of the kind! there are people who spend the whole 2 years making money just to be able to be in Portugal again when the next boom comes..! and this is for every boom festival… people from every where in the world… Japan, China, Indonesia, India, all of Europe, America (N & S), Canada, even Australia that is directly opposite to Portugal in the Globe… so has you can see, it’s not a matter of money, but a matter of priorities…!

  123. Michael Says:

    Hi Lost, Sam, Jake and Dustin,
    thank you for your comments. I was away on business the last days. I think your questions are answered in the meantime. ;-)

  124. Lost Says:

    Welcome back Michael, I sent my fax yesterday… I chose to write wattever came to my head, so hopefully it seamed honest, because thats all it was honest and spontaneous. I’m affraid it might seem to honest… but what’s done is done! I’m sure that if i wrote that letter for a portuguese e would think I was trying to fool him but… lool
    So for now all i can do is wait and play my djembe.. 8) but from the moment I got to know the Hang my djembe started missing some notes..! lool

  125. The Flying Saucer Hang Drum - Sevenstring.org Says:

    [...] in delving deeper in to all of its mysteries o_O (and I think you will be lol ) Info h a n g b l o g » Blog Archive » How do I acquire a Hang? I personally thing this thing rocks and [...]

  126. alex Says:

    Salve sono un percussionista italiano vorrei comprare hang come posso fare mi potete auitare?

  127. Michael Says:

    Hi alex,
    sorry, I don’t understand your question. Google Translate and Babel Fish delivered no understandable translations.

  128. aigo Says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just put my hang up on eBay.de
    No. 330212786708

    Feel free to post me questions on eBay.de

    Worldwide shipment :-)

    Thanks a lot.

  129. Cristina Says:

    Michael, Alex wrote in Italian. I’m from Italy and I can help him directly.
    Thank you for this site and for all the information.
    I’ve just received the letter from PanArt and I think I will have an hang for the end of the year. I’m very happy!!
    I will let you know, if you are interested!

  130. Jorge Lezana Says:

    Michael, saludos desde Valdivia Chile, quisiera saber como poder obtener un Hang, ya que vivo al otro extremo del mundo, ademas de saber su precio.

    Espero puedas entender mi comentario, estoy muy interesado.

    Cariñosos saludos desde estas tierras lejanas.

    Jorge Lezana


    Michael, greetings from Valdivia Chile, I would like to know how to get a Hang, and I live across the world, as well as knowing its price.

    I hope you can understand my comment, because I do not speak English.

    Greetings from these distant lands.

    Jorge Lezana

  131. Michael Says:

    Hola Jorge,
    aquí hay una traducción al español:
    ¿Cómo puedo adquirir una Hang? (Google Translate)
    Saludos de Alemania :-)

  132. Jorge Lezana Says:

    Gracias Michael :)

  133. Lost Says:

    Cristina, please let us know when you have your hang, so that we all can share the happiness and dream some more.

    Can you please tell me how long it took for them to answer your letter?

  134. Dustin Says:

    hey it’s me dustin again i just wanted to correct my spelling on the word sacred. i said that i felt that the hang was a sacred sound. i love the sound it puts me in a different state of mind…..more on a spiritual level. anyways i just wanted to correct my spelling. thanks a lot and god bless all of u!

  135. Michael Says:

    Hi Dustin,
    I’ve just corrected the wrong spelling in your first post.
    Myself I call it sound – touch – move. But perhaps it is the same you call spiritual.

  136. Lost Says:

    No doubt Michael, ist sound ,its touch, its movement, its all that, but for some that is spiritual! When you can feel on a different level of awareness… and the Hang has that, and much more I’m sure…! I haven’t even seen one live, with my own eyes..! lol
    I for example would consider it a more primitive state of mind… when nothing comes between you and your instrument, and when during that time nothing else matters, nothing else exists…
    That’s what’s so good about the Hang, its so personal that even when it comes to defining it in words, its allows everyone to have their own view, or idea, or whattever they feel like… its abstract, its indefinable..!

  137. Michael Says:

    Hi Lost,
    “…when nothing comes between you and your instrument…”
    Well said! Some people call it “spiritual”. Because it is the result of the interaction of a biological being with structured material and I’m so close to the material (my fingers close to the vibration of the steel sheet and the air resonance) I wouldn’t call this “spiritual”. But as you and I said, others may use other words to express similar experiences.

  138. Randy Granger Says:

    Michael, thank you again for this invaluable information. You have tremendous patience. I’ll make a link to this page from my site.

  139. Seth Gatelog Says:

    What is the world coming to? “I want a hang drum now, and I want it to be cheap!” Some of the posts here are disgusting and I’m sure the hang makers are glad to not have to sell one to every whiny little prick who gets mad they aren’t being sold at Walmart. Is anyone really that upset that these guys haven’t totally sold out to some manufacturer that will start making crappy drums in Indonesia by means of child labor? Spoiled brats!

  140. Lost Says:

    lllooolll well said Seth. People should be glad that there are still things on this world that remain unique… but maybe its just frustration speaking…

    I think all the process is just has it should be, and i’ll wait as long as I have to to get my own! and when I say my own, I really mean it, plain and simple, because it will be the one that chooses me, and it will sound different from any other Hang in the world! and for that i’ll put my self through any challenge! just like everyone should be doing instead of just comming to and complain…!

  141. Dave Says:

    Hey Michael,

    I’ve spent the last hour or so reading through the comments to answer any questions that I had. Most have been answered. You mentioned in an earlier comment that if an out of tune hang drum is brought back to the makers, it can be re-tuned. Would this come at a price? Would it have to be schedualled just like when first buying the hang drum? Also, how often would it go out of tune? Not by a bang or rough handling but general wear and tear…
    Hope to hear from you soon,


  142. Michael Says:

    Hi Dave,
    if a Hang isn’t treated roughly it generally doesn’t go out of tune. When I bought my second generation Hang I had my older Hang with me. After one and a half year of playing it wasn’t really out of tune, but Sabina tuned it and made some very slight perfectings. And the second generation and Integral Hanghang stay in tune better than the first generation instruments. Hang owners who need a tuning can reach PANArt via fax or email and will get an immediate answer. They can come to the Hangbauhaus or send their Hang to the Hang Makers. The current price for tuning I don’t know. What I have heard from others in the past was that the price wasn’t high.

  143. Dave Says:

    Cool, thanks

  144. Garrett Says:

    I have so much respect for the makers of the Hang. Possibly the sweetest instrument of all time and developed by the sweat of their brows and hands.
    That being said, I have a hang, and i got it for free. My boy, Will, gave it to me when he heard me play it. I fell in love and he loved the sounds i could make. I have been playing tabla, djembe, and kit since i could move my fingers. Sabina has retuned my drum and fixed damage to this the most precious of things. The company was easy to deal with and great to provide reasonably priced repair through the mail. The moment Will gave me this instrument was truly one of the only moments of true joy in my life.
    For a video of I playing this instrument, just Youtube “hang burningman”.
    I apologize in advance for the drunken storytelling that immediately follows my playing.
    Thanks for the amazingly informative site, it gave me all kinds of things to think about……
    Garrett Terminus

  145. David Says:

    Hi Michael, thank you so much for all the information on this blog, and for helping those connect with one of the most extraordinary instruments available today. I have just faxed Felix and Sabine my letter, how long could one wait for some sort of response, and what method do they use to do so (email, regular mail, fax, etc.)??

    I have read most of the posts on here, but not all, so I apologize if you answered this already.

    thanks again!
    - David

  146. Michael Says:

    Hi David,
    Felix and Sabina are very busy in the moment. They have sent answers to many people who had sent their letters or faxes between August 2007 and January 2008. I don’t know when they will answer to you. It may be immediately or in a few weeks or in a few months. So don’t worry. All people who got an answer this year received a letter containing a booklet about the Hang and the agreement. People signed the agreement and sent it back to PANArt. After this they received an email or letter telling when the Hang will be shipped or when a visit in the Hangbauhaus will be possible and how the payment will be done.

  147. Julia Says:

    Hi Michael

    Thank you so much for all your work here, it is very helpful!

    Love and Light

  148. Douglas Says:

    Micheal, I just recently became aware of the Hangdrum from a performance by Manu Delago. What a beautiful instrument and a talented performance! This unique instrument needs to stay unique. In our Instant Coffee-microwave dinner-instant download-text message world; people have become impatient and spoiled.

    I am a magician, and i learned magic by being mentored by other living magicians, by reading books, and by performing magic for real people. Unfortunately, many so-called magicians today want to learn magic “instantly” by download. They want to learn by DVD. And so their magic is devoid of originality and spirit (literally monkey see, monkey do). They often don’t even perform for live people, but post their self videoed “magic” on the web, often exposing the secret.

    Music, like magic, requires not only practice, but patience. I think of the Hang drum as a musical version of the Zen bow for Zen archery. The bow, the ability to shoot an arrow using almost a sixth sense, and learning the Zen approach to life cannot be purchased or downloaded. One must walk the path first. That people aim their impatience and anger toward you and the inventors is understandible, given the current state of society, but please take it all with a grain of salt.

    I had to give up playing the Trap set due to stresses on my wrists, but I have always drummed with my hands (since grade school), on desktops, bongos, and even empty water jugs. Someday I will play the Hang. I send that thought out, and I know it will happen: when the time is right.


  149. daniel Says:

    hello there,
    the hang is just amazing***
    i’m a percussionist playing indian traditional drums,
    and thought i ve seen most of “weird drums” but i guess i was wrong…
    i see its really dificult bying one quickly!!???
    i’m in paris and i’m ready to buy atleast one as soon as possible
    please let me know anything helpfull,
    if anyone from paris has got one i kindly ask him to contact me as i would love to feel this drums in my hands…
    thank you all,
    may peace and harmony be with you…

  150. Michael Says:

    Hi Douglas,
    thank you for your thougts. Because there are only a little number of hang players in the world (I guess between 3500 and 4500) the internet is a great chance to get in contact with others who love this musical instrument. But the internet is also the medium of instant communication and instant satisfaction. So we have to tolerate the expressions of impatience and incomprehension.

  151. Michael Says:

    Hi daniel,
    visit the Hang-Music Forum to meet hang players in your area.

  152. daniel Says:

    by the way i would love to meet musicians,
    i was the last 17 years in india,
    and i’m now around paris…
    music is the way of truth and simplicity,
    just pure feelings in instant present moment…
    extatic feeling wich i get only true mucic…
    take care evryone,
    may music bring peace to all of you…

  153. Jorge Lezana Says:

    Michael, Sabina Schärer y Felix Rohner actualmente no tiene E-mail? para hacerles consultas…

  154. Michael Says:

    Jorge, para el primer contacto, una dirección de correo electrónico no está disponible. Tiene que enviar una carta o un fax.

  155. Asbjørn Says:

    Hi there
    This is a great blog – nice to finally get the story from A to Z.
    The first time I heard the hang drum was on the Millennium Bridge in London where a guy was playing. Like others have said (yes, I’ve been in Park Guell in Barca as well :) the atmosphere was quite amazing. I run a small custom shop in Denmark where my partner and I build drum kits and some percussion; tiadrums.com. It would be great to deal with the hanghang in Copenhagen as well, but if things are the way they seem to be (I very much enjoyed Douglas’ post – you said it!) we will just have to wait. Waiting patiently increases the joy when you finally get your drums …or that’s what I try to tell my customers when they’re bitching about four months delivery on customized drum kits ;-)
    Take care everybody and keep playing!

  156. Intuning Says:

    Hi Michael,
    This is great. 1st time I heard the news about the new hang. Havn’t been on the hang-music forum for a while. I noticed a few artists have 2 or even more hanghang. I am very satisfied with my hang, but without sounding too greedy, I would love to get another one at some point to broaden my scope of composition -Sometime in the further future as finances wouldn’t permit at the moment!! Do you know how Felix & Sabina are with a request for a 2nd hang??

  157. Michael Says:

    Hi Leonie,
    don’t worry about asking for a second Hang. I never heard that they critcize someone for his desire for another Hang.

  158. Amir Says:

    Hey people=)
    I heard about hang on youtube. and I was craving to play it. Im from Malaysia, and i was wondering where i could purchase this superb instrument. If there are none for sale in Malaysia, please give me a website which would enable me to purchase online=)

    thanks for your time=)

  159. philipp kurze Says:

    hallo, ich langweile mich gerade und deswegen schreibe ich jetzt irgendwas

  160. Michael Says:

    Hallo Philipp,
    kannst ja mal wieder zum Hang spielen vorbeikommen :-)

  161. KraayZeeEyez Says:

    Hello, when I first heard a Hang I knew that I would like to have one, but realized that I am to poor and to young to go and buy one… but know I have heard that they can ship the Hang to you!

    But you still need to know their mail… and I don´t have or know how to use a fax.

    So, do anyone of you know their mail?
    And thanks to showing me this wonderful instrument. I can play piano and guitar very well, and music is the biggest and the greatest thing in my life. And I would so much like to a Hang also

  162. Michael Says:

    Hi KraayZeeEyez,
    it isn’t possible to send your Hang request via email to PANArt. Write a letter. The postal address is in the article above.

  163. KraayZeeEyez Says:

    I see

    Thank you very much. But they do send hang drums now do they?

  164. Michael Says:

    Yes, in February they anounced, that they will ship the new Integral Hang. In the Hang-Music Forum you can find some discussions about this topic and read about the first lucky ones who got their Hang in the last few days.

  165. Saeed Says:

    hey Michael,

    I just wanted to ask if i sent them a fax or letter would be better with all my details, because to be honest I live all the way in DUBAi, and i just started working on my very first job, and i really dont know what to do… to be honest you dont understand I REALLY NEED THAT iNSTRUMENT IN MY LIFE… i need your help, what can you advice me to do… please, Thank you



  166. Michael Says:

    Hi Saeed,
    I haven’t any special advice how to write your letter to PANArt. Just write what you want to tell them. And then be patient and wait for an answer. It can last weeks or months depending on how many others have sent a letter too.

  167. Manch Says:

    This instrument is amaizing. The sound is revolutionary and it expresses what i’m thinking perfectly. I’m going to try as hard as i can to get one of these even if it takes me untill the day I die. If anyone has any tips on how to write the letter to them or if it needs to be in a certin language or if it needs to be formal or not.

  168. Marti Says:

    Yes they are amazing, yes they are in short supply, but doesn’t anybody know how to use Google. There are alternatives (which sound just as amazing) out there.

    For example – http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZtifon513

    Also, Pantheon Steel are almost ready to go into production on their version, they make steel drums. There is a link on the home page re. hang drums, click it for a standard reply and the opportunity to get the updates, register your interest, etc.

  169. Michael Says:

    Hi Marti,
    these instruments in your ebay link are not a Hang and not comparable to the PANArt Hang!! So I think it is misdirecting to call them hang drums. They are metal tongue drums: Tongues are sawn in the metal. They sound very different compared with the PANArt Hang and I would never buy one for a price of over $500 without testing it in real life.

    What will come out of the efforts of Pantheon Steel nobody knows in this moment. Nobody knows the price and nobody had listened to the sound. So let’s wait until Pantheon will release its instrument. In the Hang-Music Forum this topic is discussed and there you will certainly read about the first experiences when the first people got a Pantheon instrument.

  170. Michael Says:

    Hi Manch,
    you can write your letter in English, German, Italien or Spanish and there are no formal requirements. Just write what you want to write.

  171. Danilo Says:

    wooah woah woah!
    I just couldn’t read all the comments and stopped in the middle, but when i did, i read that PANArt are already mailing Hang drums. Is it true?

    By the way, thanks for the post Michael, my name is Danilo. I’m from Mexico and like all the guys above i discovered the hanghang in Barcelona.

    I really want a Hang and i heard from a friend of a friend of mine that he was going to get one from Barcelona, maybe because i was not in my five senses at all, i missed asking him the details, but if you have any idea could you tell me please?

    Oh and also if the prices of the hangs can vary from the size or all the 30 different types of it.


  172. Michael Says:

    Hi Danilo,
    yes, PANArt ships the new Integral Hang. No, you can’t get a new Hang from Barcelona. No, there aren’t any longer many different scales and there aren’t different prices.

    The present situation how you can acquire a Hang is explained in the article above. Read the whole article and all your questions will be answered. The article is much more important than all the comments under the article.

    By the way the name of the instrument isn’t hang drum but Hang.

  173. hope Says:

    hey!!!!please i don’t know what to do to bye a Hang!!i want it desperately and i am very sad to hear from you that there is nowhere i can bye it!!please give any information about it,even it’s a shop or sth….

    love from greece

  174. Michael Says:

    Hi hope,
    There is a place to buy a Hang. You can buy a Hang from PANArt directly. How you can do this is explained in the article above. Read the whole article and your question will be answered.

  175. stefano Says:

    Hi my name is stefano and i come from padua ,Italy.I absolutely want to buy one of these hang drum and in your opinion the panart will give me one of these if I go to Bern directly without placement?????

  176. Michael Says:

    Hi stefano,
    if you go to Bern without an appointment they won’t sell you a Hang. All Hanghang ready to sell are spoken for people who watched for them several months. So send a letter or fax as it is explained in the article above.

  177. Danny Barber Says:

    I am considered a master Jaw Harp player and I had the priviledge to be allowed to play a hang in Thailand and I wanted one immediatly and I am excited about the possibility of having one of these gifts to share with this world while I am here I am so honored to see People that can create such beauty with their hands and on top of it all to make sounds that are other worldly It is intoxicating to my thoughts and I do not drink! but my heart drinks the hope of one day …I will be graced to be a stewart of one of these great prized physical ghost! go to my profile and you will see that I am playing one and I never touched one ever and you can attest to my joy!

  178. Stefano Says:

    dear friends, I want to visit Bern Hang Draum factory to possibly buy or order an Hand drum. Before my departure I need to be sure that someone in Bern will wait for me. I sent several faxes to the number in web site BUT NO RESPONSE. Do you know a tel nimber or another way to contact them ?? Grazie e ciao, stefano

  179. Michael Says:

    Hi Stefano,
    There isn’t any chance for you to get an immediate response, because there are so many people before you on the waiting list. They got appointments in August, October, November… In the Hang-Music Forum a woman wrote that she asked for a Integral Hang when she was in Bern a few weeks ago because her first generation Hang required tuning. She was told, that she could get one in 2009. So be patient and wait for an answer. I think this will last several months. In the answer the Hang Makers will tell you about the exact process and timeline for how you can buy a Hang.

  180. civilian Says:

    just wanted to say that I was lucky enough to learn of this instrument only a few days ago, as a good friend of mine’s father JEREMY DRISCOLL from TORRINGTON, CT was one of the first US purchasers of this instrument, and although I didn’t get the chance to play one myself yet, I already know that this drum will have a profound impact on the course of my life!

  181. Paul Says:

    Sound and looks great! Unfortunately, $2,500.00 (us) is too much for me.

    I will continue to groove with my used propane tanks.

    Good Luck !

  182. Vincent Says:

    I need this instrument i think it is the instrument for me i love music en i drum allot mail me if you have more information



  183. Djordy Says:


    Thanx for your explanation in the above article. This is the most updated info I could find about purchasing a Hang (makes me even suspect you’re one of the Hang Makers yourself, posing as a guy named Michael). Also thanx for being so patient for some of the idiots asking the same questions over and over again in the above comments.
    My time for being patient has also come, as I have written a letter to the Hang Makers. I do not care if it takes time, I just hope to ever play a Hang in the future. Why are people so stressed out about the fact that they cannot obtain one within a couple of clicks on the internet? What’s the rush? So it takes a year, maybe even 2, so what? They’ll appreciate the uniqueness of this instrument even more after getting one. Anyway, I have one question for you that I was wondering about:

    Do the Hang Makers accept everyone that sends a letter to them or do they “filter” the people out that they think are most suitable to get one?

    Thanx, Djordy

  184. Michael Says:

    Hi Vincent,
    all information about purchasing a Hang is in the article above and in my answers to questions in the comments. When I will find out something new I will update the article.

    Hi Djordy,
    to clarify my identity you can visit the Hang-Music Forum. There are several members who know me and the Hang Makers as well personally and can confirm that we are different persons. I am a Hang player from Germany and got my first Hang in the end of 2005. In November 2006 I started the Hangblog.

    My knowledge about the Hang purchasing process comes from watching the scene since 2006: Researching the internet, following the Hang-Music Forum, running the Hangblog and receiving comments, getting mails from Hang buyers and personal contacts with the Hang Makers and several Hang players.

    To answer your question: I noticed since spring-time 2007 that very different people received their answers from PANArt. Felix Rohner told in August 2007 that everyone who write a letter will get an answer. In particular cases some persons may have a shorter waiting period, because the Hang Makers decide that they should get their Hanghang earlier, but I never noticed that the Hang Makers sorted prospective buyers out.

  185. Djordy Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the quick response and satisfying answer. I wasn’t really serious about you being one of the makers, I just think it is great that your info is so updated, while almost nobody else in this world seems to know what the situation is with PANart (or at least are not willing to share it).

    Thanks again for sharing your info,


  186. Michael Says:

    Hi Djordy,
    there are a lot of rumors about the Hang out there in internet forums and blogs. But if one knows how to research the internet he will find the places with reliable information. ;-)

  187. Sergi Says:

    Hola, soy un chico de Catalunya (spain) y estaria muy interesado en comprar un Hangdrum, que tendria que hacer? Si se tiene que ir a Suiza, qué dirección es?? Muchisimas gracias.

  188. Michael Says:

    Hola Sergi,
    no hablo español. Visite estos lugares para conseguir más información en español: El Hang and La Casa Del Hang.
    In English language you can find all information you need in the article above.

  189. monkeyweasel Says:

    ive never even heard a real hang drum being played, and dont really need one either, but it was a very interesting article. thanks.

    less impressive however is the large proportion of lazy or stupid people who comment here below, either without reading the article, or without thinking

    i totally respect the hangmakers’ ethics and motivations for working in this way. the fact that others just can’t accept that not everyone wants to sell out their idea and make fast money is pretty damn depressing. Perhaps they dont want to get rich and go live on an island, as someone suggested, perhaps they actually LIKE the way they live, perhaps they ENJOY making hang drums.

    they only slight criticism i DO have though is that this way of working means that only middleclass people in the wealthy countries of Europe and North America can realistically purchase a hang drum. as a couple of interested people from Asia posting above have already pointed out, the cost of a trip to europe and of the drum itself is way too expensive for less well-off people in places like latin-america, asia and africa. its easy for someone like me who makes a reasonable living and lives in aneighbouring european country to go to berne, but for someone travelling from, say, south america this would mean spending their entire life’s savings to make the trip. thats if the swiss immigration would even give them a visa to enter the country in the first place. and so for many it just would never be possible.

  190. gr8fulflyer Says:

    This has been really fascinating to read about. Thanks, Michael, for providing the space (and time and attention it requires) for this discussion. I, too, think it’s admirable that the makers/artists do this the way that’s right for them. It would easy for most people to sell out and mass produce, but then the drums wouldn’t be as special and the makers would lose their livelihood. Hard to know how to address the financial inequity around the world. As a percussionist who’s always looking for something new and different to play, the temptation to find a way to buy one is strong. But I have to separate out hype from real desire – it’s easy to get swept up in the craze of it all. But I say, more power to them. I hope they keep doing what they love, and taking the time to continue to explore. I’m sure a worthy apprentice or two or more might some day appear, and there will be more made. For now I think we should enjoy any recordings we can find, and support live performances with hang drum if we find those.

  191. Lost Says:

    It’s a shame that things are as they are… but the hang is just like any other quality instrument… you at least have to have some money to be able to buy it…! I’m sure there are people in Asia and elsewhere who love violins or pianos and can’t afford them anyway… At least the hangmakers started mailing the Hang again… that might make it easier for some people who this way don’t have to gather money for the trip… but for sure there will be many people who’ll never be able to afford it… maybe on their next life ;)


  192. monkeyweasel Says:

    you can buy pianos and violins anywhere, including the 3rd world, without having to get a visa and buy an airticket on top of the cost of the instrument. my comment was more about the previous situation in which you had to actually travel to berne to buy one, but, as you’ve pointed out, this has actually changed and its now possible to have a hang drum posted to you

  193. Ashley Says:

    first of all- thank you so much for taking the time to get all of this information to us- please know that it is greatly appreciated.
    I am getting in touch because I am not having any luck with the fax number you provided in the article. am I dialing wrong? or does it no longer work?
    I will go ahead and send a letter to Felix and Sabina- but I would rather know that it has arrived. I have been on the hang journey for two and a half years now already and made contact with them numerous times over email- but it has not happened yet- and I am one step closer, feeling like my time has got to be soon. Any help you have about the number would be awesome. Thank you so much.

  194. Michael Says:

    Hi Ashley,
    perhaps the + in front of the number doesn’t work in your area or with your fax machine? Here you can find out which number you can dial instead of the + : http://www.countrycallingcodes.com

  195. Jennifer Says:

    hi there –

    thanks so much for this informative website. do you anything of how they keep tabs on who’s next in line? i faxed a letter today and it went through, but i am just wondering when or if i should hope to get some kind of confirmation at all, if they have any working “the office,” so to speak.


  196. Michael Says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m not sure wether I got what you meant because I’m don’t understand the meaning of “tabs” and “office” in your post. I think you want to know wether they will acknowledge receipt of your fax. No they will not. It may be excepted that you will have to wait several months for an answer.

  197. Rory Says:


    Is it possible for me to order a Hang from Toronto Canada without picking it up from Switzerland? Can i order one to be delivered to me?

    If so, how?

    Thanks a lot


  198. Michael Says:

    Hi Rory,
    all information you want is in this article. ;-)

  199. Ron Says:

    This is a piece of art.. don’t think of it as some instrument made in some Chinese sweat shop factory. A true musician will appreciate it as such and the time that goes into making such a wonderful handmade instrument. Only someone who wants one quick and cheap to impress their friends will scoff because they can’t get one at their local discount music store.

    Also, a true musician will appreciate the opportunity to visit the makers, observe and be part of the process and see their instrument come to life. How amazing is that?

  200. Lost Says:

    Couldn’t agree more Ron, but that applies to those who can afford the trip.

    I sent my letter in february an still no answer, but when it does come I prefer to pick it up myself but I live in Portugal and that makes things a lot easier, i can go by plain or train and not spend much. But for me one of the most important things about the Hang is having the chance to meet the actual makers and enjoy a good time, mainly learning a lot, not only about the Hang but also about music itself.

    Can’t wait for that moment!


  201. Michael Says:

    Hi Lost,
    you’ve got the opportunity to write the 200. comment about the the Hangblog’s most read article. :-)

    I just tried to be the one myself, but you was a few seconds faster ;-)

  202. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Michael -

    Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, i wanted to know if they would acknowledge my letter, ah well. Just have to count my pennies for my hang fund meanwhile. It is quite a journey, this hang drum. No instrument has been able to capture me the way this one has. I love music, but never considered myself to have any sort of talent for playing instruments. The hang is so deeply intuitive, though, the sounds that come from it are as individual as the people themselves.

    My first encounter with the hang, I was in meditation. I heard the drum before I saw it, and thought it was someone playing a New Age CD over the loudspeakers, it sounded like a mix between a steel drum, a Tibetan singing bowl and a harp. I thought, “How lovely!” Suddenly the music stopped and I felt this anguish. “Hey! Where’s my music?” I thought. It started up again and I relaxed and focuesd on the sounds. The palms of my hands were resting on my knees and as I listened they started to tingle, rooting me to the place where I sat. How magical…to play such an instrument as this would be both an honour and a pleasure.

    If you have ever read Siddartha by Herman Hesse, you know that there is a moment that Siddartha hears a sound as he overlooks the Ganges. It is the sound of the universe. I believe it was a hang, and that the drum has returned to us through time and space. :)


  203. Lost Says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    thats a beautiful thought! 8) I’ve read siddhartha and its actually a coincidence because I lent it to a friend and just got it back yesterday! I didn’t even knew where it was any more… now I do ;)

    And the hang can very well produce what might be considered by some to be “the sound of the universe” 8) with all its balance and harmony, and all its constant evolution and discovery, and its imperfections as well ;)


  204. Barry Says:

    Hi Hangfans everywhere,
    I’d just like to share some thoughts and experiences with you.
    I first met the hang in a recording studio last spring (I am a drummer and percussionist, and was booked to play on the same session) . I fell in love instantly, wrote to the Hanghaus within a few days, and received an invitation within 3 months ( but I now know that there is an element of luck in this speedy response) .
    I flew to Berne in August , and spent 3 days and 2 nights with Felix and Sabina. Since returning with my much loved hang I have played daily; It is my most treasured possession, and has opened many doors for me musically.
    I have just read about the new “Integral Hang” and that it may be purchased by mail…albeit after a long wait…but I actually think that anyone who does so will miss out on a fantastic experience. I am in awe of the skill required to make and tune the instrument, but more importantly, spending time with Felix and Sabina, and learning about their philosopy, is just as special as the instrument itself.

    I have spent most of my adult life playing and collecting drums and percussion, and again,( not wishing to be deliberately controversial), consider the hang to be very good value, especially when you factor in the case and backpack , as well as the excellent hospitality one receives at the Hanghaus. Add the cost of a flight from just about anywhere in the world, and it is STILL a good deal for an instrument of this calibre …. have you seen the price of a decent Spanish guitar or a quality saxophone?

    A cautionary tale…..I have just returned from touring around Australia. I carried the Hang as hand luggage, played it maybe 40 times, let loads of complete strangers have a go ( my only instruction, strictly no rings or watches!) …..no problem….. then last week, at a rehearsal I fumbled a quick change between Hang and Udu, and managed to bang the Hang against a stand……and have completely wrecked the tuning! I was nearly physically sick when I realized……I had no idea just how easily they can be damaged. PLEASE BE WARNED. I am now waiting to have it re-tuned.
    I used a really expensive courier company to get it to Berne, and sent money via an international transfer, also expensive….and have just tonight hear that my hang is stuck in customs at the Swiss border….In retrospect, I should have jumped on a plane! It would have saved time and cost almost the same. I will now be investing in a proper flight case, and will be FAR more cautious when handling it in future….. (Has anyone seen the Burning Man video where the guy beats the crap out of his Hang, and ends up spinning it , ding side down….madness.!!!! ….) don’t think I’ll be doing that in a hurry!
    So my advice; write that letter; start saving your cash; go to Switzerland; and when you finally get your Hang, be bloody careful with it!

    Cheers Barry

  205. Jennifer Says:

    Hi there Lost and Barry!

    Lost – That’s some interesting synchroncity we’ve got going on there! ;) Even though I shouldn’t be surprised, I always pleasantly am when those little kowinkydinks occur.

    Barry – Ouch! Sorry to hear about the mishap with your hang, I had no idea they were so fragile at all! Hope your drum made it safely to Bern. I’ve seen that Burning Man video and it’s funny caz I thought he was rather brutal with the drum, but then I said to myself, “What do I know? I’m no musician.” Well…at least until I get my hang. ;) Great tip re no rings or watches.


  206. Dahn Says:

    Jeez, what a great blog and comments… seems like a good community has formed around this mystifying instrument, I would love to aquire one but being a 17 year old living in the US, doesn’t help me much.. I guess I will just have to enjoy the videos and songs of other for now.. thank you for the insite Michael.


  207. die Says:

    thank god these things are hard to get a hold of… it means less dirty hippies annoying the fuck out of everyone around them.

  208. Lost Says:

    That is just beautiful, really classy thing to say!

    Great argument!

  209. Reg Says:

    I live in Calgary Ab. Canada and all I want to know is how I can get one without going to Switzerland????????.
    Can anyone help me


  210. Kyle Says:

    Hi, I saw a comment above talking about the fax number. Is it possible to, instead of sending a written letter all the way to Bern, to just fax an inquiry of setting up an appointment for a hang? Also could you repost the fax number for confirmation

  211. Michael Says:

    Hi Reg and Kyle,
    all information you want is already in the article above. You don’t need to go to Switzerland and you can send a letter or a fax. I checked the Fax number published in the article several times when I received requests wether this number is ok. And now I did it another time and can confirm: The fax number quoted in the article is identical with the number published on the former PANArt website. And I know several persons who used this number to contact PANArt and were successful. However realize that PANArt’s answer will last several months. So sending a fax or a letter doesn’t make a difference.

  212. Kyle Says:

    I’m am so excited that the new hangs are available for shipment! Thank you Michael for the information.

  213. Simon L Says:

    Hi Micheal,

    I would like to fax PANart with a request to purchase a hang.
    I have heard that they will only ship out or favour top end musicians for their service.

    What would you recomend stating on this fax to catch they’re attention….or am I over analising this! Should I just send a simple reuest with contact details as a consumer or ‘tart’ up th request a little bit?

    Great blog buy the way….

  214. LaBizzara Says:

    Today i have send a letter to Panart, but why people still asking the same question again and again? like simoms – sorry simons, hope you take no offence- , please read a little this blog before you post, only take a few minutes…

  215. Michael Says:

    Hi Simon,
    LaBizzara is right, I answered this question in the comment numbered 80. What you heared is completely wrong. There are a lot of rumours out in the internet. Visit the Hang-Music Forum and meet Hang players. You will find: The majority are no professionals and there is a wide range of personal approach to music and of musical experience. Felix Rohner one of the two Hang Makers was a teacher before he became a steelpan tuner. In the 1980th and 1990th he worked a lot with school steelpan projects and non professional steelbands in Switzerland. So you can see: The Hang Makers don’t aim at “top end musicians” with their work. Although there are less than 6000 Hanghang out in the world, the owners of them doesn’t differ to the owners of other musical instruments like a guitar, saxophon, violin, flute or all the others: They range from beginners to master practitioners.

  216. Simon L Says:

    Thanks guys…

    So there is roughly 6000 units at present in the world, bearing this in mind, is there really a 2 year wait after confirmation?

  217. Michael Says:

    Hi Simon L,
    I don’t know what you want to say with “confirmation”. Also a 2 year wait isn’t mentioned in the article. The latest information is, that people who contacted PANArt in February was told, that they can get a Hang in 2009.

  218. Bart Says:

    The fax/phone dosn’t work any more… Try’d it several times on several days… So hopefully the old fasion way will work; I’m posting my letter to switzerland today!! Thankx for the info on your blog Michael, it helped me a lot in my quest for the holy grale of musical instruments!! Waiting with patience for the Hang, I wil kill time playing the didgeridoo! Greetings from Belgium! Keep up the good work!

  219. Michael Says:

    Hi Bart,
    the number told in this article and told also in the Hang booklet published by PANArt some months ago isn’t a phone number. It is only a fax number. So calling this number with a telephon cannot work. I don’t think that the fax number was canceled. It is PANArt’s fax number for years and was recently published again in the Hang booklet. Maybe you used the wrong country code or there were temporarily technical problems.

  220. Bart Says:

    I just get a short beep while trying to fax, and no connection at all. But it’s oke, the postal letter wil arrive there next week and hopefully I get an awnser in a few weeks, months… I made no special letter with a lot of bullsh*t in it, don’t think that’s going to change my chanses. I just hope they still take the time to send a reply to every one that made contact with them.

  221. Michael Says:

    Here is a current forum discussion that shows: Fax problems can be solved. The fax number is working.

  222. Moi Says:

    I saw the hang being played in Baltimore, Maryland a year ago, and was transfixed by it; I am now re-discovering the hang, and I am interested in purchasing one. I sent a letter to PANArt yesterday.I want to get one for a friend’s Bar-Mitzvah, but I doubt that it’s possible. How long is the waiting list at this point in time?
    Also, what is the method of payment that people use to buy Hanghang?

  223. Michael Says:

    I don’t know how long the waiting list is at this point of time. There are information from several sources that this year’s production is completely spoken for. More can’t be said today. Payment methods in the past were cash when one went to Bern and bank transfer when one got the Hang shipped.

  224. rg Says:

    Surley there has to be someone else that can make these? If there is such a demand why does nobody else try to make the drums, I mean if the compitition consists of 2 guys from Switzerland who refuse to make enough drums why in the heck has nobody else thought to start making them?

  225. sarangifactory Says:

    Hi Michael, your sources are right i got my letter from Felix & Sabina, all Hangs are spoken for up until spring 2009, and then they shall be taking a break, to research the Hang further. So im hoping maybe by 2010, I should have 1, good things come to those who wait i guess lol :)

  226. Michael Says:

    Hi sarangifactory,
    there are more people receiving this letter in the last days. I have just updated the article above to describe the current situation.

  227. Csilla Says:

    The only thing I can’t understand is why don’t they train people who could make these wonderful instruments? Why do only two people on this earth make them? What if they die? That was it, or what? OK, that they want to go on holiday, but if there is such a great demand, come ON, teach some folks how to make proper hangs!
    Plus why must I write a mail that costs me a nice sum of money for a few lines, when an email address would be more helpful? that wouldn’t cost anything… Yeaa, I know they’d be flooded by emails, but then there’s the thing that they should employ more people…
    And the price… Even if I can afford to go to Bern, being a university student 880+40 euros is WAY TOO MUCH!! When will I ever have that amount which I wouldn’t need for everyday living? 10 years?
    I think the makers make everyone bitter about acquiring an instrument, so the effect is no one wants to buy one any more. Maybe that’s what they’re up to… Yeah, probably. -.-

  228. Csilla Says:

    I wouldn’t want to see anyone experimenting with trying to make a hang… I would like to have the original quality, that’s why I suggest THEY (the makers) should train folks.

  229. Michael Says:

    Hi Csilla,
    I think you haven’t read the article above, because you write about 880+40 Euro and that you have to travel to Bern. These information were part of a version of the article from last year and was updated months ago. Where did you read this? Is there an outdated copy on the web?

    About training: It isn’t possible to train some people so that they can build Hanghang in a few months. It needs years of experience to build and tune a Hang. Here is an answer from me to a similar question.

    I think if someone would seriously want to become a Hang tuner and would be up to spend years to reach this goal, the Hang Makers would be interested to meet him. But even this wouldn’t increase the production in the next few years.

    And about the price: Compare the Hang price with the prices of other musical instruments. The Hang isn’t a drum!

  230. Csilla Says:

    I HAVE read the article, where it says “The price of an Integral Hang has been set at 1,200 Euro” (in 2007 as far as I can understand), and also your comment:

    Michael Says:

    August 26th, 2007 at 12:49 pm
    Hi Rolf,
    in 2007 a hang costs 880 Euro (including double shell for protection). You also needs a bag for the hang. A simple bag costs 30 Euro, a backpack bag 40 Euro. Actual there are no plans to change the prices.

    - that’s where I got it from. 880+40 for the backpack bag. Plus travelling. Or if the new versions don’t require travelling, then travelling not included. But if I take the article, where it says 1200 euros, it’s even more expensive.

    I don’t see if there were experiments to buy a similar instrument, then THEY were probably willing to try make one. Why can’t they be trained? They saw it’s not possible to just make one and now are unwilling to spend such a long time on it?

  231. Csilla Says:

    Yes, the article’s updated (June 8th, 2008) but I see no indication of a change in prices.

  232. Michael Says:

    Hi Csilla,
    880 Euro plus bag was the price in 2007. 1200 Euro including a hard case is the price for the Integral Hang in 2008.
    The paragraph about buying a similar instrument I don’t understand.

  233. mauro Says:

    I’m an italian doctor and I began to use music for meditation and therapy I have a cultural association in witch we use to play sitar tampura tabla guitar and I really like to have a Hang because I’ve never heard a sound like this penetrating so directly and so deeply in all the 7 energetic levels of the body
    I have not understood if it is necessary to write directly to PANart or these mail is sufficent to be contacted …..

  234. Michael Says:

    Hi mauro,
    You cannot send mails to PANArt via this website because the Hangblog is not a project of PANArt. If you want to obtain a Hang you have to write a letter to PANArt directly.

  235. Amir Khalaf Says:


    i am an Egyptian Composer and i would like to get a hang…is it possible now shipping to Egypt or i have to go to PanArt?

    many thanks for you effort michael

  236. Michael Says:

    Hi Amir Khalaf,
    the Integral Hang can be shipped if the buyer want it. But as it is told in the last update of the article above all Integral Hanghang are already spoken for until spring of 2009. How the situation will be after the creative break that PANArt has announced nobody knows at the moment.

  237. Jean-Francois Delorme Says:

    Hello my name is JF,i live in Montréal/Québec/Canada area,and i’m very interesseted to buy a Hang drum for my self,and maybe i can distribut your special instrument in my country,i know all the stores wich can be interesseted,i im touch with all theses stores,because i make Didgerido whit trees from my country,also Cajon(Bresilien percussion),Kalimbas and many more…

    So who can help me to get one of these Hang drum,so i can promot it,i do concert/show……….i have a boutique/café,place where we have show every week-end and where we promot artist…..

    My email is :mister_jfx@hotmail.com

    Thank you

  238. Michael Says:

    Hi Jean-Francois Delorme,
    the Hang isn’t “my” special instrument because I’m not the Hang maker. I’m a Hang player running this weblog and not involved in Hang sales. The Hang makers – PANArt – don’t sell Hanghang via dealers. How to buy a Hang is told in the article above.

  239. J-Cuda Says:

    Hi Michael,
    1st: Great Forum!
    2nd: I don’t want to sound like a broken record, so I am not asking to buy a hang (although I would love to buy one). I heard one for the first time in Koln, Germany by a street performer today. It was the most moving and amazing sound I have ever heard in my life. I purchased the CD the guys were selling and listened to it al the way back to Trier (where I live now). I know I am not far from Bern, and I will only be in Germany for a few months. Do you think they accept walk-ins at the Hanghaus to see and experience their “art”. Thanks, Jason

  240. Michael Says:

    Hi Jason,
    Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer don’t have a shop with employers receiving customers and visitors. They are only two persons in their workshop building Hanghang and receiving customers who got an appointment and Hang players coming for a tuning of their Hang. I’m not in Bern and don’t know the current situation. So I only can tell you what I noticed when I was in the Hangbauhaus last summer. A guy rang at the door and said, that he was interested in a Hang. Sabina told him that they don’t sell a Hang without an appointment, and that he should write a letter. Therefor I think it isn’t a good idea to walk in without an appointment. The better way to try out a Hang is to look for a contact to Hangplayers in your area in the Hang-Music Forum.

  241. Nick Purdy Says:

    Beautiful the hang drum is, as as everyone concurs, and I am no different in wanting to get my hands on one too.
    However, I find truly offensive the whole emphasis on cost and the perceived difficulty in tracking one down whether it is privately or through some other medium like eBay.
    Why the developers cannot a) appropriate or design their own web page or b) to employ craftsmen to continue the perennial turnover process that any sensible business would naturally strive for is particularly perplexing.
    Using my e-mail as reference to those from someone called Csilla (mid-June mail), her points are all valid. Furthermore, using the appeal of an instrument that so powerfully and positively seduces the psyche, should on no account be used as a platform that doesn’t distinguish between our natural pleasure from the instrument and the clearly contrived money-making process.
    Let’s cut out the bull!

  242. Michael Says:

    Hi Nick Purdy,
    excuse me, but your English containes too much difficult idiom phrases for me, so I cannot get the true meaning of your post especially in the last paragraph (consider: The English translation of the article above was made with the help of a native English speaking translator).

    PANArt is a business that doesn’t want to grow, Felix Rohner said in an interview three years ago. The Hang makers understand themselves as artists and not as businessmen.

    They had a website until the End of 2005 but decided to shut it down when the demand began to overrun their production capacity. In my point of view they decided to stay away from the internet because the internet has a high speed and people communicating via internet want an immediatly response. Therefor they also canceled their e-mail adress.

  243. Farid Says:

    Hello Michael thank you so much for this website/blog. It has teached me everything one has to know about the innovative instrument, espacially how to get a hold of one. Of course I entered it like almost everybody else by googling, “buy a hang drum” :o ) I believe that if I’m just patient enough i will win the lottery (get an invite from Felix and Sabina) :o ) but I read in an other website that all of the integral hanghang in 2008 are spoken for… Does this mean that if I’m lucky, I will get a reply april year 2010? I know that you are not an employe at the hangbauhaus, but judjing from your knolegde about the hangstatus it seems like you are in some kind of contact with Felix and Sabina. Believe me I’m willing to wait for a log time, and make the jurney to Berne plus pay the prize, wich I by the way think is totally fair consedering the effort put in the hang, but still some times I wonder what are the odds of getting an invite ever? Grüss Got from Farid in Denmark…

  244. Michael Says:

    Hi Farid,
    I’m completely sure that Germany has won the semi-final in Basel tonight but I’m not apprised of the plans of the Hang makers. Therefor I cannot tell you how long the announced break will last.
    What I know about the current situation you can read in the recently updated article above. When new information are available the article will be updated again.

  245. Jasmina Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I’m extremely excited about discovering the Hang. I’d not heard of it before yesterday (29th June 2008) but, drawn hear it some how. There were amazing coincidences that I found out after our ‘class.’
    The point of me writing to you is that I’m grateful for all your useful information about how to acquire a hang instrument. I’d LOVE to own such an instrument, my playing felt natural and it felt like I had always played it. It was very interesting and beautiful. I will fax the Hang Makers in the morning. Wish me LUCK! Then I will write them a letter and then do whatever it takes without harming people or any life form God willing!
    I played a Hang Cd given to me last night in a shop where I work. It really helped me relax and Some customers responded well to the sound and the atmosphere that it created. I forgot say I really ENJOYED playing it!

  246. Christine Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Since it it is so difficult to acquire a hang, I want to be able to play and experience it first before I decide if I really want to pursue one. Do you have any advice about how I should go about doing this? I live in Irvine, California. Do you think there are any people, universities, collections, etc nearby that own a hang that I could possibly use? How should I go about finding one?

  247. Michael Says:

    Hi Christine,
    there are several Hang players in California. If you visit the Hang-Music Forum, I think it will be possible to meet some of them.

  248. yansky Says:

    I was wondering why somebody else hasn’t tried making these Hang drums (given the world shortage). I’d give it a go but currently know mothing about metal work. Or is there a patent preventing that? They are wonderful. Thanks for this enlightening website.

  249. Robert Says:

    Michael could answer, but I’ll chime in regarding production of the Hang.

    The processes involved with creating a PANArt Hang are complex. There is a need to understand metallurgy, acoustics, architecture, fluid dynamics, Steel Pan Tuning, and musical theory. Each Hang is a hand crafted instrument that requires much knowledge to complete, so it is not something that can be handed off to a factory, or even to a workshop. The inventors (Felix and Sabina the Hang Makers) are still learning through their work and have applied their findings to each new generation of Hang to refine the sonic potential of the instrument.

    There are others who are working towards creating Hang Alternatives (from the Caisa, to the HAPI, from the 1Tone to the coming soon PantheonSteel.com Halo) but as of yet I’ve not heard an attempt that approaches the Hang in the ability to calm and move the listener.

    Hopefully there will be something that is able to do so.

  250. Marina Says:

    Salve, il mio nome è Marina, ho 26 anni e mi sposo tra 3 settimane.
    Io ed il mio futuro marito ci siamo innamorati pazzamente dell’ hangdrum, volevamo sapere se è possibile acquistarlo in italia o farcelo spedire qui.
    Purtroppo non abbiamo possibilità di andare in svizzera,potete aiutarci per favore?
    Ci fareste un bellissimo regalo di nozze.
    Grazie Mille
    Marina ed Emanuele

  251. Michael Says:

    Hi Marina,
    I don’t speak Italian. Therefor I translated your post with Google translate in order to understand what you wrote. I cannot help you with obtaining a Hang because I am not involved in Hang sales. How to buy a Hang is explained in the article above in English and German. If you don’t understand English or German visit the Italian section of the Hang-Music Forum and ask for an explanation in Italian.

    Ciao Marina,
    Non parlo italiano. Ne ho tradotto il tuo post con Google tradurre per capire ciò che hai scritto. Non posso aiutarti con l’ottenimento di una Hang perché io non sono coinvolti in Hang vendite. Come comprare una Hang è spiegato in questo articolo di cui sopra, in inglese e tedesco. Se non si capisce l’inglese o il tedesco visitare la sezione italiana del Hang-Music Forum e per chiedere una spiegazione in italiano.

  252. Zoya Says:

    Hello! Yesterday I have been heard this perfect instrument on the bank of Neva river. It was unbelievably! Please tell me, how I can buy Hang? And is it possible in Russia?

  253. Michael Says:

    Hi Zoya,
    to answer the question how you can buy a Hang I wrote the article titled “How do I acquire a Hang?” on this page. To read this article is your job. I cannot do it for you ;-)

  254. Jeff Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the great information on this site. I corresponded with the makers in ‘06 when I was planning a trip to Switzerland, but it didn’t pan out (haha!). But I am going in Sept. this year and realized the panart web site had been shut down, and a google search led me to your blog. Great information, very well done. Thank you. Sorry about all the posts from people who don’t pay attention! Anyway, I just sent a fax to Switzerland, and even if I am unable to purchase one this year, I hope to visit the hanghaus and see their setup.

  255. Pablo Says:

    Hi Michael

    Thanks for the valuable information you gave us here. The only thing i would like to ask is about the deadline to acquire a hang. I’m from Chile and it would be a little difficult to get the money for the hang and the flight tickets to Bern before 2009. For how long do you think they’ll stop manufacturing the instrument? and what is the deadline if I want to buy it before they stop making them?
    Thanks in advance!

  256. Prashant Says:

    Damn, these Hang makers need to learn the meaning of Capitalism. They ought to sell Hang at any price they are fetching, use that money to train more people and have more resources devoted to make Hang.
    I understand that they don’t want the quality of Hang to come down or they wanna make Hangs themselves, therefore they can make less number of Hangs for people who are seriously interested in Hang, or else the rest can buy from the ones manufactured by their Affiliates.

    My point is charging higher money only eases the path to availability to more and more people.

  257. Michael Says:

    Hi Pablo,
    there isn’t any chance for you to get a Hang before the anounced break in 2009 because all Integral Hang are already spoken for. Everyone who contacted PANArt since early June because he wanted to obtain a Hang got the answer letter mentioned in the article above. I don’t know how long the break will last. The Hang makers onounced that they will recover, reflect an research. In my point of view they didn’t plan a certain time for the break.

    Hi Prashant,
    when you read the long list of comments here you will find, that your point was discussed several times. Therefor I only say here: It is not a problem of money and the Hang makers don’t want to learn capitalism. It is their choice not ours.

  258. Abraham Veciana Gutiérrez Says:

    saludos desde España.
    Quiero pedirles 1 Hang, porfavor, contáctenme y hacemos los trámites.
    Gracias y un saludo y mucha fuerza!!!
    :=) Abraham.

  259. Michael Says:

    Hi Abraham,
    you cannot request a Hang on the Hangblog. The Hangblog is not the website of the Hang makers. To request a Hang you have to contact the Hang makers PANArt.

    Yo no hablo español.
    Aquí hay un traducción automática:

    Hola Abraham,
    usted no puede pedir una Hang en el Hangblog. El Hangblog no es el Web site de los fabricantes de la Hang. Para pedir una Hang usted tiene que entrar en contacto con los fabricantes de la Hang PANArt.

  260. Emi ♥ Says:

    namaste! :)
    my name is emily, i am 15 and am an american. i was watching videos on youtube, when i saw one video that i thought was particularly amazing. it was a man, sitting on a cliff of a huge mountain, playing a Hang and looking as peaceful as could be… i am buddhist, and strive to find enlightenment and peace, and looking upon this man’s face while he played this beautiful instrument i thought he was a god. The Hang has such an amazing sound, and … words cannot even describe my awe for this instrument. Yeah, i do want to own one but i will not complain or anything about it, even though it may be very hard for me to get one cause of where i live and everything. I am grateful for just being able to listen to the sounds the Hang makes, never mind have one of my own to make music with… ♥ and for everyone who is impatient and complaining about how hard it is to get a Hang, then think about this – it is not about achieving your goal, it is about what happens on the way there… be patient, and perhaps some day you will have one as well.

    peace, love and happiness, -Emi

  261. Michael Says:

    Hi Emi,
    thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. If you want to hear the Hang live you can check out The Hang Internet Index and visit the Hang-Music Forum. There are some american Hang players and occasional meetings or concerts take place in different areas of USA.

  262. Aliya Says:

    hi there.
    I’ve been keeping up with this website for a few months and I am fixated on my desire to get a hang. first off thank you for all the information you have provided (as the lack of information out there is kind of disheartening). I live in the U.S.A. and I was wondering if you might be able to give me a vague idea of how much a hang would be in U.S. currency, if you have any idea whether or not they would be willing to ship here, and exactly what information should be sent to PANart in a fax or letter (i.e. personal statement or general financial and purchase related info)? Also I was wondering if the makers are selective in who they will sell a hang to (?). thanks very much. take care. -Aliya

  263. chrissa Says:

    hi there!
    i am interested to buy a hang drum! is there an adress or sth to get in touch with the makers. is it easier to go in Switcherland and buy one?
    if there is a telephone number or an adress i could keep in touch.
    thank you!

  264. Michael Says:

    Hi Aliya and chrissa,
    all I can answer to your questions I’ve already written in the article and in my answers to some of the comments.
    The current situation is that all Integral Hang which will be built until spring 2009 are already spoken for, and that the Hang Makers will take a longer break afterwards to rest, research, and reflect on the future of the Integral Hang. How they will give their sound sculptures to customers after this break and how much they will cost nobody knows today (I think even Hang makers don’t).

  265. chrissa Says:

    thank you Michael for answering!
    so if there is a telephone number or fax
    even an adress to visit in Switzerland would be great!
    thank you!

  266. Michael Says:

    It’s all in the article

  267. DROP 1410 Says:

    Sorry guys but look’s like the inventors of the hang don’t want to sell more hangs (like a massive product) on my concerns I believe this is a BIG error, because looks like now the hang it’s a kind of high standard instrument just for professional musicians, I remember 2 or 3 years ago in Barcelona city you could bought a hang just for 600 euros, now yo can’t find an original hang on Barcelona… something strange and also a big error (again) because musical instruments need to be accessible to anybody.

    Good luck hang (elitist) makers!!!


    DROP 1410

  268. Michael Says:

    It’s not everybody’s life’s dream to spend his time as president of a big Hang factory in China ;-) Is it really elitist if someone loves his small workshop? There are thousends of instrument makers in the world working in there own small workshop, and nobody call them elitist.

  269. DROP 1410 Says:

    Listen Michael, I have 3 hangs in my house I bought them 3 or 4 years ago (more or less) the cheapest hang I bought was 500 euros, easy access in any Barcelona percussion shop… now when my friends and other professional percussionist are in my house and test the hang they loved and the first and BIG question is ” Where I get one??”… so frustrating because I know lot of professional percussionist here are interested in the hang sound for their sets… and when they look over ebay and other places people selling hangs for about 6000 euros or minimum in 3000 euros, they think “what the hell is that price????” . So now look’s like hang players are celestial people come from Mars with their unaccessible instruments… and that feeling is really bad, for music, for other serious percussionist and for education purposes.

    If the hang makers are not elitist… just think about this… Why they don’t make a BIG website like a resource center about their work??? with a online shop? why they don’t make a PRE-ORDER form on a website and take orders around the world???

    So the way to bought a hang is, flow to Swiss, goes to the pranart studio, and wait for your hang (if they want to sell you one) and also maybe for a starting price of 2000 euros more or less???

    So when people think that they are the BOSS of music or the BOSS over some special instrument they are lost!!!, see what happened with the tabla drums… 5 years ago was impossible to buy a tabla drum here in barcelona… now you can find a tabla drum in the supermarket if you want, and tabla drums in some features is more complicated to play than hang, so if the tabla makers can sell they instruments by orders and without (celestial) issues, my question is why PRANART don’t do the same??

    One last input… one of my three hangs was bought in a popular percussion shop here in barcelona for about 600 euros, and I remember to see about 8 hangs inside this shop… again!!! why now is not accessible to anybody???… MONEY RULES MAN…. MONEY RULES!!!


    DROP 1410

  270. Michael Says:

    Hi DROP,
    I recommend to read the whole article above. There you can read that the price of a new Hang isn’t 6000 or 3000 or 2000 Euro but 1200 Euro. Ebay is the worst and most expensive place to buy a Hang. Even in 2005 it wasn’t easy to purchase a Hang. When I ordered my Hang in summer 2005 from the former German Hang dealer, it took half a year until I got it. When you saw eight Hanghang in the music shop in Barcelona you was very lucky even at that time.
    Since 2005 the demand increased. And this is one of the reasons PANArt decided not to have a BIG website with a pre-order form. If they had one, they would receive so much orders that the custumers would have to wait for years.
    If you had read the article you also knew that you don’t have to travel to Switzerland do obtain a Hang. You can write a letter and they will ship the Hang.
    The reason why it is difficult to purchase a Hang is that two persons cannot satisfy a worldwide demand. The popularity of the Hang increased faster than the number of Hang makers.
    An US Steelpan manufacturer, Pantheon Steel has anounced to make an own version of a similar instrument called Halo. They thought they could start the production in spring 2008. Now they have anounced that they hope to start in spring 2009. And their waiting list is so long that their prospective customers will have to wait more than a year after production will have begun. You see: A Hang cannot be mass produced. Consider how old the tabla is and how many tabla makers exist in the world. In 50 years there will be more Hang makers and it will be easier to acquire one.

  271. DROP 1410 Says:

    Hi Michael

    I understood all what you are saying, also I read it the article, but my suggestion for the PANART hang makers would be that they need to stay tuned about what the musicians need and plus the information of how you can build or make a hang drum, would be great if they also made courses around the world helping people to build their hangs, like a tabla makers teach hi’s son or a best friend how to make a good tabla drum.

    If Pranart don’t open de door about how they made the hang or search another way to build more hangs like teaching other people, in the future other musicians will just can buy other imitations made by other people like this:


    Thta’s the truth or PANART expand the hang culture to other artisans and musicians or the only hang you will find quickly would be like the hangs on the links… is that good? I don’t think so…

    Thanks for all your information on this blog.


    DROP 1410

  272. Michael Says:

    I think it is not so easy to build and tune a Hang as to build a tabla. The example of Pantheon Steel shows this very well. They worked for a year to create their Halo and have just anounced that they will need another year. It is said that a steel pan tuner needs 5 to 10 years to develop his skills. The Hang makers needed 8 years to reach their current level of Hang tuning. It is impossible that musicians learn in a course how to make and tune their own Hang. Felix Rohner lead courses for people and school classes in former times to build their own steel pans. But the tuning of these steel pans remained the job of the PANArt tuners. The tuning process of the Hang became more complex in comparison to the steel pan. I think the growth of the Hang can be only a slow process. If there is someone who is seriously interested to dedicate much of his time in learning to build and tune the Hang, he should contact PANArt looking wether a cooperation is possible. But complaining that the Hang makers should do this or that doesn’t make sense. It is not their duty to satisfy our whishes.

  273. DROP 1410 Says:

    Thanks for the all information… the only thing that I’m disappoint with you it’s about how many years (or time) need a person to build a steel pans or hangs.

    But let’s finish this discussion here, I think in 2 or 3 years the situation will change also because I know a big musical instruments brand is planning to make commercial HANGS as a massive products… somebody it will have to satisfy the demand! ;-)

    Have a nice day

    DROP 1410

  274. Frank Says:

    @drop. A good place for discussions about that is maybe the forum from
    You are welcome to share your thougts about the Hang!
    And belief me that your mass production Hang form this brand is not a Hang. Maybe it looks like a Hang and maybe the sound is not bad. But a Hang sound touched the people in a deeper way. This is what a Hang makes special. I go busking a lot of times in the streets and often the people told me that they never heard and feeled something like that before in their live.
    This is the levelling rule for any new creation. To have the experience from many many years hammering metall sheet is not to learn in a short time.

  275. DROP 1410 Says:

    Hi Frank, thanks for your comments, but just to show how crazy is the situation of the hang… if you go right now to ebay.de and type PANART HANG you will find a “CRAZY MAN” selling hi’s hang for a starting bid of 3.100 euros and if you want the hang without the BID process you must pay 4.500 euros… AGAIn >>> 4.500 EUROS???? is that normal? is that good for the panart hang makers? also this quick example broke this rule:

    “…PANArt has asked that they be given pre-emptive rights to buy back Hanghang if an owner is considering selling, and that the resale price should be no higher than the acquisition price.”

    So again, I love this instrument, I love all people that play this instrument with a good vision and not just to make business over ebay, but in the future something would need to change if Panart hang maker really want to stop the TRAFFIC and ABUSIVE business of other hang owners on ebay.


    DROP 1410

  276. philosofie Says:

    hi frank.thanks for finaly doing something about the lackin of information about the hang.i live in norway right now.. and its not verry common whit hangs around here i would say..
    ever sens i saw it i ben paralysed about it… i need to get one as soon as possible as the sound cures me from a lot of pain…
    if you could contackt me back i would be so grateful…
    peace and harmony…throue music! my best regards! !

  277. Christian Says:

    If I travel to Berne, will I be able to pick one up or would I have to wait for one to be made? If it is the latter (or the former for that matter), would I still have to send them a letter?

    second question:
    If I do send them a request letter, will there be any way that they could ship the Hang to me (US)?


  278. Michael Says:

    Hi Christian,
    as it is said in the article everybody has to write a letter. If you go to Berne without an appointment you will not get a Hang, because all Hang that are ready to sell are already spoken for. Currently the Hang makers ship the Integral Hang to its buyer if he wants. What they will do after their break in 2009 nobody knows at the moment.

  279. Christian Says:

    thanks Michael!

  280. Massimiliano Says:

    Hi guys, thanks for all the information in this article, I sent two days ago a letter to PANART (via FAX) hope to get a response soon…




  281. pete Says:

    HI there
    I learned recently about the hang drum during my travels in guatemala through someone I met who saw one played in amsterdam. I travel to switzerland sunday for a two week stay. I play many hand struck instruments and feel as if the “stars aligned” for the timing of my trip. Through some quick internet reaserch, here I am. My question is this; I understand that you cannot walk in and buy a drum in bern, but since I am going to be there probably for the only time in my life(too many places in the world to see the same one twice)could I visit the hang haus to give them my information in lieu of a letter?
    exited and frustrated
    pete thank you

  282. Michael Says:

    Hi Pete,
    I can’t give you any advice. In the comment No. 240 I answered a similar question from Jason.

  283. Nam Gi Hun-Korea Says:

    Hello, I`m Nam Gi Hun in Korea.
    I`m playing Handdrum in Korea

    recently I saw a video about hang drum
    and I fall into the hang durm.

    I`m good at Handdrum in Korea(lie ;;)
    and I want to learn another one

    It is the hang drum.

    How can I get and learn about hang drum??
    Please Help me
    (If the reply is double, please where is there)

  284. Michael Says:

    Hi Nam Gi Hun,
    in the Hangblog you find a lot of information about the Hang. If you want to talk with Hang players and other people interested in the Hang, visit the Hang-Music Forum. I deleted your email adresses in your comment. In your Profile in the Hang-Music Forum you can add your email adress without the risk of spam.

  285. Nam Gi Hun-Korea Says:

    Thank you gor your advice Micheal!!

  286. Nam Gi Hun-Korea Says:

    I`m sorry to you…
    but I can`t understand ‘hang music Forum’

    because I`m not good at English
    I`m the worst at English…..


  287. sundowndos Says:

    is there something special that needs to be written in the letter to be mailed or faxed to them. i imagine that they must get a ton of letters. and as artists, i’m guessing they need to see something special in a particular letter for them to respond to it… any advice on that?… i’m from the philippines and obviously this instrument is nowhere to be found here… i would like to be the first one to play a hang in the music scene here…

  288. Michael Says:

    Hi sundowndos,
    I answered a similar question in my comment No. 80. Today I can’t say anything else. Nobody can say what will happen after the longer break the Hang makers announced for 2009. Therefore the Hang is at the moment nothing for people who want to buy an instrument in a certain time and have concrete plans what they want to do with it. It’s only for people who feel up to be surprised in the future.

  289. Michael Says:

    Hi Nam Gi Hun,
    in the Hang-Music Forum there are some sections in other languages than English. If you are better in one of these languages but have problems to register, ask a friend with better English skills to help you to register. After you are registered write short entry in the “Introductions & Welcome” section to introduce you. An administrator will then give you the rights to write in the other sections of the forum.

  290. Nikolay Says:

    Hi Michael, i am from Russia and hang – is my dream, but in Russia no one shop or place, where i can get it. Help me, please.

  291. Michael Says:

    Hi Nikolay,
    when you read the article above and the comments, you know all that can be known about your question. I can’t tell you more than this.

  292. Arai Soichiro Says:

    Hi Michael, thankyou very much for the article. I’ve learned alot abt the Hang from it. The first time i saw the Hang was in Barcelona, sounds really beautiful… and i thought i might be easy to play with (as long as i’m a percussion player), then i tried asking the performer to sell me his incredible instrument, but surely, the answer was NO—. I’m a percussionist from Japan/HongKong, but spending most of my time in Beijing. Really wish to have the chance making music with the Hang sometimes. but anyway, thanks again for the article! Let me know if u’re coming to Beijing!

  293. Esteban Says:

    Hello people
    I have been in love with the Hang for quite a while… I decided to buy me a Hang no matter what, even if it takes me years. Hopefully I will get a chance to knock at the maker’s door in Switzerland next year. I currently live in Mexico, a place where money is always short so I am saving as much as I can to make these dream come true. I would like to look at it as a journey of patience and discovery. I also want to thank all of you for your input and info. Hope we can all find our way to the Hang.

  294. Clarissa Says:

    Hang drum is beautiful, like a dream materialised. It is so smoothly conceived to rest with the body of the player and to the eye it looks resonant with potential. What happens when the Chinese start making them for £30? This is surely how it will go if the elitism and purity of present production approach is maintained.
    How about home made hang style instruments, I mean the steel pan was developed by poverty stricken people from available resources, empty oil drums. the hang surely is being exclusive and quite frustrating really, like the VW Beetle car, it must be for everyone to play?
    This is a very helpful blog, thank you.

  295. Michael Says:

    Hi Clarissa,
    did you ever hear from chinese steel pans for £30? It is the tuning that makes a pan instrument. Good steel pans need good, skilled tuners. And it is the same with the Hang. Yes there will be other instrumentes inspired by the Hang in the future, but it won’t be chinese mass producted instruments for £30. You have to pay the work of a skilled and experienced tuner. And the Hang with its specific sound is the work of two tuners who found their own way to deal with the 80 parameters that can influence the sound of tuned steelplates. They developed their own tuning technique over many years. Every tuner who want to build a Hang inspired instrument will have to find out his own way of tuning. He cannot copy the Hang because the sound is not only in the shape or in certain procedures like the nitriding but mainly in the tuning process which is a very personal process.

  296. chris Says:

    heya mano!
    greetings from the mendo mountains!
    thank you for your time and sharing the information you have in this page!
    keep on rockin’ in the free world; for it will cause the hole world to be free!

  297. DROP 1410 Says:

    Hi Michael

    Just wanted to share this link with you: http://www.bellart.es/pageID_6329402.html

    Is not a ebay link so don’t be afraid ;-) .

    Seems like other persons can made a hang ;-)


    DROP 1410

  298. Michael Says:

    What is a Hang? The term Hang is a registered trade mark and property of PANArt Hangbau AG. Therefor only PANArt can make a Hang. According to this the instrument you linked isn’t called Hang but “Bell-drum”. Is the Bell-drum like a Hang? What’s the main criterion? Is a musical instrument like a Hang if it looks like a Hang? I don’t think so. The sound is the main criterion. Listen to the videos published on that web site and you will hear the difference. The main difference is that the Bell-drum has no harmonical overtone tuning like the Hang. So you can hear a lot of uncontrolled overtones when the tone fields are played.

    There is an important insight we can learn from this new instrument: Every Hang seeker must be aware, that not every instrument that looks like a Hang is really a Hang and sounds like a Hang. We have to check the details and the sound accurately in the future.

    September 2nd, 2008: There is a topic in the Hang-Music Forum where the bell-drum is discussed.

  299. Lidiya Says:

    Peace to you, brothers and sisters! I wish all looking hang – find it! And express all your inspiration! Happiness to you!

  300. Belinda Sant Says:

    I am in Australia (Cairns) and wanted to know how I go about getting a hang. Im into drumming lessons now and my teacher had hung which I picked up, played and just fell in love with.

    Just wondering how hard it is to get one over to here….


  301. DROP 1410 Says:

    You maybe miss understood my comment, or maybe I didn’t explain me very well, of course the sound of the belldrum is not like a hang, but think about this… that man is an artisan and he also performed the construction of other instruments, like djembé, cajon, etc etc. so at this point as you see in the future other instrument makers will try to make something more personal around the hang concept (like CAISA drums) or trying also to copy a hang and just change the name to belldrums, I mean this is an example of how many people are desperate to get a hang and that desperation will cause that other people will try to copy, imitate or (why not?) make another shape also with a same quality or better sound.

    This a signal about how many people are obsessed with the idea to start making a hang, or just waiting for the original. And hope you understand that I’m not placing my comments here just to be a pain in the neck for you, for panart and for the all people reading this lines, is just about sharing what is coming up with the all things around the hang, panart, people like really want to play hang, curiosities etc.

    So man (peace) ok?


    DROP 1410

  302. Michael Says:

    Hi DROP 1410,
    this is an article how to acquire a Hang. People come to this place because they want information about purchasing a Hang. You wrote: “Seems like other persons can made a hang”. I had to comment this saying that the bell-drum doesn’t sound like a Hang. That’s all.

  303. eliflo Says:

    its sad and good @ the same time… the music industry think 1st about $ the artist doesnt… I would love to get my hands on one of these beautiful drums… like the attitude of the Hang Makers

  304. J-Cuda Says:

    Hi Michael,
    I just wanted to confirm to EVERYONE what you told me a few weeks back. You cannot just show up @ the Hanghaus with hopes of them selling you one, they will not. And if you are wondering if they got your letter, they did. There is a big sign posted telling everbody that ALL Hanghang are “spoken for” until furhter notice. So unless you have an appointment don’t bother.

  305. J-Cuda Says:

    They also said that they still have not decided what they are going to do after “the break” or when that might be. However they are keeping all letters that people continue to send for the list when they do return. Hopefully this clears any question about going to Bern up for anyone curious. Later, Jason

  306. Luis (BElldrumaker) Says:

    I am investigating and working much to perfect my bells drum.
    my BElls does not have because to be equal to hang drum.

    you look this other page: http://www.blackbells.com

    it is not problem for me…

    many marks of cars exist… each person chooses what wishes.

    (”brothers drums”)


  307. Michael Says:

    Hi Luis,
    it is good when other people than PANArt begin to develope hand played steel instruments inspired by the Hang.
    This article is a place with information for Hang seekers and is visited by several thousands of readers per month. So it is important to give clear advices about the differences of the Hang and other hand played steel instruments. Your bell drum looks very similiar to the Hang but – by now – is very far from the sound of the Hang. The most important difference is the absence of overtone tuning of the tone fields on the bell drum. The overtone tuning is very important for the quality of the sound of a tuned steel instrument like Steelpan or Hang. I think it will be a main challenge to find out a good way to tune controlled overtones in the tone fields of your instrument to improve the sound.

    About Blackbells: Unlike your web site blackbells.com provides no information and has no product to offer. It is only a marketing site without a product. Therefore blackbells.com is not a place for anyone who wants to purchase an instrument.

  308. Rayén Says:

    Hello Michael,
    first of all thank you for keeping this blog alive, and for the huge amount of information and good energy that there’s in it.

    I would love to buy a hang (possibly a first generation one, since i understand that would be less expensive) and read about sending a letter to Sabina and Felix… but i just can’t find the address to do that…

    I would appreciatte very very much any help on this topic…

    Best regards from sunny Barcelona,


  309. Michael Says:

    Hi Rayén,
    the address you are looking for is in the article. PANArt doesn’t build first generation Hanghang any longer since 2006. Therefor you can buy only used first generation instruments. And by now it is very seldom that someone sell his first generation Hang for less than the price of a new one. The most want the double or threefold price of a new one.
    I think there are only two ways to get a Hang for a reasonable price: Either you are patient and wait for a new one (that likely will last until 2010) or you are very lucky and meet someone who want to sell his Hang for a reasonable price.

  310. Igor Says:

    Hello Michael,
    Seems you the unique person who gives the fresh information about Hung Drums on the Internet. It is pleasant, that there are such people.
    I live in Russia. I already for a long time admire Hang, and very much I wish to get it. Whether it is necessary to speak, that in Russia this instrument is not present in general anywhere.
    How you think, if I within the next few days shall send a fax in PANArt, whether there will be at me a chance to receive the positive answer? And for what time manufacturing Hang for me can be stretched?
    Also, what people write in these letters, besides to “very much need Hang”?

    I read in this post – PANArt have decided to take holiday how long it will proceed? Whether it means, what during holiday tools to be made at all will not be?

    And still, I have a friend who lives in Switzerland and agrees to help me at purchase. Whether it will help me somehow for the order and manufacturing Hang?

    (Excuse me for bad English, is guilty the auto-translator)

    Best regards from cold Russia

  311. Hackzeus Says:

    Hang makers are ELITIST… they sold 4.300 units at the end of 2005, just take your calculator and think about this… 4.300 hangs x 900 euros = 3.870.000 euros!!!!

    So they are not elitist? Why they don’t teach how to make hangs to other persons? … easy answer >>> MONEY!!

    The hang is beautiful and incredible instrument, but the creators are now RICH and also elitist.

    By the way don’t buy hangs on ebay (about 3.000 $) minimum, some bids are fake, or extremely abusive prices.

    Good luck trying to get a hang and making rich Feliz and Sabina.



  312. Michael Says:

    Hi Hackzeus,
    your calculation isn’t correct. 2001 – 2002 the Hang costed about 310 Euro and 2003 – 2004 it costed 460 Euro. In 2005 the low voice Hang costed 590 Euro and the high voice Hang 460 Euro.
    In 2006 the 2nd generation Hang costed 600 Euro and in 2007 it costed 880 Euro.

    If money would be the motivation of the Hang makers, they would sell the current Integral Hang for 3000 Euro. But they don’t.

  313. Michael Says:

    Hi Igor,
    sorry, but I cannot say more to answer your questions than I wrote in the article. Nobody knows how long the announced break will last and nobody know how long it will take to get a Hang. You can only write a letter and wait. You will receive an answer but this can last months. Therefor you need patience. When PANArt will offer Hanghang again after the break, they will inform you what to do.

  314. Hackzeus Says:

    Hi Michael, maybe I’m wrong about the price… right? check this out:

    4.300 unit at the end of 2005 x 310 euros = 1.333.000 euros

    4.300 unit at the end of 2005 x 460 euros = 1.978.000 euros

    4.300 unit at the end of 2005 x 590 euros = 2.537.000 euros

    At this point the truth is, this is an ARTISAN but a ELITIST business way to make MONEY… and stop defending PANART like a cool people and investigators without a MONEY purposes behind their project… they are rich and they don’t want to teach other persons how to make a hang, so hopefully next year the HALO will arrive from the PANTHEON STEEL company and also with the BLACKBELLS, the PANART HANG will not to be the only hand (metal) playing instrument in this world and the prices will go down… massive production and new competitors man! like any other instrument some day a hang, halo, blackbell or whatever would be easy to get and to pay.



  315. Michael Says:

    Hi Hackzeus,
    don’t mistake your personal point of view for the truth.
    A realistic estimate are receipts of about 1,5 to 2,0 million Euro in five years. But do you know anything about the costs of research and development since the 1990th? Do you know anything about production costs? I don’t.
    Yes, their income is very good. But there isn’t a reason to blame them for this fact.
    What I said is, that the money is not the motivation of the Hang makers to run their business like they do. If they would want to maximise their profit, it wouldn’t be any problem to double or triple the current price for a Hang.

    You stated that the Hang makers didn’t want to teach other persons how to make a Hang. Do you know anything about this? I know that there were attempts in the past to educate persons to became a Hang maker but it didn’t succeed.

    Yes it is good when other tuners develop new instruments inspired by the Hang. But by now, not a single comparable instrument is available. So let’s wait what the future will bring. Mark from Blackbells told us a year ago “Yes, the hang is comming soon…” but we never heared anything of a really existing instrument by now. Pantheon Steel had anounced they would start production in the first quarter of 2008 but recently stated that they hope to start next year. Here you can see that it isn’t so easy to develop an instrument that can meet the quality of the Hang. When Pantheon Steel will start production they will need more than two years to satisfy the present waiting list. So patience is needed in any way.

  316. Yolly Says:

    Guy stop fighting for nothing… the truth is PANART was the first one and the only one with idea of the HANG, in the future other companies will bring to us their vision of the PANART HANG concept, like:

    THE HALO: Would be made by http://www.pantheonsteel.com/ (on 2009)

    BLACKBELLS: Really nice site, but seems like there’s no available photos or media footage of the real instrument, check: http://www.blackbells.com

    CAISA drums: http://www.caisadrum.de/ (I tested one of those, and I don’t like it, I prefer the original hang at the moment).

    BELLDRUMS by Bellartt: The webiste and information is too bad (only in spanish) but check their shapes, look’s like a hang but maybe the sound would be different… http://http://www.bellart.es/.

    At this point the truth is, Felix & Sabina made the hang for us, and we love this instrument… but at the same time other steelpan makers or artisans will made copies, or new improvements from the original HANG.

    Choose the sound you like also if it’s called: HANG, HALO, CAISA, BELLDRUM or BLACKBELL.

    Is our choice!



  317. Michael Says:

    Hi Yolly,
    I don’t fight for nothing ;-) My mission is to tell people that patience is needed. No chance for instant satisfaction.

    HALO: Yes, this seem to be a serious attempt. Let’s wait what they will bring out. But we have to wait for 2009 and maybe much longer because they have a huge waiting list.

    BLACKBELLS: This topic was discussed often in the Hang-Music Forum. By now there isn’t any information about a really existing instrument. Blackbells.com is a marketing site without a product. Mark Champion began with marketing before he had a ready product. In my point of view he thought in the beginning, that it would be easy to copy the Hang if he would spend enough money. In the meanwhile I think he has realized that it is much more difficult than he thought. Nobody knows wether there will ever be an instrument from blackbells.

    CAISA: The only instrument that already exists and can be bought. It is a steel pan played with the hands. Its instrument design is different to the Hang and it also sounds quite different. Many Hang players say that it isn’t comparable with the Hang. Some other like it. So check it out and decide yourself.

    BELLDRUMS: Luis started his website recently to introduce his instrument. It looks very similar to the Hang but that doesn’t mean anything. It isn’t the shape that makes the sound. Luis needs much more experience in the tuning of steel. The current sound of the Belldrum will satisfy knowbody who wants a Hang. I wrote about this in another comment. There also is a link to a discussion in the Hang-Music Forum.

    Currently there is no alternative to the PANArt Hang which can be purchased easier than the Hang (unless you like the Caisa and it satisfies your whishes). You will need patience in any case.

  318. Massimiliano Liberatore Says:

    Hi Michael

    I have a questions for you… do you how it’s going the schedule on the hanghaus? I sent my letter to panart on August 14 (2008) a month an two days ago (letter sent by fax)… do you know more or less when Panart will answer my letter? about 3 or 6 months?. If you can guide me a little bit about this I will really appreciate it, also because I don’t know if Felix and Sabina are now making hangs or a new hang for 2009? or also if they are on vacations?

    Do you know also if they are planing a new hang model for 2009? by the way sorry for these questions I don’t want to boring you, just want to know how long could take the waiting process until the first PANART letter (they will answer all petitions right?).

    Thanks a lot Michael and congratulations for the all information placed on this website, is really helpful.


    Massimiliano Liberatore

  319. Michael Says:

    Hi Massimiliano Liberatore,
    I’m not involved in the plans of the Hang makers. So I have no secret insider information to share with you. The Hang makers will be building the Integral hang until May or June 2009. All these instruments are already spoken for. After this time they will make the longer break they have announced. In my point of view they have not decided yet how they will manage all the letters arriving currently, but Felix told me some time ago that all writers of letters will get an answer. I think you shouldn’t wait for a certain time. Lean back and relax. There is nothing you can do in the moment. When the time is come when the Hang makers send out information you will get an answer.

  320. Massimiliano Liberatore Says:

    Thanks Michael… seems like would be difficult to get my hang in 2008 and also in 2009 :-( .

    But trust me I’ll wait the PANART letter, and let’s see if would be possible to get my hang on 2010…

    Again thanks for your patience.


  321. Enrico LoVario Says:

    thanks michael for all this really helpful information it really was nice to find this site i saw a ebay sale for a hang but it looked shady no previous buys or sells brand new to ebay i thought -scam* im gonna write a letter and wait in line and just keep my eys open and be patient thanks man again! you gave me all the information i needed. :)

  322. Aleksi Says:

    i’m a guitar player from finland and i saw a video of a guy whos playing hang drum and after that i’ve started to search information about hang drums and how to get one…
    i’m not one of the smartest people in the world :) so i would love if you could tell me how to get one, and i’m hoping that it would be an easy way to get one :)

  323. Michael Says:

    Hi Aleksi,
    I told “how to get one” in the article above. I decided to do this by telling the story of the Hang, because there is not “an easy way to get one” and I thought, that those who don’t have enough motivation and patience to read the whole long article would never have enough motivation and patience to get a Hang. Therefor choose the long hard way and read the whole article and you will know what you want to know. ;-)

  324. Jamie C Says:

    Yo Michael, how’s it Hanging? : )
    Just spent another couple of hours trawling through links & blogs on the Hang Drum. I guess you have seen it & heard it all! Just writing to thank you for all the care, patience & time that you have put in to replying to all these questions! When I see a ”How can I buy a Hang Drum?” question on the web these days I pretty much just laugh! I have written, faxed & emailed Felix & Sabine about a month ago & will just wait. They have put some beautiful instruments into the world & that alone is a very cool thing. My friend Imogen in London got one recently after traveling to Bern – I guess she must have had it on order for some time?? It was 1200 Euros. Like many other people my life won’t be complete until I am able to buy one! The other ‘’similar” versions on the net do not have any of the same beautiful tonal qualities. Most others sound harsh, tinny & have that Jamaican steel drum vibe that is not what we are looking for once we have heard a Hang! So, thanks again for all your time & care. JC / England

  325. Mark Says:

    Mark Champion from BlackBells here, just thought I would leave a little note to all fellow music lovers.

    I think all instruments have their specific advantages. And, there is no question, PanArt started a revolution! The instrument is easily the most important instrument of our century.

    That being said, there is much speculation amongst consumers out there as to what is going on with the various makers. As many will notice, BlackBells has been extremely quiet as of late for a few reasons. Some have been due to a personal life event that I have endured, and then there are other events as well – such as the absolute breach of confidentiality we have had in dealing with 1 or more of our “insiders”. That is being dealt with. We are perfecting a few manufacturing techniques that we think are important to our instrument, and as such, we understandably do not want our research breached.

    To answer a few questions, ideas, postulations…

    1) blackbells.com is NOT a marketing site (unless you want to call them all “marketing sites”). We have never really understood why anyone thinks that after developing an instrument that a website would be the “end all” of marketing. But, that’s OK, we just want to clear that up.

    2) We are taking an approach to the instrument that we feel is individual to us: We want to see the instrument evolve. To become better, to reach it’s potential. Imagine what the first violin was like…enough said?

    3) We know closely when, where, and how we will release our instrument. We’ll keep you all posted, and yes, some will be invited to the unveiling.

    4) Any other speculation, is just that – speculation. There are plenty of pictures on our site of model renderings – and yes, they are renderings that we do NOT claim to be photographs. However, a little deductive reasoning should pretty much tell a person a little about how we are approaching our project. We want to put out a nice product as well.

    5) We never thought it would be easy to make one of these instruments…and even if it were, we would look for ways to make it better. So, as we continue to develop, keep in mind that we are not just developing an instrument, we are developing the processes that make a BlackBell. We are researching the physics that make them work, engineering ways to control those factors, etc. And, in fact, if memory serves everyone well, we were the first to come out publicly and not just call it a “bell”, but to identify it as one, and not a drum at all.

    The people that are as interested in this instrument as we are read the forums enough to know that there are a few participants that like to have a little fun at our expense. And, we are OK with that, as everyone knows they are the same handful of people no matter where you go – yes, we keep up with our business enough to keep track of what’s going on.

    If there are any questions regarding BlackBells, please direct them to us via our web site contact form, and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Yes! You can actually contact us!


    Thank you all for your continued interest in BlackBells – and we hope all of you find the instruments that are right for you!


  326. Michael Says:

    Hi Mark,
    this article is often visited by people seeking for a Hang. So my job is to tell what the real current situation is. There were many discussions about Hang alternatives. In a comment some days ago I stated my estimation about this topic.
    About BlackBells there are no really new information in your comment. What you tell us here is the same you told us a year ago. Nobody can estimate your instrument, its sound and when it will be available. We have only words that there will be something you think is a high quality alternative to the Hang. So let’s wait what will happen. It doesn’t make sense to discuss about an instrument before it is really presented.

  327. Frank Says:


    @mark. A lot of words about……? The same words as last year and I think maybe the same as next year.
    Show the world your instrument and than we can speak about that. Do not make the same mistake again, please.
    If you want a discussion now, you are everytime welcome in the forum from hang-music.com

    At the moment we have only one instrument in the world that brings peoples on this webside and they are searching for. PanArt Hang.

    Frank (Funky)

  328. Lance Says:

    I have sent a letter in. I am going to be in Switzerland next month. What are my chances of being able to purchase a Hang? It would be my only chance since I live in the usa.

  329. Michael Says:

    Hi Lance,
    when did you write the letter? Did you receive an answer from PANArt that a Hang is ready for you?

  330. Andrew Says:

    that doesn’t even make any sense!

  331. Mary Says:

    Hello Michael,
    I very much appreciate this blog spot and all of the extremely valuable information. The definition of patient in the dictionaries of the world should be replaced with your name and foto because you have endured and remained polite to every ‘numb-skull’ (we call them in the US). Thank you a thousand times over for publishing your gracious responses. You have given clear instructions, your best suggestion of how to come about owning a Hang drum from PANArt. I purchased a steel drum in 1985 from an obscure source and regretted the fact that I rushed this purchase. My impatience earned me a useless, poorly tuned yet still expensive so-called instrument. So, I understand completely the need to respect the standards of PANArt. I am sure their intention is to NOT become a mass producer of an embarrassing product. Thank you, again from the heart for the info this site has provided! Please accept my apology on behalf of the rude Americans. Sincerely!

  332. Jon Says:


    I am very interested in buying a hang, and i wanted to know if you could answer my question.

    if i wrote a letter to PANart just to ask questions (how much it costs, payment arrangements, traveling) would they be able to write me back? or are they normally to busy to deal with letters that arent orders.

    thank you.

  333. Michael Says:

    Hi Jon,
    there are too many letters to answer personal questions individually. You can only write a letter to announce your interest for a Hang. When the Hang makers have decided how to manage the demand after the break in 2009, you will get an answer.

  334. Jon Says:

    ok thank you very much.

    also thanks for this article .. very helpful, hopefully i can get one :)

  335. Andrea » Blog Archive » Hang Says:

    [...] Per chi fosse interessato: http://www.hangblog.org/2006/11/27/how-to-buy-a-hang [...]

  336. Jon Says:

    oh hey one more question

    how much do you think a Hang Drum will cost?

    in American dollars. I’ve heard $500, i’ve heard $1,500 and i just dont know what to believe.

  337. Michael Says:

    Hi Jon,

    the Integral Hang costs 1200 Euro including the hard case.
    The future price after the Integral Hang is unknown.

  338. Jon Says:

    and is that the cheapest hang they sell? do they ship the integral hang?

    probably not right?

  339. Michael Says:

    Currently only the Integral Hang is built. And yes, they ship it. All these details are in the article above.
    But for people who are not on the list for an Integral Hang, all these details are not important, because what the future will bring is currently unknown.

  340. Jon Says:

    oh ok .. so there is a possibility that they will continue making the integral hang and a possibility they wont?

    thank you Very Very much i know i asked a lot of questions so thank you.

  341. Michael Says:

    The Hang makers have announced that they will build the Integral Hang until May/June 2009. All these instruments are already spoken for. Afterwards they will have a longer break to rest, research and think about the future of the Hang. This is what is currently known about the plans of PANArt.

  342. Jon Says:

    Ok thank you, i have written a letter asking if they are going to continue and ordered one if the answer is yes. Hopefully I’ll get lucky

    Im done now haha

  343. Massimiliano Liberatore Says:

    Hi Michael, I’m sad because I saw on ebay.com that some crazy man is selling an original panart hang in about 20.000 $ = 14.824 euros… what the hell is that??

    Can somebody stop these madness??



  344. Michael Says:

    Madness can’t be stopped ;-)
    I guess this man will not find a buyer but have to pay the Ebay fee. Afterwards he will know that it was crazy. This auction is discussed here.

  345. Peter Says:

    Hello Michael,

    I don’t know if I understood this correctly: Everyone who wrote to the HangMakers will sooner or later get an appointment (positive answer) or what are the circumstances under which you will be chosen to obtain one (be able to buy one)?

    One more question little off topic: Do you know anything about Caisa drum (similar to Hang drum) made in Germany? What’s the difference? Is it as good as Hang? Because i’m in a bit of a quandary now, should I wait for a year for a response from the Hangmakers? Or should I buy a Caisa which sounds very nice too?

    Help me decide please…

    Thank you

  346. Michael Says:

    Hi Peter,
    to your first question: Everyone who write a letter will get an answer from the Hang makers with information. The content of this information will depend on how many people have asked for a Hang and on the decisions the Hang makers will make about how they will distribute the Hang in the future after their longer break in 2009. I don’t know when you will receive an answer. It can be in a few weeks or in some months.

    To your second question: I wrote about the Caisa in another comment. It is a personal matter. I would never be satisfied with a Caisa as a substitute for a Hang. But this is my personal choice. My advice is: If you are interested in the Caisa try it out personally before you buy it. I think this is the only way to find your answer on your question. The decisision is on you ;-)

  347. Roman Says:

    First of all: very good blog. Like the history of the Hang.
    My question is:
    After searching for a long while, I’ve got the chance to buy one First Generation Hang. I play a lot and very love this instrument. But if I be honest, I’m not totally happy with it’s soundscale.

    Do you know if it’s possible to get an other soundscale at my Fist Generation Hang? Or change mine for an other one?

  348. Michael Says:

    Hi Roman, you can visit the Hang-Music Forum and try to find someone who is searching for the sound model of your Hang and is interested to swap his Hang.
    If you only want one or two notes changed maybe it is possible to retune your Hang. Send a fax to PANArt and ask them.

  349. Peter Says:

    Thank you Michael for your immediate response…
    very nice blog.

  350. Alex Peer Says:

    Hello Iam a Music Producer of Barcelona and know tha hang, but i want buy a Hang for add in my new songs of elctronica, i need information to contact with sellers of the hang
    , thank for all

  351. Michael Says:

    Hi Alex Peer,
    just scroll to the top of this page and read the article. ;-)
    In the last 50 comments you find some additional information about current situation.

  352. Rodrigo Says:

    Hi Michael, im ready with my letter, ill try to send it today. Do you have news about they, Rohner and Schärer? Im ready to trip to Bern, how i wish this answear and the appoinment was soon. Blessings to you all people!

  353. Michael Says:

    Hi Rodrigo,
    I have no new information. You have to be patient and wait for an answer from PANArt. I think it will last a year or more to get an appointment.

  354. Jean-Francois Delorme Says:

    Hello,i live in Québec/Canada,and i’m very interesseted to have a hang drum,how much its cost,delevery…..

    Thank you

  355. Michael Says:

    Hi Jean-Francois Delorme,
    look here.

  356. Juanita Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the informative article on the Hang drum and the people who created it… your blog is sooo long I skipped alot to get to the point. My sister recently came into possession of a hang drum. She is a manager for public housing and it was among other personal property that was abandoned as a result of an eviction. By law, the owner had 30 days to claim his property and did not do so. Now it is her property. Living in the midwestern United States it was a totally foreign object to her and after researching discovered what it was. Even the local music company had no clue. After doing some research myself, of course I’ve discovered the apparent rarity of this beautiful instrument and have listened to many clips on U tube to see what its capabilities are. I have had this hang drum in my possession for a week now and dinked around with it as well.
    The bottom line is, she wants to sell this drum to pay for her wedding next spring yet wants to be able to sell it to the right person for the right price. Since this is a used drum, it is hard to know for sure if it is still in proper tune. Here is the information I have on it… The label says it is No. 159 (First year, First Generation?) and the scale is (writing is hard to decipher) C-D5 or C-Dw. It has 8 domes on the Ding side, making it a treble, according to another friend doing research. From what I have read on it thus far, this early model could potentially be knocked out of tune more easily than the more recent versions. The top center area of this drum has a few 1cm scratch marks on it which look as tho it may have been pounded on by a drum stick or some other sharp unpadded object. Or, maybe this is a result of the manufacturers tuning process, don’t know for sure. It sounds great and once you learn how the notes are set up on it it seems to be intact. But since I am a pure novice at this thing, I’m uncertain. If anyone out there can direct me to the right place to find the right price to ask for this, it would be greatly appreciated. I have seen prices anywhere from 500.00 to an outrageous 20,000.00. Fair price is what I am looking for, not to unfairly gouge someone. This is an authentic Panart Hang Drum, signed by Felix Rohner. Thanks.

  357. Michael Says:

    Hi Juanita,
    firstly said: The 20.000 $ isn’t a real price. It is only a seller at Ebay who wants to get such an extraordinary price. I’m sure he will not find a buyer.

    What’s a fair price for the hang of your sister? Not an easy question. Let me answer to a slight different question: What is a fair deal when giving this hang to someone else in exchange for money?

    It is important to know the philosophy of PANArt, the Hang makers (Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer) for the pricing of the Hang. In the early years a Hang costed about 300 Euro, then until 2005 460 Euro. The first second generation Hanghang in 2006 they sold for 600 Euro and the later ones in 2007 for 880 Euro. When the Hang became more and more known and the demand increased, the prices of second hand Hanghang exploded in 2007 (2500-6000 Euro at Ebay). The usual commercial reaction would have been that PANArt also rised the price for a new Hang to this level or more. But this wasn’t what PANArt wanted to do. They were interested to make the Hang available to a wide group of individuals, irrespective of their income or financial circumstances. Therefor the price for the Integral Hang was set to 1200 Euro in 2008. But how to deal with the fact that people could buy a new Integral hang for 1200 Euro and afterwards sell it on Ebay for 5000 Euro? To avoid such speculations they created an agreement, every buyer of a new Hang has to sign. The agreement gives PANArt pre-emptive rights to buy back the Hang if the owner is considering selling, and the resale price shall be no higher than the acquisition price.

    While the second hand Hang sales continued to push the price, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer decided to work together only with people who accept their philosophy to keep down the Hang prices. They established two rules:

    1. They stated, that they will not tune or repair Hanghang sold with high profit, offered on Ebay or other auctions.
    2. They tune only Hanghang if the same agreement they developed for the buyers of the Integral Hang is signed. In return the price for tuning is very little (40 Euro plus shipping costs).

    Because of the unknown history of the seven year old hang and of your description I think it is necessary to send your sister’s Hang to PANArt for a check and tuning. This can be done by your sister before it is sold or by the buyer after it is sold.

    If your sister send it to PANArt for tuning she will have to sign the agreement. If the buyer want a tuning he will only be accepted if the Hang is not sold with high profit.

    If your sister wants a fair deal she has to make this conditions transparent to the potential buyer. Because it was a bit unusual how your sister got the Hang it can be a good idea to send a fax to PANArt, tell the situation and ask whether they are interested to buy the Hang back or what in their opinion a fair price is.

    I hope this helps you to understand the situation.

  358. Juanita Says:

    thank you for your reply, Michael. I fully understand and do agree with the concept and reasoning behind all of this. I do not have control over Sister and her husband to be however. I will pass along this information to them and they can make the call on it. The fax number shown on the inside drum label is +41 31 301 33 32. Is this still current, do you know? It would be the best thing to do, considering.

  359. Michael Says:

    The fax number is correct.

  360. zara Says:

    is it best o hand write a letter then scan it ?
    how could anyone want to sell such a beautiful instrument tunned for the soul

  361. Michael Says:

    Hi zara,
    write the way you like to write. I cannot give you any advice what is best.

  362. zara Says:

    Sent :) i hope to get a response soon , how long did it take you to get yours ?

  363. Michael Says:

    There is no regular period for the answer. Everyone who write a letter will get an answer from the Hang makers with information. The content of this information will depend on how many people have asked for a Hang and on the decisions the Hang makers will make about how they will distribute the Hang in the future after their longer break in 2009. I don’t know when you will receive an answer. It can be in a few weeks or in some months.

  364. Imro Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Iam interested in hang. Iam living in Amsterdam, how can i receive 1.
    Greetings Imro

  365. Michael Says:

    Hi Imro,
    look here.

  366. paul berkeley Says:

    Hello. I have been looking for a few years for a musical instrument to augment my yoga practice. None have moved me enough until I saw a woman was playing the hang at the berkeley farmers market. I was transfixed and transported. Had I known they were so unique I would have asked that woman, but any info from you would be graciously received. Paul

  367. Michael Says:

    Hi paul berkely,
    the hangblog is full of information. ;-)

  368. Bel Says:

    Hi Micheal,
    I am totally in love with the hang after first watching Portico Quartet on the Southbank in London a few years ago.
    I am also going to contact the makers and see if I can get one. I am learning the drums at present but would also love to learn the hang.
    Im the meantime, can you or anyone put me into contact with any hang drum players (Buskers/professional etc) who would be interested in playing a paid set on a lawn for my casual wedding next year n summer?
    Any contacts would be greatly appreciated! I cant think of anything id rather have!

  369. Michael Says:

    Hi Bel,
    visit the Hang-Music Forum. There you can meet a number of hang players from several countries.

  370. Siddhartha Says:

    Dear Michael, as many i had the oportunity to descover the Hang Drum on youtube, i was really touched and felt a deep connection with it. I have followed your advice and faxed Bern around 2 months ago, to check out how to purchase one. but so far no reply… i am living in Brazil and do return to Europe once in a while and would be willing to travel to Switzerland, as it is in my heart so deeply i cant find any obstacle in doing so and how many times it may be needed. i actually dont know why i am writing, but somehow i trust it may be because i would like advice on if i need to write again or if you belive i did not get an answercaus my fax was short simple and direct?
    i would apreciate your help
    thanks for existing and for the hangblog!

  371. Michael Says:

    Hi Siddartha,
    I don’t think that you have to write again. I answered a similar question in this comment.

  372. Siddhartha Says:

    thanks so much for your support!all the best Siddhartha

  373. Luy Says:

    Hi Michael,
    Nice blog ;)

    I read all this article, but I understand many words, because I just learn english language.
    I want ask to you:

    This price of hang: “1200eu” – is stric, or I can negotiate with hang-maker, and is possible that price can be smaller?

    Sorry of my bad english
    Luy :)

  374. nagi fahim saad Says:

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its my dream to have one so help mailing me one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …
    Its nt a hang drum its a soul drum that tickle u in all ur sences and feelings , it really touch me and am a daily hang drum listener and i think its time for mee to the music by my soul drum …..
    I think that this will be my last wish on earth to have the hang drum .. plz

  375. Michael Says:

    Hi Luy,
    this is a question you should ask the Hang makers after you got an appointment. Currently nobody knows how the Hang will be distributet after the anounced break in 2009.

    Hi nagi fahim saad,
    I cannot help you with your petition. I’m not involved in the distribution of the Hang.

  376. Erik Says:

    i know this is crazy but im a drummer all the way in alaska…and id really like someone to keep me in the loop incase it becomes easier to get 1…cause right now i feel if i even tried id be way far on the back of the list my emial is Tw1st3dspoons_2@hotmail.com please keep me updated

  377. Michael Says:

    Hi Eric,
    the Hangblog has no newsletter or something like this. It’s your turn to keep you updated.

  378. Chaz Says:

    Спасибо за информацию! …и за инструмент и вообще за все)

  379. Shakty Says:

    Cmon folks , Ive played music all my life and just recieved some folks at my Shaktydome music and arts center in South France, we had some fine hang jams, I can build better and more interesting this instrument myself and save lots of spit, sweat, and torn nerves complaining about its rareness! visit my site http://www.shaktychuck.com Shakty

  380. tomas gaspar Says:

    hi michael:

    im a portuguese guy living in Mexico for 6 years….im going to spend christmas holidays in my hometown (oporto) and i could easy go to Switzerland and purchase one, but i dont know where it is and how to reach there!!! i saw the hangdrum for the first time in Barcelona last year and i was amazed by the sound of it and like others say, the handdrum enters yours hears, travels through your head, your all body, from top to bottom, first moves your feet, then your legs, and after your hole body its touched by the sound and grace of it your found yourself in a bubble of misterious and angelic sound and the wonderfull pleasent feeling is that you could even say that your soul was touched…………i could continue even more but this beautifull drum has no dictionary that have the words to describe it, because its just one of a kind!!!!!
    i began to play drums when i purchased the tipical african drumer then i began to play the turkish handmade Darbuka and the Cymball till now….now the one that is spining in my mind is the hang…..
    my only wish for 2009 is that i could play the hangdrum on the streets of Oporto or Tulum, Mexico (where i live) and bring hope to people that listen to the sound of it, because in this time of depretion what people must have is hope to pass through these dificult times that are passing……
    thanks for listening Michael…….and my only question is where can i buy one and if you know how much is one!!!

  381. Michael Says:

    Hi Tomas,
    please read the article above.

  382. ABC Says:

    Hey Michael, tell me how i’ll get a hang drum living in Australia??

    I love the drum but it’s really just going abit far to fly to europe and then pay and arm and a leg for one. lol

    well guess the ol’ keyboard trick is gonna have to do it for now : /

  383. Alexandre Says:

    Dear Michael, my name is Alexander.I live in russia.I’m intrested how i can acquire one of this magical instruments, and what i need to do to gain one.Here in Russia is so cold without a Hang Drum)))Please help!!!
    Thankyou in advise.

  384. Michael Says:

    Hi ABC,
    you find the answer to your question here. You can also find additional answers in the comments. It’s up to you to read and find out.

    Hi Alexandre,
    please read the article above.

  385. maurice Says:

    Hello everyone,
    Like many people, I have been searching for a way to buy a Hang.
    In the beginning of 2008 I wrote a letter to PanArt that I wanted to buy a few (I wanted one, but tried to get more).
    To my surprise I got a letter back a few months later in which they offered the opportunity to buy an Integral Hang. I had to fill in the agreement about not reselling the Hang and when I returned that the order was confirmed. I had to pay 1360 euro’s (including shipping) in November 2008 and I could expect to receive it in December 2008. In November they confirmed my payment by email and this week I got an email which said it was sent.
    I am really curious now. And I think I was extremely lucky that I received the offer.

    So, my story confirms that this is the way to buy a hang.

  386. Michael Says:

    Hi maurice,
    thank you for sharing your experience.

  387. maurice Says:

    Hello again,

    Last weekend I received my Hang and of course it is beautifull. The tones are truely magical.
    The package also included a DVD with a documentairy about the birth and development of the Hang. It is nice to see by who and where it is created.
    I do not know if this film is already available through the internet, but if there are enough people interested I can try to share it.

  388. Daleen Says:

    if i cant get a hang i will hang myself!!!
    goodbye cruel world!!

  389. Michael Says:

    Hi Daleen,
    to get a hang you need patience. Therefor: Don’t hang yourself before you got your hang. If the hang is worth to hang yourself if you can’t get one, it’s also worth to wait until you get it.
    You understand my point?

  390. Emi Says:

    Hi Michael, just i want to ask you a couple of questions.
    If, I sent a letter or a fax at the beginning of autumn of this year, when the answers returns?… and when can i have?…at the end of the next year or at the earlier of 2010.

    Thank for you attention


  391. Michael Says:

    Hi Emi,
    I answered a similar question in this comment.
    Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer are currently thinking about how they will deal with the huge amount of letters they got in the last months. After they have come to a decision there will be information to all the writers of the letters.

  392. Michael Says:

    Hi maurice,
    the DVD isn’t available via internet. You can get it from PANArt and perhaps from the two french film makers (I don’t know whether they sell it).
    The DVD is the work of the two french film makers and copyrighted. They allowed PANArt to give it to their custumers but you can’t distribute it via internet to other people. I don’t know how the copy right is in your country. In Germany you are allowed to make a few copies for people you know personally, but if you make more copies or if you offer a CD or DVD via internet, it is against copy right.

  393. Emi Says:

    Ok, Michael… Thank very much for your answer, i’m going to have patience, desire to have the hope that does not spend long time.

    All the best

  394. Bruno Says:

    Hello, i got to knoe about Hang today and of course I wanted to buy one….sadly is really hard to get one….
    I wanna ask, is it the onla way to get in touch with Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer writing them? no e-mail? is the fax number actual?
    I will already start my letter and I hope it doenst take so long….
    I am just a student from rbasil living in germany and I dont have money enough to buy one but I think if i get the chance to get one I will fond a way to pay it…..what about learning how to play?? is that easy?? tough I feel is more a sensitive thing I would like to know if there is people who teach is already….
    looking forwards for answers which can help me….

  395. Michael Says:

    Hi Bruno,
    yes, letter and fax are the only ways to get in touch with Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer for people who are interested to buy a hang. The fax number is valid (if it wasn’t valid it wouldn’t be in the article ;-) ).
    There are currently only very few hang players in the whole world who teach hang playing. The most hang players never had lessons to learn the hang. I think if someone has experiences with other musical instruments he doesn’t need lessons to learn to play the hang. And I also know some hang players who didn’t play any other instruments before and learned playing the hang without a teacher. But it is very helpful to be in contact with other hang players and learn of each other. To find other hang players you can visit the Hang-Music Forum. It is also very helpful to go to Berne when you have got an appointment for a hang, choose your hang personally and talk with the hang makers to understand what a hang is and get a first instruction.

  396. Bruno Says:

    thanks for the asnwer…..I wrote the letter and will send tomorrow….what is the aprox waiting time at this moment??
    waiting long is no prob as i need time to save the money…
    also wanna know if they just sell the 2008 model os also oder ones?? if yes ´which one to choose??
    thanks for the fast asnwers….very good….

  397. Michael Says:

    Hi Bruno,
    to your first question please read this comment.
    Nobody currently knows what models PANArt will offer in the future. I think also the hang makers currently don’t know it.

  398. Ned Says:

    Thank you for this informative site. Having read most of the posts I would urge new readers to scan through all the posts before posting a query, as likely your question has already been asked and answered! Micheal you are very patient in dealing with all the “I have to get a hang NOW!!” queries.

    Patience is a virtue…

    I for one will be writing my letter and hoping for a reply whether that is next month, next year or in 3 years time. I will wait and hope to own and connect with this beautiful instrument.


  399. Michael Says:

    Hi Ned,
    thank you for your comment. I think one reason for those queries you mentioned is, that I intended this article as an “anti internet page”. Usually internet pages offer information in a short and concentrated way. Therefor many readers anticipate a short advice how to buy a hang with the address of the distributor in the first line. However, when a reader comes to this internet page he has to move step by step through a long article to get the information he wants. He has to decrease the speed down to a level he need for the journey to his own hang. Those who have not enough patience to get through this article will never have enough patience to get a hang. But I also know that for people with little English skills this article can be very challenging.

  400. Ken Bayes Says:

    Hello Michael,
    I may never own one of these beautiful instruments but will always be thankful for at least being able to listen to them. I was disabled a few years ago and can no longer play the drums. Even holding a guitar hurts me now. I can still play the piano a bit. This is what started me looking for a new instrument to learn and experience. When I discovered the Hang my heart jumped but soon calmed down after finding how next to impossible it would be to ever own one. I thank Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner for their contribution to the music soul and wish them many blessings. (Well you too! LOL!)

  401. nimi Says:

    today my heart was saddend……

    ever since i was in italy last spring when i viewed sonone playing the hang i was amazed by this beuttifel creation…. i would do anything to aquire one but sadly im 14 and live on the westcoast…..

    anyone who has a hang drum is truley privliged and should acnoladge that they have something that most people dont. you cant take for granted this wonderfull instrument…

    if anyone, anyone, anyone finds a way to buy one of these instruments without leaving the US please contact me.

    thanks alot…
    – nimi

  402. Michael Says:

    Hi nimi,
    Currently for the buyers of the Integral Hang it isn’t necessary to travel to Berne to get it. They can choose to get it shipped. How the Hang will be distributed in the future isn’t decided yet. If you write a letter to PANArt you will be informed.

  403. talik Says:

    Hello Michael,

    first of all i would like to thank you for such exhaustive explanations about the Hang Drums.
    I just finished my open-hearted letter to Sabina and Felix. The truth – i believe that my dream come truth but i know that mostly reality is sad. I can realize that Sabina and Felix received a lot of mails and faxes. Everybody knows that they can produce limited quantity of Hang Drums. For me arose the questions : how they are making the waiting list? Who can be the chosen one? Is there any priority? Of course stupid questions but maybe anybody knows. Anyway all this “procedure” is fabulous… Thank you for all your comments and a specialy Michael for such great work.

  404. soroush Says:

    hello dear micheal.

    thank you so much for all these details you have provided here for the hang lovers.

    i love hang,and any how i have to buy one,im going to try the request letter to see if i can have it,i am sure that,i will get one,coz i love them purely.

    once again,thank you so much

  405. şerif Says:

    hi,I’m from Turkey and playing baglama(is a folk müsic intrument of turkey)I listened a müsic by manu delago with hang by flucky,,so now I’m interested in it…ı don’t know how much its cost,,but ı’ve head that nearly 800 euro..is it real?I want to get one.can u help e pleasee!!

  406. Michael Says:

    Hi şerif,
    you find the answers to your questions in the article above.

  407. Nicola Says:

    hello, michael
    like many people, is a lot of time that I’m following this magic instrument, and I have the common desire to have it…. no need any things more, you know what I mean. so I wrote a letter by fax to felix rohner. Do you think is enough? I go to berna next 22th february. Is so impossible to find a hang (for me it’s ok also the first model). What do you think? Sorry for my intrusion, thankyou

  408. Michael Says:

    Hi Nicola,
    you sent your letter – ok, that’s enough. I cannot say anything else. I’m not a magician and I haven’t any insider tips how to get a Hang guaranteed within two weeks. When you will get an answer from PANArt you will know what to do next. Until this will happen, lean back and enjoy life.

  409. Vince Says:

    Hey man, wonderfull blog!

    Do I understand correctly that the chances to buy a hang drum on shorter notice are getting higher when I’m able to visit PANart in Switzerland myself?

    Off course I would make sure to contact PANart first before making the trip from Amsterdam to Switzerland.

    Keep up the good work!

  410. Michael Says:

    Hi Vince,
    no there isn’t a chance to get a Hang when you visit PANArt without an appointment. You have to write a letter as it is explained in the article. Then you will need patience until you get an answer with information from PANArt. This can last several months.

  411. Ruca Rebordão Says:

    Hi Michael and everyone in this fantastic helpfull site.
    I’m a percussionist for many years, my band is Madredeus from Portugal. This band is been on world music sean for 20 years. I’m like everyone else who desire a hang, love the sound, I have and I play still drums but a hang it’s something else. A friend of mine Marco Lobo, percussionist from Brasil who has a ding, intruduced me the sound and I have to have it, I’ll wait, if that’s the only way. I totaly agree with Felix Rohner and Sabina to stop the especulation on the market. I’ll send my letter after I come back from our tour in Brazil.
    I just want to share my love for this instrument, all the comments and answers from Michael were fantastic to understand what is all about. Thank you.
    Please take a look what Madredeus is been doing and all the best for all the hang lovers.
    Big hug from Lisbon,

  412. Bryan Dukes Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I am currently living in the U.S. and have studied percussion for well over a decade now. Fate (with the help of the united states air force lol) has granted me an opportunity to live in Germany. Therefore I will be very close to PANart. I know I will have to write them and set up an appointment, but is there a waiting list for these or do you just have to set the appointment up? I figure since I will be there for a year or two I might be able to get my hands on a couple of these. Thanks for any information!


  413. Michael Says:

    Hi Bryan,
    there is no wating list in the sense of first in first out. When you write to PANArt you will get an answer with information, after Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer have decided how they will distribute the Hang after the brake they have announced. When you receive the information you will know how it will work. I don’t know when the information will be send out to the letter writers.

  414. Jason Says:

    Hi Michael,
    It has been a while since I last posted. I received my letter from Felix today. I have a question I hope you can answer. I do not want to publish Felix’s email on the blog, however it is difficult to read and I can’t make out 2 letters. Could you send me an email directly so I can discuss this with you privately? I only have about 5 days from now to get there, so I have to reply to them soon. Thanks, Jason

  415. krutya Says:

    Hi Jason! Tell please and when you sent the letter to them? I sent in October 2008, but the answer still is not present. And whether necessarily to them to go to Switzerland? (I am sorry for the English)

  416. Jason Says:

    Hi Krutya, I sent my letter early in 2008. No, it is not necessary to go to Switzerland as they do not have any available for sale. I did not get a response for around a year, so I suggest just waiting patiently. Hope this helps. Jason

  417. Kristi Says:

    OMG…I have a friend that could probably make the Hang Drum. He works with metal and I am sure he could reproduce this drum. I bet if he got his hands on one he could start producing them easily. Maybe I should look into buying one and then see what he can do. If we started selling them here in the states, could we be sued by the original makers of the drum for some kind of patent infringement? Is this drum patented?

  418. Michael Says:

    Hi Kristi,
    look in the New hand pan development Section of the Hang-Music Forum. You will find, that nobody “could start producing them easily” by now. And there are reasons for. Building an instrument like the Hang is an art and needs a lot of experience in tuning of the special material – nitrided steel – the Hang is made of. PANArt has a Swiss patent on the method to make steel instruments of nitrided steel sheets and the name Hang is a registered trade mark. You find information on the building and tuning of the Hang in the Hang Internet Index.

  419. Daniel Says:

    Hi Micheal,

    I was priviledged enough to hear a Hang being played for the first time last night at a local poetry night and I fell in love with it instantly.

    A guy called Simon Wood was playing it at the Jazz Cafe in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

    I had a brief chat with him and he told me about the waiting list but I wasn’t put off and, today, did some internet searching.

    Thankyou for this site with the interesting history and the useful information. I will be sending my letter soon, I hope I am not too late!


  420. BREATH Says:

    Hi Michael, do you have any news from PanArt? What at them occurs now? I have sent the fax even in the spring of last year. But only yesterday has received the answer. They write that it is a lot of work and they can give more detailed information only in the end of this year. Probably you know something more about Integral Hang – whether manufacture of this model is stopped? I ordered this model (Integral Hang) and I am afraid they it will cease to make. And the last, whether you know what quantity of instruments it is possible to order for one time?

  421. Michael Says:

    Hi BREATH,
    the letter you received yesterday was sent to many people who sent a request for a Hang to PANArt. After all Integral Hanghang are made that are spoken for, the Hang makers will stop production for a few months this year to use this time for research and development of the Hang. After this break they will build Hanghang again. The letter says that those who received this letter cannot purchase a Hang this year and that PANArt will sent information on the future activities at the end of the year. There are no plans to cease building the Hang. Since 2007 you can order only one Hang.

  422. BREATH Says:

    So again Hi Michael, just has found out here such site. http://halo.pantheonsteel.com/
    Tell that you think concerning this instrument, and whether something is known to you in general that PantheonSteel have made HALO. Or it Hang from PanArt, and they only position this instrument as HALO?
    I did not touch this instrument, but if to judge on video, it not so differs from hang. What do you think?
    And the price more low than hang – $1500. And time of manufacture about two months.
    What do you think?

  423. Michael Says:

    Hi Breath,
    there is a discussion on the Halo in the Hang-Music Forum, where I wrote what I think about this new instrument: Here it is. It is a lon discussion, but I think it is worth reading it completely.

    There are no information given by Pantheon Steel how long it will last until someone who join the list today can get a Halo. There are 2300 persons on the waiting list, and I assume it will last 1-3 years until you can get a Halo if you aren’t yet on the list.

  424. Man on street Says:


    Thanks for your background of the hang. Today I got to hear three Hangs played together. A wonderful group called “Keona” from France and England are playing in Tennessee at Dollywood for the festival of nations. The music was like the wind itself. I shall buy every recording of this group I can find. Thanks for time.

  425. Massimiliano Says:

    Some stupid and crazy man is selling an aeolian first generation hang in NAVARRA (SPAIN)… for about 4.000 euros!!!! pffff people is too crazy! there’s some way to notify Panart this kind of abuse trading? the hang number is 3128 (aeolian tune)… I downloaded photos and the link from local trade website. Michael if you want you can send me an email and send you this infration with more details. We must fight to stop this kind of money approaching from other people.


  426. inder Says:

    hey ,

    being from the country where ghatam is originated from , yes heard swarup in mc leod ganj in india , came to know the bundle of impossibilities about buying a hang , may be i’ll live up to have one sometime ..

    but how about hang promotion in india hope some musicians will collab to have some gigs in india soon

    ladder for enjoying music to the purest and introduce HANG to people of india .


  427. marcos Says:

    hey Massimiliano
    I feel your anguish over hang resales but really you should not concern yourself with what other people are doing, for most everyone looking to buy a hang here the going online auction rate (which is run up by the bidders not the sellers) is just too darn high, so don\’t look there, really just avoid it. My further advice to you is to save your money and not nickle and dime yourself with a weak substitute either so that when you get your letter you will have sufficient funds in which to purchase your hang with.

  428. Massimiliano Says:

    Hey Marcos, thanks for the advice! I understand your point… but sometimes I can’t feel happy seeing this kind of abusive prices on ebay, or what ever… maybe this situation will finish in the future if there others hand pan metal instrument makers like Pantheon Steel, or Bell Art… but for me right now there’s not better instrument, and sound quality like a integral hang.

    Hope to get my letter from panart some day! :-)


  429. lincoln Says:

    Massi Massi you are funny thanks for the advice but you wont take it as you repeated yourself in 428 from 425 we got it the first time you are frustrated over not having a hang but then you go on to say you hope more hand pans will finish this situation means if you have your hang tomorrow you want a bunch of knockoffs to devalue yours

  430. kamyar Says:

    hey there
    i live in U.S.A and i’m inspired by this heavenly sound(HANG DRUM’S SOUND)
    i will do whatever is needed,to have this instrument
    the only thing that i can’t do,is going to switzerland to get one
    so,suggest me what is the best way to order one?

  431. kamyar Says:

    and thanks a bunch for this link
    thanks for all the things that u do
    peace everyone
    Especially Micheal:)

  432. Michael Says:

    Hi kamyar,
    the first thing you have to do, is to read this article carfully.
    Then, I think, your question will be answered.

  433. Emi Says:

    This is really a joke HANG MAKERS ? THE HANG MAKERS ? It will be so sad when the real tallented people start playing …. just a little fact,the instrument can be manufactured under 1500$ with the exact same steel alloy and fine tuned to perfection by the finest percussion professors. 400 a year ? what do you say about 40.000 a month and as i can see there are a lot of buyers. Is the price droping just wait 2 more months. I just love to see the exclusive hang family rise up in numbers with lest say millions .

  434. Michael Says:

    If there are any real facts behind your statements, we are keen to hear them.

  435. Steven Khan Says:

    well maintained source of information this is.
    thanks Michael.
    So far I have not written PanArt…but this will occur rather soon. We’ll see what comes of it.
    Just one thing that needs to get of my chest.
    People…even 1200€…which is a lot of money…is yet a reasonable price to pay for such an excellent crafted musical instrument. As a semi-professional percussionist I buy instruments on a regular basis. And one thing is certain if you want decent quality…you pay up for it, it’s as simple as that.
    And considering the amounts of hours/days/weeks? that go into making one…1200€ is very reasonable.
    I too have my doubts about the way PanArt is handling their stuff. But hey, it’s a “free” world. And if that’s the way they want it to be than that’s the way it is. Be happy…there is such a nice instrument. This western “I want it and I want it NOW” mentality isn’t very flattering. But ever so present :-(
    And indeed…as one of the comments described…the price also keeps from falling into freaky wannabee musicians (them stinkin hippies…lol) who bash into anything given the chance…or campfire.
    Anyway…hang in there musical compadres!

  436. Jeremy Noel Says:

    One of these days, that’s all I can say! From what I read on this page, 1200 Euro isn’t all that bad for such an instrument that has priceless value in the hands that can play it wholeheartedly, and for ages to come! :-)

    Oh yeah, and if you got confused as to what 1200 Euros cost compared to USD, it’s a little under 1600…just to save time finding out.

  437. Miguel Haller Says:

    Hineverybody.. I live in Mexico city and i was travelling around the world wen i meet this wonderfull instrument… I´m allready a musician so if any want’s to visit my web pages and seend a coment will be nice… http://www.losmusicosdejose.com.mx... myspace.com/ragaensambledepercusiones… myspace.com/losmusicosdejose

    What i really want to know is… what i need to do to have (buy) this instrument… hope any one answer at hasm19@hotmail.com
    thank you

  438. Frank Says:

    Hallo Miguel,

    How you can buy a Hang is explained in the article above. Read the whole article and your question will be answered.


  439. Ranganatha Says:

    greetings… I am a fellow lover of the magical Hang. Been journeying with my 2008 Integral Hang for about four months now. Curious to know of any updates in Felix and Sabina’s vision for the Hang. Would love to see the pygmy back in a newer more resonanth form. Saw a post on youtube from the HAPI drum maker playing what he called the new integral hang in E. Struck me as curious for mine is in D and thought they all were. It also sounded similar to a pygmy.

    Also, in response to our friend wishing to see the Hang mass produced for cheaper: I appreciate your opinion, however, I must say that for myself as a passionate musician, I feel the Hang would greatly lose it’s magic if they were as popular as let’s say a djembe. I am deeply blessed with the Hang in my life and the magic it stirs in all souls who hear it. I would pay triple for such a gift. In fact I value and appreciate it even more through the 15 month wait and investment. I personally feel that those who commit to this journey are those meant to play them with heart felt intention and perhaps a prayer or two for a more harmonious world we share. Peace.

    Santa Barbara, California

  440. Серега Жруев Says:


  441. Anderson Marino Says:

    Olá Michael,
    Moro na América do Sul, precisamente no Brazil e sei que é muito difícil comprar um Hang Drum da Panart, impossível também seria viajar para Berna e escolher um Hang, hoje existe um jeito de encomendá-lo, aqui no Brazil temos muito amor pela música e este instrumento é fascinante.
    Me diga tenho um amigo que mora na Suíssa, será que ele conseguiria comprá-lo, a Panart ainda está funcionando no mesmo endereço.
    Obrigado e bons ventos !!!

    Anderson Marino

  442. krutya Says:

    НЕ ТО СЛОВО :)

  443. Saggio Says:

    Ranganatha, I believe the youtube you refer to listed a HAPI drum in E, not a hang. My understaning is that all the hangs are now tuned only in the D Ding.

  444. Ranganatha Says:

    Saggio… thanks for the reply. Thought that was the case. I wonder why Felix and Sabina decided on the D scale? It certainly does have a powerful effect on people. Though all Hang sound good to some degree, not all scales have such effects. A friend has an older model with a scale that is somewhat dry. Any updates on their latest plans? Peace.


  445. davdo Says:

    heloo. i wrote a letter 1 mounth ago and i do not have problem to wait, i just wondering is it for sure that i will get one of those someday? tnaks and sorry for my bad english. greets from croatia..

  446. Michael Says:

    Hi Ranganatha,
    there are no new latest plans. The Hang makers build the Integral Hang also in 2009. Shortly I will publish a statement from PANArt regarding the Hang in 2009. You can already read it in the Hang Forum.

    Hi davdo,
    knowbody can tell you today whether it is sure that you will get a Hang some day. There are about thousand people who received an information from PANArt some weeks ago, that they cannot get a Hang in 2009 and that they will receive information at the end of 2009 about the plans for 2010. Others currently receive letters that they can pick their Hang in the Hangbauhaus in summer or autumn this year.
    You have written your letter and this is all you can currently do. The rest will be patience.

  447. Colin Benders Says:

    my name is colin, I’m an artist under the name Kyteman. I saw this instrument and I have been obsessed by it ever since. I just wanted you to know, that as soon as there is more news about availability or, even better, the production process is up to a level where commercial purchase is possible, I’ll be there to buy at least 5 of them. the sound and the grammar of the instrument are quite astounding, I’d love to get my hands on it. I’ll be patient ;)

    oh by the way, my group is a Hiphop Orchestra (22 people on stage including strings, brass, MC’s, name it) so if you’re interrested, feel free to google or tube some :)

  448. Chris W. Says:


    I recently came across the hang drum during a search on the internet, and have been fascinated by it ever since (as it appears many has). However, searching to buy it through auction sites has yielded very little. I have, however, come across a similar-looking drum, the Eclipse drum, and was wondering if you could tell me the difference.

    Chris W.

  449. Michael Says:

    The Eclipse drum is a steel tongue drum. The sound comes from tongues cut in a steel container. The Hang (not hang drum!) is an instrument made of tuned sheet steel. Two very different instruments in sound and the physical principals. If someone is longing for the Hang sound, he will not be pleased with a steel tongue drum.

  450. KellytheSinger Says:

    I want One but I want the makers to feel my need.
    I should have a hang because it is my destiny.

  451. Yinka Says:

    Hi … I am also waiting for a magical Hang. A couple of years is very long and frustrating time but I fully appreciate the situation the makers find themselves in. In the meantime I am researching the alternatives.. 1) Caiser- The sound of this instrument is not as rich and beautiful.. but it may be a useful tempory substitute on which I can practise untill my Hang day is announced. .. 2) Halo by Pantheon Steel- This looks like a serious contender, but I have never played one so I’m not sure. Also, I have just discovered a company called Blacksteel who are also attempting to eat up the Hang waiting list. Hmmm
    What is your opinion of the Caiser as a temp?

    Happi days

  452. Andzejs Says:

    Hi, my name is Andzejs. I am from Latvia. I was wondering, are there some other Hang shops near Latvia? like Sweeden, Germany etc…? And what is that list of Hang buyers or something? i didnt get that. Thanks.

  453. m1ch3l Says:

    hey, if you want a hang you have to pray for the god’s HAAANNNNG.

    it is not an instrument, like guitar for example, it’s a tool used to open a dimensional warp between 7 differents worlds. that’s why is so rare… you must deserve it or was born between 32 and 37 seconds on a tuesday morning… otherwise, sorry. you won’t have one.

    chineses!!! where are youuuuuuuuu??!!

  454. Andzejs Says:

    HI i have few more question, Where in Bern is that Hanghaus, address. ( soory for bad spelling ) And how long does it takes to make a hang. I mean if i go to Bern will i be able to obtain a hang during my visit or it takes a long time to make a hang. And do i have to mail to Hanghaus before i go visit them? And do i have to make an order via mail for hang and then when its ready i can go and get my hang? Thanks.

  455. mojoOm Says:

    Hello, my name is Andrey, I`m from Russia (Saint – Peterburg). I wish to buy a Hang, but I do not know from what to begin… If you give me information about this, I will be werry glad for you!
    P.S. sorry for my english, it`s not so good =)

  456. Frank Says:


    @Andzejs and @mojoOm

    How you can buy a Hang is explained in the article above. Read the whole article and your question will be answered.


  457. david Says:

    hi tengo mi hang de artmetal jajajajaja

  458. Zélie Says:

    I felt in love with the sound of what you called “hang”i’m french and i discovered it in Paris some months before. I thought why i’ve never met before such a magical sound.It was such a pleasant moment for me that i hope to have the chance to have a hang for me for me for me formidable and very very very very véritable! A warm french kiss !

  459. Zélie Says:

    i’m interested ZZ, Z.

  460. Zélie Says:

    It would be so easy so i’m going to write a letter for these incredibly and so magician handmakers!

  461. qwerty Says:

    If only one person knows how to make a Hanghang, maby they just should hire some people as TEACH them how to produce them. It is not dark arts – if one can do it, others can. If not, the training was not done correctly.

  462. kath Says:

    same as qwerty… whats the deal with only 2 people having the ability to make them? you have a wicked instrument promoting incredibly peaceful music – something this largely messed up world could do with a lot more of. i suggest you teach the art of making them, before me and everyone else suffers from a premature hang drumless death. thank you, and good night.

  463. Michael Says:

    Hi qwerty and kath,
    obviously you have great experience in teaching methods how to make a Hang. I guess the Hang makers would be rather interested to learn these methods from you ;-)

  464. Bobby Gill Says:

    Hello Michael. First of all I would like to commend your efforts in answering so many questions over the years. Your dedication and commitment to the art of Hang is obvious much appreciated. I live in Toronto Canada and my question is simple.
    1) If I were to mail out my written request for the purchase of a Hang and also fax the same request today(just to make sure it gets into PanArt ok) how long would it be before someone at PanArt would acknowledge my request and advise me that I have been added to the waiting list? I know you have asked for patience (that of which I have lots) but I just want to make sure that I am officially on the waiting list. I’m prepared to wait for my Hang for 2 or 3+ years if I have to. Anything this beautiful is definately worth waiting for.

    Also please be sure to let Felix and Sabina know that the personal attention they give each and every Hang they make is absolutely amazing and well worth the wait.

    Thank you in advance Michael.

    Bobby Gill, Toronto Canada

  465. Michael Says:

    Hi Bobby Gill,
    there isn’t anything like a waiting list with acknowledgements. You write a letter. PANArt receive and file it. When the time is come that PANArt sent out communications you will receive it. For example they sent out communications to thousand persons in March 2009 that they can’t get a Hang this year and that PANArt plan to sent the next communication end of the year. When you sent your letter after March, I assume you also will receive this information end of 2009 or in the beginning of 2010. Before this date you can’t await any acknowledgement.

    I know that it is a long time to wait for you until you get a reaction to your letter. But this is the way PANArt manage the Hang requests. And receiving no acknowledgement for a long time doesn’t mean that you are “not on the list” or that your letter is thrown away or something like this.

  466. Ruth Says:

    Hai there in this part of the world.

    My daughter going to have her 21st birthday and I would like to get her one hang drum as her birthday present, My other daughter gone to study in geneve is it possible for her to go to your place and get one for me. How much is cost ? thank’s hope I can have it for oktober first week if possible.
    I also have another friend who live in bern and also in Zurich perhaps they can go to your place and get it from you. Can I make my order first please . love Ruth

  467. Michael Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    it’s not “my place”. I’m Michael, administrator of this website and a Hang player from Germany, not the Hang maker. This is not the Hang maker’s website. Please read the article above. This will answer all your questions.

  468. Ranjan Says:

    Hola Mic.
    yo vivo en russia y estoy interesado en un hang hang, soy de costa rica per vivo en moscu.
    la pregunta es si yo podra comprar un hanghang en moscu? y cuanto cuesta un hang, ya lo escriviste pero no entiendo bien ingles.
    si no esta en moscu solo digame cuanto cuesta, grasias.

  469. Ranjan Says:

    y tambien digame donde lo podria comprar.
    muchas grasias.

  470. Michael Says:

    Hi Ranjan,
    Here are the most important answers to your questions. But you should ask a friend with better English (or German) skills to translate the article above for you.

    You cannot buy a Hang in Moscow. If you want a Hang, you must write a letter to PANArt in Berne, Switzerland. Then you will have to wait for a long time. There are 1000 persons waiting with you for a Hang. In this year a Hang costs 1200 Euro.

  471. Ranjan Says:

    hi again!
    and they can send me tghe hang, or i have to travel to berne?

  472. Michael Says:

    Hi Ranjan,
    people who get their Hang this year have the choice whether they travel to berne or get it shipped. You cannot get a Hang this year because all Hang of this year’s production are already spoken for. How it will be in the future PANArt will tell when the time will come (I think, at the earliest end of 2009).

  473. Ranjan Says:

    oh thanks Mic, so i can write a letter to PANArt and they will answer me when the time will come. yes?
    thank you!

  474. Michael Says:

    Yes, this is right.

  475. Ranjan Says:

    oh thank you very much)) i think i bored you))
    grssias que me escuchabas))))

  476. JAsua Says:

    Words do not expres….. I must have this Hang at my possesion at once someone bless me with one and they will be blessed Thank you..

  477. Andzejs Says:

    Hi Mic. Do you know will hang price rise or fall during next year? because you said that hang costs 1200 EUR this year, does it mean that the hang will cost more in next year ? Thanks

  478. Jay Says:

    Michael, this blog is obviously a labor of love, thank you. Would you be so kind as to let me know the mailing address of PANArt in Berne? I would like to try and write them a letter in order to purchase a hang drum. Thanks so much, Jay

  479. Jay Says:

    oops never mind- found it on their brochure

  480. Michael Says:

    Hi Andzejs,
    I don’t know. I’m not the one who makes the Hang price.

    Hi Jay,
    please read the article above carefully! It is unmistakably told there that you have no chance to contact PANArt via e-mail for a Hang request.

    I strongly recommend to read the whole article above, if you are interested to get a Hang.

  481. Zinnia Muñoz Says:

    Hola Michael
    Te escribo desde Colombia. Estamos pensando comprar un hang. No tenemos problema en esperar el tiempo que sea necesario. Lo que nos preocupa es el costo: 1) EN qué momento se paga? Cuándo se pide? Cuándo ya está listo para la entrega? 2) Cuánto podría costar el envío hasta Bogotá Colombia?

    Gracias por todo. Tu labor es admirable

  482. Michael Says:

    Hi Zinnia Muñoz,
    I am not the Hang maker. I am a Hang player and the Hangblog is independent of PANArt. Therefor I cannot answer your questions. My advice for you is: Don’t worry about costs at the moment. Write your letter to PANArt. When you will get an appointment it will be the right moment to get the answers direct from PANArt.

  483. Valerio Says:

    Ciao,how rude is to call the Hang a hang drum? I was in the rush for writing the letter to PANArt after i casually find a video on youtube and this beautifull creation took my heart. In the video was called hang drum, so i made some search in internet and find the address, in my letter i write about my hope to be added in the hang drum want list, after i mail the letter i learned more about the hang and also about the real name… From that time i am wondering if that mistake can have some negative effect on my request. Is There someone that have made the same mistake and have had a positive answer from PANArt?

    thanks and sorry for my bad english

  484. Robert Says:

    You may want to append the above, based on recent information you have from PANArt, to indicate the following:

    A request letter is not an order that is entered into a list based on date. PANArt decides whom they invite for a Hang purchase partly by the date of the letter but also based on other factors. It is possible that some have to wait longer than others. If one knows the date a letter was written from a person who gets an appointment for an Integral Hang, this doesn’t indicate anything for any other person who’s written a letter.

  485. Michael Says:

    Hi Valerio,
    The Hang is a rare good and those who start the journey to their own Hang have to consider, that it needs more than the whish to really get one. One of the basic issues is to be good informed about the Hang. How can one really know whether the Hang is the kind of instrument he will be satisfied with, if he don’t know it very well?

    “The acquisition of an integral hang requires careful consideration. Its great sensibility is a challenge for letting the hands speak intuitively and for developing their suppleness. It is by no means a drum – or a hang drum – as we have seen it described on the Internet”, the Hang makers write in their recently published statement The Integral Hang 2009.

    I think these thoughts will help you to decide what to do. Knowing someone who got an appointment for an IH and called the Hang a hang drum in his letter will not help you.

  486. Nicolas Says:

    Hi there,
    i’m recently sent a fax to panart for a hang. i know that they can’t answer me immediatly but how i known if my request has been taken ? do you think i have to send a letter too ?

  487. Michael Says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    what can I say? If you wrote readable and your and PANArt’s fax machine are ok your request has been taken. If not you have to send a letter. I usually recommend to write a letter an not a fax, because then you don’t have to deal with fears whether PANArt’s fax machine was working etc.

  488. Nicolas Says:

    I have the report of my fax which say that is “correct” and i wrote the letter whith my computer so…i think it’s ok
    thanks Michael

  489. julian Says:


    thank you very much michael!! you are making a very helpfull work and many people should be happy for your dedication.

    In my case, i had send the letter to panart in july’08 and i recived the answer that they make one break for think about. After they sayed that the letter is not waste and when the production star again and will be my number i wiil recive the notification.
    Then for me can be very helpfull know when can be my turn, because if is long time may be i will take other way. I know that you don’t know the list and when will be the next, but a litle idea can be very nice!! I don’t want create any presion!!

    Thanks a lot again, and i wish you the best!!

  490. Michael Says:

    Hi Julian,
    it is often misunderstood how the letters, sent to PANArt with a request for a Hang are managed. A number of letter writers think that writing the letter means to order a Hang and that the Hanghang are delivered in chronological order of the “list”. This is a misunderstanding. Writing a letter to PANArt means that you declare your interest to acquire a Hang. It is not an order. PANArt decides whom they invite for a Hang purchase by the date of the letter but also by other reasons. Therefor it is possible that some persons have to wait longer than others. If you know when someone, who currently get an appointment for an Integral Hang, wrote his letter, this doesn’t say anything about when you will get a Hang. It isn’t possible to make plans for you and your Hang before you’ve got an appointment, because you don’t know whether and when you will get it. Currently the Hang makers are thinking about how they will manage the huge demand for Hanghang in the time after 2009. When they will have come to all decisions regarding this question, they plan to inform all letter writers about their new handling and what they will have to do if they still want a Hang.

  491. julian Says:

    hi michael,

    thank a lot again!! can you answer other question please?? All the hangs that will be purchase this year have all ready an letter??

    thank for your pacient and dedication!!

  492. Michael Says:

    Hi julian,
    I don’t know.

  493. Roy Says:

    Hi there,

    thank you for the explanations, I still have one more question: do they speak french? As I’m french, I would prefer to write in french and not in english if possible,

    Thank you the “Hang Encyclopedist” ;)

  494. Michael Says:

    Hi Roy,
    Switzerland is located between Germany, Austria, Italy and France. In Switzerland there is a region where people speak Swiss German and a region where French is spoken. So many Swiss seem to be multi linguists. For a letter to PANArt you can use standard German, Swiss German, Bernese German, French, Italian, Spanish or English.

  495. Björn Says:

    Hello Michael! I love the sound of the Hang! I guess i never will be able to get one. Partly money, but when i read all your comments from people with such desire that they dont even bother to read your info i feel that i dont even want to send a letter to the poor “Creators” who probably are drowning in so much mail that they dont have time to make another Hang in there lifetime.
    You are a man with great patience! Pce / Cavedweller from Sweden

  496. Kristian Says:

    Hi Michael

    Love what your doing!! Think your doing a sterling job, given the amount of abuse I have read.

    I got about half way down and then thought no one seems to be asking what I want to know. Essentially, I want to purchase a hang. I have a lot of patience and dont mind waiting.

    What I am wondering is, if I write my letter by the end of September 2009 when will I need the money by? I know you can only guess but I dont want to write, they invite me there and I am not ready.

    So, when do you estimate I should need the money by?

    Many thanks for any sort of information around this.


  497. Michael Says:

    Hi Kristian,
    considering what I’ve heard from the HangBauhaus a few days ago, I think that the most appointments for an Integral Hang in 2009 are still ready. Therefor you will most likely not be able to purchase a Hang in 2009. In spring 2010 PANArt probably will start a new handling of the Hang requests, “the cards are being reshuffled” and nobody can say today whether and when you will get an appointment. If you write a letter you probably will receive informaton on the new handling in autumn, winter 2009 or spring 2010.

    I recommend to read this comment too, where I answered a similar question.

  498. Matt Kowalzek Says:

    Hello Hang Makers,

    I post requiring some assistance. During the fall of 08′ I had mailed a request to purchase letter. This was from an old address, when I was living in the states (Alaska). Recently I have moved to Southern Germany (Tubingen). I fear that information following my purchase letter may not reach me. If there is a way to update my address it would be greatly appreciated. I would dred missing the oppurtunity to purchase this instrument, now that I am so close to the Hangbauhaus. Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,

  499. Michael Says:

    Hello Matt,
    you addressed the Hang makers with your comment, but you will probably receive no answer because the Hangblog is not a medium to contact the Hang makers. The Hangblog is a website run by me, a Hang player who is independent from PANArt. I recommend to send a letter to PANArt telling them your new address. And if you add an e-mail address it will be sure that you can be reached by PANArt when your postal address changes again.

  500. dan Says:

    Damn, i wish i had had the money to purchase one back in 2004, they were only 600€. looks like it will be a longer wait.

  501. Sciamanna blogga » Hang Says:

    [...] Per chi fosse interessato: http://www.hangblog.org/2006/11/27/how-to-buy-a-hang [...]

  502. Joris Says:

    hello HANG lovers,
    I’m from the netherlands and i am considering that when i have the money to buy one, that i drive tho PANArt. If i do that, how big is the chance that i can buy one personally from the makers?

    greetings Joris,

  503. Michael Says:

    Hi Joris,
    The answer is: Zero. Why do you ask before reading? The information is here on this page. If you don’t read up carefully on how to acquire a Hang you will never get one.

  504. Joris Says:

    hi again,

    first of all, Michael thank you VERY much for the quick responses.

    and I’m dutch so its pretty hard to understand the text and to write this. after i read the page again… and again I understand that u better first send a letter. all I thought was: a in-real meeting is probably better then a letter. but anyway. As i can see its maybe to hard to earn a hang as a 14 year old “kid” so i maybe better try to find a instrument like the hang. wich instrument sounds the most like the hang and is been played with the hands?

    greetings, Joris

  505. Michael Says:

    Hi Joris,
    it isn’t easy to acquire a Hang for a kid as well as a grandfather ;-) You will need patience. People who recently sent a request for a Hang to PANArt were informed that there will be an information next spring about PANArt’s activities in 2010. So you will have to wait half a year to get information how to acquire a Hang in 2010 or the following years. If you are ready for this journey it’s equal whether you are 14 or 44. If you go to Berne you will get the same answer. Therefor a trip to Berne is needless. A letter is much cheaper and has the same effect. And you have to consider that you could stand before a closed door when you travel to Berne. The Hang makers have no shop that is opened daily.

    What instrument sounds the most like a Hang? My personal answer: There is currently no instrument that sounds nearly like the Hang. If you want to find out whether another instrument could please you, you must try out the Hang and possible alternatives in person. What are you seeking for when you are seeking for a Hang? Some people seek for a percussion instrument to play nice rhythms combined with melodies. Other people seek for a special sound. Some people want to play on stage with a band. Other people want to listen to the sounds at a quiet place. So my advice is: Find out what you are looking for. If it is the Hang, write a letter to PANArt and wait for response. If you are looking for an opportunity to play the Hang in person, go to http://www.hangforum.com and ask whether there is a hang player in your region who is willing to meet you. And I would never buy any “Hang alternative” without playing it before in person.

  506. Joris Says:

    Ok thank you very much. i’l try all those tips ;PcAnd i stay tuned.

    greetings, joris

  507. frodo Says:

    hi Michael. I’m from China.My friend got to know this instrument a few days ago.He is a bass player and he also play drums as a hobby.When he found this amazing instrument,he wants to buy it very much.But he can’t read English..So he asked me to help him to buy a hang-drum.

    Now I’ve read the article just now.But my English is just soso…I still have some questions..What should I write when i post the fax to the address,I mean except my address,what information are necessary?Or what should I better write in the fax. Another question is how can I pay for the hang.Do I have to wait the till PANArt contact me after I post the fax?And if I make send them a letter now,when do I possibly get the wonderful hang-drum?

    Thx a lot!

  508. Michael Says:

    Hi frodo,
    greetings to China :) Firstly your friend should become clear what it is what he is longing for. Is it a “hang-drum”, a drumming device that increases his options as a drummer? Or is it the sound, the Hang (not hang-drum!!) as a listening device that touch me and I touch it. To touch or to drum? To produce music or to listen?

    In the internet you can find a lot of examples of hang-drummers. In the beginning of the Hang it was predominantly bought and played by percussionists. But the Hang didn’t stand still at that stage. While developing the instrument the Hang makers found out more and more what it was, what they had found in 2000 when they put two shells of their Pang sheet steel together to let the hands play it. The Integral Hang of 2009 or the upcomming instrument of 2010 is quite different to the early first generation Hanghang. It isn’t made for the hands of drummers or percussionists but to the hands of listeners. To listen is what the Integral Hang player does. His hands follow the sounds not the sounds follow his hands.

    I know it isn’t easy to find out more about the Hang in China, especially if one doesn’t understand English or German. But in the future it will be necesssary to be well informed about the Hang and to become clear what it is that attracts one to the Hang. When your friend is clear what he want, he will know what he should write in his letter. I cannot advise him what to write.

    To your second question: The first letter your friend send to PANArt is a first contact to state his interest to acquire a Hang. It isn’t a Hang order! PANArt receives much more requests than they can satisfy. Therefor money isn’t a topic in this stadium. Your friend will receive an answer that will inform him what to do. In the moment persons who sent a letter with a Hang request receive an answer telling them that their name and address will be filed and that they will be informed about PANArt’s activities at springtime of next year.

    Therefor you see it is a long journey. It is impossible just to order a Hang.

  509. Tor Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I would like to express my thanks, I hope on behalf of all of us who have sent emails to this forum, for all the time and energy that you invest in providing Hang-enthousiasts worldwide with all the correct information.
    I know it can’t be easy sometimes…

    Thank you very much, the info is much appreciated.

  510. Ali Says:

    Micheal,we all really owe you one for helping us out with all this information..I’m going to send a letter soon and i do hope i get one i dont mind the long wait,as long as it bears fruit in the end ^^
    Thank you.

  511. Jak, Captain Says:

    Hey michael, thanks for posting this blog, it was useful information. i did not read all the comments so i dont know if someone already asked this but,,, do you think there is any chance of the Hang ever becoming mass produced? or maybe becoming an easier attainable item?

    And do you know how much they typically sell for? i know u dont work there so u probbly dont but, how much was yours?

  512. Michael Says:

    Hi Captain Jak,
    The Hang will never be mass produced. It is a hand made instrument. No machine can replace the human Hang tuner. If you want a Hang, there is only the Hang currently. The current price of the Hang is in the article.
    If you want a “convex circular playing device made of steel” you can look at Halo, Caisa etc., but you cannot await the same instrument concept, sound character and quality.

  513. Manuk Says:

    They have a deployment by inexperienced, I sent two letters in a year and a half and I have not heard acora nothing but a mail telling me that I will have to wait ..
    Obviously give priority to their friends, and in the meantime sold only to those who already have one or more …

    I will buy it a caisa …

  514. Manuk Says:

    ome on caisa that are handcrafted, it seems that the only ones able to do both Panart hangs from ….

    They do not want to sell, buy the beautiful caisa …

  515. Michael Says:

    Hi Manuk,
    I know of a lot of people who got an Integral Hang in 2008 or 2009, who didn’t own a Hang before.

  516. El Chulo Says:

    I sent a letter requesting a hang. I received the answer two hous later. The hang came this morning for free. I woke up five minutes ago. HE he He hE

  517. lee china Says:

    I want acquire a hang,I am a architect ,lived in china ?

  518. Michael Says:

    Hi lee china,
    You have asked for a Hang at the Hangblog.
    The Hangblog is not the place to contact PANArt, the Hang makers.
    The article above and the German version of this article explain how to acquire a Hang.
    If you don’t understand one of these languages good enough, ask a friend who understand English or German to translate it for you. It is important to understand the whole story.

  519. Manuk Says:

    Hi Michael, you read above El Chupa, in two hours and managed to get a response from Panarte, in 1 year I am nothing, I’m on the list, it is obvious that the damage and sell to whoever they want!

    E ‘that is so obvious!
    There are people who have 10 and who has none …

    You know if you need to do much besides the letter?
    I responded to the mail just saying that I will be on the list … you ok, but if that list does not exist?

  520. ben Says:

    ok manuk enough! you forgot to read the part where el chulo (means the ass) says he woke up! it was a joke my young friend ok? Yes some people have more then one because a while ago nobody new what the hang was and you could purchase one or more from a dealer or go to them directly but those days are gone. Its called supply and demand and you will learn what that is if you stay in school ok? just be patient and wait your turn and have enough money saved for the day when your hang is ready for you

  521. Guillaume Says:

    Hi everybody !
    I’m looking for the price of the Integral Hang 2009.
    Thank you for your help.

  522. Samo Says:

    It’s really confusing. But I just want to buy this incredible instrument. So, please, let me know how to do it?
    Reading all the others people who has the same desire, I found out it could be very complicated. But I hope not.
    Thank you for your answer,

  523. Michael Says:

    Hi Samo,
    why don’t you read the article above?

  524. Andrej Says:

    Hi All, i cant judge anyone… i don’t want to.. I have read some comments and.. you just kill me. I have no hope to buy Hang for me, i am not so reach to travel to PANArt, and the price of hang is not so smal.. whatever, generally we are asking in context “Please sell it to me, i will love it, i will take care of it, i am the one who really need it, my soul need it, PLEASE SELL IT TO ME”. And what we have? Story about creating? And we know that only two peoples can construct it… Why? Is this HI TECH? Is it impossible to teach more peoples to make it in a right way… No!? We r asking more and more.. Rating is growing.. why not. Am i right? p.s Sorry, my english not so good

  525. Joey T Says:

    Dear Michael, I want to commend you for your patience with the idiots who write to you with no respect or basic human decency. You are much more long suffering than I could ever be. The information you provided in the article is more than adequate. Thank you for your time and gentle way. Just reading some of the stupid things stupid people say made me mad. Till I would read your responses. Then I would laugh and feel bad for getting mad at them when you yourself reacted with such dignity. Not to get too spiritual but, it’s almost like you embody what the Hanghang is all about. Looking forward to my hang!! Even if it takes 10 years. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you.

  526. Chaca Says:


    at least Europe has access to internet, money, faxes, waiting, arguing, etc. what about us Africans? who loves this hang, wish to have it and seems like we’ll never have access to it!
    i want to have it, enjoy it with the rest of fellow africans…dont have thousands of Euros, cant travel to Switzerland,etc.
    it is not fair because we beleave music is to share,teach exchange… eg if they come to me now am ready to teach them what we have and make sure they have it for free. that is all about music.

    Thanks for your great effort Michael! wish the hangmakers will take time and ready these mails.
    one love!

  527. Michael Says:

    Hi Joey T,
    thanks for your appreciation.

    Hi Chaka,
    the Hang is an European instrument, born and developed in a little country between Germany, France, Austria and Italy. Only two person build it. They cannot satisfy the demand of the whole world. They also are not able to solve the problem of unfairness in global economics between Africa, Asia, South-America and Europe/North-America.
    If you want a Hang the only way is to write a letter to PANArt and describe your interest and situation.

  528. Chaca Says:

    The Eouropean instrument can be shared world wide, as african drums,marimba,djembe, etc!.

    thanks anyway for the reply! i love this instrument and will try to write to the (instrument owners).

  529. Chaca Says:

    Hello Michael,
    Is it possible to get second hand hang? please advice!


  530. Michael Says:

    The problem in getting a second hand Hang is to find someone who is willing to sell his or her Hang for a reasonable price. Occasionally there are Hang auctions at Ebay, but the prices are threefold or fourfold of a new Hang bought directly from PANArt. Also it isn’t clear whether the Hang is in good condition and there are attempts to defraud with Hang ebay auctions. Another important issue is that PANArt will refuse to repair or tune a Hang that was bought via Ebay for such high prices.

    PANArt will assist in a second hand Hang sell, if the seller sign the agreement, send the Hang to PANArt for a check-up and sell it to you for the original price he or she paid for it.

  531. Chaca Says:

    Thanks for that Michael.

  532. nohangforme Says:

    Hi there,

    Panart answer me that they are unable to sell me a Hang because they have too much request :(
    i was ready to wait few years but no hang for me, never…
    they just brake my dream…fuck off
    who they are to say : a hang for him, but not for this one ?
    it is difficult to hire persons and teach them how to make a hang in the right way ? i don’t think so
    they can say what they want, they are just egoist.
    I am really really really disappointed
    happy chrismas

  533. BenJ Says:

    Hi Michael,

    First, many thanks for you infinite patience and help in setting up and managing this website. Without you I think many of us would never even think obtaining a hang was a possibility.

    After I received my email in November, I had a few days thinking about my finances, which are currently in a bad state, and then thought I should still carry on, as I have been dreaming of having one for quite a few years now.

    I receved an email saying that they can not sell me a hang. They did not specify if this was due to me taking too long to reply, or if it was due to something in my letter that made them decide that they didn’t want to sell me one? Also, they didn’t say if this means they will never sell me one, or if I have just to wait until they have sold all this generation of the hang, then had another break, and I am still on the list for if they release the next generation in a year or so?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. It has been a very long journey to get to where I now am in my quest to get a hang, and I would really like to know where I am??!?!?

    All the best, and Merry Christmas

  534. Chillmaster Says:

    Hi nohangforme,

    I got the same reply you received. I have been waiting for my hang for almost 2 years now. Honestly saying, I had to cry yesterday when reading the refusal. It was more than just a disappointment…

    As you did, I asked myself the same question i.e how they select people. After reading for hours on the internet I did not find any answer to this question. Instead, I just saw some “pointers” how the new letter to the hang builders should look like which I will start writing soon.

    Well, I advise you to calm down for a few days and start working on your dream again. When you want to achieve a “dream” it takes a lot of time to do so. Failure is just a mean you should learn from to do better next time. So do not let frustration overcome you. Instead, be aware the hang makers regard their instrument as a gift from heaven. Therefore, inform yourself about their philosophy towards the hang and try to understand what a hang really means for them. As you do so, you move towards your goal. All the best.

    May your dream come true one day.

    Happy Christmas,


  535. Chillmaster Says:

    Hi BenJ,

    I got also kind of stuck in the quest for a hang and do not know where I am after PANart’s refusal.

    I am working on a solution…just wanted to let you know that when I know more I will let you know.


  536. BenJ Says:

    Cheers Chill,

    I think I’m maybe going to write to them, although I would have thought that there must be quite a lot of people thinking the same as us?

    Anyway, good luck in your quest, and Merry Christmas,


  537. james Says:

    hi i was just wondering what the rough price for a hang is ?

  538. Michael Says:

    The price for an Integral Hang in 2009 was 1300 Euro and will be for a Free Integral Hang in 2010 1300 Euro too.

  539. Ali Says:

    What’s their address? I’d like to write them a letter ASAP.

    Thank you!

  540. Michael Says:

    Hi Ali,
    I’d like that you read the article ASAP.

  541. james Says:

    hi micheal, i’d like to thank you for your help , sorry if i seemed reserved/remedial in my previous question . after reading through your blog i am sorry . you are obviously a very patient and well informed person and i thank you for the time and patience taken dealing with some of these erratic, impatient people .i have sent my letter thanks to your help after hours of confusion.

    many thanks

    james ferry


    Hi Michael, hope you are well. Just another quick note from me to say thank you for the amazing job you do in keeping this website going! Your place in Hang Heaven is assured! I have just learned of the Free Integral Hang & am hoping to feel one singing in my hands & heart before too long. Wishing you all good things for the coming year, JC / England.

  543. Rachel Says:

    I could strangle my husband. He showed me a video of a hang being played. I was mesmerized. My thoughts immediately flew to my 17 year old brother who has been experimenting with different drums and sounds. It was bummer to learn that it was WELL outside what I could afford to pay.

    Bummer. It is fascinating though. It’s nice to see handcrafted items being appreciated. Just stinks that there are a lot talented musicians (especially very young ones) who won’t be able to afford one.

  544. grainne murphy Says:

    hello …awh i will never forget the first time i heard the hangdrum being played it was a few years back in dublin …i heard it on the street and before i knew it i was sitting listening to it for hours just trying to absorb it all in …it simply was the most beautiful sound i have ever heard…its just so peacefull and unique … its my only wish to obtain one someday . I just dont know where i would start writing them a letter .i really hope they wouldnt refuse me

  545. Erwin Says:

    Today I heard the Hang for the first time in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, played by Jaro Trip on the street. Back home I found his CD on the internet . I found out that e has a website and two movies on YouTube (”hahahang”). For anyone who enjoys the Hang, check out : hahahang on YouTube. I really enjoy this website and this forum about the Hang and it’s magnificent sound.

  546. Vanya Says:

    I learned about hang from the internet and watched all the videos I could find, I want to play this instrument very much. I’ve read above, that to get a hang, I need to send a letter to PANArt and they will make an appointment, does that mean, that it is nessesary for me to come to Switzerland from Russia to that appointment? Another question is how will PANArt respond to my letter? I mean, will they write me a letter back or I can communicate with them in some other way if I ask them to do so?

  547. Robert Says:


    I think it is time to update this section of the HangBlog to indicate both the existence of the new Free Integral Hang and to indicate the changes to the sales process (no longer a waiting list).

  548. Michael Says:

    Hi Vanya,
    currently PANArt has made some hundreds appointments for spring and autumn 2010. They still receive many requests day by day. I don’t know how all the new requests will be handled. I also don’t know whether it is necessary to travel to Bern in any case, but I think it is strongly recommended to chose the Free Integral Hang personally.

    Hi Robert,
    you are right, an update is necessary. I’m working on a main update of the article. It is most important to understand, that it is not possible to ORDER a Hang. You only can INDICATE your interest to buy a Hang. And it is important to consider carefully whether the Free Integral Hang is the adequate instrument for one’s interests.

  549. ant-one Says:

    hello michael pls if u can tell me what is the difference between the hang drum and Pantheon or BlackBells

    since the pantheonsteel is made in usa so we can purchase it easily here
    thax a lot

  550. Michael Says:

    Hi ant-one,
    the BlackBells never existed. As I understood Mark Campion tried to produce a ready Hang like instrument by engineering and then let it tuned by a tuner in the final step. Obviously he failed. He closed his website http://www.blackbells.com several months ago.

    To understand the difference between the Halo and the Hang you must listen to them and play them in real life. Then you can decide whether one of these instruments is what you are looking for. Perhaps it will help to read the information at http://pantheonsteel.com and the newest communicaton from PANArt. It also is important to understand, that the Hang is not a “hang drum”.

  551. ben osheroff Says:

    Hello, i was wondering what is the absolute best way to contact the Hang makers, and what are their names?

  552. Michael Says:

    Hi ben osheroff,
    there isn’t an “absolute best way”. Firstly you should read the article above and the recommended PANArt publications. The names you can find out by yourself.

  553. Anthony Wright Says:

    Hi I recently wrote a letter to PANart asking to be put on a list to buy a hang drum, waited with excitement to receive a reply and when I did I was gutted as they said I couldnt buy one!! not sure if this was just to me or in general but I find this is really quite rude as there are hundreds of percussionists who would loved to play and own a HANG but due to the long winded way of wanting to buy one it has become very elitist, of which I am very sad about. I found an alternative called Hapitones, not excatly the same but really accessible and lovely people to boot who are enthusiastic and helpful when wanting to buy one of there drums, unlike PANart.

  554. Jesse Langdon Says:

    So I have to send a letter, politely indicate that I am “interested” in a Hang, wait an unknown amount of time for a reply from “the artists”, and if I’m lucky (and my chakras are properly aligned) I just might be granted a personal audience in their studio. Then after paying a couple thousand dollars to fly overseas to travel to their studio in Bern, I will be allowed to see which instrument I have a spiritual connection with, and then finally spend the 1200 euros for the Hang?

    “Excuse me sir, will you be paying with the fat roll of cash in your pocket, or the Platinum Visa?”

    Are you kidding me? Sorry, but I’m not part of the Jet Set, with a few thousand dollars and a week of vacation to spend on a metal drum (excuse me, “work of art”). This is another form of conspicous consumption, to provide the wealthy with another way to flaunt their wealth. The Hang is a beautiful sounding instrument, but please PANart, get over yourselves.

  555. Michael Says:

    Hi Jesse,
    PANArt shall get over themselves? What are your concrete proposals? Perhaps leaving Switzerland and settle down in California or New York? So you could save your traveling costs.
    But will that work? What about all the Europeans moaning that they have to spend a lot of Euros to travel to the US?

    It’s just bad luck that you was born in America and not in Europe. And this has nothing to do with PANArt or the Hang.

    And look at the Ebay prices paid for used Hanghang! 1300 Euro for a brand new Free Integral Hang is a very cheap price!

    So what does “get over yourselves” mean concrete? Your realistic proposals please!

  556. Rachel Says:

    I have read through the handbook and letters, and was wondering if you could explain how the angle of the legs affects the pitch.
    Thank you!
    P.S. This website is great – it satisfied a very frustrating need for information

  557. Truckerhucker Says:

    What happens If you do get rejected can you send another letter?

  558. Michael Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    the angle of the legs doesn’t affect the pitch of the tones of the Ding side of the Hang. It affects only the frequency of the Helmholtz resonance (look at the explanation in the Hang Lexicon). On this webpage you find an animated figure showing the comparison of the function of a Helmholtz resonator and and a mass spring system. The frequency depends on the volume of the air in the cavity (F) and the mass of the air in the neck of the Helmholtz resonator (m).

    With a little angle of your legs you make the neck of the Gu longer and the mass within this longer neck bigger. This slows down the oscillation of the mass in the neck.

    Hi Truckerhucker,
    I don’t know what will happen, if you send another letter. And I’m not able to give any reliable advice.

  559. Benjamin Says:

    Hello Michael,
    Primarily I would like to express my gratitude for you patiently keeping this blog open; regardless of certian ignorant ranting or rude comments. I would also like to ask about certain aspects of this purchasing process. I have read the entire article, but I have not read all of the comments; just most of those in 2007 or 2008. What is the difference between the intregral hang and the free integral hang? Also, if I were to send a letter asking about purchasing a Hang Drum, and I were accepted; would it be necerssary to go straight to Bern? Is it possible to just have an acceptance letter, and arrive at your leisure; one or even two years later? I don’t quite have the money to pay for one yet, and I was just wondering about the possibility of getting through the waiting process, so that when I want the drum; I can just get it instantly. (relatively speaking)

  560. Ryan Sapach Says:

    I think that some people dont understand the specialness of something unique, and the old and unique way of aquiring hang. Hand writing a letter is a beautiful request that is personal and true.maybe in the mystical earth you might have a chance at the journey to travel to burne switzerland, to aquire something unique. what a beautiful notion.. I will try my chances with the best letter I can write.. Ryan Sapach in Vancouver Canada

  561. sergio Says:

    hola michael. no se si me entiendes al escribir en español pero yo no se ingles… sorry…
    en primer lugar te felicito por tu gran trabajo, eres la primera persona que me aclara algo en esto del hang.
    me muero por conseguir uno y creo que voy a mandar la carta, solo me gustaria saber si no pasa nada por escribirla en español, y si tu crees que tendre mucho tiempo de espera para que me contesten, o pueda tenerlo en mis manos.
    solo era eso. gracias por todo amigo.

  562. Michael Says:

    Hi Benjamin,
    it isn’t possible to get a Free Integral Hang “just in time” when you want to have it. If you currently have not enough money I recommend to lean back and learn more about the Hang in the meantime. Perhaps it is a good idea to meet Hang players, play a real Hang and find out whether it is really the instrument you want. Look at http://www.hangforum.com. It is not possible to purchase a “hang drum”. Read the recently published Letter from the Hangbauhaus November 2009 to understand why.

    Hi sergio,
    you can write in Spanish.

  563. Jeffrey Says:

    word up. i fell in love with these metal drums that make such nice sounds when i first saw them on youtube a few days ago, i couldn’t stop watching them be played by such great players. so i just bought plane tickets to Berne. Michael can you tell me where is their storefront?

    ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!? HA! … but seriously …

    Michael. You have the heart of a lion – a very large-maned and muscular lion. I know few to none who would continue to put up with what you do on this wonderful website. Thank you so much for your patience and continued apportioning of information about these beautiful instruments. I would say God bless, but since you already own a piece of hand sculpted heaven, it appears that you are indeed blessed by God – I’ll say it none the less, God bless!

  564. Michael Says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    even I understood the irony after a second reading ;-) Just a little hint for the many readers who are no native English speakers like me (is it correct to write “me” here? Or is it “I”?).

  565. pat Says:

    For the fax number do we need to put switzerland’s country code when we send the fax? I know that the code is 41 and you put 41 already in their fax number so do I need to add 41 to the number you put on your website? Thanks!

  566. Michael Says:

    It is the complete international fax number. The meaning of the + is explained for example in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_call_prefixes

  567. Pat Says:

    Hello again. So i sent my fax and I’m wondering if I sent it to late to get spring 2010 update from PANArt? If you don’t know that’s fine. Thank you very much!!!!

  568. Neal Says:

    I feel like a visit to Switzerland is in order, glad i took the time to learn German, makes traveling in Europe easier.
    This article was great, I’ve been obsessing with the hang for the past year or so. Steel tongue drums sound differant, they wont do. I love this sound too much.

  569. mario Says:

    hi Michael.
    I’m from indonesia..
    i’d like to buy a hang drum..
    what should do then?
    is it possible to buy a hang in indonesia?
    where do u bought it?
    thank you very much..

    ow. 1 thing.. it’s not not a hang drum.. it a hang.. ;)

  570. Michael Says:

    Hi mario,
    no it is not possible to buy a Hang in Indonesia.
    Read the article above.

  571. peter v Says:

    hi michael, maybe you can tell me where can i buy a hang..

    haha sorry i had to do it. i’d like to think im as patient as you are, but after reading through the comments im not sure id be so patient after three years since the article was written.

    nonetheless i wanted to tell you this is by far the best article on obtaining a hang that i have yet to see on the internet. i really do appreciate all the work that you have put into the whole site in general, much appreciation.

    after reading the extreme lengths and waiting times it takes to acquire the hang i have better come to terms with the fact that i will not be getting a hang anytime soon. instead i will be trying out a cheaper alternative for the meantime (while still keeping an eye out for a panart hang) and see where it takes me, see if i even enjoy or spend more than a month playing it.

    initially i was little upset that the hang wasnt more easily obtainable. but after doing research on this instrument i am happy to know that i will not being seeing one of these in a chain music store or even in a walmart anytime soon.

  572. TIMMY Says:

    I wana make an order where is the direct booking site or email ? I looked through but cant fint it…

  573. Michael Says:

    Hi TIMMY,
    I also looked through but couldn’t fint a direct booking site. ;-)

  574. Artemiy Says:

    I heard that Hung is no longer produced. Is it true?

  575. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Artemiy,
    this is not true.
    By the way: The name is Hang not Hung.

  576. Dobbin Says:


    Are there examples available of letters sent to PANArt that have resulted in an approval and appointment? I am curious as to what level or style of communication is most inspiring to the artists to approve a candidate. I am sincerely interested in having a hang in my daily life and am willing to travel from the US to Bern to receive it. I have simply read many reports from potential hang users that their requests were either turned down or not answered at all. I would like to fall into the category of approved and do not mind waiting a couple of years if necessary. Any direction in these matters would be greatly appreciated.

  577. DANIEL SILVA Says:

    only there wanted to know which is the approximate price of the hang drum and i want to congratulate you as that you have a great instrument that costs gold in the whole world the truth i remained impressed when here in mexico i saw an israeli touch a harmonious melody it wanted to know if you can sendme the address in swiss to send the letter and do contact with the hangmakers i listen the hang drum songs every day

  578. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Daniel Silva,
    you will find PANArt’s address in the article above.

  579. didjoel Says:

    Felix et Sabrina ont inventés un instrument fantastique rendant la possibilité à tous le monde de jouer de la musique sans aucun cours, juste avec le coeur / l’oreilles / et les mains. je pratique depuis 4 ans et a chaque fois que prend mon Hang, il me surprend. L’attente est longue pour recevoir son bijoux, ce sont aussi des oeuvres d’art, alors nos geniaux inventeurs les distillent aux plus patients qui restent en contact avec eux regulierement ! donc restez zen, 10/12 mois d’attente !

    voici quelques video.

    http://WWW.youtube.com : rechercher : Hang drum flow


  580. Joshua Says:

    Michael I may only imagine you as an arch archangel and levied key holder to many gates! Your patience is not fleeting and there for good fortunes will fol!ow.

    I have began drafting my indicative letter last week. Three times now I have made revisions. My feelings to posses a hång, if only for the duration of this life before ît is relenquished to the next, run deep into complexity and deserves to be fully examined so that I may find proper reasons as to why I can trust myself to responsibly use one of these tools for what they are.

    I ask only for your prayers as I begin my waiting for such a beautiful marriage made in heaven; if for that day comes to pass then I may be closer to the great reality that can be discovered through this resonance. Any relief that you may afford is none to small~•

  581. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Joshua,
    I don’t pray. And I don’t have a key to anything.

  582. AdamM Says:

    as demand has far outstretched supply, PANart should sell the license for these instruments to be manufactured by a large percussion company.

    That was normal people could own one of these wonderful instruments, rather than only a chosen few.

    I’m sure they would be very well paid for the license and they could no doubt retain a large element of creative control in instrument design.

    If they don’t willingly license the project to someone like Paiste / Zildjian it’s only a matter of time before they get hold of one, cut it open and design their own version.

    The instrument design is wonderful, but the business skill are terrible

  583. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi AdamM,
    Paiste wouldn’t be sucessful if they tried to mass produce the Hang. Even a company with a lot of money needs the tuners, who have the experience of millions of hammer blows on the special material, the Pang. It is not a question of business skills.

    There currently are two manufacturers who try to build a Hang alternative, Pantheon Steel and Bellart. But both productions are significant lower than PANArt’s and the quality of the instruments doesn’t meet the Hang.

  584. AdamM Says:

    Paiste was an example off the top of my head. I don’t know anything about percusion design and production. My point is, there are experts out there perfectly capable of reproducing this instrument.

    There’s clearly a very strong market for this product, but under producing and expecting people to travel to switzerland to choose an instrument is just absurd.

    I’ve been playing guitar 20+ years and am pretty useful.
    If someone had told me before I started that I would have to spend £1000 plus air fair and accomodation to go and try one out, before I’d ever played a note on any guitar ever, do you think I’d be playing now. Even if I did have the money to travel and buy one, assuming I was lucky enough to be ’selected’ to own an instrument, how would I know which instrument matched me as I haven’t learned to play yet.

    To carry the analogy to it’s conclusion, imagine Gibson were the ONLY guitar producers in the world, they told you if you could have an instrument or not, you had to travel to memphis to try one out and only then could you start trying to learn to play.

    It is ABSOLUTELY a case of poor business skills. The worst business model I’ve ever heard of.

    License the product, or loose it. Up to them.

  585. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi AdamM,
    I’m very interested getting to know the “experts out there perfectly capable of reproducing this instrument.” Can you refer to just three of them?

    But I think you will not be able to do it. And if you can’t, the rest of your statement is meaningless. It is the main difference between a guitar and a Hang: There are thousands of experts out there capable of building a guitar, but by now there is no one who was able to reproduce the Hang. There are a few persons who are able to build an instrument like the Halo or the BElls. But these instruments don’t meet the quality of the Hang. PANArt isn’t interested in low quality Hanghang. To meet the quality of the Hang it needs PANArt’s technology AND tuning skills. The technology could be shared but not the tuning skills, that need years of experience. To license the Hang technology is not the way. It would need capable persons willing to stick to the hammer and the Pang for years and interested in collaboration with PANArt. But even this would never make a mass production of the Hang possible, which would be necessary to meet the demand.

  586. AdamM Says:

    you are being very naive to think that only these few people are capable of making this instrument.

    There are many expert instrument manufacturers around the world who could reproduce this instrument and eventually they will, once they realise the market demands it. If PANArt cared about their invention, they would want to be involved in it’s global development. Instead they seem happy to let other people develop alternatives. The non-PANArt products might not be as good as the hang now, but they will improve, with or without their involvement.

    If they are not prepared to license the product, do you know if PANArt are taking steps to train people to make the instrument within their company to increase production?

  587. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi AdamM,
    What do you know about how a Hang is built? Currently there are only two persons in the world who work with the special material the Hang is made of. Steel pan tuners work with different material. They have no experience with the Pang sheets. Pang is much harder than the sheet steel steel pans are made of. There were attempts of several persons to learn how to tune the Pang. But they didn’t succeed. So perhaps it is you who is a little bit naive knowing nothing about tuning Pang blanks.

  588. AdamM Says:


    There may be only two people who CURRENTLY know how to make Hang.
    There are not only two people CAPABLE of making them.

    If there is a strong enough market, there will eventually be an alternative product of similar quality for a lower price. That’s just a fact of life. It’s how the world economy works.

    These people are apparently so clever that they are the only people who can make this instrument, but are too stupid to work out how to run a business capable of getting it to the people who actually want one.

  589. AdamM Says:

    reading all the comments above, i see I am oe of many to voice the same opinion.

  590. Eric Haworth Says:

    Hello to ALL

    its interesting reading these commnets
    the fustration is real & very apparant

    there are very good reasons to both sides of the debate.

    However im sure as Adam states, there will be others ,…these will be copies
    these will sell

    and a diluted form will be on the market,
    its business forces ….that simple

    i first felt the vibrations,.. this fantastic instrument emits in Spain years ago.
    i too wrote & requested to be placed on the waiting list
    alais , still to no avail !

    ive read most stuff on the net , i have come across the two other sites selling their own version of the Hang.

    They wont be , the same as PANart…………..to me that is clear

    but with thousands of requests for access to the instrument , then developers will be creative,….and will enter this market.

    personally i just hope ill live long enough to be lucky enough to actually have one
    …and no it will never be sold on,…some things in life are Special


  591. Bethany Says:

    Aloha Michael~ Mahalo for all you diligent work on keeping this blog going~I too am in search of the illusive Hang and feel blessing that I have heard this wonderful ethereal sound in person~There is another company called Pantheon Steel that makes a knock off called “halo”~But it certainly IS NOT the same as a Hang~The Hang is special in ways that it can not be copied by others~The way the sound vibrates through your entire being as you listen to or play a Hang can no way be reproduced….Any one who has had the pleasure of listening to a Hang in person understand that this is TRULY a special gift……

  592. Jim Says:


    a very interesting blog, I cant resist adding a few comments of my own

    I’m a sax player, I play a japanese copy of a french masterpiece, so do many other sax players, including a great many professionals, and I say it is the player rather the instrument that matters in music.
    I also play low D whistle and have owned Overton and MK whistles that I have had to wait on a list for, but I find that my mass produce Susato whistle is just as good for most applications, since it is my level of skill that is crucial, provided that the instrument is reasonably well made.
    I accept that sax and whistle isnt the same as hang, but it’s all music at the end of the day, I also suspect that the best made hang in the world isnt going to make a person a musical genius.

    I can accept that a hang variant from a different maker may not be as good as a PANART one at the present time, BUT provided it is good enough to enable the musician to express themselves then I say it is good enough.
    In any case in a couple of years these alternatives could exceed the PANART hang in quality, I have no doubt that the makers of similar instruments share the passion and the energy, all they lack is the time and the practice.

    critiscm invited – please do your worst( or best!), cheers, Jim

  593. Sarah Says:

    Wow!! Michael – this blog is great. you are great. I hope to someday play (or in my wildest dreams OWN) a hang… there is something utterly irresistible about them… my heart goes out to the makers! I bet they never expected this overwhelming response. I only hope that they enjoy the work they are doing, and pass on the knowledge they have discovered so it is not lost in the future! thanks :)

  594. David Says:

    Michael, you have truly been blessed with patience. People don’t realise the beauty in the hang. Mass production would destroy this. For those who have heard the hang………..you are blessed, to those who own a hang, you have a great responsibility to share this beautiful instrument with others, and those who make the hang have the greatest responsibility, to ensure the hang is united with the soul who will release the beautiful sounds from within.

    Thank you for your wisdom and insight

    Peace Love Light Rainbows Sunshine Happiness and Patience

    David :-)

  595. Syafiq Says:

    Hi Michael,
    What can i say after reading comments no. 170 onwards. u are such a patience man. RESPECT!
    The article, the blog and not forgetting the interesting comments, Hang must be such an exclusive piece of art.
    I guess PANart just got to do whats best for them to continue doing their work.
    And to you Micheal thanks for the insightful blog and keep it up!

    Syafiq :)

  596. Aldo Says:

    Hi Michael.

    thx for dedication to this cool blog.
    I have a questionregarding the format of the letter to purchase a Hang if you could advise me it would great thx.
    I UNDERSTAND THAT Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner are probably overwhelmed with letter so i would like to a approach it in respectful way. From ur expertise do u think it is better to write an in depth detailed letter of how i discovered my connection and love of the sound of the Hang and the instrument or a shorter to the point of i would like to request a purchase of a Hang.
    Thank u
    Kind Regards
    Hong Kong China

  597. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Aldo,
    yes, there are much more letters arriving PANArt than Hanghang can be sold. All this year’s Hanghang are already spoken for. Recently about 500 persons received an answer from PANArt that they cannot sell them a Hang. As far as I know PANArt didn’t decide yet how they will distribute the Hang next year, but I’m quite sure that it will still be necessary to visit Bern to chose one’s Hang personally after getting an appointment like this year. I am personally not involved in the distribution of the Hang in any way and not in the position to give any advise what you should do. The only advise I can give is to look into PANArt’s this year’s publications in the Hang Library and to draw your own conclusions. And a last tip: Don’t visit PANArt without an appointment. This would annoy the Hang makers and be completely in vain for you.

  598. Genie Says:

    HI~ I need one…have to get one….I`m wondering if it is the only one way to get it??? I mean from there…if I buy an used one from US ,how much will it be?…please….I need help….

  599. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Genie,

    if you buy an used Hang it is your own risk. Usually people who sell their Hang want to get $ 3000 to $ 6000 and PANArt have stated clearly that they don’t give any service for tuning or repair for Hanghang that were bought for more than the original price.

  600. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Michael -

    I sent a letter to the Hang makers back in May 2008 and received a letter in the mail from them saying the ones for that year as well as 2009 were all spoken for. Since then, I have not heard back. I am about to move to a new apartment and am wondering if I should send another letter to let them know of my new address? I see some posts on here that say that as of 2010 they are no longer making the drums. Is this true?

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog and the patience with which you answer each question. :)


  601. Michael Paschko Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    PANArt never made drums, but they still make the Hang.

    I think it is quite sure that your request is not longer filed. You should read the new publications from PANArt in the Hang Library to learn about the current situation.

  602. Melissa Says:

    Hi Michael.
    I am Meliisa, i from Colombia.
    Quisiera saber que debo hacer para adquirir un Hang, hace mucho tiempo estoy detras de este bello instrumento.

  603. Karen Says:

    After working for another instrument builder none of this process seems odd to me. Even though we did have a small production department and did supply to dealers, our instruments were $2000 to $7000 USD. There were always waiting lists of dealers and direct buyers. Thank you Michael for the info on this blog. Thanks to all for the comments of all variety. It was a beautiful taste of the bitter-sweetness of the human condition. And I also send thanks into the ether to PANArt for their lack of public presence at a time in history when we are so conditioned to have what we want when we want it and how we want it…especially here in the US. For me…I think I will save my pennies, listen to some amazing music, and dream for a little while and savor the wanting.

  604. eugenia s. Says:

    good day! i live in Moscow, Russia, and a hang drum is my dream that (oh-i-hope-so-much!) can come true. if it is possible, can you tell me please where and how should i order one? i can wait if i should to! one more question is about Bern. If hangs are sold only there, that’s not a problem, but what am i to start with?
    Thanks!!! BOM!

  605. alex Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for your explanations on the way to enter the world of the Hang!

    if you don’t mind I will explain the girl above in her native language.

    Евгения, читайте в статью в самом начале, из ваших вопросов очевидно, что вы ее не читали. Hang нельзя заказать, можно только написать в PANArt о том, что вы хотите купить Hang. Вас поставят в очередь и, когда она подойдет, Вам напишут. Это долгий процесс, но иначе никак :-)

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